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Young, Tight Emily


         School is officially over, and my favorite fuck is home for the Summer. He is a Professor at a University so I only see him Summers. I love older men, because they are always in charge. Boys my age just don’t know what a girl like me wants. A few pumps and they are finished, leaving me horny and frustrated. 

I ran over as Soon as I saw mr B’s car pull up. He pretended to be mad and dragged me into his house by my hair. He pushed me on my tummy and bit my neck as he pulled my long brown hair. I could feel how hard he was, and I wanted to be fucked so bad. He demanded I pull my tiny ass cheeks apart, and get ready to take his huge, 8 inch dick in my tiny ass. He fucked me so hard we broke the headboard. This is going to be one hot Summer!


Written By: Emily
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Face Sitting Fun

I have a very special man in my life that doesn’t ask very much from me. He just loves for me to smother him with my pussy and ass! I sit on his face for HOURS. The man must breathe out of his ears because he never tells me to get off. I put all of my weight on him and grind my pussy and ass around in a big circle. I can feel every bone in his face and his nose in my asshole and tongue in my pussy feels so good. He makes me so selfish. The better I feel, the more I want to stay on his face.

When I finally climb off of him, his face is bright red and covered in sweat and juices. He doesn’t even ask to cum. My body is more than enough for his needs.


Written By: Tyler
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Be Careful What You Ask For

    Checking all my emails this morning with a cup of coffee which was hot and black like I love it, when an email caught my attention. I replied briefly and he then sent me his life story. His family history, his many ex’s info, his bank accounts, credit cards and so forth. By then, I was on my third cup of coffee and decided to check out his information. He fucking gave it to me, and I wouldn’t want to insult him by not using it.

I went into his Facebook page, changed his password and began posting as him. Seriously, I was having too much fun! He called me in a panic. “Come on now dumbass, what did you think I would do with the info.” He begged me to stop, asked me to just use his credit cards and shop. Sure, he assumes as a woman shopping will stop my Facebook postings. Doesn’t he think I can do both at once. That is what he gets for not thinking or thinking too much!

Feel free to email me with your scenarios. I just might see one that gets me excited, or gives me the urge to use and abuse you.


Written By: Brianna
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Erotic Mind Games

I dominate and control you. You worship me, and you are my loyal submissive slave. You’re eager to please me and never disappoint. My voice controls your orgasms, and you become excited with anticipation for your next session with me. You need me. I am in your head and your heart. Your desire to serve me and obey me. I own you. 

When you need a good orgasm, I make sure you get one. Although, they’re times when refraining or prolonging your cum is best for you. I edge you, deny or ruin your orgasm. Possibly, you need a rough strap-on session. Trust the process. You need me to think for you, so let me. Don’t fight, just submit and serve me well. 

They’re times when you need to be punished. Spare the rod, and spoil the slave! They’re times when you need to be coddled. I give you encouragement and coax you down a new path. I reassure you that everything is okay and fate will ensure a happy life for you. 

You are brainwashed but in a good way. I know your secrets and your desires. I know you better than anyone else on the planet. I understand and accept your fetish. You may not know what is best for you, but I do. Mind control may sound like a negative thing, but in your case, my little weakling, it is necessary.

Your Mistress Koko dominates you, and you are one happy little slave.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Up Your Loser Ass


Yes, I look fucking awesome in my stilettos ,but a loser bitch like you isn’t allowed to look. I have special plans for your pathetic ass. Strip off your clothes, and put on this frilly little g-string. Now, crawl to me and beg me to let you be my bitch. Is that how you beg? Not good enough for me, I want to REALLY hear you beg. Lick, suck, and deep throat my 8 inch heel. Come on now cock sucker, show me what you can do as I fuck your face. Gag for me! I fucking suggest you get my heel super wet because you get no lube!

It is time for me to get my friends on Facetime so they can watch my heel disappear in your ass? I wonder if I can balance myself enough to shove both stiletto heels up your flabby loser ass? Ah, you have learned to beg after all.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Too Bad

I’m involved in a relationship with a man that is definitely my cuck. Our arrangement has been going on for years and up until a couple of weeks ago, it was wonderful. I got everything that I wanted and he got the things that he needed.

All of a sudden, he feels like he can change things up and wants to be the aggressive one. LOL! Don’t make me laugh. I have no respect for this loser and there is no way that I’m submitting to him. I realized that I was going to have bring him back down to reality.

I invited him over and had a group waiting for him. I quickly had him tied to a chair. It was time to show him EXACTLY where he fit into my life. Him watching 5 men fuck me is what he gets. I’m usually a lot nicer and will at least allow him to stroke his cock. Not this time! He doesn’t deserve it with his fucking bad attitude.

I came and came while he sat there begging. As much as I love his begging, I still didn’t let him cum. After the men finished up with me, I kept him tied up and went to sleep. Needless to say, he’s happy with our arrangement again.



Written By: Ivette
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Dream Lover

There is something about his voice and his look that makes me crave his touch. It’s amazing how his soft touch becomes rough so quickly. I need his big rough hands to glide all over my body. He starts slow, but as his breathing quickens, he gets a little rougher. I wake up with the covers pulled off, and my body glistening with sweat. My hand is between my legs, and my pussy is wetter than ever.

My phone is buzzing on my nightstand with numerous texts and pictures from the stranger that was in my erotic dream. In my half asleep state, I am a little confused. I fall back to sleep as my dream picks up where it left off. He pushes me against the wall with my arms over my head. He bites my erect nipples and thrusts hard into me. He lifts me up and allows me to put my arms around his neck. His mouth tastes like my dripping pussy. 

I wake up again, and all the texts and pictures are gone. There is one final message that just says “don’t lock your window tonight.”


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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They Always Come Back

I was getting ready to do a little hunting and the thought of it had me unbelievably horny. I mean there is horny and there is fuck I need to cum! I planned on going on my own tonight as I had something special in mind. I was in the mood to destroy this cute emo boy.

There was this knock on my door. It had been awhile since we hunted a sweet little victim because he went to rehab for his deviant, twisted desires. When he told me that, I was “fuck, yeah sure here we go again”. He can’t resist me or the little baby dolls for too long. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with most of the guys in my life. It is sort of like the way you love/hate your sick desires.

He had some party favors to get on my good side and to use when we play. Rather bold of him, but his p-cock was in desperate need. I thought about sending his ass on his own but I fucking love the hunt!

Off we went to a new spot I had been thinking of. The boring, vanilla mall. The sweet young things are all over since school is out. The soccer moms dump them there for “mom” time.

There she was licking on an ice cream cone with long blonde hair, pink shorts and a little tee that said Eye Candy. What the fuck was her whore mom thinking? When I approached her, I told her that her mom had been in a car wreck and she needed to come with me. Once we had her in the car, I knocked her out with my fist and we went to a private spot a few hours out of town. He couldn’t wait and started without me. Yeah, no that won’t fly. I pulled over, and did another hit. Fuck it, this spot looked good enough so we dragged her by her long blonde hair into the woods. He pissed on her to wake her up and we began to play. Some things never change, and a p-fuck will always crave tender flesh.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Jerk Off Instructions Phone Sex

JOI Phone Calls are so much fun! 

Great for guys who are doing their first phone sex call or for guys that are very experienced and just want to kick back and let me take charge of their orgasm. 

My voice will lead you, control your hand, and masturbate for me. 

Look into my eyes, pick up the phone, order a call. Lube up your cock and get ready for a nice long masturbation session for me. Stroke and stroke for me. I will edge you, and that cum builds up.

My words dominate and control your hand. Don’t you worry, I won’t forget those balls. You will play and stimulate your balls too. My sweet, soothing voice will help you relax but then slowly build in intensity as you begin to pant and moan as your cock becomes stiffer and stiffer.

You beg and plead with me to let you cum. Trust my process! I know when it is time for you to cum.

Your Sexy JOI Instructor,

Mistress Koko 



Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Frankie’s Partner In Crime

  Not use to seeing me smile, are you? Don’t worry hell didn’t freeze over, I just had an insanely fun session. It was a couple and the chick wanted me to tell her what to do to her man. I don’t mean JOI or anything like that. Fuck no! She wanted to destroy his balls. Of course, I was fucking happy to help out.

She had a paddle, mallet, flogger and urethra sounds. For those ignorant of what that is, I will put it simple: you push a fucking metal rod up your pee hole. Simple enough? Awesome, so lets move the fuck on.

When she gave him 20 to his balls, we screwed up the count on purpose so she could start all over again. She was loving it as much as me and didn’t go easy on him. I could hear every smack, yelp and the flogger making contact. Can you imagine I actually get paid to help someone destroy her mans cock and balls. Did she eventually let him cum? She did, but I wouldn’t have!



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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