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Age is Just a Number!

Age does not matter to me at all. Age play is one of my absolute favorite role play fantasies. I have callers telling me all the time I look like their niece or daughter. I’m so young and petite, I can be anything you want me to be for a naughty underage call.

When it comes to guys I fuck, I don’t put any age restrictions on that as well. I’ve always been with much older guys from when I was young. One of the first times I had sex was with a 46 year old. He had salt and pepper hair and he wanted me to call him Daddy. From that point on, my pussy only wanted older cock.

I just hope you don’t cum too quickly with my young, sweet voice, and creative role play scenarios. I want my daddy’s to take their time with their Baby Britt.



Written By: Baby Britt
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Naughty Niece Miley


I like to tease my favorite Uncle. He is very sexy. Sometimes I sneak over to his place instead of going to school. A few times I’ve gotten to spend weekends at his house. Wearing my tiny little skirts makes him stare at my legs and hope for a glimpse of my little panties. Sometimes I don’t wear panties under my skirts and that really drives him crazy.

I am a very naughty niece who knows how to make my Uncle weak and horny for me. By sitting in his lap and wiggling my butt until he gets hard, his big strong hands run up and down my smooth skinny legs.

Sometimes, I ask my Uncle to help me practice my gymnastics. I take off my skirt, just wearing my panties and white t-shirt, my Uncle holds my little butt and helps me do flips in his living room. I am naughty. Sometimes I pretend to fall, so my Uncle can catch me.

Before he knows it, his pants are down and my mouth is around his cock.

Written By: Miley
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Darker Than Dark

Your thoughts and desires are so dark that you’re afraid to even speak them.  For the most part, you’re a normal man. You have a well paying job, 3 adorable kids, and a hot wife. Just sometimes no matter how hot your wife is, things can get so fucking boring. 

You remember the hot goth girls in college. You would watch them, study them, and imagine what sex would be like.  Never in your wildest fantasies, and darkest dreams did you ever expect me.

You see me going through my backpack to try and find my cash. I’m taking my time and holding up the line. You step in and pay for me. I invite you to drink your coffee with me at the last table. I ask a lot of questions. We’re now talking about your boring wife, and your impure thoughts about your kids. I seduce you into not going to work today.

We joke about the things you want to do, but won’t. I suggest you put yourself in my capable hands. After a long day of persuading you, you hand me your house keys, and your families schedule. I show up, but I’m not alone. You quietly tell me that wasn’t the plan. Shut up, Daddy! Remember when the screaming starts, you asked for this!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Fuck My Ass


I am your daughter’s bestie and I spend the night at your house all the time. Your boring wife even jokes about me needing to contribute to the food bill. Well, that is just silly. I am not over THAT much. Being over a lot, I hear things. I hear your wife telling you “no”, all the fucking time.  That just isn’t right, is it? Well she says I need to contribute, so I have the perfect way.

She won’t suck your sexy cock. Yes, I have seen it. Don’t tell! She won’t let you fuck her bareback because she doesn’t want any more kids. I know how men hate condoms. I also know you want another baby. Pick me, Pick me!

Last night I heard something that made me so horny!  You were rimming her asshole and then tried to fuck it. She screamed, jumped up, and called you a perv. Well, that wasn’t very nice, was it?

I heard her on the phone with a friend and she is going out tonight. I wonder if she will be sucking some cock, or getting her ass fucked? 

Don’t be mad, but I stole your credit card and booked at room at a hotel. Please join me, so I can contribute, and so you can have the night of your life and fuck my tight asshole all you want!


Written By: AJ
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Caught By Daddy

             I wanted to hang with the older boys and girls.  Everyone was asleep, so I climbed out my window and down the tree. I went to the lake where everyone was. We had a few drinks and listened to cool music. I was having so much fun and even fucked a hot older boy. What a night! They really seem to like me and invited me to a few parties. It was late though and I didn’t want
 to get caught.

It was around 4 am and daddy always got up by 5 am. I thought I was home free, till I saw my phone sex daddy sitting on my bed. He had the nerve to be going through my personal stuff. I was about to tell him how mad I was, but he began yelling at me. He called me a slut and he wanted to know why my makeup was all smeared. 

I knew I was in big trouble, so I offered to show daddy why my mascara was all over my face. I got down on my knees and sucked daddy till he was hard and wet from my saliva. I then spit on my tits and gave daddy a titty fuck. He began moaning super loud and pushed my face down balls deep. I didn’t mind at all, because cock is cock no matter whose it is. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love cock! Especially older cock.


Written By: Delaney
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Bad Babysitter Chrissy

You thought you had the sweetest, best babysitter in town. Well you were wrong, so wrong! I am one bad babysitter. Oh sure, your kids adore me, and I am also great with them.

The trouble starts when I get bored after the kids are asleep. I start to snoop and steal things I shouldn’t touch.

I go through your wife’s lingerie drawer, and I steal her expensive Victoria secrets thongs. You would never in a million years, guess that I am wearing your wife’s sexy panties under my little outfits.

I watch the porn that is already on your computer. I’m sneaky and go through the history and I see what porn you’ve been watching. I use your wife’s little vibrator on my pussy while I’m watching.

I snoop and find your stack of vintage Playboys. I lay on your king size bed and masturbate under my skirt, rubbing your wife’s thong into my pussy as I look at the sexy old Playboy’s. My fingers get sticky as I touch the pages, leaving my scent behind.

You have a naughty little babysitter on your hands. Well, ignorance is bliss. You assume you have an innocent girl in your house until one night, you walk in and find me on your couch masturbating. I confess all my secrets and seduce you. I have you right where I want you. You lose all control and end up ravaging your bad little babysitter. Oh and, yeah, I do fuck better than your wife. Written By: Chrissy
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You Can’t Say No To Me

How hard do you get when I bend over  in front of you, showing you my cute little panties under my short little skirts? How hard you get when I crawl up into your lap and wiggle my cute butt against your lap?

You can’t lie to me. I know you get hard. I can hear it in your voice. I am tiny and you are big, but I have all this power over you.

Then, you get super hard when I whisper, “Fuck Me, Daddy”. You get rock hard when I tease you with my wicked words and my perky nipples.

My sweet little voice and tight, young body make you want me. I make you get down and dirty with me!

  What naughty “daddy” can say no to his naughty little girl?

I know I make you hard. Now, let me make you cum!

Bad Lil’ Bree


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Delaney’s Easter Basket


      It’s almost Easter! That means the weather is getting warmer, and the girls are out in their tiny shorts and mini dresses. For me, Spring and Summer mean many family gatherings with all my cousins and uncles. I have a favorite uncle who is sort of the black sheep of our family. He’s always in trouble for one thing or another, but he is so hot! Last Easter he got me good.

He texted me to come to the game room because he had an Easter surprise for me. I love surprises. I went to the game room where my uncle was sitting on the couch with a huge Easter basket for me. I was so excited, and began pulling colored eggs, Peeps, and a few pastel colored thongs. Well, he’s the naughty one of the family. He kept it on his lap and told me to dig deeper for more surprises. 

I was having so much fun with my phone sex uncle. As my hands went deeper into the basket, I noticed he was started to breath a little heavy. I felt something hard and fleshy at the bottom of the basket. I looked at my uncle, never breaking eye contact as I began stroking his big, thick cock. It was so fucking big, I wanted more than just giving him a hand job. I pulled the basket off his lap, took off my thong and began riding him.

Hottest Easter ever!!


Written By: Delaney
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Happy Fucking Easter

 There was no Halloween last year, but now that restrictions are easing up  the little ones are going door to door for Easter candy.  You’re so fucking excited about it all.

You call me and ask if you could hang with me. You tell me this will be the best Easter we’ve ever had. You come over for the final planning. Some things you just don’t want any sort of paper trail for.  If you get just where I’m going with this. 

We purchased all the items we needed for a great Easter. A few of the clerks asked if this was for our kiddos. I smiled, and said that it certainly was. I almost gagged on those words. They thought we were a fucking married couple with children. We got to my house and began working on the candy eggs we would hand out.

  With a hypo we began injecting the candy with fun drugs like LSD and Ketamine. We rented a small house at the edge of town so no one could trace anything to us.  

I needed someone I could toss under the bus if things went bad. I invited a few more people to join us that I knew would love to be in on our dirty, sexy depraved fun on Easter. I always plan ahead. The more I thought about it all, a party would make the most sense.  I borrowed a kid from a crackhead we knew and took her with me giving out invitations to our party. By the time we’re done, it will all look so innocent. Little do they fucking know!



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Crown Of Thorns

    Every year women and men flock to my Easter show. It’s like nothing you could possibly imagine. A deviant mix of sex, violence, and blood. This year will be more intense than ever. People are bored and need the kind of release only Malaya can provide.

My guests begin arriving. They look elegant in their gowns and tuxedos.  Sexy girls in bunny outfits are handing out party favors. I welcome all my guest, and the lights are dim.

There is several crosses with girls strapped to them. I place a crown of thorns on each of their innocent heads. I press the crowns as blood trickles down their faces. My audience is getting excited now. I look out and see a few of the men have their cocks out.  How I have missed these shows. Several tiny party favors are walking about sucking cocks, licking pussy’s, and sitting on laps. 

The girls are crying, and begging to not be hurt. My guests are voting on who will be the sacrifice of the night. I invite a few of my guests on stage to rape the girls. The night is going better than I planned, and it is almost time.

They have picked a girl to be sacrificed. I bring my knife to her throat, I smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear. 

My main show is now over, but a few are invited to remain for the second part. Join me in my perverse Easter celebration.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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