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A Night With My Husbands Boss and My Cuck

Being married is wonderful when you’re in charge and everything goes your way. My little cuckold husband thinks so too. His place is at my feet or in between my legs, eating a hot cream pie.

We started off as a swinger couple then chose the cuckold lifestyle. We love it and won’t have it any other way.

Lately, I’ve had the urge to humiliate him more and more, it really gets me off knowing he’s ashamed and humiliated.

We had a small gathering last night and I invited his boss. His boss is black and very hot! Can you imagine what I did after the gathering was over? I seduced his boss right in front of my pathetic cuckold husband, it was the ultimate humiliation.

I took that black meat like a pro and loved every inch of it. He blew a huge load of cum in my hot, married pussy. He even told my stupid husband to clean up. I like a black bull who knows how to treat a cuck.


Written By: Simone
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Good Little Cuck

I have a man in my life that takes care of almost all my needs. He spoils me, supports all my expensive habits, and keeps me in lavish comfort, but he’s lacking in one important area, the bedroom! His cock is just too small and he cannot satisfy me. He knows what a cock hungry size queen I am, and knows that his little dick just doesn’t make the cut.

He does serve some purposes though, he is an amazing pathetic little cuck! He stands at the foot of the bed and watches as a real man fucks all my tight holes. I look up at him and smirk. All he can do is stroke his little pencil dick. I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as my current lover taunts him, telling him how fucking good my pussy and ass feel. He’ll never know that pleasure. There’s no way that sad excuse for a cock is coming anywhere near my perfect cunt. His job is to serve me and my wants and needs.

After hours of fucking, I have one final task for him. I put him on his back and squat above his face, letting all the creamy cum drip down into his mouth. He knows I expect all my holes to be cleaned out by his tongue. This is as close to my pussy that he will ever get, so he takes advantage, licking and sucking all he can. He’s the perfect man, my good little cuck.


Written By: Abby
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My Pussy Is The Creamiest In The Mornings


It’s true I am always extra juicy in the early mornings. It’s probably because my hot fuck studs exploded in my pussy multiple times last night, and now I have this extra thick cream pie waiting for the right cuck to come along and slurp it up.

I love to use cuck’s to do all my fluffing & cleaning. Mornings are always a good time for you to stop by my place. If you’re early enough, you might just catch me and one of my big boyfriends getting nasty. I will put your mouth to good use. Don’t be shy if it’s your first time, I have helped many cross the threshold to serious cuckolding.

Mornings are always great but you can use your skills here anytime.

Are you ready to lick?



Written By: Faith
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Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

I want a cream pie cleanup phone sex more than anything. It’s definitely a cuckold phone sex favorite.

Do you realize real men don’t sit around hoping their hot wife is out fucking a big cock? That means you’re a total loser with a worthless dick. Your wife thinks so too. Why do you think she never fucks you anymore? You can’t satisfy her that’s why she’s probably out with a real man having incredible orgasms while you sit around all day jerking off thinking about her.

Call me for some cuckold humiliation phone sex.


Written By: Cindy
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Introducing My Husband To My New Lover

I have been a loving and faithful wife to my husband lately. In spite of how much he loves me and tries to satisfy me, his cock is below average. I mean below in size and stamina. It’s not that he doesn’t try, but he is just not capable of fucking me the way I need. I have no other choice but to find a big juicy cock to fulfill my pussy.

I decided to talk to my husband about this and my needs. He offered to lick and plunge my pussy with dildos to make me cum again and again. It just isn’t enough. I craved a real throbbing cock in my hot cunt.

I had a plan in place and it began with a knock at the door. My lover was right on time. My husband was confused as to what was going on. I explained to him this is my lover and he has all that I need. I told my husband he can sit and watch, or join in.

I began undressing my lover without hesitation. I needed him so badly. My husband had resistance at first, but it wasn’t long before he was down on his knees next to me tasting my lovers delicious dick. I loved seeing my husbands lips wrapped around such a big cock.

My husband then sat by stroking his little prick while I was getting rammed by a real man. My lover satisfied my pussy again and again. He filled my pussy with his creamy, hot cum. My newly cuckold hubby cleaned me out and shared a hot cummy kiss.


Written By: Simone
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Hot Wife Turns You Into a Cuckold

 Having a sexy, much younger wife made you envy of all your friends, but they wouldn’t envy you if they knew the truth, would they cucky boy? They would be totally shocked if they knew you’re a cuckold husband and your hot wife has been cuckolding you since before the wedding. If they knew the only kind of sex I allow you is eating my cream pies.

But humiliating as all that is, the real humiliation is how hard it makes you when I make you kneel on the floor beside the bed and let you watch my lovers 9 inch cock between my legs, watching him pleasure me the way your inadequate little dick never could.

Does the humiliation of being cuckolded by a beautiful teasing wife excite you? Call me for the best cuckold phone sex!


Written By: Lexi
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Piggy Says Feed me

        Oh hey, Piggy. I have a special treat just for your hungry, drooling mouth. I saw you watching me and my boyfriend fuck when you snuck back home. I wonder if your wife knows you missed work to sneak home to watch us. I could tell her, or you could do something for me.

My boyfriend is huge. I know you’re jealous, and wish you were that big. Sadly, you aren’t! My sweet fuck holes are sore from taking such a deep,  hard fucking. That is where you come in pervert.

First, start with my adorable flat chest. Lick the cum off my pink nipples. Next, drag your tongue down to my stretched out pussy. It’s super dirty, so lick out all the jizz. Yummy!

Now I have to pee, so open wide.  Next and most importantly, it’s time to take care of my sore asshole. Lick it nice and slow, slide in your tongue deep to get all the cum out.  Now if you’re good, I will have a treat for you. Just like a moist, fudgy brownie. Yum- yum!



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Oink For Torrie

I have a new caller and he snorts just like a piggy when he is excited. It is so fucking funny! Next time we talk I am going to let my friends listen in. Don’t tell! Until our call, he had no idea that he was a cock-sucking, shit piggy that loves all my fluids. I mean all of them! His favorite is my slimy green snot.

He doesn’t touch himself on our calls, because that would be just disrespectful. His words, not mine. The oink sounds though? I laughed so hard I almost snorted. Maybe my snorts would have given him more of my precious green snot. LMFAO!  I ‘m wondering now if he even has a winky because he never mentions it.

I wonder what he likes more? Cock or my slimy green snot? Not to mention my hard shit grapes that he roots for just like a Truffle Piggy.  I promised him I would stuff my cute little mouth with a whole lot of chili fries to give him what he really craves. That would be my wet, smelly, sloppy brown shower.

I didn’t mention yet his experience with cocks. That is because he is just now figuring out he is a cock sucking fag. For now, it’s all about my tasty shit, pee, cum and snot. A virtual buffet for the oinker.


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Hey Cuckold, Your Wife Needs Bigger Cock!

Your wife is one hot MILF. Men lust after her, and they hit on her when you turn your back. The men around town talk about what a hellcat your wife is in bed! Her pussy is sweet and tight. She moans and screams from red hot orgasms from her many lovers. Also, her mouth deep throats big cocks like no other lady in town. Sex with her is always hot and creative. All that yoga she does, she is incredibly flexible and always eager to fuck hard men. Apparently, you do not completely satisfy her, but she is hot, and you want her to be happy!

You know the saying, “Happy wife, Happy life!” Allow her this pleasure. It will pay off in the long run. Maybe someday, she will let you watch. You sit in a chair next to the bed and stroke your dick. Look at that look of ecstasy on hot wife’s face. Listen to the sound of her pussy pounded by a hot, horny cock. Obviously, your wife doesn’t have orgasms like that with you. Let’s get real here and be honest!

Even on your honeymoon, you never made her cum like that. Your wife thinks having sex with you is nice, but she never realized she is a size queen until recently. No wonder she has a roving eye and hooks up with the hot men in town. Of course, these men do not wear condoms when they fuck your beautiful wife. She loves the feel of the cum in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. Your new role is clean-up boy, cuckold! Embrace it and learn to love it.

Call me and I will teach you how to be a good cuckold!


Written By: Ava
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Torrie’s Special Candy

           I love an excuse to visit all the men in my neighborhood and Halloween is always an awesome excuse.  Men are such suckers when it comes to me and my adorable teen body. They’ll do anything to make me happy and get a taste of my sweet candy. 

Mr. Parker was first on the list. I knocked on his door and the perv let me in with a dirty smile. He knew just what I had for him so he quickly assumed the position. I put my adorable little asshole to his mouth and gave him the sweet perfume he craved. After that, he knew just what tasty little treat was coming. I made him beg for it. He was so excited he wrapped his lips around my tasty treat and he sucked it like a dick. I was about to give him something else to wash it down, but I decided to save it for the next house. 

Mr.  Smith was so anxious he was looking out his window for me. He asked if I had a special treat in my pussy for him. He laid on the floor and I sat on his face. My pussy was dripping from my boyfriend earlier. He was so excited to lick up the special treat from my boyfriend. Then he begged to wash it down with my cum piss. I was running out of tasty treats so I had to make a pit stop at Mr. Johnson’s house. 

He has the biggest, black dick I have ever seen in my life. I sure have seen a lot! I explained I needed a good, hard, fast ass fucking to get ready for Mr. James. I am a black cock whore and the bigger and fatter the better. After all my holes were plugged and filled I went to the next house. Mr. James had already texted me 10 times. Fuck, he was anxious for my jizz filled holes. 

I promised my daddy that I would stay in for Halloween. Give me a call, I have some extra special treats for you.



Written By: Teen Torrie
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