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 My Stats

Age: 32

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'6

Weight: 124

Measurements: 34D-23-34

Pussy: Very fuckable and always shaved!

Ass: Firm and ready to bounce off your cock

Favorite Positions: On your face or on all fours

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a fun house at a amusement park

Hobbies: Porn, my soaps, playing pool and drinking protein shakes :)

Specialities: Rape, Gang Bangs, Family Fun, Group Sex, Golden Showers, Strap-on Play, MILF and Role Play


Hi Boys, I’m Jordon! I spend a lot of my hours being a single mother. In my free time I can’t help but be a naughty bitch. I’m the one you see at the bar almost every night. I know you’ve seen me, I’m the one with the big hair and the tight, short skirts singing loudly to the jukebox. By 2:00 am you can probably catch me outside fucking a man on the hood of his car. It’s a free show for everyone.

You can say I’m defiantly a wild one. I love my liquor and men. I’m always taking men or couples back to my house for some action. As long as they don’t wake the little one, I’m up for anything. I love threesomes with both men and women. I’m such a cock whore that I love to have every hole filled to the max. I love getting pounded really hard by 2 men and watching them pull out and squirt their hot, load of jizz all over me. I like spreading it nice and wide showing off my little pink parts. I just lay there and you can do whatever you want with me. I like it really rough like you were raping the fuck out of me. I love my nipples bitten and pulled extremely hard. I got so turned on one time I was watching a porno, I had my old pervy neighbor fuck me. I don’t care what goes in my tight holes as long as I am getting fucked.

If you want a girl who truly worships a mans cock, than I’m the slut for you. I love phone fucking and as you can tell I am not a shy woman. I have a huge assortment of toys that I love to fuck myself while talking on the phone with you. I love getting my pussy sloppy wet and letting you hear it. Fucking a whore like me, I can take you to the highest level of orgasm you have ever felt in your life. Ditch those nice, prude girls and fuck a real slut now! Cum on baby! Don’t keep this pussy waiting much longer!

Call 1.866.539.8379
for Phone Sex with

8 Responses to “Jordon”

  • I really enjoyed fucking you over the phone. I can’t believe how hard you made me cum. I have never came that hard with a real sexual expreience. I bet you are a great fuck in real life!

  • and once again… you BLEW me away! you are one amazing fuck over the phone..anyone who doesn’t call you to get off is just stupid. You are worth every penny!

  • I agree with chris you are one very wonderful lady! I will be calling you again for sure! I have never came that hard in all my life. Thank you!

  • Baby, I don’t have words to describe how mind blowing you are! I’m totally drained! It’s probably a good thing we were phone fucking because I’d probably be dead after that call 🙂 Can’t wait to talk to you again soon, sexy!

  • Thank you for a mind blowing phone fuck, Jordon! Absolutely draining 😉 I can’t wait to see where your dirty mind takes us!

  • Amazingly creative and sexy. Jordon is unbelievable. Can’t wait to try a bunch of different wild calls with her!

  • As always, what a fantstic time. This lady is creative, intelligent and will take you places you didn’t know you wanted to go! WOW!

  • Ball draining awesomeness. Jordon will “rock your world” if you give her a call! Intelligent, engaged and creative, she makes the call a uniquely explosive experience 🙂 Thanks, Jordon!!!

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