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Home Sweet Home


You have had a very long day at the office. Traffic was awful, your assistant called in sick, your project was put on hold. The day has been long, but you are happy to be home.

You head up to the bedroom to get out of your suit, so you can relax and unwind after your long day. 

You walk past by bedroom. I should be doing my homework. My books are on my bed, but you catch me playing instead of studying. You stand in the door way and watch me playing with my own little pussy. You hear a little vibrator hum and you hear my soft, little moans.

I am on my tummy, with my panties pulled down, rubbing my hips and pussy against the toy. I don’t know that you are watching me. You become very turned on and walk into my bedroom. I look up at you. You run your hand over my naked butt cheek and open up your pants for me.

Oh, it is good to be home with your sweet little Miley.

Written By: Miley
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A Helping Hand


I’m laying here in bed feeling so hot and bothered. I’ll be honest, my holes have been neglected. My pussy aches and needs to be filled with something thick and hard. Luckily, I have just the thing. All I need is someone to tell me how to work my toy in and out. If it were up to me, I would just start shoving my huge 10 inch dildo in and out until I came all over my sheets. However, I would like to enjoy it for a little while, see how long I can last.

I love to edge, but I know that my mind is all blurry from lack of sex. I need a man to take charge of my body. Play with me and I’ll play with you. I’ll listen to your commands and give some of my own. I’ll tell you how to stroke you rock hard cock until we both cum. Everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. You scratch my itch and I’ll scratch yours.



 Written By: Ginger
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You Need A Girl Like Me

I know you have a lot of dirty little secrets. You even keep your deepest darkest fantasies hidden from everybody. You need a girl like me in your life to feel fulfilled. Let me be the girlfriend you dream of. The one you can tell everything to.

Do you like to stroke your cock in a pair of satin panties? Maybe you like to dress up in something elegant and sexy? Perhaps, you like to be tied up with your hands behind your back, bent over my bed with your little puckered hole exposed, ready for me to fuck you with one of my many toys.

You might even be in the mood for something sensual after a long day. My sexy lips wrapped around your big cock while you sit down for a cocktail.

I’m the girlfriend who will blow your mind in every single possible way. I have so many things in mind for us. No taboos, no limits, and no judgments, just pure hot sex.


Written By: Janene
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New To Phone Sex?


Are you curious about phone sex?  Are you shy and not sure what to say? Tired of porn and in need of something more interactive? Want a sexy, mature woman to coax an awesome cum load right out of you?

A guided masturbation call and edge play session might be for you.  During our phone session, my words will stimulate your cock, control your hand and ensure that you have a wonderful orgasm at my command.

We can keep it simple or get as crazy as you need. If you have a favorite toy, we can include that in the session, but not necessary. All that is required is your hand and your horny cock.

I promise you that you will have a fantastic time with me!


Written By: Samantha

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Masturbation Show

The other day I couldn’t help but leave the curtains open for my hot married neighbor to watch me play with myself.

I laid on the bed and spread my soft, silky legs open and turned my vibrator on. It felt so naughty pleasuring myself, thinking about him watching me. I’ve always noticed him checking me out so I knew he could see what I was doing. I could only imagine how hard his married cock was watching that vibrator slide in and out of my wet, slippery pussy.

I spread my legs wider as I fucked myself, going deeper and faster. I thought about his pre-cum leaking out of his hard cock.

After this little masturbation show, I think soon I will have his married cock in my holes.



Written By: Autumn
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Never Too Old To Play With Toys


As any good slut would, I have a well stocked toy chest and I love to use them during my calls! I have so many fun things to play with… dildos, plugs, vibrators, clamps- you name it, I have it.

Wouldn’t you love to choose the toy and tell me exactly how to use it? It’s hard for me to give up control, but there is something about having my orgasm controlled that way that really makes my pussy drip.

Today I am going to give you the control, you’re never too old to play with toys. Come play with me today!



Written By: Bambi
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The Perfect Pussy

What is the perfect pussy to you? Every guy has different likes/dislikes. Some men prefer a landing strip, or a full bush. Many men like young pussy because it’s tight, while others like a more mature, seasoned pussy.
If I were to describe the perfect pussy it would be completely smooth lips, pink on the inside, tight when you slide your cock in, and the taste is like pure nectar that you can’t get enough of.

When we masturbate together, I’ll let you hear my wet juices flowing while I’m using my dildo, and my other hand will be rubbing my clit. It doesn’t take much for my pussy to be extremely wet, but with the right chemistry, it could be gushing.

My pussy has been described as nothing but perfection. If you’re craving the perfect pussy, look no further. I have it and I will defiantly share it with you. Still skeptical? Call me and I’ll let you be the judge of my pussy.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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Sugar Daddy Spoils Me

A special thanks to my phone sex sugar daddy (Big Daddy Robert). He knows me so well! I could care less about flowers, candy, and anything else related to Valentines Day. As soon as I opened my gift, and saw the big glass dildo, my pussy got instantly wet. I can barely wrap my hand around it. My sugar daddy knows when we are on our hot call, I love playing with my little, bald pussy. I’ve always wanted a glass dildo to add to my toy collection, and now thanks to daddy Robert, I have one. He defiantly didn’t hold back on the size.

He made me promise him not to use it until our next call. He better be planning on calling me soon because I can’t hold out much longer.

He can’t resist my young coed voice, and because I treat him so good, he loves to spoil me with gifts and tips.

Happy Valentines Day!



Written By: Charlie
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Addicted To Your Married Cock!

When I can’t have your married cock, I resort to my dildo. I know you would rather have my tight pussy rather than your wife’s. I always think of you when I shove my toys deep inside myself.

It sucks I can’t have you anytime I want, but I know you’re thinking of me every time you are with her. We have been sneaking around a lot lately and my pussy is totally addicted to you in every way. I wish my dildo was an exact mold of you so when I fuck myself, it feels just like your cock.

I’m lying in bed right now thinking of so many nasty things I want to do with you. If only you could get away for a little bit just to satisfy my hungry, horny pussy.

The thought of me going to your bed excites me as well. I would love to have your married, cheating dick shoved deep inside me while your wife is asleep next to us.

I’m so fucking addicted to your married cock!



Written By: Diana
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I Caught You

I caught you going through my lingerie and toys. You are an old friends dad, and you invited me to stay a few days while my loft is being painted. I happily accepted, and was excited at the thought of your exercise room and indoor pool. You always perved on me when I was younger, but I knew now I wasn’t exactly your style. I remember all the extra cash I made from you helping you with your proclivity for young girls. Now, here you are with my panties on, and my vibe shoved up your ass. Interesting. 

            You look up at me, and try to come up with excuses. I don’t think there is any possible excuse. I don’t threaten to expose you, instead I join you.  I grab your phone to see what other info I can come up with on you. There it is!  Young ones dressed in latex with floggers and strap-ons.  You beg me to keep this one a secret. You would be ruined. 

I make a few calls, and 5 of them join us. You are begging, sweating, and crying. You are on your knees sucking their cute girl cocks. You beg them to take you and fuck you. Your eyes are glazed over, you’re drooling, and look quite insane.  They make you lay on the bed with your legs over your head. The video equipment is set up. I plan on ruining your life. 


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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