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My Perfect Submissive Boyfriend

I have been exploring strap-on play with my boyfriend for awhile now. We both enjoy hot anal and it’s becoming a very erotic part of my sexual fantasies. I’m always trying to come up with kinky and creative ways to get my lover off. We do a lot of role playing and this includes dressing up as well. Sometimes he calls me in the middle night begging to be completely controlled. It’s something we both must have and I can still remember every detail of the very first time I popped his man cherry. Slowly, seductively I took what was mine and demanded his obedience. He served me well and proved to be the perfect submissive boyfriend.



 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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The Boss is One Hot Bitch!


Your company’s new senior manager has a reputation for being a very hot, but a demanding, bossy bitch. There is only one way to tame her and to please her. It is very simple. Become her sex slave. Get lost in those huge tits. If you pleasure her sexually, you will see a slight increase in your paycheck.

Ava is a cougar that loves young guys with hot bodies who are eager to go down and lick her until she cums all over their faces. She loves rough sex, so bring your A-Game.

The Boss Lady is in her office day and night, so stop by for a long one-on-one meeting. If you are willing, she might even get out her strap-on and fuck you. She will give you something you have been missing at home.



Written By: Ava
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Craving To Be Dirty For Me

Take off all your clothes. I want you to kneel before me on the cold, dirty tile floor. You’ll be pleasing me, so get comfortable down there.

Open your mouth really wide, you’ll be used for all my bathroom relief. I laugh at you while I tilt your head back further, telling you to open your mouth wider for me.

It’s time you receive the yellow stream of nectar splashing against your face. You need and want it so desperately because it comes from yours truly.

You crave the need to be dirty for me. I love bathing your entire body in my yellow piss. You’re my property now and I always mark what’s mine.

Enjoy the cold tile floor, you’ll be spending a lot of time down there, I am no where near done with you yet.


Written By: Macy
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Accomplice Wanted

You are feeling sort of restless, a bit uneasy because you don’t understand the freaky thoughts you have been having. No worries, I’ve dealt with dirty, nasty, violent, twisted thoughts my whole life. I could use a worthy accomplice to come play with me.

First of course, I need to know what your pleasure is? Is it younger girls or boys, is it blood sports, are you thinking about raping your hot but dull neighbor? I have all those dirty fucking thoughts and so much more. Trust me, after a session with me, you’ll never think you’re extreme again.

You still thinking your thoughts and inclinations are still hotter and more violent than mine? Cool! Give me a shout, and prove me wrong.



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Mean Bitch Humiliates Sissy Fags

 I do usually get a lot of calls of the GFE nature and I love being a nice girl. But just like most women, I have an evil side. They’re days when I want to put on black leather and thigh high boots. When I put on my ultra sexy bitch outfit, all you little sissy boys better watch out.

   I am in the mood to torture, tease, and humiliate. I’m not going to be your girlfriend and help you look pretty. I want to make you feel ashamed for being such a fucking faggot. You got that, sissy panty queer? If getting humiliated makes your pathetic cock hard, then let Mistress Alex put you in your place.

     I can really be a mean bitch. In fact, I truly like having someone to punish and humiliate when I am having a really bad day. It’s nice to have someone to use as my whipping boy.

If your so pathetic and you need to be punished for being a stupid sissy fag cum guzzling slut, let me be the one to scratch that itch for you. I will wear your ass out and I will humiliate you till you cry. Are you ready for a dominating bitch with a sweet, young voice?


Written By: Alex
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You Will Learn

You don’t like being laughed at by every woman you try to fuck, do you? That feeling of dismay and shame when you realize that once again, you came too soon, doesn’t feel too great, does it? How many times do you need to be mocked for premature ejaculation before you realize that you have a problem?

The fact is, no one wants to fuck a man who can’t keep from shooting after one minute. Phone sex with a mean Mistress is just what you need to teach yourself to hold back from premature ejaculation. Listen to her tease you, making that cock rise to attention, and then hold you enrapt and obsessed with the sound of her voice until you just about forget how badly you want to cum. Your focus should be on your phone sex, not on your orgasm, and you know that if you cum too soon, your phone sex Mistress will humiliate and torture you beyond words. You will learn to control your cum!

Of course, no lesson learned goes unrewarded. If your phone sex session proves you to be a really good slut, maybe she’ll give you a treat- something warm and creamy, shot straight from that aching cock of yours! Then again, if you cum too soon, you’ll have a huge mess on your hands that your phone sex Mistress will want no part of, and you’ll have to clean that up, too. If you want to feel yourself shoot that badly, you better get used to the taste of your own cum, or learn to not cum at all.



Written By: Lacey James
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Open Your Wallet

Open up Pig. No, not your mouth. No, not your zipper. Please don’t bend over in front of me like that.

Your wallet, Piggy. Open your fucking wallet.

The scent of cash makes my pussy drip. You are aware that is the only way you will ever be able to enjoy anything about me is by spreading your wallet, offering your plastic, and your checkbook. I want access to all- your wife’s account, 401k, and the kids college fund.

I see the stack of cash on the dresser and my clit swells. You beg me to take it, and then take you. I put on my strap-on and begin to salivate as the breeze from the open window carries with it the sweet smell of your financial assets!

Oooops.. did I say yours? I meant mine! It’s all mine now, isn’t it?

I want you to pay my bills, send me on vacation, spoil me with treasures, and pay me to rape your tight sweet pucker-hole until you shell out any amount to make the abuse stop.

As the pile of cash grows, so does my desire, and your chances of tasting my sweet cunt.

The higher the pile, the more intense the passion. If you want to fuck me, you know what you need to do.


Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break your fucking bones, but my strong, muscled legs can do it better. I see you watching me at the gym. You are a fragile little thing, and I wonder just what the fuck you are doing at a gym. Those tiny boy bones would break so fucking easy.

As I work out, breaking a sweat you are still watching. Sort of looks like you want to lick the sweat off of my thighs. Watch your step, little man!

Enough is enough, so let’s have fun with this.

I motion for you to come over and ask you to spot me. I can feel your sweat from your nerves dripping on me as you spot me. It’s rather pathetic in a funny sort of way.

It’s getting late and the the gym is closing. I suggest the old, dark, smelly gym on Harris, where boxers work out.

I now have you just where I want you. I pick you up and spin you around, tossing you on to the ropes. Before you can recover and take a breath, I slam you on the ground. I get on the ground with you and grab your tiny cute little head. “You want to get a closer look in between my strong legs”, I ask. You eagerly place your tiny pumpkin head between my legs. I squeeze, and squeeze till you feel like your head is going to pop like a fucking pimple.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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You Are Afraid Of Me


I know you’re scared to call me. You’re afraid of what I will do with all the photos I make you send me. You’re afraid I will post them online and show everyone what a loser you are. Perhaps, you’re scared I will never let you cum because you wont behave. You’re afraid of all the naughty things I will make you do before I let you “possibly” cum.

You have a good reason to be afraid of me! I will blackmail you into submission. I will make you my personal play toy. I will laugh at your pathetic little cock. I will invite all my hot girlfriends over to see you play with it. I will handcuff you to my bed and tease that little pencil dick of yours. You’ll be begging me to touch your pathetic dick, and pleading with me to let you cum. 

You know who you are, and if you don’t mention this blog, I’ll NEVER let you cum again!



Written By: Missy
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I’m Not Happy

For the most part, I tend to be a more sensual domme. I take you places you’ve never been and then push your limits a little more. However, Miss Charlotte is not happy. You’ve been a very, very bad boy.

I’m always very generous with you, rewarding your good deeds by allowing you to cum, and you have the audacity to pull the stunt that you pulled? That was very greedy, and Miss Charlotte doesn’t go for that. You must be punished for taking advantage of my kindness.

You can forget cumming for a while. That’s not going to happen. You can forget permission to fuck your wife. That’s not going to happen either. Your cock is mine and I refuse to give you any kind of pleasure. Naughty boys don’t get treats.

The next time you call me, if I choose to answer, be prepared to beg for forgiveness. My suggestion is that you get on your knees and start practicing now. If you want to get back on my good graces, you’ll need all the help you can get.


Written By: Charlotte
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