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A Kiss With Her Blood


   It starts with a bloody kiss, a kiss from the blood on my lips where I licked the razor cut. It is tinged with the white powder where you broke the white rock on her ass cheek. There is no way to describe the feeling, so hot, so erotic and I sometimes wonder if the feeling could ever be so intense again? Of course it is; every fucking time we plot, hunt and capture our victim. Picture the first time you broke a virginal cherry, tasted her sweet cunt juice or felt the needle pierce your skin.

With that first bloody kiss, we jumped down the proverbial Rabbit Hole, never to return or regain our sanity. She sits in the corner, makeup smeared and begging for more. Yet she knows more means she will be used more. Even in her battered and torn state, she is plotting on how to become an accomplice for us, how to toss one of her little friends under the bus. This is how it begins, our unending supply of party favors that all began with late night plotting and a bloody kiss.

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 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Possessed By Poison Ivy


You see me at Elysium which is a place you don’t normally go. It is just like you imagined. Goth music is playing, people are dancing in the darkness and all the beautiful sexy and erotic goth girls, it is all fucking with your mind. You finally dare to come over to me smiling stupidly. We have a few drinks together and I suggest we leave. Can this be true? Are you going to fuck a goth chick?

I can read people and I read you the second you approached me. Oh yes you want me, but an underage version of me. You have fought these feeling for way too long but you need to be coaxed, to be forced to have no choice. Is tonight the night you admit what you really are?

We are in my house now as you look around. What did you expect, bats flying around? I invite you to my downstairs den and you trip and tumble till you hit the hardwood floor. Now how did that happen? Oh yes, I might have pushed you. I help you up, I give you a little something for the pain. You tell me you don’t take pills, but I convince you if you want to fuck you need to relax and this will take the pain away.

You wake nude and restrained to my antique four poster bed. You mumble something unintelligible. I whisper in your ear that it is time to admit what you really want. You beg me to stop, but you’re under my control as you admit you are a pedo but have never acted on it. A wee blonde girl comes into the room. You are begging me as you go from please let me have her to please don’t make me do it.

Her sweet, hairless twat is riding your face. You wonder if this is just a dream, a nightmare, or maybe the pain killer? Your p-cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum. She gets off your face, and you mumble it is the sweetest thing you have tasted. You beg me to stop, you tell me you won’t take her virginity. I push her down on your dick as you tell me I made you do it, that I  have possessed you. How does that tight, young snatch feel, fucker?


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Teasing My Teachers

I did something very naughty today. I didn’t wear any panties to school and wore my short little skirt that shows my cute ass cheeks. Is it wrong that I found it funny that my teacher could hardly speak because I kept spreading my legs?

   When class was over, he told me I needed to stay for a little talk. Oh no, not the talk again. It seems all my teachers both male and female want to have the talk.  He told me I was being very slutty and he will be telling my parents in a note.

Oh no, not the note again. I smiled and put my finger to his nose so he could smell my sweet, hairy teen pussy. He couldn’t even print the note as he was trembling so much. I knew the drill! Down on my knees I went and sucked his cock till we understood each other perfectly.


Written By: Emily
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Morning Snuggles


My phone sex daddy’s always know when I need a little daddy/daughter play time. I made my hair look super cute today and put on my new skirt that daddy loves to see me in.

I sat in the living room watching cartoons on the couch waiting for daddy. Just like I did when I was a little girl. I almost had to laugh how innocent and cute I looked. Finally daddy came and sat next to me admiring my hair, he hasn’t seen it in pig tails in a long time. We sat on the couch like old times with the blanket over our laps. I could feel his warm tender hand move up my thigh making his way to my pussy. Mmmm. My pussy juices were already building up. My legs spread wide open, giving daddy just what he wanted. I whispered, more, I need more, please.. harder!


Written By: Coed Charlie

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School is in Session


GOTH GIRL IVY Fall is in the air, you can smell it, can’t you? We both know what that means. You have a new hunting ground going from the beach to sitting in front of schools. Little pink bikini’s leave little to the imagination but a little Catholic School Uniform is a total different story. Isn’t it perv?  Pretty little packages for you to unwrap?

What is under those little skirts? You can see those cotton panties in your mind’s eye, and if you imagine hard enough you can smell their bald twats.  Admit it to me, tell me who you are! 

You want to please your goddess, to make me proud of you. Here is your chance. This time it will be me waiting for you to bring me a present. I am greedy tonight, I want two presents. I taught you well, and now you most show me your worth. Do it, perv!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Phone Sex Daddy’s Morning Shave

After a shower in the morning, you open the door to the bathroom because of all the steam. You wipe the mirror and start shaving. You slather the thick shaving cream on your face. I sneak into the bathroom. I sit and watch each careful stroke on your face. I love watching you shave.  

You notice me and ask me, “What are you doing, Miley?”

 “Nothing, Daddy.” After a few minutes, I ask you, “When I will get to shave like the big girls?”

You smile and walk over to me. You put some shaving cream on my nose and give me a big kiss. Finally, you see a smile on my face. You pull down my little cotton panties and spread my legs.  “No hair there yet, little girl, but I know lots of other things that big girls do.” You kiss that sweet little mound. I tingle all over! 

“Love you, Daddy.”



Written By: Miley
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Tell It To Daphne         Some of the time when you call me you are very quiet, you tell me you aren’t sure what it is you want. I talk to you, coax it out of you with my sweet but sexy voice. That is when I get to see the real you. The man who has such naughty thoughts that need to be set free. 

 I am wondering what it is today? Are you thinking about your employee’s hot wife and wondering if she is a slut? Maybe you’re thinking about the pretty teen girl where you get your coffee, the one with the long hair and tight, teen body? I think you want to get a little rough with her. 

You have stolen the panties of the MILF you do computer work for. Just what do you want to do with those panties? I think it is time you call me and spill it all. Tell me your wild fantasies and let’s make them come to fruition. A little shy perhaps? Don’t worry, you’re in my soft and capable hands now.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Size Queen Torrie Phone Sex

    I might have a little teen mouth but I sure love to suck big, thick veiny dicks. I am such a size queen, the bigger the better. I suck it till my eyes run and my nose drips snot. I don’t care what happens to my makeup as long as I am sucking a huge dick. I am waiting for that dick, that perfect dick that makes me gag so bad that I can’t even breathe.

Maybe you have a tiny one, more like a clit and you love to suck dick too? Don’t worry, I love to share and the one I just sucked is plenty fucking big for both of us.

So, if you want to suck or be sucked no worries I am the  tiny teen that can do it all. Yummy yum, give me a huge load of jizz. Then again, maybe I will just make you eat your own hot, salty, sticky jizz.

        Size Queen Torrie

Written By: Teen Torrie
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Deviant Sex Freak Ivy


I know in my blogs it seems like it is only the men that lust for the little baby birds, but that is so far from the truth. Why do you think I urge them, help them and talk so much about it? It is because it gets my beautiful inked cunt dripping wet as well. I get so hot, wet and excited my sticky pussy juice runs down my pale leg.

I push them to take pictures to bring to me, I promise them rewards beyond their dreams if they play my twisted games. I even *gasp* kissed one of my p-daddy partners in sin with my mouth tasting of her twat juice. I know you want me, your goth chick almost as much as you want the little ones. You think about the goth girl, the goddess you could never have.

How nasty can we get? How much can we sin? Just thinking about our last session is making me crave something. I imagine her turning blue, taking her last breath as you empty your balls in her tiny twat with my black claws around her neck choking her and piercing her skin.

Twisted Goth Bitch Ivy

 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Naughty Neighbor Girl Phone Sex

You come home from work early to find the neighbor girl swimming naked in your pool. At first, you are outraged. You should call her parents, maybe even the police. She begs you not to call anyone. She promises you anything if you don’t tell anyone that she was naughty. 

Chrissy is so cute, and her tight little body is so wet. She looks like a scared little kitten, but she is sexy as hell. You make her get out of your pool, and you wrap her up in a big white towel. You tower over her. She looks up at you with these seductive eyes. She hugs you and the towel drops to the ground. Your anger turns to desire. 

You pick her up and carry her to your bed. You want those eyes looking up at you with your cock in her mouth. You want that young, tight pussy. She is all yours! Written By: Chrissy
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