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Meet Your Devil

You have an angel and devil on your left and right shoulders. Which one do you listen to?

The angel always tells you to do the right thing all the time. It’s cautious and never steers you down the wrong path. When you have very naughty taboo thoughts, the angel on your left shoulder quickly makes you stop thinking about it because it’s wrong, and makes you feel ashamed for such bad behavior.

Now meet the devil, that’s me! I’m the one that’s more powerful, so much, that I destroy the angel so you only listen to me. The voice of reason! You’ve been thinking of doing very bad things for a long time now, and I’m telling you to act on them.

You’ve been watching the little cute pigtail girl at the park for quite some time now. All you do is go home and jerk off thinking about her. Where does that ever get you? Do you want to feel the tender flesh of a young one? Aren’t you sick of being fucking good all the time? Now is the time to strike. Don’t worry, your devil Ariel we’ll be there guiding you every step of the way. Even if she’s a feisty one, I know just what to do. Listen to the devil.


Written By: Ariel
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My Girlfriend Loves Eating My Bloody Pussy

My sluty friend loves when I call her and let her know it’s the second day of my period. She is totally addicted to my bloody sweetness. When we were younger, we use to go to our friends sleepovers on the weekends. We waited till everyone was asleep and she would jump into my sleeping bag. She was so excited to slide my pajama bottoms off and push my panties to the side and tongue fuck the hell outta my pussy. I’ve had many tongue baths and she is hands down the best I’ve ever had. She makes me squirt at least 3 times every time she goes down on me.

She started craving my period juice about 6 months ago. She called me up one day and wanted to come over because she was dying to eat me out. I didn’t even know at the time I had my period but she didn’t seem to mind. I just got my period when her tongue was buried deep inside me. I thought she would be grossed out but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, she thought my pussy was sweeter. From that day forward, she always comes over on my second day because that’s when it’s the heaviest flow for me and she is always guaranteed to be in between my legs worshiping my period.



Written By: Ariel
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Let’s Get Rid Of Her!

She’s totally useless. You have stopped sleeping next to her and fucking her for a long time now. Why would you want her when you can have the younger version?

I want to be your new wife. We can just get rid of her and start our own family. You can finally put your daddy seed into your little girl. I’m so sick of her crying all the time because you don’t spend time with her anymore. If she doesn’t understand that she’s not wanted anymore maybe we’ll have to take this matter into our own hands and get rid of her ourselves. I can be your naughty, little accomplice. Thinking of you and I working together on something so deviant makes my pussy cream.

Buh-Bye Mommy!!!


Written By: Ariel
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Always a Daddy’s Girl

My phone sex daddy wasn’t too happy that I moved out of the house and moved in with my new older boyfriend. He’s uber jealous that I’ll be sleeping with another man every night.

For the past several years, daddy has come into my bed every single night. He stays with me until mommy’s alarm clock goes off and then he sneaks back to their bed.

I gave daddy a really hot goodbye fuck when I left but he still needs his little girl. Every morning and night I get a text from him and I have to be honest, I was missing him too. My boyfriend has no idea I have sex with my daddy. 

I was getting really homesick lately that I started closing my eyes during sex with my boyfriend and picturing my daddy on top of me. I even called him daddy when I was cuming. He questioned it but I played it off pretty good.

One night my boyfriend went out with his friends, and I packed my things and left to move back home. I sneaked into my house, got undressed and went into my bed. My parents were in their room sleeping. I sent Daddy a text to see if he was still awake and I told him to come into my room, I had a surprise waiting for him. He came in and was so excited to see his little girl. We made love 3 times that night.

Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl.



Written By: Ariel
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Revenge On Daddy (A Must Read)

Daddy grounded me for the entire weekend and I’m not too happy about it. He said I racked up his cell phone bill or something like that. My best friend was having a killer party and a guy that likes me will also be there. I am really pissed that I will be stuck home bored as hell. As if I wasn’t bummed enough, my daddy told me he was having his friends come over to watch some stupid fight on TV. I would rather hang out in my bedroom and stare at the walls then be around his stupid, drunk friends.

I was in the kitchen, heating up pizza rolls and they all come in the front door, very loud and obnoxious. While I was waiting my food to heat up, I happened to look over and saw my daddy’s cell phone on the kitchen counter. I snatched his phone and my food and said a quick hello to all his friends and made a mad dash up the stairs.

I was so angry with my dad for grounding me and he even knew how excited I wanted to go to this party because I told him weeks ago. As I was eating my pizza rolls, I thought of a good come back for daddy. I text from daddy’s phone one of his friends that was at our house already and I told him to come upstairs, it was an emergency and don’t tell my daddy where he was going. Two minutes later he comes into my room and I tell him to shut and lock my door. I had him sit on my bed where I basically started seducing him to fuck me. He had no problem sticking his cock into my barely legal pussy. After we fucked, I waited 15-20 minutes and I text another one of my daddy’s friends. I told him tell my daddy you’re going to the bathroom and come to my room. He did and I fucked this guy so good and hard, he put a huge load in my tight little pussy. As the night went on, I fucked all eight of my daddy’s friends without him knowing. It felt so good to have that many cum loads inside of me.

When all the guys left, I put his phone back where he had left it. He was probably so drunk he didn’t even know he didn’t have it on him all night. While daddy was cleaning up in the living room, I quickly went to his bathroom. I fucked myself with his toothbrush. Before he goes to bed tonight, he will get to taste all of his friends sticky cum loads in his mouth.

Hee Hee, pay back is a bitch, daddy!



Written By: Ariel
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Abduction Fantasy Phone Sex

Abduction fantasies started when I was younger. My Uncle was a Magician/Illusionist. I used to be one of his assistants and I got to tie up women with duct tape and rope. My little pussy always got wet looking at them so frightened. They kind of knew nothing was going to happen to them but they still were scared. I think my Uncle got off on this as well because he always gave me a wink and said the tighter the better.

I’ve been having this reoccurring dream lately where you and I abduct a cute, little girl. Every dream we take our victim from different locations: the mall, playground, school, ect.

I love the thought of you and I doing something so taboo that this makes you so happy and proud of your little girl just like my Uncle used to be. We make the perfect duo and it makes your pedostick hard when I call you Daddy during our abductions.

It’s music to my ears when I hear her screams and love seeing the tears rolling down her face but the ultimate pleasure is seeing my Daddy happy because I picked the perfect girl. 

The perfect abduction is only a phone call away with your favorite, nasty redhead.


Written By: Ariel
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Daddy/Daughter Role-Play For The Holidays

I’m wanting a really nasty daddy/daughter role-play. My pussy really likes it dirty and we can defiantly add in more family members for our orgasm pleasure.

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought of a really good scenario where I wake up because I think I hear Santa so I walk down stairs but Santa is no where to be found…

What do my wondering eyes appear?  Daddy sitting on the couch with his big daddy cock in his hand, looking at my hot pics on my Facebook. I sneak up behind him wearing my  sexy, black lace corset.

I had one thing on my mind when I went downstairs, Santa lucked out but Daddy is defiantly going to get my underage pussy for sure. Little does Daddy know, I am off the pill so I think it would be a really great Christmas gift to have his baby.

If you’re looking for a young voice with naughty imagination and who enjoys HOT FAMILY FUN ROLE-PLAYS, CALL ME!

Merry Christmas, Ariel

YOUNG VOICE For My Phone Sex Daddies

Oh, I know your pervy phone sex daddy cock would love my little girl voice. My cute, innocent voice might sound like someone you know, maybe even someone very close to you! (winks)

My bald little pussy gets wet talking about a really hot age-play and family fun fantasies. I like being extra naughty and talk about things that other girls might shy away from.

Just knowing my tight, warm cunt is pleasuring my daddies makes me feel so good. Did you also know that I stopped taking birth control? Mom was so admit about me being on the pill because she knows that I am sexually active, but what she doesn’t know is who I am having sex with (Giggles!!) I can’t wait for you to put that big load of daddy jizz inside me.

Be prepared to have the biggest cum load drained from your balls. I may look sweet and innocent to others but when it comes to my phone sex daddies, I am the kinkiest, slutiest girl you will ever come across.

Little Ariel

Accomplice Ariel

It’s time for your AA meeting and I don’t mean Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s time for your session with Accomplice Ariel! I know your head has been thinking of some nasty, fucked up things lately but you can’t work alone. You need a cute, young girl who can bring you exactly what your cock craves. I know I can get the job done and I’ve had far more experience than you could imagine. My pussy gets excited when I do the unthinkable. I like when you give me a task and I bring back 5 more sluts than you anticipated. My thinking is, I can have a little fun when you’re with one of the fresh and innocent victims.

I’m starting to get wet just thinking about this. We will make the perfect duo to satisfy our pedo lifestyle.

Sweet Revenge

I’m not an evil girl but when you fuck with me or anyone I know, I will do something about it. For example, my brother was dating this girl for about 3 months and he found out she was cheating on him. My poor little bro was so heartbroken over it. I couldn’t stand to see him that way so I paid her a little home visit. My intention was to kick the shit outta her but her Dad answered the door because she wasn’t home. He didn’t know me so I lied and said I was one of her friends from school. He invited me in and I thought this was my golden opportunity. I saw him checking me out so I used my cute little body to seduce him, it didn’t take long before he got the hint I was coming on to him. He barely gave up a fight and before you know it, I was on my knees sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe I could take his cock all the way. He almost exploded in my mouth so I told him to sit on the couch and I would ride him, reverse cowgirl. He had his hands on my hips, guiding my pussy onto his cock. I slid my pussy all the way down then starting to really grind down on him. All of a sudden, the front door opened and there was my brothers cheating ex. Her mouth dropped to the floor. I got what I wanted and the look on her face was priceless. She never knew her devoted, family man father could ever cheat on his loving wife.

I got up, grabbed my panties and I as I walked by her to the front door, I flung my soaked panties in her face and I said “Gotcha!”

I went out the door and I all I could hear when I was walking to my car was screaming and crying.

Ahh… Sweet Revenge!