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BrynnaYou crave anal stimulation.

You are excited and overzealous about fucking yourself with a gigantic dildo. 

You look online and purchase a 12 inch, extra thick toy cock. 

You are like a little boy whose eyes are bigger than his stomach that can’t clean his plate. 

But you really want to get that big toy up your ass, so you call me for advice.

Brynna to the rescue.  We do a series of sessions. I get you very relaxed and on the edge of cumming.

You follow every single one of my instructions, and together, we slowly and carefully stretch open your ass. 

With a wee bit of intense pain and a whole bunch of patience, you are finally stretched enough that you can fuck yourself with your big hot toy! 

You are welcome, Sexy Brynna


Written By: Brynna
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A Sexy Gift From My Boss

        Normally I go on all trips with my boss but this time it just couldn’t be arranged due to last minute plans. He knew I would be terribly disappointed so he texted me that there was something special waiting for me in his office. I unlocked his office door and saw a shoe box on his desk. He texted me again telling me to open the box, try on the shoes and send him a picture. In the box was the sexiest pair of black patent Gucci stilettos.

As his request, I put him on Facetime and tried them on. They looked amazing showing off my legs and firm ass. He watched as I slowly stripped down and walked around the office. He said there was another surprise for me in his desk. I unlocked it to find a 8 inch realistic dildo, I mean it looked so much like a cock I had to rub it over my lips, and push it so far down my throat my eyes ran and I gagged. 

He unzipped his pants and began to stroke as he urged me to fuck myself in his leather chair. I was so excited, I couldn’t hold back as I pushed the dildo into my dripping pussy and sucked my hard nipples. The whole time I watched my boss stroke his huge, thick veiny cock. He then told me to be a good girl and slide my fingers in my tight pucker and cum for him. I came so hard, I hope no one in the office heard me, except for the hot new blonde in accounting!

Sultry Valentina


Written By: Valentina
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Deep Penetration

I want to make sure you understand my rules and my punishments. Your little dick will probably get hard when I tell you I’m going to be fucking you with the strap-on. This go around, I’ll be fucking you hard and rough leaving your asshole gaping and sore.

I push you down to the floor by your shoulders. You look so helpless and pathetic. You have loser written all over your face. I grab a hold of my strap-on, dangling it over your face, telling you to open wide, soak it with your saliva. I shove it in your mouth so I can hear you gag on it. I want it nice and lubed up for when I bend you over and slide it in your tight, shit hole. Now spread those cheeks wider, I want to see how many inches I can stuff before you start squirming around. 

That’s it, get that ass up in the air and push back harder. I want to fuck you even deeper. I want to hear you whimpering out my name.


Written By: Princess Krystal
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Nightmare at The Emily Morgan

malaya maxxxI met you at a party where we danced, drank and flirted. I thought you were interesting in a sort of nerdy way. I had no idea most of the time what the fuck you were rambling about with  gaming, and superhero shit. All I really noticed was you had a pretty mouth if you only shut the fuck up I could find a use for it.

The hotel was wicked with neo gothic architecture and furnishings. Rumors were: at one time it was an orphanage where several little fuckers disappeared and housed an asylum as well. Some of us got rooms to stay for the night and at 3:33 am the doors were locked till morning.

You and your friends were staying to try and take pictures with the hotels reputation. Classic!! I had other plans. I took all my accoutrements out of my overnight bag and got prepared to raise a little hell. You were alone in the study when you saw me standing there, eyes glowing and nude. I grabbed you by your neck and tossed you on the floor. I ripped off your clothes and stomped your balls with my heels. You tried to call out for your friends but no one was coming to help you.

Hours later you woke with hand prints on your neck, claw marks down your body, and a strap-on shoved in your ass. The room smelled like sex, and your dick was sore and had dried cum on it. At least you thought it looked like dried cum. You tried to find me, knocked on my door, asked the men who opened the hotel back up. Looks like you imagined me!

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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S&M Phone Sex with Mistress Koko

The sight of my whip makes you quiver. You know that you are in for an exciting BDSM session. Strategically placed pain stimulates you. 

I bind your hands and ankles. I place nipple clamps on you. I use my vibrator on your cock and your ass. I massage your prostate. I pour hot wax on your body. I whip your cock and balls. You moan and cry out, but you don’t ask me to stop. You have your safe word, but you don’t use it. Pain turns you on. Pain reminds you that you are alive. There is a rush of endorphins, like a runner’s high. Most people do not understand how you can experience this much pain, yet alone find it exciting, even pleasurable. 

At the end of the session, you are relaxed and as timid as a kitten. All the stress has been released, and you are calm and serene. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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My New Glass Dildo

   It was a beautiful day to go hiking so I filled my backval2pack with water, a blanket and a bikini for sunning. I woke up super horny but I knew if I didn’t leave my house soon I would stay home and use my new dildo all day. it was huge, glass and so realistic looking. Maybe? I couldn’t resist so I put it in my backpack.

I was enjoying my walk but my mind just kept going back to the big, smooth dildo in my backpack. I had to laugh at myself for my lack of self control. Occasionally someone would walk by, smile and remark on the lovely day and be on their way.

I just could not think of anything put fucking my already dripping pussy with that dildo. Why not? I mean there was a perfect spot for some privacy. I would just fuck myself quick, cum hard and then my mind would be clear. I spread out my blanket, and began to suck on my glass dildo. I imagined it was the cock of some stranger that wandered my way. I began to fuck myself, slow at first but then fast and deep. I know I screamed with pleasure as I came. I planned to be quick but it felt so fucking good, soon it was late afternoon and time to go home and get ready for my date.

            Sultry Valentina



Shower Fun Phone Sex With Tiffany


Teasing Tiff I am a water baby in every way possible. I love swimming, sailing, walking in the rain and long steamy showers.  I swear, I must have the biggest collection of shower friendly toys ever! When I had my new shower and water heater installed, I couldn’t wait for the crew to finish up so I could take my first shower. You couldn’t miss my hard nipples and the naughty look on my face as they finished up. Before they left, the man in charge suggested I not use my master bath shower for a week and just use the hall one. Mmmmm, like that would ever happen with how horny I was feeling.

As soon as they left, I stripped down and attached 2 suction cup dildos to the shower wall and 1 to the shower floor. I can’t ever remember being so excited to take a shower. I turned the hot water on and rubbed creamy shower gel all over my curvy body. I really took my time with my big, natural tits. I straddled over the dildo on the shower floor and began to furiously ride it till I was exhausted from cumming. I sat back with the dildo still in me and caught my breath. I positioned myself in a way where I could have another dildo in my ass and one in my mouth as I rode the one on the floor. I worked myself into a wild frenzy and was so loud I wondered if neighbors heard me.

That night I tried to sleep but I just kept thinking about that shower. It was late but the crew that put in my shower said if I need anything to call one of them day or night. I think that shower is big enough for a threesome!

Written By: Tiffany

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Voyeuristic Neighbor

koko blog 111

The weather has been beautiful this week, so I open my bedroom windows for fresh air. This afternoon, I caught you watching me. You deserve a spanking for spying on me. You live with your girlfriend across the courtyard, but you must be alone today. During my last call, I was giving strict commands for a hardcore domination session, a very rough strap-on gangbang session. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw your hands unzip your pants. I watched you masturbate while I described how I was using my strap-on on my caller. I got a little rough with my caller, as I imagined punishing you, my neighbor, with a 12-inch strap-on before I share your tender ass with my friends. Of course, I came during the call, but after I hang up, I find myself feeling wickedly playful. I walk over the window, naked except for my boots. I put on a show for you. You immediately get hard again. Oh, you are such a little voyeuristic slut. I motion you to over to my place. I see you zip up your pants. You are still horny. The bell rings, and I answer the door, naked (except for the boots). I take you to my bedroom, and I spend the afternoon living out my domination fantasy by fucking your ass with my tongue, my fingers, my vibrators, and various sized strap-ons.

The voyeur becomes the exhibitionist when you girlfriend comes home from work and watches me fucking you. I am calling you humiliating names and giving you a very rough fuck. I have turned you into a slutty little bitch.

Later that night, I hear moaning from across the courtyard. Now I have become the voyeur as I watch your girlfriend violating your ass almost as roughly as I did. I laugh at you as she spanks your ass and treats you like the slut you crave to be.

Mistress Koko

Holiday Fun with Toni


You’ve been a very bad boy. I see you’ve made the naughty list this year. Let’s get your punishment out of the way so we can get you back on Santa’s nice list. I take out a shiny silver butt plug and set it on the night stand. Directing you to strip down for your step-mommy. You think you’re getting a spanking from me. My warm hands start to rub your ass cheeks before I spread them apart. With lube on my finger I start to circle around your tight ass hole. You start to squirm with a few tears down your face. Holding you down, pressing my fingers into your ass you finally start to accept it and relax while I open your ass. I take the shiny butt plug and show it to you. Your eyes grow wide and you start to cry out again. You want to be a good boy right? Let’s get you to the the next stage of your punishment. The holidays are going to be here before you know it!

A Punishment Fit For A Whore

I learned a hard lesson last night. I had been teasing one of my fuck buddies for WEEKS. I would send naked pictures of myself, little videos, anything I could to make his cock hard and his balls achy.

Last night he showed up unannounced. He grabbed my arm and drug me to the dining room. I was thinking that all my teasing was going to lead to a hard pounding, but I was wrong. Very wrong. He ripped my gown and panties away and pulled me over his lap. I could feel his hard cock against my belly and couldn’t wait to feel it tearing my pussy up. A hard slap brought me back to reality. He was angry. His slaps only got worse. I could feel my ass burning and could only imagine how red it was. Red wasn’t what he was going for though. He wanted bruised and purple and continued to spank me until I was crying and begging for him to stop. He pushed me off his lap and I found myself face down on the table. He used what was left of my nightie to tie my hands together and used his foot to separate my legs. He whispered in my ear that I better not fucking move or else. I laid there like that, my heart beating so fast. When he came back, I heard the buzz of my favorite vibrator. He held it between my legs, teasing my clit. However, every time I would start to cum, he took it away and slapped my poor abused ass. This game went on for hours. My face was wet with tears and I was screaming and begging for relief. It never came. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his. He told me to remember this aching feeling next time I felt like teasing him. He got up and left, but not before putting my panties back on and tucking the vibrator inside full blast. He left me cumming, struggling to get my panties off with my bound wrists.