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Step Daddy Caught Me Playing After Party

chrissy jeansBack home, my family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. There is lots of drinking and partying. Everyone has a good time. There are no rules or limits. Carpe Diem! 

My Aunt and Uncle had a St. Patrick’s Day Party at their house. My entire family was there. They had kegs of beer. Everyone could just go up and help themselves to all the beer they wanted.

My cousins and I were sneaking beers when our parents were not looking. We were laughing and dancing around. As the adults got drunk, in the shadows and dark corners, a lot of people were making out and touching each other all over. I saw one of the neighbors slip his hand under a lady’s skirt. I know what he was doing. He was fingering her. I got so turned on watching the expression on her face. He was looking right into her eyes as he made her cum. Then he licked his fingers. Made me so breathless and my panties so wet.  

The party was winding down. I was in big trouble. My parents could smell the beer on my breath. My step daddy said I was going to be punished. My body craved my fingers. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I took off my shirt and opened my jeans. Then I plunged my fingers deep into my pussy. I let out such an orgasmic moan that my stepdad opened my bedroom door to check on me. He stood there watching for a few minutes. Then he unzipped his pants and stroked his hard cock. He was as horny as me.

You can guess what happened next!


2017-happy-saint-patricks-day Written By: Chrissy
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Age-Play Fantasy Phone Sex

Would you like to worship my hot barely legal phone-sex body? Let’s start with us getting back into bed so I can spread my legs for you. Mmmm I want you between my my thighs, worshiping my wet pussy while I glide my soft hands up and down your body. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll toss you a handjob or blowjob.

When the time comes to get you off, I want to hear all your dirty secrets. No limits – I want to know it all. I want to indulge in your fantasies with you while you gawk and worship my little titties and my sweet bald pussy. I am sure we can spend endless hours rolling around the sheets with a hot age-play fantasy. If you’re ready for my hot body and my wet pussy you know what you need to do.


Written By: Felicia
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Dark And Twisted Phone Sex With Poison Ivy

GOTH IVY   You like it dark, twisted, deviant and perverted, well so do I. I will try anything once to see if it gets me off, and I mean fucking ANYTHING. Some men are afraid to tell me what they want when they call me, but I know I always know. I can read you like my favorite book. Funny fucking thing is, it is the quiet ones that are the most perverse.

This cold ass winter is almost over and then comes your favorite time of the year. Warm weather means little frilly dresses, short shorts and bikinis on tiny underage bodies. Come on perv, stop looking at those little girl modeling sites and go out and really have some fun. The little twats on modeling sites aren’t for people like us. Fuck no!! They’re vanilla and we don’t do vanilla.
It is time to call your goth goddess and see what she has planned for us for Easter, family Summer vacations and perving in the park. You know you can’t quit the addiction and this time of year it is even stronger, the addict needs his fix of jail bait sex.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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I Love When I Get Hot New Neighbors

            He came over with his wife for dinner. They were new in the neighborhood and my mother always does this welcome to the neighborhood thing. BORING. The new neighbor guy was really hot and his wife kind of sexy in a MILF sort of way. I have my own special way to inviting newbs if they’re hot.

During dinner I teased the fuck out of him. I licked my pretty lips, spread open my legs when I knew he was looking and wore a tiny top and skirt. He kept staring at my tits. Can you blame him? After dinner,  I excused myself and went to my room to listen to tunes. I heard him come up to use the restroom and that is when I pounced. I didn’t even give him a chance to say no to me. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and wrapped my hand around his big, hard dick. That is when his wife came up to see what was taking him so long.

What do you think happened? Do you think we had a threesome or maybe she got mad? Give me a call for the whole naughty story.


Written By: Delaney
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Playing Next Door

lucie 6You are a nice man, a good neighbor, to my mom and me. You let me swim in your pool when you are home. All of my friends have a pool, but we don’t.  I love to swim and play around in the water.

It is impossible for to understand why don’t swim in your pool. I swim in it more than you do. When I ask you, you say, “Oh, Lucie, it came with the house, but I enjoy watching you. Wish you came with the house too.” 

From my perspective, having a pool in your backyard is the best thing in the world. 

Today is Saturday, and I spend the whole afternoon in your pool. You watch me swim around, and you notice that I am in a new bikini today. 

You notice that I am wearing a new bikini. You tease me about my tiny tits. “There is not much there to hold up that top, Lucie.” 

That makes me blush. I get really turned on knowing that you are looking at my tight teen body. I want you to look at me, like what you see, and desire me. I want you to take me to your bed, strip off my bikini and fuck me in that big bed of yours. 

Sexy Little Tenn,



Written By: Little Lucie
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Let The Madness Begin


GOTH IVYYou notice more and more each day that I am far from just an accomplice, I am a goddess for you to obey and worship. I am the only female that isn’t underage that you desire. You watch me as we play and you want to lick my long, pale legs and taste every inch of me. When I kiss you with their taste on my lips it drives you mad with lust.

I am now in your dreams with two little devil dolls by my side. Two little accomplice goddesses with pale skin and bright red hair. Sadly for you, they belong to me, but look at the little birds I “borrow” for us to play with. A session with me is a walk into the realm of madness. Once you have your first taste, you’re madly, insanely and forever hooked. You become an Ivy junkie that no amount of rehab can fix. Why would you want to be cured of me? I make your dreams and other’s nightmares come true.

The little girls are so fucking cute in their red velvet dresses, red lace socks, red patent shoes and red panties with hearts. They’re passing out cards to all the little boys. Those bitches never gave you any cards, did they? How about a little Valentine’s Day revenge?

            Goth Girl Ivy


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Bad Grades And Boys


aj  As usual, I get called to the Guidance Counselor’s office. I just sit and stare because the counselor is so hot!! “Giggles” He says my grades are slipping again and we need to find out the reason why and all that stuff. I explain to him I have a concentration problem because I think of boys and sex and men and sex, and just a whole lot of SEX! 

He just shakes his head at me but I can see he wants to smile because it is hard being mad at me. He is letting me take the lead on just where all this is going. Want to know where it is going? My tongue is going right in his mouth and my little hand right around his big, thick dick!

The next thing I know ,”somehow” I ended up sitting on his desk, without my panties and my hand on the back of his head guiding his tongue to my hot, little pussy. I then showed him why last year’s teachers just let me have good grades no matter what!! 

             Sassy Teen AJ


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Fertile Pussy Phone Sex


My phone sex brother wants to make a baby with me. He is much older than me so I think he would make a really good daddy. The only thing is I don’t want to “do it” yet as I am way too young.
He grabbed me by my pigtails and made me get into his bed with him. I begged him to stop but he said it was up to him, and I better not tell on him or there would be consequences.

It started to feel really good but still I didn’t want to get all knocked up and all. He began to grunt and moan and next thing I knew my little, bald pussy was filled with his baby batter.

Written By: Baby Bethany
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Emily’s Naughty Fantasy


My phone sex daddy just loves to lick, suck and fuck every inch of my sexy teen body. Even though he LOVES that I have such a hairy little bush, he gets so excited talking about what it would have been like if he was my first. 

    We fantasize about me not being able to sleep so I join him and mommy in their big bed. Mommy is asleep but daddy wants me to wake her up with my tongue lapping at her hairy pussy. I imagine how good it will taste knowing that daddy just shot his load of jizz in her. 

My face is buried in her dripping pussy and my sweet little ass is pushed up high for daddy to fuck. First he busts my cherry and then he slams it hard in my ass. Mommy begins to moan so loud and squirts in my mouth giving me all of her and daddy’s hot juices.

Written By: Emily
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Babysitter’s Revenge

   I was babysitting for Mr. S and super bored because my boyfriend couldn’t come over to fuck me. I was using his laptop to look at porn because it isn’t much fun on my little phone screen. He is always trying to grab my ass and beg me to  let him lick my little bald pussy. I let him get away with it because I knew one day I could use it to blackmail him to do things he doesn’t want to.

I couldn’t believe what I saw while looking for porn. Okay, well yes I could considering what a perv he is. He had pictures of my boyfriend and I fucking. I have to admit, I got off twice watching it before I called Jason and asked him what I should do to Mr. S. When Mr. S came home, he tried to grab my ass as usual, but I had a surprise for him.

I told him what I knew, and unless he wanted wifey to know he had to do just what I demanded. I told him to follow me to his bedroom where Jason was waiting. He said he always wondered what my sweet, teen pussy tasted like so I made him suck off Jason. We were far from done but Mrs .S came home so we had to stop for the day.

Teen Torrie



Written By: Teen Torrie
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