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Anything for Love

I like to keep things fresh, kinky, and creative when it comes to dating a new guy. It’s no secret that lately I have been  into dominating my new fuck buddy. It is something that I look forward to, and I know he does as well. I always have a sexy surprise waiting for him when he gets off work, and he never fails to be my “good boy.”

Last night I teased him for hours allowing him to eat my pussy while I relaxed on the sofa and talked to my girlfriend. He loves nothing more than the sweet taste of my sweet pussy juice on his lips, and it always makes his cock throb.

I wanted him really hot and bothered before I finally asked him what he really wanted. Just hearing him beg for me to take his ass makes me crazy hot. I gave it to him hard and fast, making him moan for it until he finally released his creamy load. I think he’s starting to get addicted to it, and I kind of like it.


Written By: Annaliese
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Your Mom Is A Cunt

Your Mother is a stupid cunt who needs to be ended. You call me with your plan, but I need more. I can’t just straight out kill the fucking bitch. I need to do some extreme torture to get me going. 

I break into your house and drag you both into the basement. I wink at you and she is too terrified to even notice. I know she hates Asians and in her fear, she still manages to call me a Chink in her trembling voice. I make her dress in tight latex and she looks fucking ridiculous. I call her names, slap her, and grab her ugly tits. I pierce her nipples as she begs me to stop.

You’re wearing my panties and riding up and down on your dildo. I make the cunt watch you. She has spoiled herself and is now vomiting. What a useless pig she is. I shove dildos in both her holes. She screams in pain. I guess those holes hadn’t been used in ages.

I start up the chainsaw and begin cutting her limbs off. Fuck, there is a lot of blood. I am covered in it. Next comes her legs. I have to work fast now as I don’t want her to bleed out. She is losing so much blood and I see her eyes rolling back in her head. I finally show some mercy and make her suck on my gun for a bit. Then I blow her fucking head off.

Fuck, that was fun. Have a mom you can’t stand?  Let’s play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Chloe Is Your Phone Sex Switch!

I love role-plays where I am dominate and submissive. It’s even better if I get to be a switch in the same scenario. I defiantly can be your submissive little girl who would do absolutely  anything to please you. And of course, I love to be your Goddess that dominates you, and it puts you in your place.

I was in a relationship recently and the sex was amazing. We had sex almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. He loved when I dressed up in sexy lingerie to fit the role-play we would perform. He loved when I dressed in my slutty school girl outfit with stiletto heels and thigh highs. He would punish me for dressing and acting like a slut. He demanded me to bend over his knee for hard spankings on my perfectly round ass.

One of my favorites is when I dressed in black latex with long high heel black boots. My boyfriend would be my bitch for the night. I put on a big 12 inch strap-on between my legs. I showed no mercy when I pounded his holes. His pleading for me to stop would only drive me to fuck him harder and faster.

Now you can see why I am the perfect little switch for all your desires.


Written By: Chloe
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Waiting For Your Stimulus Check!

Your stimulus deposit has hit your account, and now is the time to pay up, loser! Let me make one thing clear to you- YOUR MONEY IS MINE! If you didn’t get a stimulus check because you make to much money, you’re obviously holding out on me and you’ll be financially raped more severely. Don’t think for one second a typical money raping call will get you off the hook. I want it all!

I know you get a pay-boner every time I demand more money from you. It’s not like you’re not getting anything out of it, your little pathetic pencil dick gets erect when I laugh and wallet rape you.

You and I both know your life has zero meaning unless I am dominating you. A hot girl like me would never be caught dead with a loser like you. My time is valuable and have way better things to do than talk to you, so you better make every financial tribute worth it to me.



Written By: Phoenix
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Size Queen Bambi

I know that we’ve all been stuck in a lot lately and we’re all a little sexually frustrated, but let me make something clear. Just because I’ve been missing cock does not mean that I’m going to settle for just anything.
A lot of you horny men have been flooding my inbox with tiny dick pics and they aren’t useful for anything but a good laugh. I’ll never be that desperate. Ever! Some of you “men”, and I say that loosely, are lucky that I don’t post your baby cocks for the entire world to see. They’re pathetic and so are all of you, but I think you know that already. I would be more than happy to give you all the reasons your cock will never be anywhere around me if you decide to call. I am a true size queen and those little pricks don’t impress me. If it’s not a big, thick 10 inches, I don’t want it. Ever.


Written By: Bambi
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My Little Faggot

I have a caller that goes by Little Eddie and he is such a cock sucking little faggot! He doesn’t mind me saying it because he knows that it’s 100% true and he’ll be the first one to tell you that! Once a queer, always a queer.

He’s been sucking dick and guzzling cum since he was young and has loved it ever since. He calls me his Queen and will do anything I tell him to do. I told him that after I had him clean my house from top to bottom, I would bring my girlfriends over so we can watch him take care of all the random guys we find for him to suck off. I’m sure his teeny tiny clit was throbbing just thinking about having all those hard pricks  to get off.

Little Eddie is a glutton for punishment though. He can’t help but talk back and loves having the men beat the hell out of him and then piss all over him when they’re done using him. He just loves being used. That’s the best part about Eddie. He knows exactly what he is and never minds showing it!


Written By: Raylin
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Voyeur Forced To Become Exhibitionist


There is a lot of hardcore sexual activity going on in my bedroom. Some of my submissive guests are shy and want discretion. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I neglect to close the window blinds in my bedroom. 

There is a pervert who gets off watching me have rough BDSM sessions at home. He can see right into my bedroom from his bedroom window. I have caught him numerous times masturbating while he watches. This voyeur, as soon as he cums, closes his blinds. He has pissed me off, and now he must face my vengeance. 

Yesterday, I was fucking my favorite submissive’s ass with my big black strap-on. He was on all fours, and I pounded his ass as hard as I could. The poor guy looked up and freaked out when he saw the peeping tom, naked and jerking his dick in his window. It ruined my submissive’s orgasm, and it took awhile to get him hard again.

Now, I have had enough. I am a very talented researcher and figured out the name of the voyeur. He was a silly man who was very active on social media. I studied his movements and began stalking him. Punishing and humiliating him became my priority. I confess that for a couple of days, he was my obsession. The foolish man posted that he was at the local Irish Pub up on the next block. His ass was mine.

I had everything set up in my apartment. After a shower, I dressed in sexy black lingerie and a slutty dress. My voyeur was with his friends at the bar, but with my sultry eyes, I got his attention quickly. Soon he was offering to buy me drinks. I declined the cocktails because I had something else in mind. Playing my most seductive game, I lured him to the bathroom. As I put on my strap-on, he recognized me. He wanted to leave, but I am too strong and dominant, and he submitted to my kinky desires.

He vehemently stated he did not want anything in his ass. I told my bitch to shut the fuck up and pulled his cheeks apart. Of course, he complied, like any good boy. I fucked him hard! Fucked him even harder as he begged for mercy! As he was crying out,  I pointed to the camera and let him know that all my girlfriends from the neighborhood were watching him get fucked like a bitch. He begged me to stop. I spanked his ass and told him to smile pretty for the sexy ladies. Then I ruined his orgasm. 

I turned my naughty voyeur into a submissive exhibitionist. 

Mistress Koko 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Red Cock Sucking Lips

           Aren’t you just the cutest little thing trying on all my sexy clothes. I think a night out with Ms. Cameron is just what you need. Let me have a look to see just what we have to work with. Strip down and take a shower. Don’t forget to shave those legs. Nice and smooth for all the men you will service.

Sit down while I do your makeup. Eyeliner, lots of mascara, and most important red cock sucking lips. A lovely long brunette wig, and now it is time to dress you up. Looks like someone is so excited that his clitty is tingling.

Now we shall dress you. Sexy black lace panties, a clincher to show off that tiny waist. One of my tiny mico mini’s, a pair of heels to show off that sexy ass, and we are ready to drive the men wild.

We get to the club around 12 am and it’s packed. The doorman lets us both in ahead of the line. I promise him a blowjob from my hot friend. We meet him in the bathroom with you already down on your pretty knees. He quickly shoots a load into your mouth and laughs as he sees the line forming to get a piece of you. You are more than eager with your mouth open, your ass in the air, and your two manicured hands out and ready to stroke. 

A night out with Ms. Cameron is always naughty, exciting and very profitable for me. Join me?


Written By: Cameron
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Dr. Koko Will See You Now

He is submissive with a fascinating medical fetish. I force him to submit to my medical exam for a hot role-play 

His insurance company requires an annual physical. If I give a negative report, his rates will sky-rocket. When he arrives at my office, he is cocky and tries to rush me through the physical by assuring me there is nothing wrong. 

Well, no man on this planet tells Dr. Koko what to do or what to think. Now, he has gotten under my skin. He must suffer the consequences. 

I tell him to take off all of his clothes, and he hesitates, wanting to know why. Last year, he did not have to remove his pants and boxers. I get in his face. With direct eye contact, I assure him that I need to do a complete physical exam.

Then tell him to bend over for me. He thinks he can outwit and argue with me, but this man has met his match. I show him that Dr. Koko is always in charge. Unless he wants me to submit a false, negative report, he will obey my instructions. 

First, I give him an enema, which he makes him very submissive and compliant. Then I make him squirm and when I give him a through prostrate exam. When his cock gets hard in front of me, he becomes very embarrassed. After a bit more humiliation, I drain his blue balls and wet cock. He is so submissive that he asks when he may have another appointment with me.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Valentine’s Day Panties


 You have been snooping in my bedroom again, haven’t you?  You see the sexy red satin panties on my bed. For a brief moment you think about me in them, but then your thoughts go in a very different fucking direction. You check the time, and know I won’t be home for several hours. You giggle, as you rub them against your face, feeling how soft they are. Checking the clock again, you  slowly strip as you watch yourself in my full length mirror. You put on Bump and Grind, and begin to dance as you slip on my red panties. You run your hands down your body, feeling so sexy.

You hear laughter at the door, and turn around to see me and 2 friends watching you. Don’t you look so adorable?  My girls dance with you for a few, as I pick out sexy lingerie for you. A red clincher, red 6 inch stilettos, red satin bra, cherry red lipstick, and a red wig. You look like a slut! You’re so excited, and begin to dance some more. 

You beg us to take you out for the night with us. We pick the perfect dance club. There is always hot professional men looking for a walk on the wild side. You flirt with the bartender, and you get all our Painkiller cocktails for free. That gives us all an idea. We’re all giggling but you have no idea why. I talk to the bartender and soon men are waiting in line at our table. I take their money and follow you into the restroom. You pull up your dress and take off your panties. A line is forming, and I watch you take 4 cocks at once. Quite impressive, I must say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Sissy Sluts!


Written By: Harley
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