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Snip, Snip

    You crawl to me hoping I will forgive your absence. You mumble about how it just wasn’t your fault. Nonsense slut, it is always your fault. How could I possibly forgive your shortcomings. You have so many of them. You have watched me castrate so many males, and you were grateful I only tortured your cock and balls. I am bored and rather annoyed with you. It is time.

I make you prep yourself as I fuck a real man, something you will never be.  You are shaved, and your balls are bound tightly. You look like a little boy. Fuck, you are small. No matter, I have work to do on you. I could just leave you banded and let your balls fall of in a humane way. Not today!

You fetch my scalpel, and you put yourself in the stirrups. You beg me to get one last taste of my cum filled pussy. Secretly I know you just want want to lick the cum out of me.

You begin to shake and cry when I push the knife into your wee little thing. I can’t really call it a cock, now can I? You pray that you will pass out as not to feel all the pain. Doubtful loser. The excitement of slicing off your ball, is being drowned out by your screaming. I shove panties in your mouth and finish taking your manhood. Manhood? Now that is funny!



Written By: Brianna
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You’re Useless To Your Wife

 Let me guess- you’re a tiny dick wonder and your hot wife is out fucking real men. Well, what do you expect? Believe it or not, your wife actually wants to feel something when she’s getting fucked. Your tiny micro penis has never satisfied her. She probably just lays there and hope it ends soon when you use to have sex with her with your midget dick.

You’ve come to the realization that you’re so pathetic and you want your wife happy but you’re not the man that can achieve that. The thought of her getting fucked turns you on. You crave her cum filled holes from strangers. You probably have the urge to suck her lover’s cock. It’s only a matter of time before you become a cuckold fag and beg her for cock and cum. Soon you’ll become her cuckold slave.



Written By: London
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Yogurt, Bread, Creamer, Tide….

You might think that is an odd blog title, but it captured your attention, didn’t it?

Yogurt, bread, creamer and Tide were the things I need at the store. I was repeating my grocery list in my head over and over again when my husband was fucking me last night.

He just got back from a long business trip and he couldn’t wait to fuck his wife. I on the other hand, was dreading having sex with him because he simply doesn’t please me. His cock is so small that I can’t feel him inside me at all. He knows I love big dicks, and he enjoys watching them pound my pussy. Over the years, I’ve turned him into a cuckold. He understands that he doesn’t satisfy me, and I married him for money. He loves the fact that he has a beautiful trophy wife, and he would do anything to keep me happy.

Every now and then when my husband comes home from a business trip, he will want sex. I always hope it’s over with as quickly as it possibly can. I wish he would cheat on me so he wouldn’t come home horny. Maybe there’s a woman out there that would like a small cock? I know he would never do that to me though, I have him wrapped around my little finger.

If your wife looks bored while you’re fucking her, she might be going over her shopping list too.



Written By: Simone
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Come Here Clean Up Man

      Oh, hey guys! I know you would want nothing more than to pound my sweet, teen fuck holes, but that is for only certain men. Not for you! Don’t worry, you will get to clean out my holes. Aren’t you the lucky one.  I saw how you were looking at me during PE. You like how I look all sweaty and out of breath. You’re imagining what my sweet body tastes like as the sweat drips between my perky tits and runs down my back to my perfect ass. You want to lick up that sweat, don’t you? Now you’re wondering what my pussy tastes like with a big cum load in it.

This just happens to be your lucky day, bitch! I need someone to clean me up, and that is you. Start with my underarms, work your way down between my tits. Hey bitch, did I say you could get a hard-on? I guess I need to do something to keep you from trying to put that thing near me. You know it’s way to small and you only good for one thing. Come on cuckold, get to it!


Written By: Delaney
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It Takes All Kinds

Last night I had an interesting new caller. We chatted a bit, getting to know each other’s fetishes and kinks. The whole time I heard this odd sound of splashing water. I know we’re finally warming up in my state, so maybe he was in his pool?
I was thinking about taking a dip in my pool from his sounds. He told me about his wife and how he slowly became a cuckold.

What the hell was that sound again? I was caught in between getting excited by his story, but wondering about splashing.

Okay, so it was time to relax, enjoy my call, cum a few times, and not worry about the splashing. I pretended I was his lovely wife, and I was laying on the bed with a cock in all holes. He had his mouth at my pussy licking one of the men fucking me. It was so fucking hot!
I came a few times, and the splashing sound was getting the better of me. Should I ask? He finally told me, and oh wow, that was a new one for me. I know you’re dying to hear about that sound. Be sweet to me, make me cum hard, and I just might tell.


Written By: Valentina
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Cuckold Loser Phone Sex

When I find a new boy toy, a romantic relationship is the last thing I want. I normally put him in his place right away and let him know his cock will never be enough for me. I will humiliate him and turn him into a cuckold loser.

If you want any type of “relationship” with me, you better like the taste of thick, gooey cum dripping from my wet cunt. Also, don’t plan on having sex with me….ever! If you want to make me happy, put your pathetic face under my pussy and catch any warm juices while my big cock lover balls are slapping your chin.

You can listen to me moan with sheer pleasure when his big monster cock is stretching me. Get your tongue ready because when he cums, it’s like a river and I want to be licked clean, no exceptions!

Are you ready to be my clean up boy? The taste will be so rewarding.


Written By: Diana
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Holidays With Mistress Brianna


     I would ask you what you want for Christmas, but by the look on your face I can see you are staring at it. Come a little bit closer darlin’, and see the cum dripping from my beautiful well fucked cunt. There now, that is what you want, isn’t it? Not so fast bitch, start with my red stilettos. Lick the heel and give it a blowjob. Suck it deep, to the back of your throat. I want to hear you gag on it. Why yes, I didn’t clean it after I fucked your sorry ass. Ass to mouth, if I tell you to do it, you do. 

Your shaved balls are nicely bound. Shall I give them a little kick? How I love to hear you squeal like a little piggy. I see you looking at the huge package with your name on it. Could it be the fuck machine you begged me for. Clean me out first, then if you’re a good boy, you may see what it is. 

I wish you all a deviant holiday, and that you all get your filthy desires filled.



Written By: Brianna
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My Naughty Boys

  I sure hope you have been a naughty boy this year. Auntie Debi loves when her boys get naughty, especially with each other.

A few days ago, I came home to find my phone sex boys going through my walk in closet. They were giggling like little girls, and modeling my lingerie for each other. I must tell you that I found it extremely HOT! I mean, they were so naughty it made me want to give them a gift and not punish them. They never knew I was watching, so after I came several times, I needed a good fucking. 

I came home to find them still at it, and oh no! I forgot their gifts. Aunt Debi had a special gift for her boys. I told them I had a cunt full of jizz that needed cleaning. I sure didn’t have to ask them twice!




Written By: Dirty Debi
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Phone Sex With Me Is Always Hot

The weather might be cold and dreary, but it is always HOT here with me. People assume because I look elegant most of the time that I I am into fancy restaurants and older gentlemen. Nothing can be further from the truth. I like my men, big, rough and total bad boys. The sweet gentlemen are for nights out, but once I get home, I want it hard, dirty and rough.

After my dinner date since I had no plans, I thought I would log in for a bit. I was hoping some of my sexy regulars would give me a call. I was not disappointed! I came so many times, I just might have forgotten to log myself off before I passed out. I woke up with my hands wet from pussy juice, and my vibe running batteries down on the side of bed.

Now this is where the sweet older man comes into play again. I text him that I am dying for a mimosa and a yummy fruit salad. He arrives quickly with my drinks, and breakfast. As we chat about our next date something very dirty comes to mind. Of course, I won’t spill it. I can just tell you it has to do with fruit, one of my generously built fuck buddies, and my sugar daddy.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Booty Call Brittany

I love guys with small dicks, they’re so pathetic and I have such a blast making fun of them. It seems like lately every guy that has been hitting on me and wanting to fuck me, has a small shrimp dick! What am I suppose to do with that? I can shove all my fingers in my pussy and it would be 10x better. Since it has been happening a lot lately, I have been turning them into my little cuck bitches since they all want to fuck me so bad.I have been giving them a dose of what a big cocks looks like and how they fuck. You know, the ones that I really like fucking. The ones that stretch open my pussy.

I took this one guy with me on a booty call and let him watch how my pussy got pounded on. He was simply amazed and turned on like never before. He was so fascinated by the size of his cock. I thought it would be fun to let him tag along for a second time. Boy, was he hungry for cock this time. He was on his knees seducing his cock with his tongue getting him nice and hard for me. He knew I was going to be satisfied with a good hard fucking like I deserve.

I have so much in store for him. It is the Holiday season so I’ll be giving him the best gift he’s ever received in his life.


Written By: Brittany
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