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Lesbian Threesome

I went over to my friend Michelle’s house. Michelle is a blonde bombshell and super fun. We’ve been friends since middle school.
Michelle invited her friend Abby over too, and she was already there when I arrived. The two of them were sipping margaritas and laying on a big chaise lounge. “Woohoo! Jade’s here!” Michelle said as I opened the gate and walked into her yard. “Come join us! It’s Sunday Funday!”
I pulled my little cover-up over my head and tossed it over a chair. Michelle handed me a drink, and said “Well, look at this. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead sipping margaritas together poolside!” I tasted my drink. Michelle wasn’t fucking around… the tequila went right to my head. Michelle took my hand and pulled me over to the chaise she and Abby were sharing. “Jade, Abby and I were talking before you got here about how horny we are… and she…” Michelle paused and lowered her sunglasses and looked me in the eye, “Well, Abby said she’s always wanted to eat me out, and I really want her to. She didn’t have time to do it before you got here, but… would you mind?”

As Michelle was talking, Abby had started playing with my nipple. She was running her finger over my bikini top, and it felt good.
“Michelle,” Abby said as she pinched my nipple, “I have a better idea…. let’s all fuck!”
Michelle’s mouth found mine and she kissed me. Abby pulled my bikini bottoms off and slid her tongue into my pussy and started licking and fingering me.
I don’t know what was in those margaritas besides tequila, but I think I’ll have another, lol.

Craving Chocolate

Every once in awhile I get a craving for some chocolate and when I say chocolate I’m not talking about the Hershey, Godiva kind. I love black cock and my pussy defiantly responds well to really hung black men. I love sitting on my knees and sliding off their pants, exciting to see how big the package is, that I am about to receive. I’m never disappointed and I never get less than 9 inches. I love to worship it in my mouth and black men tend to be very forceful and like to shove my face down on their 9 plus inches. I’m the type who likes it a little forceful and it even makes my pussy wet to hear myself gag on a huge black cock.

My favorite position is being fucked from behind. I back my tight pussy up and that black cock forces itself in my pussy and ass till I’m completely stretched and I’ve squirted all over. I love seeing my white, creamy juices all over that dark man meat. I suck all my cum off and he squirts a huge black cum load all over my face and hair.

I love being a black cock whore. Call me and I will tell you more of my real black cock stories and fantasies.

A very kinky lady~

You couldn’t believe the wild things you heard about me and my kinky sexual “habits.” The attraction was undeniably there and extremely intense, even for you. Deep down in your heart you secretly hoped all you heard about me…was true. You picked me up for our date and judging by the look on your face and the bulge in your pants you were more than a little happy to see me. I have to admit you looked amazing we were all dressed for a formal occasion.

All I could think about all night was getting a hold of your cock, one way or another. I couldn’t help but stare at the outline of your shaft throbbing through your dark trousers. Fuck, I was practically panting by the time dinner was served but it wasn’t for the food. Knowing all along my plan was to seduce you and show you just how hot I like to get in bed I didn’t wear any panties on our first “formal rendezvous”. I wanted to show give you a sample of my sticky,sweet slit. I sat down across from you sensually crossing my legs, my hot, smooth, creamy cunt glistened and finally you caught a glimpse. Licking your lips doesn’t exactly describe the act you were so lustfully  performing and I got tiny shivers down my spine thinking of your hungry mouth licking my tight, hot clit. I guess you read my mind before I knew it we were in a much more secluded room where you ravished every inch of my body until you got your fill. I showed you how kinky this lady really can be and you gave my hot fuck holes hours of rock hard cock.

Kisses, Jade

Stroke it for me sexy

Walking in on you stroking your cock to porn made me absolutely soak my panties. Fuck you are so hot baby. I never really know what you will be watching you are such a kinky boy always turning me on to a new fetish or fantasy. There you were sitting on the sofa rock hard cock in hand watching your hardcore porn. The sight was to tempting and amazingly hot to just walk away from.  I immediately started to strip for you and play with my hot, wet cunt. We didn’t really plan on it but the two of us masturbated together until we both came so fucking hard it was awesome. I love masturbating with you.

Come give me that sticky load again!


Craving kink?

I really can’t think of a time that I don’t crave kinky sex but this past weekend I decided to turn up the heat a little and was a very bad girl in the kitchen. OMG I forgot how good it feels to totally let go and just do what ever comes to mind. It was hot watching you cook this exotic meal for two I never knew a spatula would feel so good against my clit or rubbing across my nipps. Teasing and distracting you was definitely half the fun. You joined in and put those ice cubes to good use making me want to be bad with you. Softly brushing the cool ice over my lips and then down and I mean all the way down my body melting it’s way to my hot fuck box. We actually got into some pretty kinky food play that I would never have imagined so sexy but it was, and yes mmmmm  I came extremely hard for you.

It’s time to turn up the kink once again so call and get bad with me.


Let’s get kinky baby~

I was talking to my sexy girl Jess aka cross dressing, tranny loving slut lol (she knows I love her) anyways, we were chatting today and both decided we might stay in this weekend to save a little cash and get naughty. I like to paint the town, get my dance and drink on but this weekend I am devoting all my energy to masturbating with you sexy. Mmmm fuck yes baby and you know we do it good too. I got my toys, lubes, clamps, plugs, downloaded some nasty porn to watch and now I just need you. Why don’t you join me for a hot fuck session baby?  I’m all yours, anyway you want it all night long.

Bring that horny cock to me and I will take care of it Jade style~

Kisses and licks,


Doggy Style Anyone?

Hey sexy! I’m so in the mood for some doggy style fucking how about you?  I have plenty of cuck sluts to do fluffing and cleaning so bring your big fuck stick to Jade and we will take such good care of you. I like it hardcore and love to hot ass play. Slide your hard, hot shaft in my puckered hole and pump me I want it. Pull my red hair and watch me back up on that dick I swear I will suck every last drop of jizz right out of you.  My asshole is fucking good baby, but let my cuck bitch go ass to mouth on you so I can ride that bad boy with my juicy cunt! FUCK YES that’s what about I’m talking about, all night long.

Sexy licks lover,


Porn Fan

Like to watch porn with a sexy slut for some cock stroking fun and entertainment?  I absolutely love to watch porn and get off with you.  It’s definitely one of my most favorite things to do on the phone. I mean we can talk about anything we want with no limits or taboos and watch one of your fav. porn videos or mine.  I have some really hot ones that I like to finger my pussy to.  So, find something hardcore, kinky, taboo or fetish related give me a call and we can do it together. I mean isn’t it always better when you can share the excitement and hot orgasms?

Waiting & Eager to finger-


Cuckold Sex

Sitting on the edge of the bed eagerly watching while you rub your red satin panties.  My stud mounts me and you can see his massive cock sliding in and out of my juicy pussy.  Dressed as our sissy maid you straighten your skirt and try not to think about how hard you are getting.  You want to lick me so bad, to taste my creamy cunt and suck his throbbing cock with my juice all over it.  I ride him reverse cowgirl and let you lick my clitty until I squirt in your slutty little mouth. You love the taste of sex juice, all that hot, creamy cum filling up in your mouth. You savor it for awhile then gulp it down hungrily, licking your lips ready for more.  He takes me anal and pounds my asshole with his wet, huge cock.  I feel you crawl under me and once again ravish my wet pussy with your mouth.  My stud couldn’t wait to give you all of his love jizz and so he fed it to you when he pulled out of my hot ass. You leaned your head all the way back to swallow every last drop then cleaned his cock off . Such a good clean up maid you are, I need you again tonight cuckie come play .

Sexy Wet Kisses,


Sharing boy toy with Jess

She came over early so the two of us could shop for lingerie and then ,of course, get all sexy for our man.  We had the most fun on our “girls day out” and I think knowing what we were going to be doing later that eve. made it even more so.  The two of us just “click” so well even in bed. I decided it was time for her to meet my boy toy.  A young,submissive who has been my “house boy” for three years now.  He does everything I ask of him to include all the house chores in return I take care of the more business side of things like bills,errands,setting up our social calender. It is a relationship that we both enjoy and one that works really well with my more dominant personality. Boy toy happens to have a very nice,big cock one that I enjoy immensely and don’t mind sharing. I thought about Jess,my best new girlfriend, and the wheels started to turn. Jess made her bold leap out of the closet on Valentines Day and has been having the time of her life.  I really wanted to share my boy toy with her and I knew with her appetite for sucking and draining cock it would be very much appreciated. After we helped each other dress and I put on our make up,did our hair we decided to make a few drinks to ease into the mood.  Boy toy was waiting for us in the bedroom as instructed wearing nothing but a black leather collar labeled PET. His dick already getting hard with anticipation as the two of us entered.  Jess looked lovely in her pale blue teddy and stockings with heels. Her hair pulled high on her head with a few ringlets falling. I decided red would be my color for the night and picked out a very sexy latex halter top with matching boy shorts that left little to the imagination. Red thigh high latex boots and my favorite paddle just in case boy toy acted up. 😉  I never spank him to hard only teasingly so he remembers who is in charge. I helped Jess to her knees and instructed boy toy to gently guide his throbbing tip into her wet mouth.  I stood back and watched as Jess worked her magical oral skills on him bringing him to the point of orgasm to many times to count.  Boy toy knows that he must not release without permission so he waited but eagerly so. I finally told him to take Jess doggy style but to only give her the swollen mushroom tip in her tight pussy. Jess isn’t ready for his size,not yet and I wanted it to be a very sensual experience.  I got behind boy toy and slowly slid my strap-on in his aching hole while he every so gently started to fuck Jess. Only the tip, I kept reminding him,so that she felt no pain only pleasure. When I finally allowed him to cum he released his thick load into Jess and she too squirted in unison. Oh, the great pleasures we had that night.  So much to tell, to much to write here if you enjoy you might want to hear more…call me.

Hot Kisses,