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The Experiment

Everyone I’ve ever slept with knows that I’m a total anal slut. I’m a definite anal whore, always wanting
something up there: a tongue, fingers, toys, a cock. What can I say? It just always feels so damn good, and I cum so hard with something up there when I’m getting fucked.

I’ve been seeing a guy for almost a month now, and he’s just as big into anal as I am. Maybe even more, given what’s been going on. He told me last week that we were going to do a little experiment. If I loved being fucked up my ass so much, he said, then I wouldn’t mind if all our sex was purely anal. He wouldn’t even touch my pussy, let alone fuck it. Now, I’d never been able to cum purely from anal sex; I always needed something in or on my pussy. Even a little vibrator on my clit would be enough. But no, he said. No pussy for me. Just anal.

Every day this past week, he’s been making good on that promise. He’ll rim me nice and deep, finger my ass until I’m shaking, then bend me over and pound my asshole until he cums deep inside of me. But he barely even acknowledges that my pussy is even there.

Last night, it was almost too much to take. I hadn’t cum in a week, which for me, is pretty much an eternity. When he was pounding away at my ass, I tried to sneak a hand down between my legs to give my aching pussy some attention. But he quickly caught on, and pinned my arms behind my back. “Just relax, and let it happen”, he said, grinding his hips against my ass. I wasn’t sure what “it” was, but it wasn’t long before I found out.

I could feel a familiar tension growing inside of me as he thrust away, an itch I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I barely knew what hit me when I finally had my first purely-anal… Well, the word “orgasm” doesn’t sound strong enough to describe it. Moaning, messy, full-body, like I’d never experienced with my pussy. It felt stronger, deeper, a more satisfying release, a longer and higher high than I’d ever experienced before.

I was still shaking with aftershocks a good give minutes later, my mind spinning, and my whole body shaking. Maybe he’s right. Maybe this whole “Anal Only” thing is something I’ll have to experiment with a bit more. After all, if I cum that hard without using my pussy after a week, who knows what a month will bring, or even a year.



 Written By: Ginger
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Real Men Get To Fuck Me

I want to tell all of you callers that I only respond to real man cock. The kind of cock you little sissies dream of owning. The kind of cock you dream of sucking. Mouth open, lip gloss on, waiting to feel your mouth stretch around that throbbing 9 inch meat.

Maybe I will let you suck it before I fuck it, and have it fill my tight, wet slit until that thick man seed comes shooting out.

Do you want to watch? My husband did. So did my boyfriend. They knew they couldn’t satisfy me. Pathetic losers are put in my way to use to my advantage. Did you remember to spoil me? Real men get to fuck me in every hole. Makes you wonder how you measure up, doesn’t it?

You are insignificant. I need you for entertainment only. Satisfaction, hell no. I know you love serving me. Come pay me a visit and tell me what you bring to the table. Fucking forget about touching me, unless you pay. End of story. I wont let you cum either so don’t get your hopes up. I will charge your card and take a fat tip for my trouble. 


Written By: Lacey James
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My Perfect Submissive Boyfriend

I have been exploring strap-on play with my boyfriend for awhile now. We both enjoy hot anal and it’s becoming a very erotic part of my sexual fantasies. I’m always trying to come up with kinky and creative ways to get my lover off. We do a lot of role playing and this includes dressing up as well. Sometimes he calls me in the middle night begging to be completely controlled. It’s something we both must have and I can still remember every detail of the very first time I popped his man cherry. Slowly, seductively I took what was mine and demanded his obedience. He served me well and proved to be the perfect submissive boyfriend.



 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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The Boss is One Hot Bitch!


Your company’s new senior manager has a reputation for being a very hot, but a demanding, bossy bitch. There is only one way to tame her and to please her. It is very simple. Become her sex slave. Get lost in those huge tits. If you pleasure her sexually, you will see a slight increase in your paycheck.

Ava is a cougar that loves young guys with hot bodies who are eager to go down and lick her until she cums all over their faces. She loves rough sex, so bring your A-Game.

The Boss Lady is in her office day and night, so stop by for a long one-on-one meeting. If you are willing, she might even get out her strap-on and fuck you. She will give you something you have been missing at home.



Written By: Ava
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Accomplice Phone Sex

One of my specialties and favorite role-play scenarios is accomplice phone sex. I’m as trashy, sick and twisted as they come. I will always squirt hard when I get a caller that wants to talk about abducting a youngster and turning them into our personal little fuck toy.

We can take our play thing into my bedroom of my trailer and do a hot rape fantasy. I will hold her down and quiet her screams as you force your huge hard cock in that tight, bald pussy. You make that tiny little cunt bleed as you spread her wide open.

There’s so many other scenarios that we can do with this sweet little package. I will never turn down an abduction phone sex session with my horny, perverted boys.


Written By: Peggy
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Tag Team Sisters

My sister Brittany and I tag teamed a real fucking loser this morning. His name is Jonny and he is a shit eater AND a cocksucker! We raped his wallet so good. He knows that no one cums for free with us and he paid and paid and paid some more! We didn’t even give him a chance to tell us no.

We both shit into his mouth until it was full, and kept rinsing his bank account. In all fairness, poor Jonny had the chance to disagree with all the money we were taking, but his mouth was so full of our shit that we couldn’t hear what he was saying— so we just took MORE money from him!

He wanted that tiny useless dick of his to squirt, but he had to pay our cum fee first. He gladly paid to get that pathetic dick off.
If you really want to be worked over and get a good rinsing from two Goddesses, call my sister and I. We’re the best. Just ask that shit eating faggot, Jonny.

Oh by the way- we got $800 from that pathetic loser, just for eating our shit! Ha Ha!



Written By: Teagan
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Cock Teaser Bree

I can be a horrible, naughty little cock tease, but you love me anyway. I love guided masturbation calls. I force your balls to get so full that your cock hurts. You whimper, moan and beg for permission to cum.  I just giggle and tease you some more. I want that cum just to build up a little more, and your agony/ecstasy feeling to continue and even grow beyond anything you have ever experienced.

My panties get so wet when I bring you to that edge of orgasm and then pull you back. The anticipation is incredible. You beg for mercy. You beg for permission. I just tease and deny. I know you want to cum, but I am not ready yet. I want to prolong this.

Oh my, your cock is so wet with pre-cum oozing out your big swollen purple head. You are so cute when you beg. You should really hear yourself. I love teasing you!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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The Ultimate Everything

Take a really close look at me. Is this the kind of hot sexiness you crave for? I can feel you wanting me, needing to be inside my thighs. The thought of being with me causes you great hardness. You want it and you need it. Once we join our bodies, you’ll be complete, and as you push your cock deep inside, you’ll want to explode. But not yet, I won’t let you, not until I have fucked you in every position possible.

You’ll obey me and follow all my demands. After all, being with me is what drives your every waking moment. The thought of my hot, juicy lips all over you, drives you insane and to have me as your personal sex goddess is truly what you desire.

Call me and let me tell you how being with me will be the ultimate everything.


Written By: Sadie
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Extreme Pain Therapy

I just love being in control of your cock. It gives me total ownership of your weak pathetic manhood. Why do you look at me like that? You know how much that angers me, causing me to really torture you, but still you continue to annoy me. It’s okay, let me put my wicked mind to work on ways to make you my personal slave.

I know you secretly want to be in pain, sometimes pain is all your twisted fucked up mind thinks about especially when you are in my presence.

Maybe when your cock and scrotum has been inserted in my special vice, only then will you be satisfied. Yes, my little fuck boy, bow down to me! I am the only one who really understands your demented fantasies and you will submit to my extreme pain therapy. Tonight it is your time to be punished!


Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Complete Cock Control


Are you prepared to be teased and denied all at the same time? With my special attention to detail, I will bring you closer to the edge than you could ever imagine, making your cock ache for release.

I can feel your body tense up and shiver from my touch, and just when you feel like exploding, I pull you back into my control, denying that flood of cum you so desperately need to release.

Your cock craves my mind twisting games of control, and just think at the end when I am ready to let you blow that huge load, it will so be worth the wait.

Take your finger and rub across the very tip of your cock. I want you to feel all your pre-cum as it wants to flow out of that raging hard cock. When I am ready to let you have that orgasm, it will totally drain your balls perfectly. But then again, maybe you need to wait a little longer!


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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