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Not Today Mr. S

         One of the families I babysit for asked me if I could stay for a few days while they are out of town. Everyone was going so it was more of a house-sitting thing. FUCK YES! I am going to throw one hell of a party. I invited most of my friends from school and a few older guys who can get us party favors.

  We were having a great time dancing, drinking and people were doing hot, naughty things not caring who was watching. I was upstairs in a threesome when I heard all sorts of yelling downstairs. I ran down and the man of the house was home. I say “man” but he is really a sort of cuckold. Him and I go way back, and I have so many blackmail pictures of him. Maybe he forgot, but trying to ruin the party wasn’t very smart. I told him I knew he bailed on his family to get me alone; and for the hundredth time, I told him I am not going to fuck him.

My boyfriend came down and was not to happy with us getting interrupted. Him and the whole football team decided to show Mr. S who is really in charge here and who the bitch is. I demanded he get on all fours and service the whole team. He moaned like a little bitch, as he got pounded in both his holes. Man, he was covered in it! The best part was listening to him begging for more dick!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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No Tiny Dicks Wanted

What a silly young man he is to think that his wormy little dick could ever satisfy a woman like me. I do love younger men, preferably black!  

I was out at a lovely Wine Bar with a friends son who kept trying to get me to take him to my house. Across the room, a gorgeous black man was flirting with me.  Of course, I already knew Josh was tiny, really quite worthless but it is always fun to tease him.

We got a bit tipsy and I began to make eye contact with Reggie, and wondering just how big he was. He finally joined us and after a few more glasses of wine he followed me into ladies room, leaving Josh behind. There were no words exchanged between Reggie and I, just a hard, dirty pounding in the restroom. 

After our encounter, I was ready to go back to my place and use Josh for the one thing he is good for. I do need a cleanup boy to lick and clean all my cum dripping holes. He knew that was the only way he would ever touch me, so he very eagerly agreed.

Written By: Dirty Debi
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My New Maid Service

Hey there cucky! My black stud will be here any minute. Did you finish all your chores I gave you? I want a clean house before he comes over. I was nice enough to give you a sexy maid’s outfit with matching panties. It’s been very amusing watching you walk around with a feather duster and stiletto heels while I’ve been relaxing with a chilled glass of wine. I wanted to share with all my friends my new maid service so I videotaped you in your sluty outfit on your hands and knees cleaning my floors. Let’s just say; they couldn’t stop laughing.

DING DONG! There’s the doorbell! I hope you have finished, because if not; guess what?? My cucky won’t get to have that big, load of black cum you’ve been working so hard for. I will have to call one of my other cum sluts to lick my holes clean while you’re still doing your chores.


Written By: Mimi
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Cock Kisses

 Some men are just complete fucking cunt faces. I have one in-particular and while he is dead serious, I laugh my fucking ass off as soon as I hear his fag face voice. He can’t get enough of body fluids. Shit, piss, snot and jizz, he craves it all. He does have an issue with blood, but well if I have been fucked and on my period, he will take it like a greedy little pig! 

His newest expression is “cock kisses”. I just assumed it was kissing someones cock, but I should have known better with this jerk off. It is when the girlfriend he once had sucks a guy off and then kisses him with a mouth of of jizz. I call that snowballing, like most people. Of course, asswipe isn’t like any normal person I know. Leave it to him to come up with a fucked little expression for it. Did I mention he does like women, but how the fuck could he satisfy one with his little clitty?

I could talk about him for hours, as he is just that fucking hysterical.  He is just a mixed bag stupidity. He goes by many names douchebag, asswipe, cunt face, jerk off and my favorite because it was the first Philip The Faggot.  I have spit many drinks out laughing, quite the waste of booze but entirely worth the laughs.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Pathetic Loser Phone Sex

  My Sugar Daddy has a house on the lake he loves to take me to. The area is total country and there is lots of hot guys on four wheelers and mountain bikes. He picked this area because he loves knowing I am being fucked by young, hot guys. Sometimes he watches and sometimes I tell him all about it while he strokes his pathetic old cock.

I sat outside in a little sundress watching a group of guys go by. I waved and in a few minutes the 5 of them turned around and joined me. We chatted for a few minutes, a few minutes too long as far as this horny bitch was concerned. I saw Pin Dicks face at the window watching as I pulled my dress up showing my hungry pussy.

The guys got my message quick and soon they were all out of their jeans. I had 5 big, thick hard cocks to take care of all my eager fuck holes as my loser Sugar Daddy watched from the window.

Hours later I was sore, completely satisfied and in need of a good cleaning from Pin Dick. I do love our time at the lovely lake house.


Written By: Easy Elle
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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

You simply can’t deny that you love being a cuckold husband. You thought briefly about wanting to be a “normal couple” but the insatiable urge of eating another mans cum load from her pussy is something you can’t live without.

It’s all you think about when you’re at work. You find yourself looking at the clock, counting the hours till you get to go home and watch your wife fuck a much bigger cock than yours. You’re so desperate for cum, you jerk off in the bathroom at work and taste your own cum. We both know it’s not the same. It’s a quick fix but it’s not that huge, creamy load between your wife’s thighs.

When you jerk off alone, you use to think about your wife’s face when she’s getting fucked and how satisfied she is with a big cock stuffing her pussy. But now when you stroke your dick, you think about sucking that huge cock and feeling his big, mushroom head in the back of your throat. It’s more about YOU now and how fucking hot you get for that big dick. After years of her enjoying a big cock, now it’s time to show her how you can take one.

I love all cuckold fantasies, call me and let the cuckolding begin.


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Torrie’s Cuckold Bitch

       Are you sitting on the bed waiting for me like a good cuckold? You know I have been out with my friends getting all my little teen holes filled by big, thick cocks. YUMMY! If you have been good, and you know that I can tell; you will be rewarded by your tiny Mistress Torrie. I inspect everything from your phone to your girly panties. Everything looks okay, as you know you aren’t allowed to play with your clitty while I am gone.

I give you a kiss so you can suck the jizz off my tongue and lick it off the sides of my mouth. Look at you, what a dirty slut you are! I already see a little wet spot on your panties even though we have just started. I hand you my thong to lick up all the jizz, you’re so hungry for it. You even wring it out to get every yummy drop.

Then I sit over your open mouth and slowly let the cum from my ass drip into your mouth. You try and get more by trying to stick your tongue in my pussy, but I slap you away. Bad, bad jizz junkie! I may just have to invite some cocks over, so you can get a huge jizz fix!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Christmas Lingerie Shopping

      Holiday shopping can be so dreary which is why I have my Little Elves to do it for me. They’re so eager to look at and try on sexy lingerie knowing the treats that await them if they please me.

They both did an excellent job this year bringing me retro lingerie for my favorite girlfriends. I am so excited to see how they will look in it. As I demanded, they also got new pink crotchless panties for themselves in pastel colors. My little bitch boys are gushing with excitement at pleasing Mistress. They’re talking incessantly about what Mistress might have planned for their gifts. Honestly, their yapping like lapdogs is giving me a headache and I slap them both and bring in two hot men to fill up their mouths. 

They both run to put on their makeup and change into their panties as I fuck both of the gorgeous black men I invited over. They come in and remain on their knees till Mistress is properly satisfied. I sit back with a Crown as I watch those yapping mouths get pumped full of big, black dick.

          Happy Holidays From Mistress Brianna


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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Your First Cock Suck

I know that you would do anything for me. I also know that you’re really curious about what it’s like to suck a big, fat cock. Sometimes when you jerk off, you close your eyes and imagine that I am guiding a dick right into your mouth. I’ve been waiting to walk you through your first cock sucking experience. By the time I am done with you, you’re totally going to be a cock sucking expert. Sure, maybe you won’t suck all the time, but when you do, you will be the best cock sucker.
I know that you’re nervous, but every bitch boy is at first. I know you’re going to do everything you can to keep your Goddess happy. So, just stick out your tongue and run it all over the head of that dick that I feed you. Wrap your hand around it and start to stroke it a little bit, keep licking. Now, open up real wide and I’m going to push your head right down onto that big cock. I know you’ll love that final taste of cum.
Remember, if you do everything you’re told I will reward you with my pussy sitting right on your face.


Written By: Julie
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Cuckold Slave

    Down on your knees where you belong slave. I can tell by the look on your face my stockings and garter belt make you weak in your knees. Begin worshiping your Mistress by slowly removing her heels and then kissing and licking the soles of her beautiful stocking feet. Don’t get to eager or I will kick you in the face slave.

I suggest you get your worthless dick in check or I won’t let you finish. Lick up my beautiful legs slowing till you reach my freshly fucked rosebud pucker. Insert your tongue and taste the cum of a real man, not a pathetic bitch of a man like you.


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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