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Tickle, Tickle

I was in a really devious mood a few nights ago. I had one of my fuck buddies over and decided to try something new. I had him cuffed to the head and foot board of the bed. He was locked down tight and I knew I would be able to play for as long as I want. He was pretty excited himself. He loved being teased and was already primed and ready. He was naked and I was in my sexiest lingerie. I straddled him and ran my fingers lightly up and down his sides. This time, instead of letting my fingers trail any lower, I dug my finger tips into his sides and started tickling him. It really took him by surprise and I could tell he was trying to decide if he liked it or not…. but I didn’t let up. I kept digging my fingers in deeper and deeper, while grinding my pussy against his hard cock. He started laughing and trying to twist away, but the cuffs kept him pinned to the bed. He started begging me to stop, but it only made me do it more. I pulled my panties to the side and started riding his cock harder as I tickled. He couldn’t decide if he should laugh or moan. His face was red from lack of air. I kept going. When he finally let out a huge groan and came inside me, he nearly passed out. I laid beside him as he struggled to catch his breath. It was the best orgasm he ever had and said it was worth all the torture!


 Written By: Ginger
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Pleasure The Boss Lady Or Be Fired!

The end of the month is the end of the fiscal year, and it is time for performance appraisals. Everyone is anxious and concerned this year. There are rumors that corporate is looking for ways to reduce staff to save money. You were hoping for a fantastic review this review, but upper management will be conducting reviews this year. You get an email from Ms. Ava that your performance appraisal is in her office at 5:30 tonight. 

You send a text to your wife that you will be home late tonight because you have summoned for meeting after work. You go over your numbers and have a list of successful projects that have been completed by you and your team. You should be confident, but you are nervous. 

You arrive right on time at Ms. Ava’s office. Her assistant has left the day, so you walk into her office. At first, she does not look up from her papers. She ignores you. You realize that the chairs in front of her desk have been removed, so there is nowhere for you to sit. You stand there, just waiting and waiting. You know that she has all the power here. When she does look up, she doesn’t say anything. She looks you up and down. She is checking you out! She is wearing a very low cut top which accentuates her huge tits even more. Looking at those big tits makes you even more nervous but excited.

Suddenly, you realize Ava’s game. You pleasure her, fuck her, give her fantastic orgasms, and she will give you a favorable review. In other words, you take care of Ava, and she will take care of you!


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Pantyboy Masturbation Party Phone Sex

Hey there, Pantyboy! I have some new little panties for you. They are so soft and silky. You are adorable in my panties. Your cock is so tiny that we can tuck it in your panties. You are as smooth as I am between your legs. 

It is time for a Pantyboy Party. I invite you over for an evening of fun and sex games. I talk you into putting on a pair of my panties for me. My hot roommates are waiting for you to start the show. Come out and show off for the girls, my little exhibitionist pantyboy. Shake your little ass! It makes the ladies laugh and tease you. 

You are hilarious. The night is full of so much laughter because you are walking around all night in just your panties. The girls and I surround you. You are excited but intimidated. You feel weak and controlled by girls half your age. It is humiliating but exhilarating to be in nothing but a pair of panties in front of so many giggly girls. 

Spread your legs, pantyboy, and rub yourself through your silky panties. Your cock tingles and twitches. Put your hand inside of your panties. Grab your little cock and rub that head against your panties. Put on a Pantyboy Masturbation Show for us girls. Keep playing. We guide you, control you, tell you what to do until you cum in your little panties.

The girls tease you and laugh so hard when you finally squirt into your panties!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Boss Gets Punished by New Secretary

Human Resources assigns you a new temporary personal assistant while your regular girl is on leave. You have read Koko’s resume, and she seems well qualified for this position, but there is something hardcore about her. Her strong personality, quick wit, and piercing eyes make you wonder if you will end up working for her some day. She dresses professionally, but very sexy. You would love to pull up that tight pencil skirt and rip off her panties. Bend her over your desk and take her! She has you distracted. You will have to be extra tough on her to break her in so that she knows her place.

One day, you are impatiently waiting for a report from Koko. You interrupt her while she is on the phone. She looks up, glaring at you. You know that you are being very rude, but you are the boss. You are in charge. She works for you. She doesn’t get off the phone. She is pissing you off. Maybe she even prolongs her phone conversation longer than necessary, just to get under your skin. When Koko finally hangs up the phone, she doesn’t say a word. She gets up from her desk and walks into your office, straight to your desk.  You follow her, like a yapping little puppy dog, and you keep asking about the report, but Koko doesn’t answer you.  She picks up your report that is already on your desk. She walks to the door and locks it. She turns and stares. You have lost all your control. You apologize but then rationalize your rudeness by placing blame on Koko.

She tells you that you are a weak excuse of a man, a pathetic individual. Get down on your knees where you belong you worthless worm. She picks up the picture of your wife and kids and laughs at you. She humiliates you. You are now her bitch. Time for you to get fucked like a bitch. Koko lifts up her skirt and puts on a strap-on. She fucks you like the little bitch you are! She fucks your ass hard. You moan and groan as your ass gets fucked! Yes, this is what you have been craving. A woman to turn you into her very submissive bitch! 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Hedonistic Phone Sex With Mistress Koko

Why do you deny yourself pleasure when it is simply a phone call away? 

What is more pleasurable than fulfilling your every sexual desire, fantasy and craving? Give yourself to me and let me take control. Confess your secret desires and give yourself to me. Let go! There are no rules in my world. Don’t get bogged down by society limiting your fun. Sexual Gratification is achieved in the brain, not in your cock. I know how to stimulate that pleasure center in your brain. Dive right into my hedonistic world. My pleasure palace has everything available for your sexual gratification. It is self-indulgent, but not selfish.

There are no limits and no one judging.  I create a scenario for you to explore and enjoy every possible pleasure. Imagine being lifted out of your life and having no responsibilities, no one needing you to take care of them. Be spoiled, pampered, having your cock sucked, fucking whenever you want! Maybe you truly desire serving others. If you are truly submissive, you find pleasure in giving pleasure or you crave humiliation. You find pleasure in giving pleasure, serving a beautiful goddess. Possibly you desire to suck a cock or just letting go and being fucked over and over. Let your inner whore come out and play

We all have secret lustful desires, it is natural, human nature. Indulge in my pleasure palace. I want to give you everything you desire. You won’t be disappointed, but you will want to come back and play again soon! 

Your Hedonistic Lover,

Mistress Koko

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Backyard Bikini Babe Dominates You

I have been teasing the heck out of you all summer! Every day, just as you are getting home from work, I wear one of my super tiny bikinis and lay out in my backyard. I know that it makes your dick hard. That is why I do it! I love to tease you. Usually, you watch me from your window, but today you come outside to do some yard work. When I see you in your backyard, I ask you to put some lotion on my back. You say that I am so young and that you shouldn’t. I flirt and I tease. I can manipulate you easily because I am so cute. 

I flip over onto my tummy. I untie my bikini top and lift up my long blonde hair. You look down at all the naked skin. Just a tiny little bikini bottom which barely covers my ass. You hesitate. I yell at you and encourage you to go for it. Put a ton of lotion all over my back. Really get it all over. Don’t miss any spots. I am so bratty and bossy. We are just getting started here! I am going to make you do naughty things to pleasure me, but then send you home with a stiff dick. That’s right, Baby! Tease and Deny! 

It is turning you on! You are out of control, helpless. You feel you must obey and please me. How can this tiny teen, half your size, dominate you like this? You would do anything I tell you, wouldn’t you?  

Bratty Little Lucie

Written By: Little Lucie
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Suck His Big Cock For Me!

You take me out on a date. We are having a great time. I flirt and brush up against you. I am wearing an intoxicating scent and beautiful lingerie underneath a sexy, low-cut dress and my sexy high heels. I go to all this effort, but I become very discouraged when I don’t feel a hard-on or see a bulge in your pants. Oh no! I realize that you have a little dick. Well, I am not going to let the evening go to waste. I text my 8-inch lover and tell him to meet me at my place. I have a little treat for him.

When you take me back to my place, I invite you inside and introduce to a friend of mine. You are nervous when you meet him. I want us all to relax. I pull out a bottle of good whiskey, and we start drinking. I do a very sexy strip tease for the two of you. I flirt and seduce both of you. I unzip his pants and pull out his beautiful hard cock.

Next, I unzip your pants and tease you about it being small. You want to pull up your pants and run out the door, but your cock might be little, but it is hard. You are curious to see what happens; however, you are embarrassed that you are so much smaller than he is. I start kissing each of you. I get you both very turned on. I coax you into becoming a very sexy cocksucker for me.


Tiny Little Package

Here is a picture of the world’s smallest dick! 

Bree’s Bitch! 

Yes, he is wearing his black bikini panties. I am going to make him buy some pink and red panties, something cute and girly. He is my bitch! 

If you look super close at the pic, you will realize that his dick is exposed. You might miss it at first glance. I did. I thought his little package was sweetly tucked in his panties.  I love teasing him about his little dick. SPH is so much fun! I made him write nasty, humiliating words all over his body. 

The ironic thing is this tiny pee-pee belongs to a really big guy, former football player, 6’2” but packing a small pecker.  I am a cute girl.  I have never seen such a small cock. I didn’t realize that a cock could be this small. Oh, you can imagine the fun that I am having with this poor pathetic under-achiever. He pissed me off, so I am punishing him by exposing his pic here for the world to see.

Bratty Bree 

BDSM Foreplay: Fear Play Phone Sex

You are mine. My devoted and loyal sexy submissive.

The first time you are allowed to spend the night with me is thrilling and exhilarating for us both. The night was intense; however, you wake feeling calm but exhausted. I need to push you to tantalize you and arouse you now that the sun is up. You look a little sleepy.

I have breakfast and morning sex waiting for you, but first, you need a shave. Sit right here. I am going to shave you. That razor blade is caressing your face and neck. Feel each stroke with my naked, beautiful body in front of you.  It is scary to have that dangerous sharp shiny razor being controlled by someone else. Yes, I want you to be a little afraid. I want fear to help make your cock hard.

I have no desire to actually hurt you, but I want you to be scared. Fear Play is the game I have in mind for you this morning. It is not meant as punishment and does not involve pain, nor it is meant to be cruel. Fear play is like that rush of watching an erotic horror movie.  A Mistress uses fear to stimulate and sexually arouse.

Fear and Pain are very different and create a different reaction in the body. Pain releases endorphins.  Fear causes a rush of adrenaline. Fear play is an exciting form of foreplay and edging.

Once you are shaved, I wipe off our face, and I crawl into your lap. We kiss passionately. Your cock is hard and I slide right on top of you. I ride you. Fuck you! Your cock is so hard and feels hot inside of me. We have a hot morning fuck right there until we both have the most intense orgasms.

Mistress Koko



Sensual Bondage Phone Sex

I am in a dominant and kinky mood tonight. I got you naked, and I am sitting over your hips on my bed. I pull out the handcuffs from my sex drawer next to my bed. Tease you about turning you into my love slave. Submit to me! You will Love it!

I handcuff you to the headboard. Tease and edge you for hours. Place my pussy over your face and stay there until you make me cum. I pour warm massage oil on your chest, rub you with ice, and then drip hot wax on you. You beg for mercy. Lick and kiss every inch of your body. A very long handjob is next. Slowly maneuvering my hand up and down, using a variety of pressure. Hard then soft. Slow then fast. I bring you to the edge of orgasm too many times to count. I rub my tits all over your cock. Hot titty fuck, as I press my massive tits around your hard shaft. Taking your warm, hard cock into my mouth and tasting your precum just prolongs our session.

Finally, I climb on top of you and ride your cock. I ride your cock hard! Taking every inch of you inside of my wet warm pussy. I bounce up and down, so sexy with my tits bouncing in your face. Finally, we cum together, and I take off the handcuffs.


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