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 My Stats

Age: 21

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7


Measurements: 34D-24-34

Pussy: Clean shaven and smells incredible

Ass: Looks great in my tight skirts

Favorite Positions: Bouncing up and down on your cock!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Janitors closet in school

Hobbies: Laughing, BBQ, traveling, football games, beer and pizza, working out and cleaning

Specialities: Seductive role-play, Mutual masturbation, Intelligent conversations, Play dress up, Sex toys, Showers of any kind, Snuff, Mild humiliation, Sissy sluts, Extreme age play, Light bondage, GFE, Cuckolding, Financial domination and so much more!


Hi everyone! This is your favorite girl Skylar. You may call me Sky if you wish. I am one cheeky girl who loves variety in life. I currently live in California and for the most part I am very happy.

Guys cling to me because I am all natural with real tits. Nothing is fake about me except my hair. Sorry guys, I am not a natural blonde but I was born a blonde if that makes a difference. My callers love talking to me because I make phone sex as real as possible. I really get into it and I am more into pleasing and turning you on then anything else.

I’m the type of girl who will take you to a whole new level and make you feel an instant connection with me. I’m a very seductive girl who knows how the male body works. It all begins with the tease and I know just the right outfits to put you over the edge. I love wearing heels. I have over 100 shoes for all different occasions. I am a shoe whore for sure! I think it’s sexy to see a woman dressed in a short shirt with killer legs walking in some high heels. If you have the body, why not show it off! I know if I was a guy I would rather pick up a woman who dressed sexy rather than a complete slob.

I am a classy, sophisticated girl with some kinky thoughts for your perverted mind. I like talking to all different kind of guys. I defiantly like ultra kink but I also love long, stimulating conversations. Let’s get to know one another. My life is an open book and you really can’t get to know me from these few short paragraphs. It takes a phone call to explore my life and all my crazy sexual journeys I have encountered. When you pick up that phone and dial my digits you will hear on the other end a soft, young, charismatic voice with intelligence to back it up.

Trust me guys, if you like young, classy girls with all natural tits, this is one phone call you wont want to pass up. Can’t wait to play!


Call 1.866.325.1858
for Phone Sex with

11 Responses to “Skylar”

  • I have to tell you guys that Skyler is out of this world!
    She is as hot as they come – absolutely gorgeous and sexy!
    She makes u want to cum just hearing her voice!
    Besides for that, she is an absolute sweety – wonderful to talk to and cum with!
    She deserves to be Girl Of The Month and she should definitely be higher up on the Website.
    She is magnificent and I thank you at Klassy Kat for introducing her to me!
    John Henderson

  • You think Obama’s hot! Sky is from heaven!
    She is stunning and sensationally divine.
    She should be your featured pet!
    It is a privilege to speak and cum with her.
    You are lucky to have her on your site.
    She is awesome with a voice that is out of this world.

  • Sky is a sweet, charming, sexy, naughty, AMAZING girl.. I can’t wait for our next call!

  • thanks for a great call!

  • Oh man, what a sweet down to earth girl who can talk about anything. Thanks for a hot call. Just what I needed.

  • luv’d chattin w/ u babe! my first time @ this, but not the last time w/you. You’re soo hot! i could b too much trouble 4 u. i’m afraid you would skip too many classes with me. i do get there for work quite often…

  • Sky,
    Thank you so much for the amazing call we shared last Thursday night. You were a vision in your peach lingerie. Juicy, soft, and sweet just like a peach in the bedroom! You were delicious and left me wanting more, much more! Gents, if you want a genuine, natural, sex goddess for an absolutely mind- blowing good call, call Skylar. She takes the time to understand you and you will love everything about this passionate lady! Thanks again, Sky, and I can’t wait to be with you again, baby girl!

  • Sky , What an amazing call . One beautiful , intelligent , swexy ans sensuous lady . Please give her a call you will not be disapointed . And yes she does get into the call . I could easly become addicted Sky Thank You

  • Another exquisite call with the gorgeous , sensuous , sexy Sky . I had a fantastic time . Again give her a call , you definitely won’t be disappointed

  • Another of my many great calls with Sky-babe! Probably the hottest out girl on the net!

    Give her a call. She’ll definitely give you a thrill!

  • Well , I had another fantastic call with Sky . Completely blew my mind . I recommend her to everone, you wil have a great time . And Sky thank You for everything

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