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 My Stats

Age: 20

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'3

Weight: 100

Measurements: 32B-22-32

Pussy: Trimmed, pink and very tight!

Ass: Round, tan and lick-able

Favorite Positions: Spooning, Your cock working my G-spot!

Strangest Places I've had sex: My Daddy's bed

Hobbies: Working out, traveling, shopping, baking, drive-ins and being a very naughty lil girl!

Specialities: Daddy's girl,Cock sucking,Role play, Panty fetish, Age play,Spoiled brat and Cuckold fantasy.


Hi everyone! My name is Laney. I am only 20 years old and very spoiled in a lot of ways. I’m young and perky and that tends to come across as a threat to most older women. They see me walking into a public setting and guys just flock to me. They grab on their husbands arm just a little tighter when they see me coming. I can’t help that I have an all natural perfect body. I am a very sweet, down to earth girl but I always get my way. Growing up as a only child, I got all the attention I needed and was extremely spoiled.

I love being watched when I masturbate. I love getting out my toys and putting on the most erotic, intense show for my partner. I’m very curious about new things. I’m one who’s not afraid to try anything at least once.

I love all you older guys. They’re more experienced and pay far more attention to a woman’s body. When I have been with guys my age or younger they’re all about getting themselves off. I want to be having sex with someone who is all about me and making me squirt. I absolutely love teasing the hell out of middle aged guys, they’re so easy to manipulate. I know exactly how to wrap them around my little finger.

I get so excited when I’m getting fucked to no end. I really love sucking cock! There’s nothing like that warm feeling in the back of my throat. I get so wet and turned on that sometimes I can cum while I’m doing it. I can’t wait till I’m screaming your name and have you shoot your hot cream all over me.

I have a very young, sweet voice, it will leave you in quivers. I’m ready to play, the question is are you ready for a girl like me?


Call 1.866.278.6755
for Phone Sex with

3 Responses to “Laney”

  • Laney is the best! Her voice is seductive and perky. She takes your every desire and turns them into reality. I’ve never came so hard in my entire life! A great call and will be cumming back for more!

  • Laney was a great experience. We played out a little fantasy of mine and she played the part perfectly! Call her now!

  • Miss Laney was simply incredible. She was a bratty little princess who made me spend thousands of dollars on her prom for a very, very expensive prom gown, shoes, lingerie, limo, dinner at an expensive restaurant for her and all her friends. and a hotel room for her and her extremely well-endowed black boyfriend (and several of his friends). She kept whining like a spoiled brat who always gets her way. Of course, no matter how many times i said no, i always ended up giving in. Throughout the call, she kept reminding me how tiny my little sissy clit is and how HUGE Tyron (her boyfriend) is. Every time i tried to say no, she kept telling me how much Tyrone would like it, how hard he would pound her, and how happy that would make her. i just couldn’t resist going everything i could to help make her happy.
    After the fantasy, we just talked about how she gets free stuff (like food and drinks) by teasing pathetic men.

    At the end, she didn’t even let me cum, even though i was incredibly frustrated.


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