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Christmas with Tiffany

                        Happy Holidays! It’s that special time of the year when we spend time more time than ever with our loved ones. That can be rough especially when it’s family time. I don’t know about you, but I always need some quality time with my vibe before visiting.

That MILF next-door, the adorable nieces, the Auntie’s that looks so much like your actual mom. All the naughty possibilities. We should get ready for visiting together. Before I slip on those tiny black panties, my sexy red dress, and red stiletto’s, lets get nasty.

Who will I be for our time together? The sexy MILF, your school age cousin, or maybe just maybe you’re in the mood for a big sexy cock. I know I am!

Many holiday festivities began early and go late. Email me if  you need to play extra early or late. I adore all my guys, and would be happy to oblige if possible.

          Happy Holidays, Love and kisses Tiff


Written By:  Tiffany
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Do You Have Self Control For Goddess Janene

Always do what your Goddess says. That is the number one rule and the only rule that matters. When you call me, the last thing I want to know you’re doing is touching your pathetic cock. That is a privilege you will need to earn. I do not allow you to pleasure yourself with the sound of my voice during our first call together. If that is what you are expecting when you call me, well be prepared for disappointment. Because it’s so not happening. If I even think you’re touching yourself, I will hang up on you. I know that I am hot and sexy and it will be hard for you to NOT touch yourself, but I need to find out if you have enough self control. I need to know if you will obey my rules. Once you have proven yourself, you will find that I am a very sweet and giving Goddess.



Written By: Janene
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Naughty Ashlee is Letting Go

I get asked daily if I am more dominant or submissive. My answer is always dominant because I like taking control of your cock and giving you an unforgettable orgasm.

I tend to take the lead in a role-play fantasy. Either one I concocted in my naughty mind or perhaps it’s one you’ve been excited to try with me. I know how to deliver your fantasy and push your boundaries you didn’t even know you had.

Even when it comes to my favorite position, I like to be on top and in complete control of your cock. My tight, slippery pussy grips your cock and takes you deeper inside of me. Your cock is always fucked in a way you’ve never experienced before.

What if I let go and you had total control over me? I would give you the power to put me into a complete submission state. You would own my body and therefore you could do anything you wished.

I am taking off the restraints today and my body is yours for the taking.

Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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CBT Phone Sex with Mistress KoKo

For you, there is a very blurred line between pain and passion, agony and ecstasy.

There are many reasons why one would seek pain to intensify his sexual experience.

Let me help you find your bliss after a very harsh CBT session. I’ll make your balls ache and make you moan out my name over and over as you get pulled deeper and deeper into your CBT session.

Your ass will be bright red and pink streaks from my whip, your nipples will burn as the teeth of the clamps dig in so tight, your balls bound, and your cock cruelly and sweetly tortured.

You are mine. I know just what you need, so set up a CBT session with me now!


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Putting Me in My Place

Sometimes I need a strong, white man to put me in my place. There’s one man in particular who really knows how to use a black slut like me. He treats me like a useless hole for his dick and that’s exactly how it should be. He calls me names and slaps me around when I don’t respond as a black whore should. I get punished with a big white cock tearing my ass apart.

Sometimes he’ll bring in a white woman to help him use me the way I should be used. He’ll allow me to turn the tables on the white bitch he brings with him. I can use her and call her names, but I still have to call her ma’am because she’s a perfect white woman.

I’m a good little slave and take all of his white cum, even if I have to suck it out of his white bitch’s ass. When he finally gives me his final load, I feel like a proud little black slut for making his white dick happy. I love being a slave to white cock.



Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I absolutely love tease and denial phone sex. I enjoy listening to you as you begin to squirm. When you beg, it drives me wild and I just taunt you even more. I bring you to the absolute edge and then with my seductive ways, I ease off.
I use every part of my gorgeous body to tease you but what really drives you insane is my sexy voice. I could rattle of the alphabet and you would still climax because the sound of my voice is so sizzling hot!
Let me torment you with my teasing and pleasing ways and I promise you’ll be left completely satisfied.
Think you can handle a tease and denial phone sex session with me? We will soon find out.
Creamy Chloe


Written By: Chloe
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Cougar is Queen of the Jungle

Your workplace is a jungle with the everyday competitive challenges and the hierarchy of people.

They’re strict project deadlines, long hours, endless meetings, too many emails and demanding managers. Your workplace is a jungle, complete with an aggressive, cunning cougar.

The most demanding manager is Ms. Ava, the cougar. She walks around the office as if she is the queen of your jungle. Everyone is intimated and has a strong desire not to anger Ms. Ava. She is always on the prowl for a hot young lover to entertain her and serve her needs.

Ms. Ava is wild and kinky. She has a strong sexual appetite. The boys in the IT department are her favorite hunting grounds. Ms. Ava lures her prey to her office and he becomes captivated by her bodacious curves. He is a quick learner. She seduces and toys with her prey. He understands the stakes are high and that he must serve and please Ms. Ava or she will ruin his career.  That is the law of the jungle.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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My Voice Will Ruin You

Let’s face it, you are addicted to my voice. Every time I speak, you want to give me everything you have. My addicting voice wallet fucks you and even you can’t get over how much you want to give me. I’m addicting and when you hear me on the other end of your phone, you become pathetic and weak.

It’s obvious that I’m not happy until I completely suck you dry. You have talked to other girls but they don’t have the same effect on you. I am a total drug that makes you have the greatest high, and you’re not thinking about quitting anytime soon.

Do you want to know what makes my pussy the most creamiest? It’s defiantly not you jerking your little pencil dick, my pussy gets really wet when I hear you open your fat wallet.

Do me proud and let’s wallet fuck good.

Written By: Phoenix
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Prove It To Your Cruel Mistress

Ah, the things you promise to do for me makes me extremely excited, but there is just one thing. How in the fuck do I really know you’re doing them?

You have gathered up your toys; ball gag, nipple clamps, whip, paddle, ice, metal cage, dildo’s, and so forth. Excellent my obedient slut, you’re well prepared, so you say. I hear you groan and squeal as the paddle makes contact with your cock and balls, but yet, does it really?

I have two demands when you play with me. The first is you can send me a picture, and the second is I want to watch you on cam. I love having cam parties where I invite over some friends and we watch you on cam while having some cocktails. I haven’t had a party in awhile as life can be so busy.

I am ready, are you?

You tell me you aren’t a sissy but just really into CBT. That works for me as watching you in pain with your balls swelling is my absolute pleasure. Can you imagine my friends and I taking a shot every time you scream out in pain as I demand you whip your cock and balls?

 I am ready for a cam party. Don’t keep me waiting because the more I want it, the more severe your punishment will be.

Cruel Mistress Brianna


Written By: Brianna
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Do You Think You Should Be Rewarded?

I’m not like the other girls you’re used to. I’m a woman. I’m not your frumpy wife or girlfriend. I’m a goddess.

I want you on your knees in front of me, worshiping me.

I stand before you in a garter belt with black & red bra and panties. I look down at you as you cower in front of me on your knees. I take your face in my hands, tilting your face up. I ask you if you’re ready to serve. You nod quickly. It’s been a long road with you. You were a hard one to break but, as always, I broke you. It took a lot of punishment with you. I know there were days that you left me with your ass, cock and balls aching so bad that you didn’t think you could walk. But you learned.

Now it’s time for all of that pain and suffering to be rewarded. I gently pull your face forward, letting your tongue touch my pussy for the first time. I can tell by the look on your face that it is just as delicious as you had imagined.

I tell you that you’re allowed to touch your cock, and you will be able to cum today. Your tongue shoves deeper as your hand strokes faster. Your moans are so loud. I can tell that you’re close. As your cum shoots all over my stilettos, you’re practically in tears. I denied you for so long. You whisper your thank yous. I caress your obedient face as I push your head down. It’s time to clean your cum off my boats. Your training continues.


Written By: Teagan
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