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Anything for Love

I like to keep things fresh, kinky, and creative when it comes to dating a new guy. It’s no secret that lately I have been  into dominating my new fuck buddy. It is something that I look forward to, and I know he does as well. I always have a sexy surprise waiting for him when he gets off work, and he never fails to be my “good boy.”

Last night I teased him for hours allowing him to eat my pussy while I relaxed on the sofa and talked to my girlfriend. He loves nothing more than the sweet taste of my sweet pussy juice on his lips, and it always makes his cock throb.

I wanted him really hot and bothered before I finally asked him what he really wanted. Just hearing him beg for me to take his ass makes me crazy hot. I gave it to him hard and fast, making him moan for it until he finally released his creamy load. I think he’s starting to get addicted to it, and I kind of like it.


Written By: Annaliese
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You Can’t Resist Mistress Koko

You think that you can control me. Make me submit to you. That is hilarious.

I am always in control. I always win. I always dominate.

I seduce and you cannot resist me.

If I want to fuck you, I fuck you my way.

Just try and resist, try not to submit!

You have tried before and failed. You end with having a fantastic cum load, of course.

When you completely submit to me, your orgasms are more intense and you feel like a million bucks.

Your Mistress Koko


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Chloe Is Your Phone Sex Switch!

I love role-plays where I am dominate and submissive. It’s even better if I get to be a switch in the same scenario. I defiantly can be your submissive little girl who would do absolutely  anything to please you. And of course, I love to be your Goddess that dominates you, and it puts you in your place.

I was in a relationship recently and the sex was amazing. We had sex almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. He loved when I dressed up in sexy lingerie to fit the role-play we would perform. He loved when I dressed in my slutty school girl outfit with stiletto heels and thigh highs. He would punish me for dressing and acting like a slut. He demanded me to bend over his knee for hard spankings on my perfectly round ass.

One of my favorites is when I dressed in black latex with long high heel black boots. My boyfriend would be my bitch for the night. I put on a big 12 inch strap-on between my legs. I showed no mercy when I pounded his holes. His pleading for me to stop would only drive me to fuck him harder and faster.

Now you can see why I am the perfect little switch for all your desires.


Written By: Chloe
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Adrianna Is Your Personal Phone Sex Jerk Off Instructor

Allow me to be your personal jerk off instructor. Of course, you can jerk off on your own, but without my sexy, erotic voice in your ear, your orgasm would be just subpar. Aren’t you sick of the same old masturbation routine day after day? I’m a take charge kind of girl, so taking over your cock is one of my specialties.

I also might do a little edge play on our call to build the intensity. It’s not fun to give it all up right away, is it? I like to have a slow and steady build up for that big load of cum that we both worked so hard for. It will feel as if I am taking over your cock and you will feel my soft hand sliding up and down your hard, throbbing shaft.

I will guide you into new heights and it will be the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. I warn you though, once you have my jerk off instructions, you will be forever smitten to me.


Written By: Adrianna
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Missy Blackmails New Caller love new callers! They don’t think that a pretty little thing like me can destroy their lives. They don’t realize how pathetic and weak they really are until I enter their world. With my voice alone, I can get any piece of information I want out of them.

My new caller, Evan was no different. He thought he had a interesting role-play in mind with me, but as soon as I started asking him questions in my young, seductive voice, I had him right where I wanted him.

He started telling me some personal things about his life, but he wasn’t mentioning the stuff I really wanted to know. With my bratty ways and with a little persuasion he finally told me where he works, personal & work email, and all his banking info. Once I had everything I needed, I confirmed it (of course) and then the really fun begins!

Evan knew I wasn’t bullshitting around when I sent him a draft email to his wife and boss telling them everything. I told him how my finger so badly wanted to hit the send button. If there was only something to stop me from sending it?

I’m happy to report that I am a proud owner of a brand new pair of Gucci platform pumps valued at $1100. My pussy gets soaked when I blackmail to get what I want. Not many men say no to me, will you?



Written By: Missy
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Waiting For Your Stimulus Check!

Your stimulus deposit has hit your account, and now is the time to pay up, loser! Let me make one thing clear to you- YOUR MONEY IS MINE! If you didn’t get a stimulus check because you make to much money, you’re obviously holding out on me and you’ll be financially raped more severely. Don’t think for one second a typical money raping call will get you off the hook. I want it all!

I know you get a pay-boner every time I demand more money from you. It’s not like you’re not getting anything out of it, your little pathetic pencil dick gets erect when I laugh and wallet rape you.

You and I both know your life has zero meaning unless I am dominating you. A hot girl like me would never be caught dead with a loser like you. My time is valuable and have way better things to do than talk to you, so you better make every financial tribute worth it to me.



Written By: Phoenix
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He Asked For It

The man I fuck sometimes told me that he was really interested in me spanking him. I’m sure when he told me that, it was just supposed to be some easy little ass slap. He should have known better. I don’t half ass anything. If he wanted to be spanked, he was going to get fucking spanked.

I immediately told him to bend over on the bed. The first slap I gave him made him scream and start to jump up. I grabbed his balls and twisted them hard and told him to get back down. He acted like he was worried, but his cock was standing straight up and throbbing.

I gave the other cheek the same slap and his little gasp amused me. I went crazy, spanking him as hard as I could. His cock was leaking pre-cum all over the place. I told him to close his eyes. When he did, I grabbed the paddle I had hidden beside the bed. I told him to start at 10 and countdown for me. He slowly began to count, but I was impatient. I grabbed the handle with both hands and swung as hard as I could. He screamed in surprise and came hard all over the bed. He fell and was catching his breath, but I snuck in another slap. I knew he was hurting, but he got into position again. I smiled and decided to take my time this go around.


Written By: Bambi
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Your Cyber Girl

While scrolling through the Cyber Monday sales, you end up on my profile. Finding the perfect phone sex girl is a lot like internet shopping. You have to see what you like before making the purchase.

You can’t deny the growth that’s happening in your pants once you look at my pictures. I make you unbelievably horny. Once you hear my sensual voice, your cock swells even more and it’s beginning to become uncomfortable in a restricted area. You need to release your cock.

Once your pants are off, that’s where I take over. I tell you exactly how I want you to pleasure yourself. Your cock and balls are mine from this point forward, and I’m responsible for whatever happens. All you need to do is listen to my voice, and I’ll guide you into the most erotic orgasm of your life.

I promise you, this is one purchase you will be completely satisfied with, and the only return you will be doing, is calling me back for more.  


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Seducing Your Wallet

Men call me for some type of role-play, but they have no idea what’s in store for them. I briefly talk about their fantasies that they like, and then the seduction begins. They have no idea that becoming my money slave would make their cock harder than ever. Powerful woman like me use to frighten you, but now that I have you hanging on my every word, you don’t want to leave. Although, you’re still scared, my voice, and my seductive ways keep you captivated for more.

In your whole entire existence, you never thought you would be so turned on to have a gorgeous girl ruin you. It feels good. In fact, it feels so good, you want to give me more because you’re learning that seducing your wallet is the only thing that makes me happy.


Written By: Phoenix
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Sweet as Candy Phone Sex


My Phone Sex Daddy’s love my sweet, young voice. They become so addicted to it like a drug. From the moment I pick up the phone and say hello in my cute little voice, my daddy’s cocks get raging hard. They really don’t waste any time at all because they can’t wait to feel my puffy, bald pussy lips around their hard shaft. My favorite is on top and let daddy know what a big girl I can be and take total control. I love to talk dirty in my daddy’s ear and tell him how badly I would want his baby.

All my daddy’s know that I am sweet as candy and once their hungry mouths have a taste of my teen juices, they always want more. Especially, when I squirt in their mouth.

Your little red-headed girl never disappoints and I’m always ready to take a big load from daddy.


 Written By: Corina
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