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Leather Shopping

   I needed a new pair of sexy boots and a new leather store opened up. I was so excited to see what they had. The smell when you walked in the boutique was incredible. It was their grand opening, and all the employees were dressed to the nines. I do love the smell of leather.

A tall, sexy gentlemen handed me a glass of bubbly, and stayed by my side to help. I love having a slave while I shop. I found several items to try on, including a red leather corset. He showed me to the dressing room where there was more bubbly.

          He asked if I would mind him helping since all of the female staff was busy. Once in the large, plush dressing room, I began to undress. I tried on a few of the items, and he honestly looked unfazed by the whole thing. Gay? It was time to try on all my boots. The smell of the leather was making my pussy gush. Having a cute guy on his knees, made the situation even hotter. 

As he helped me on with the boots, I noticed he was getting a bit breathy and flushed. He looked up at me, down at my boots, and then begged me to let him kiss and lick the leather. I let him kiss, and lick them for awhile. A fuck in the dressing room is hot, but I decided at my home would be even better. 


Written By: Brianna
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Now, It Is Time For My Dessert

I slaved away in the kitchen cooking and baking for Thanksgiving. We hosted my husband’s family, 39 in all. I accommodated the gluten-free and the vegans, plus made sure everyone had their favorites. Everyone was happy. Dinner was very nice, of course, but it was exhausting.

By the time the adults sat down for dinner, I was not hungry, but I was feeling very flirty. I kicked off my shoes and rubbed my red painted toes along your leg, tickling and teasing you. I could see in your eyes that you were as aroused as me.

You made sure that you sat across from me during dinner. You kept pouring white wine into my glass. You never let my glass go empty. You flirted with me all day long. Everyone else was complimenting my pies, sweet potatoes, turkey and fancy table setting, but you complimented me on my tight little sweater.

After dinner, we made arrangements for you to come over this week while my husband was out of town on a hunting trip.  We have all day and all night to satisfy my salacious appetite for your beautiful hard cock.

Your Horny Housewife,



Written By: Jackie
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What My Feet Can Do For You!

I dated a guy who had a major foot fetish. I never really was into into it till I experienced it with him. He loved when I wore thigh highs, I always was guaranteed a foot massage when I put them on for him.

He loved touching, smelling them, and he even rubbed my sexy feet all over his face. My feet are super sensitive so I was a little hesitant at first but then I really got into it.

He couldn’t believe how flexible my feet were when I gave him a foot job. I was surprised how turned on my pussy was when I caressed his cock and balls with my feet. He would finger me till I squirted all over while he came all over my pretty, pedicured feet. I never let a good cum load go to waste so I would bring my foot up to my mouth and lick all the cum off.

If you have a foot fetish and would love to worship my feet, I would love to show you what my sexy feet can do for you!


Written By: Cheyenne
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SOLE MATES have been giving me subtle clues about my feet. You ask me periodically what color my toes are. You like when I describe in full detail about the shoes I wear. If they’re open toe, you’d like to know how my toes look in them. I never really have given my feet much thought until you came into my life. It’s was obvious you have a foot fetish obsession and I wanted to explore that.

On our next call, we talked a little bit more about my feet than we normally do. As the conversation continued, I could hear you were getting turned on. And, of course, that turns me on knowing your cock is getting harder thinking about my feet.

I started getting into it and told you how I want my pretty, pedicured toes in your face. I was having fun teasing you with my toes around your lips. I told you I want you to lick and suck them clean. The way you were describing what you were doing to my toes was so sensual, I could feel my pussy getting really wet. I never thought I could have an orgasm talking about my feet, but the things you were saying to me, and what my feet were doing to you, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I want that again and again. Now you have me hooked and we’re SOLE MATES for life!

Written By: Madame Joanne
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My Teacher Has a Foot Fetish

I had a teacher that was a real pain. I was failing his class big time and he wouldn’t give any extra credit. I had heard a rumor that he had a foot fetish, so I decided to get on his good side.

I got a pretty pedicure and wore my flip flops to school. I sat in the front of the class and teased him with my pretty toes. Just as I had heard, he couldn’t take his eyes off my feet. I started being really nasty with them, rubbing one up and down the length of the leg of my desk. His mouth was practically watering looking at them. I could tell I was getting him really, really worked up. I would kick off one of my flip flops and just wiggle my toes.

Class ended and he held me back. He told me he knew what I was doing and said he would give me a higher grade if I would let him take pictures of my feet. I went even further and told him that I would let him rub his cock all over them and jerk off on them for an A. He agreed pretty quick, lifted me on his desk and whipped out his dick. It took maybe 5 seconds. As soon as the head of his cock touched the arch of my feet, he was spraying all over. I may have had a sticky mess to clean up, but I also was the only one in my class to have an A!



Written By: Raylin
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Erotic Hypnosis Discovers Your Foot Fetish


I have found that some men have a hard time talking about their dirty kinky little sex secrets. That is where this erotic hypnosis therapist cums in handy.

When you arrive at my office, I have you recline on a chaise lounge. I normally would use my big, voluptuous breasts to seduce you, but I notice you staring at my feet. Even though I told you to look up at me, your eyes kept wandering to my feet. I was pretty sure that I knew what your kink was at that point.

I sat back on the edge of my desk and allowed my Louboutin clad feet to dangle in front of your face as my soft voice puts you into a trance. Once I am sure that you are totally under my spell, I have you look over at a piece of abstract art.

No one ever sees the same thing when they look at that piece of artwork. It releases your subconscious mind and allows you to reveal your true sexual desires no matter how taboo they may be. You can feel my breath against your neck as I whisper into your ear, “Tell me your sexual fantasy”.

I can’t help but notice how hard your cock is getting as I press my stocking covered foot against your lips. I tell you to reach up and release my stocking from the garter belt. I tell you to slowly take my stocking off. You beg me to let you start kissing and sucking on my freshly manicured toes. I only give you permission to smell them for now.

After all, good things cum to those that wait, and I am the queen of tease and denial. Seeing you in that heightened state of increased sexual desire makes my cunt soaking wet. I allow you the pleasure of sucking on my toes. The harder you suck, the wetter my pussy gets.

Yes, my pussy is wet and tingly in anticipation of feeling your warm hot jizz squirting all over my feet and then having you rub it into them like an expensive foot cream. Nothing keeps this girl’s feet in better condition than your special cum cream.


Written By: Ivette
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Cumming On My Pretty Feet

I love feeling sticky gooey cum all over my pretty little feet. I have a professor that invites me over to his house to give him and his old friends foot jobs. They love feeling the arches of my feet slide up and down their greased up cocks. Sometimes they’re so small that I can use my toes to jack their limp dicks off. It’s super easy work for me. My holes get a break from being pounded and I let me feet do all the work. The best part of it all is lying back and lifting my feet while they all jerk their pricks and ooze their jizz all over my feet. They watch me rub my feet together and massage it all in. Some even manage one more tiny squirt for good measure!


Written By: Ashton
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Foot Jobs with Callie

It’s been awhile since we sat down and indulged in each other. It’s been a long and exhausting week and my feet sure could use some pampering from you. Bring the massage oils and my pretty feet will be waiting for you. Your hands start to rub the warm massage oils into my arches working your way to my sweet souls. Your hands are so gentle when you touch my delicate feet. I know how much enjoyment you get just by touching me.

I want you to take out your cock and work it between my arches. Feeling the hardness between my feet makes my pussy so wet. You start to moan when I glide my feet up and down the length of your hard cock. We make eye contact the entire time. I start to pick up the speed sliding faster and faster until we are at the same rhythm.

Don’t hold back, I beg that you jizz your milky, white cum all over my beautiful toes.


 Written By: Callie
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Skylar’s Feet and Your Foot Fetish

SKYLARYou enjoy ladies feet and shoes. You have an extreme foot fetish.

I love to tease you by wearing open-toed shoes.  I go to the salon every couple of weeks to get a pedicure. I love showing off my painted toes, especially since I know that it makes you so very hard. You are always staring at my feet.

Teasing you is so much fun. I cross and uncross my legs, and dangle a shoe from my toes.  It drives you crazy. I draw you into me, and I easily seduce you because I know your weakness for pretty feet and sexy shoes.

I prey on your weakness because I love a man to worship my feet. Take off my shoe and sniff. The scent of leather and my feet make your cock so stiff. Suck on my toes, each and every one of them. Do it slowly. You are making me wet, so hot and wet! I masturbate for you while you suck and lick on my feet.

I reward you with a footjob and let you cum all over my feet.



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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My Favorite Foot Slave

I have a dirty little foot slave named Teddy. He lives to worship my feet and loves when they’re extra dirty. I come home and put my feet up and here he comes crawling over to me on his hands and knees begging to take my shoes off.

I’ve been walking around in them all day and I know how sweaty they are, but that just makes his tiny little dick stick out a little harder. He takes those dirty stockings off, wads them up and breathes in deep. He takes my sweaty foot in his hand and starts to lick the sweat off of them. I lean back and watch the show. He closes his eyes and lets his tongue run all over. I especially love when he gets to my toes. He sucks them like tiny cocks. Teddy is a world class cock sucking little faggot, so you can only imagine how well he sucks on those little piggies. He’s gets his tongue in between them and takes them nearly to the back of his throat. I let him wrap those sticky feet around his teeny tiny cock and cum all over them. I also make him clean up his mess, Teddy is a cum slut, so it’s icing on the cake. Such a good little foot slave.



Written By: Bambi
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