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Mistress Ava Is Always In Charge


I am the wicked, controlling, dominant Office Manager. We are a new client with your company and today is your first to our office.

You have been looking forward to your visit. For months now, while courting the business, you have enjoyed many conversations with our flirtatious receptionist. You are very excited about meeting her and possibly even seducing her while in town. 

The flu has hit our office, and we have a number of our ladies at home on bed rest, including our very pretty, young receptionist. I have come up with a schedule where all of us ladies take turns, one hour at the receptionist desk to provide coverage. 

Your flight was delayed this morning due to bad weather, so you do not make to our office until noon. When you walk in, I happen to be sitting behind the front desk, covering the phones.

You are startled to see a mature woman. You assume that I am our receptionist, so you start flirting with me in a very familiar manner. I just accept your flirtation and return a smile. I inform you that the managers are at lunch, but will return soon.

With lusty, sexy eyes and a wicked smile, you say, “I would like to have YOU for lunch.”

At this point, I introduce myself as Ava, the Office Manager, and I assure that can be arranged. You can be my submissive little boy toy.  Once you have worshiped every inch of me, you can end up on your knees in front of me. You can serve me and give me pleasure. Make me squirt, and you have my lovely pussy juices for a very erotic lunch. 

Always in Charge,


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Cock Cage For My Chronic Masturbater

SP1I have lost my patience with you. You attempt to top from the bottom when you negotiate and push your boundaries.  My little bitch that does not fly with me. I have found you frustrating and disobedient. You are truly submissive, but you are also overly anxious and nervous. Other mistresses have failed, given up, said you were hopeless and untrainable.

You know that I put up with NO NONSENSE. I am always in charge. You will always submit regardless of the fact that lack self-control. I will control you and your masturbation habits, my way! Once I have your orgasms under my control, the rest of you will fall right into line. You will stop the negotiating and pleading your case.

I arrive at your house with a cock cage today. You do what you always do, you start negotiating, making promises you won’t keep and begging for mercy. No mercy shall be bestowed up you today! Strip, Bitchboy! You see the look in my eye. You don’t hesitate. You finally shut the fuck up and obey me.  You hand me your clothing.

Nervously, you shift your weight from side to side as I inspect your cock and balls. It is obvious that you came recently. There is dried cum in the hairs along your shaft. You are pathetic and weak. I spank your ass, cock, and balls. I spank you hard, not a playful spanking that makes you hard, but a purely painful punishment spanking.

After the spanking, you promise to obey. I shake my head. I know you are too weak to keep your hand off your dick. I make you look right into my eyes as I slip my had around your shaft. Pathetic and Weak, I whisper in your ear. Humiliation excites you, and your cock grows in my hand. I kiss you, bite your bottom lip and slap a metal cock cage around your cock and balls.  There, now the training begins. You tug on the device. You start complaining, but before you start negotiating. I force you to your knees. I tease you by dangling the key to the cock cage in front of you.

You are mine!

Now, my chronic masturbater, you have finally surrendered to me, even if it is against your will. I remind you of the contract you have signed, how you belong to me, how your cock is my property. I place the key inside my bra and give you swat on that bright red ass. I put on my dress and walk out the door. As I walk to the door, I remind that you I will see you the same time next week!

A week of not touching, no masturbating, and no cumming for you, my pet!  How will you ever be able to make it? You start to whine and complain, wanting to list excuses.

As I open the door, I turn, look you right in the eyes and ask if you want to make it two weeks of chastity. You assure that you will be a good boy as I close the door to your house.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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An Afternoon In A Sleeze Bar


      He called me from a delightfully sleazy bar off the highway. He wanted to find a playmate for the afternoon. The only problem was at that time of day all he saw was other men and $5.00 whores. I guess he was looking for true love, lol, but he would settle for a quick cocksucking.  That is where things went a bit off his plans. He has always told me he never sucked a cock, for him a hot mouth sucking him was exactly that. His new friend went in the bathroom with him and pushed him down on his knees. I guess when both want the same thing someone is going to win out. Although, if the cock is big and thick how is there any loser?  

  I heard a little arguing and fuck was this getting exciting. They were then joined by another man and soon my friend was getting way more than he planned on. Soon his protests turned to moans of pleasure and his gagging to sucking. There is nothing like listening and or watching a little guy on guy action!


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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Holidaze Depravity

malaya maxxx  Ho, Ho, Ho it is your little ray of sunshine helping you with your naughty list. You have tried to be a good daddy and husband, haven’t you? For the most part, you’ve put away your deviant urges but while you were out getting the bitch some last minute gifts because you still hadn’t gotten her enough, you see me. In one word, you are FUCKED.

You have wandered in my Adult Gifts store even though deep down you know she wouldn’t speak to you for days if you purchased anything from this store and you would spend thousands in jewelry to fix things. Yet, you couldn’t help yourself. 

You love what I am wearing, not that she even has the body for it, and I show you some fun toys. It is late, almost time to close and I offer you a drink. You happily accept it as we go in the back room to try some things on. You don’t even remember agreeing to it, but you have a ball gag in your mouth and leather restraints on your wrists. I begin to go through your things, finding out your identity. Yes, now I know where she lives and you all are FUCKED after I text a few rather naughty friends.

                Deviant Holidazes With Malaya



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Question Of Dominance

     My client has asked me for many favors over the last year and with him being so hot, I enjoyed doing every favor hoping to keep his business with our company. I looked for the opportunity to seduce him during our intimate dinners out and our late nights in my office. It just never seemed to be the right time. His last favor was an opening, and either way what was the worst that could happen? Did I mention he is married.

He called me,which in itself was unusual as we usually text. He said he had a huge favor to ask and would understand if it was taking advantage of our business relationship. That got me extremely curious. He asked if I would help him host a party. He explained his wife couldn’t do it as she is completely reserved and he wanted this party to be anything but. I agreed and did all the planning for him, all he had to do was invite his guests.

A few hours before I was due to arrive at the reception room a package arrived. It was an extremely sexy dress yet elegant , stockings, stilettos and even lovely pure silk panties. I quickly dressed, stopping only to admire how I looked. Maybe after the party I would have my chance. A limo picked me up but we didn’t go to the reception hall. Instead it took me to his loft downtown which he uses when he is too tired to drive home. I found a note on the door saying “just come in”. I thought that was an odd way to greet guests, especially since I  hired a doorman.

Everything I made arrangements for was there from the go-go dancers, bartender and food. He came down the stairs dressed in a tux looking amazing! We danced, had a few drinks and I was wondering where all the guests were but enjoying our alone time. He whispered in my ear he was waiting for this for such a long time. Romantic, yes? He picked me up, carried me upstairs to what looked like a bondage room. The question then became who was the sub and who was the domme?




Written By: Valentina
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Energy Thief


You say Santa I say Satan, you have your dumb ass fantasy figures but I know the truth. You have something I want, and you can give it up the easy way or I can cut it out of you. Take your pick because either way your energy is mine.

Light some candles, strip off your clothes and turn off the lights. Are you ready? You are exhausted from watching porn all day and beating off. This type of porn you’ve never watched before, something made you decide this was what you needed, you were bored with typical man/woman shit.

You feel a presence near your bed and your hands go back to your dick for more stroking. You hear my soft voice whispering in your ear. I tell you to let go, free yourself of that energy with each stroke and beat of your heart. You are going faster now, you’re at the edge and about to cum. Your energy is mine, the air is warm again, you remember nothing. Did you sleep for days? You look at the clock and see barely minutes have passed.



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Deep Penetration

I want to make sure you understand my rules and my punishments. Your little dick will probably get hard when I tell you I’m going to be fucking you with the strap-on. This go around, I’ll be fucking you hard and rough leaving your asshole gaping and sore.

I push you down to the floor by your shoulders. You look so helpless and pathetic. You have loser written all over your face. I grab a hold of my strap-on, dangling it over your face, telling you to open wide, soak it with your saliva. I shove it in your mouth so I can hear you gag on it. I want it nice and lubed up for when I bend you over and slide it in your tight, shit hole. Now spread those cheeks wider, I want to see how many inches I can stuff before you start squirming around. 

That’s it, get that ass up in the air and push back harder. I want to fuck you even deeper. I want to hear you whimpering out my name.


Written By: Princess Krystal
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Coming Over to Cum


Sometimes even a Nasty Mistress just needs to cum.

It is the weekend once again. I have been making my little minions and submissive sluts dress in panties and suck cocks for me. I performed several intense CBT sessions and played a blackmail game my little dick whore. I performed well and insured each and every one of them had well-earned a cum.

Now it is my turn. All that sex play, dominating my boys, dirty talk and wearing my sexiest black lingerie, has left me very turned on. Now it is my turn to cum!

I send you a text on Sunday Night, “What are you doing?” You tell me that you just got home from a weekend business meeting and don’t feel like going out tonight. Perfect for me. Just want I wanted to hear. I confirm that you are alone tonight. You don’t invite me over, so I invite myself.  In the next text, “Maybe, I will stop by tonight.” You send a text back, “I need to get to bed early”. I laugh out loud.

Don’t worry sweetheart, I think to myself, I will get you to bed very early.

I take a shower and get ready. I put on my knee-high black boots and a raincoat. I send for an Uber driver. As I sit there in his car, I adust my raincoat, so he can see my almost all of my tits. I even flash a little nipple. He enjoys the view. I am one horny bitch tonight. I continue the show. I spread my legs open and finger myself the rest of the way to your place. I want to be one hot horny bitch when open the door.

I arrive at your place. As I leave the car, I give the driver a wink. He tells me to have a great night and I assure him that I intend to do just that.  I knock on your door.  It takes you a second to answer. I am not patient, so I knock harder. Finally, you answer and let me inside the front room. You see my cleavage under the coat and ask me if I am wearing anything under that coat.

“No, I need a cum and only you will do.”

Mistress Koko

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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He Let His Friends Watch

To get my grades up, I’ve been fucking one of my professors. It’s been working out great for me! My grades have never been so good. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort. He’s older and cums pretty quick. 5 minutes of sex takes care of all of my assignments and then some!

Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. My professor has upped his demands. When I showed up at his place last night, there was a bit of a crowd. He told me that I was going to give his friends a show and it was going to be more than just a quickie.

I walked into the room and saw all kinds of toys laying out, all of them meant to stretch my tiny teen pussy. I got up on the table and the men took out their cocks. I chose a big one and immediately began pumping my wet cunt. I wrapped both hands around it and rammed it in and out. I came so hard, I nearly fainted and assumed that was all they wanted. I was wrong. My professor put another toy in my hand, this one bigger than the last. I came again for them, but it wasn’t enough. Every time I came, another toy came out. When I was too exhausted to keep going, a couple of the men took turns making me cum.

By the time they were finished with me, I was crying and could barely walk. I earned my A that night and my professor told me that they wouldn’t be going so easy on me next time.

Written By: Josie
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Hot For Teacher!

You have a new substitute teacher today.

Ms. Koko is unlike any other teacher. Her legs are so long, her heels so high, her skirt so short. You think that she is going to be a pushover and you will have an easy day; however, that is not the case. Ms. Koko demands respect and complete obedience. You are frightened but turned-on at the same time. There is nothing to do but submit to Mistress Koko! 

You are transfixed by her beauty and her dominance. She radiates power. You are her willing student anxious to learn everything that Ms. Koko has to teach you, in and out of the classroom. You are seduced and aroused. Amuse Ms. Koko by pledging your loyalty and devotion.  Ignore the outside influences and express your submission. Drop to your knees and worship her gorgeous body. Start at her feet and work your way between her legs. 

Good Boy, that is where a sexy little submissive belongs, right between his Mistresses Koko’s legs! You will be drenched in my wetness and womanly juices. Now, truly prove your devotion and place your face between my cheeks. 

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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