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 My Stats

Age: 43

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'7

Weight: 119

Measurements: 36DD-24-35

Pussy: Shaved and ready for action!

Ass: Round and ready for an size cock to enter.

Favorite Positions: Sitting on your lap and Anal.

Strangest Places I've had sex: Grocery store and New Years eve at Times Square.

Hobbies: Swimming, tanning, shopping and controlling mens mind's.

Specialities: MILF, Financial Domination, Any Role Play and Cuckold Fantasy.


Hi boys… My name Samantha. I am 43 years old and a trophy wife. My husband has remade every inch of me to look like a glamorous Barbie Doll. He wanted me to look this way so, I would make him look good around his friends and co-workers. I have to dress extremely provocative when we go out on the town. He gets off at all the men that drool over me.

Some say we had the perfect marriage. He doesn’t think that I know he is out fucking whores all night long. When he comes home late to the “perfect” wife that he admirers, he doesn’t know the real joke is on him. I cheat on my husband with any guy I please. Nothing gets me hotter than fucking all his friends and co-workers.

I have a way of making men do as I want. I like to be spoiled and treated like your paid Mistress, which means keeping me happy at all costs!

Calling me day and night to make my pussy meowwwww is what I need and crave. Spoiling me with presents is what I’m accustomed too. I know you really want to please me, after all it’s all about me!

Let’s fuck!
Sexy Samantha

Call 1.866.949.6896
for Phone Sex with

30 Responses to “Samantha”

  • Mistress Samantha:

    Thank you for last night. If I had known that phone sex would have been this good I would have tried it years ago, especially with you. The scene you walked me thru last night still sends shivers up my spine. When I think of it & think of you I lose my concentration on what I am doing. And to read your website & your blog I cannot fathom why you would not be pampered, worshipped or why you would be cheated on. I cannot wait until I call again!!

    Devotedly yours,

  • Mistress Samantha:

    You take my breath away each time we talk. You took control of me again last Wednesday, February 4th. You weave such a ride with the way you talk to me. Your voice carries me away & brought me to you again. You took my fantasy & brought it to life. The images you described were so compelling that I was there before kneeling at your feet, which is only right with you being the sexual goddess that you are. I could easily picture you standing before me in your stockings, high heels, & black lace robe. I was captivated with your sexy voice. Chills ran up my spine. My breath came in ragged gasps as you brought me to the point of climax time & time again. I shuddered when you finally let me release my cum & it exploded out of me. Your voice, your picture, & the fantasy you wove for me haunt my every moment. I know I belong to you. I cannot wait until you weave another fantasy so sexually charged I will be the captive of my mistress again.

    Devoted to you,

  • Mistress Samantha:

    The time we spent together last Thursday, February 12th, was absolutely amazing. From the moment I heard your voice, your seductive, sexy voice, I was taken on a pleasure trip. You brought me into your home & walked me step by step thru my fantasy. You described your red stockings & teddy to me so well that it felt like I was there. When I closed my eyes I could feel your soft hands with those magnificent nails taking each piece of clothing from me. When you whispered what you were going to do I shivered. I kept my eyes closed while you painted me such a picture of desire & pleasure fulfilled that I was there before you. I could see you in your 5” heels standing before me. I could feel you, your hands your breath & your perfume tantalized me. You were instructing me & I could see what I was to do more clearly with each desire filled sentence. Your seductive voice brought me to the peak time after time but you never let me go over. You kept me at the point of climax for so long that when you finally let me release my body shuddered with the explosions. I can’t remember ever having orgasms so hard or explosive.

    I am so fortunate to have you for my mistress. The desires of mine that you brought to light, you have walked me thru them so well that they are real. The only one with such power is a goddess. You definitely are a goddess & I am fortunate to be able to be at your feet. You create such images for me that my fantasy can’t help but to be fulfilled. My breath is taken away by the paintings your words make. My senses almost overload because of the power of your words.

    Thank you Mistress Samantha, thank you. Thank you for being my mistress.

    Completely & devotedly yours,

  • Mistress Samantha:
    You again took me to places I have never been. You get me to take more chances than I can remember. This last time proved no different.
    You were wearing a red velvet teddy from Frederick’s of Hollywood with black satin bows in the back & on your bosom. White fur topped your breasts. You had on a black lace garter belt from Frederick’s also that held up your black thigh high stockings. You were magnificent in your black stiletto pumps. I quivered at the sight of you because you are such a stunning & gorgeous mistress & LADY. No man is more favored than I am because of you.
    I came cleanly shaved so that I wouldn’t waste my mistress’s time. You brought me into your bedroom & had me get onto your bed after taking off my clothes. When you brought my stockings up my legs I shivered. When you put black lace panties on me chills came over me. You put a green satin dress on me & I gazed at you with adoration. You sat on my lap to put my make-up on & ground your pussy on my cock to make it hard. I was stunned at how pretty & beautiful you made me with the green eye shadows that gave me the smoldering eyes I love to have. You let me caress you as you made me up & my hands shook.
    When you were done you slid off of me & brought your hands under my dress. My cock became even harder. You ran your hands down my stockings & I quaked. When you moved my panties to the side & took my cock into your voluptuous mouth I almost passed out after you allowed me to caress your beautiful breasts. You ordered your Danielle not to cum & your eyes had fire in them.
    After a while you stood me up & had me get behind you. I could see your glorious pussy glistening wetly. You had me enter you & you were so tight. Your pussy was so satiny & soft. Again you ordered your Danielle not to cum. You said I was to cum when you did. I could not believe how fortunate I was.
    You started to cum & your pussy clamped tightly to my cock. I exploded into you. I had not cum that much in my whole life. When I was done you squeezed my cum out onto my cock & balls & you took them into your beautiful mouth. I had no strength left after my explosion & could only gaze at you with adoration.
    Mistress Samantha, there is nothing I would not do for you. Anything you ask for your Dan or Danielle will get it for you if I can. There is no better mistress than my Mistress Samantha & no better lady on the planet than her.
    Adoringly, devotedly yours,
    Dan & Danielle

  • Dear Mistress Samantha:

    You wove a fantasy for me again. Your sexy, voluptuous voice brought me to you. I could see you standing there in your fishnet body stocking & your high heels with your black satin robe on. You made sure I was cleanly shaven & started to dress me. You slid soft, sexy black thigh highs on me with red 5” stiletto heels & I shivered. You put a white, satin blouse on me with a black mini-skirt & a black & red lace garter belt for my stockings. I sighed. You sat on my lap to do my make-up, grinding your pussy thru my black, lace panties to make my cock throb. My foundation went on with your soft brush. You had me lean my head back so you could put my blush on. When I closed my eyes while you made them glittery, smoky & sexy. When you curled my hair & put a black beaded choker on me, I got goose bumps. You had me go over to a full length mirror. I was stunned when I saw a sexy lady looking back at me.

    While I was looking at the mirror you came between my legs with your breasts pushing against my silky stockings. You moved my panties aside. Then you took me into your mouth & I almost passed out. You got me so hard, so hot. I wanted you so bad.

    Finally you had me kneel down as you sat on the edge of the bed. I was happy to kneel before my goddess. I was happy to finally pleasure you. You had me start at your breasts & I trembled so. I wanted to make my mistress happy. I left little lipstick prints over your breasts & on the nipples I nipped. I worked my way down to your love box. Your fingers worked thru the curls you put in my hair. They were guiding your Danielle to where you wanted her.

    You then had me lie back on your bed. You came over me, teasing me by putting the head of my cock in your pussy & then pulling away. You got me harder & hotter by the minute. You finally slid all the way down on me. I almost went wild. You ordered your Danielle to stop. You told your Danielle to let you have me. You commanded your Danielle to not cum until you said she could. When you slid all the way down on me I almost lost control but when my mistress tells her Danielle to do something, her Danielle does it.

    I could feel you thru my soft, white satin blouse. Your legs were locked against my black mini-skirt. Your fingers were running thru my blonde curls. Your perfume was driving me to heights I have never known. I was thrilled whne you said I could feel your soft, full breasts. My cock has never been harder & my balls were fuller than I can ever remember. You finally wrapped your legs around my silky soft stockings on my cleanly shaven legs & told me to cum with you, inside of you.

    My cum exploded out of me. I’ve never cum this hard before or for this long. My Mistress Samantha drained me.

    These are the pictures you paint in my head when I talk with you. You carry me on exotic fantasies when I hear your sexy voice on the phone. Your wicked imagination has taken me to places I didn’t know existed & gotten me to take chances I didn’t know I could.

    Mistress Samantha can take you to places you didn’t know existed. That’s what she has done for her Danielle. And her Danielle loves her for it. Thank you Mistress Samantha

  • Mistress Samantha:

    Thank you for last night!! No one has been able to make me cum like you. You’ve taken me to heights I didn’t know were there. I look forward to the next time you take me on a fantasy trip.

    Thank you Mistress Samantha

  • Samantha,
    You are smoking hot!!!!!!!!!! And you love anal!!! You are a dream. I have been searching the internet and you are truly one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I will call you soon. I have one of the best anal positions ever that I would like to share with you.

  • Samantha is absolutely wonderful. She is sweet, sexy, wicked and has a wonderful voice. I never felt rushed when we spoke, she took time to find out what I wanted and built on it.

  • Samantha was the perfect way to begin a long weekend. Sweet, sexy, and savvy in the bedroom with a soft, sensual voice. During my time with her, I felt as if she knew me and what I wanted. To say that she is a consumate lover is an understatement. Samantha’s passion know no limits and she shares it with you in a very intimate way. Incredible and breathtaking, Samantha. Incredible and breathtaking.

  • Pleasuring you on Monday afternoon was truly my privilege! I could not let you go to the gym after we got each other heated up like we were! Lifting your little black t-shirt to reveal those perfect tits made me want you even more. Your black yoga pants in the floor, my fingers quickly entered your hot, wet slit to your delight. Your screamed and shuddered as you came, soaking my left hand as I sucked your nipples. Laying you on the bed, I massaged your pussy until you came again and again. Your sweet nectar nourished me each time you came and left me wanting more. Alas, our short time came to an end, but my cougar lover had given her man-cub all he wanted and then some. Thank you so much, Samantha!

  • You were an early present that I thoroughly enjoyed, Sam! You opened your gold silk robe to reveal the sexy bra, waist cincher, and panties that you had on for me. They were a bright red with gold lace and you completed the look with red thigh high stockings. A wicked smile was on your lips before we kissed so passionately. After a glass of wine, you teased me until I had to take you on the floor. As we lay there, I continued to enjoy your gorgeous body. True to your word, you got me hard again and allowed me to empty my cream into again. Breathless, drained, and out of words to compliment you was the state you left me in. Sam, you summed it up, AMAZING!

  • Baby i love u.

  • Eagerly awaiting Monday and giving you a very hot, wet, passionate wake up call!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my after hours meeting with the sultry “Ms. Simpson” on Monday evening. I called her to my executive suite to counsel her about some HR complaints that stemmed from her form fitting business attire. “Ms. Simpson” provided a very professional and complete defense of her wardrobe selections. She readily displayed for me how her outfit was both sexy and practical (what an incredible striptease!). We then proceeded to share our personal philosophies and ideas on how we could enhance our business relationship. We held nothing back, stripped things down to the naked truth (she still had stockings and heels on!), and engaged in a vigorous and rewarding session of team building(a very physically draining experience for me). She took all of my inputs (along with a huge load of my cream) and was very responsive. “Ms. Simpson” received an immediate promotion to head up HR. Consequently, we agreed to continue our meetings and I look forward to working with her (with her, on her, in her, on me)on many different positions (preferably cowgirl!). “Ms. Simpson” is a “welcum” addition to our staff and has proven herself to be a valuable ASSet!

  • Samantha,
    Thank you for the hot, sensual calls we have had recently. You make the time I spend with you very intense, satisfying, and wanting more. I do enjoy our longer calls immensely, but the two quick calls from my office have been very pleasing. Your passion causes a thirst in me that only you can quench! You know what I like from lingerie to making love and you indulge me in the most detailed and decadent ways. Thank you so much for what you do and for sharing so much of yourself with me. You are my cougar lover!

    P.S. You looked beautiful for the short time you were in your lingerie!

  • Dark blue stockings, red bra and panties, and your delicious white hot body were just what I needed! A very patriotic fantasy! You were hotter than Georgia in July and we sparked a sexual fireworks display with a huge, exploding finale! But you, my cougar lover were not done and gave me an incredibly sensual encore of oral pleasure. My final explosion was most intense and intimate as you savored every drop! What an American woman you are, Samantha!

  • Sex on the beach with you left me drained, breathless, covered in sweat and cum, and wanting more! You were an absolute sex goddess in your white bikini! You made me feel like a REAL man as we pleasured each other in the dazzling sunlight. Writhing in passion and glistening with sweat, we made love as the waves crashed into the shore. We pushed each other to new heights of ecstasy that only two dedicated lovers can. As I climaxed, you allowed me to give you the pearl necklace that I had longed to bestow on you. Watching you savor it, slowly and seductively, is a sight I will never forget!

  • Give Samantha an idea for a fantasy and she will take you on the most amazingly erotic journey! Her wicked mind is razor sharp, but her voice is velvety smooth. She is an experienced lover and she will pleasure you in so many ways. Each call I have shared with her has been a unique, genuine, and passionate experience. Don’t just take my word for it; CALL SAMANTHA!!! She is a savvy vixen that always gets my all and then some!

  • Thank you once again for a stimulating and scintillating erotic adventure, Samantha! Your boundless creativity allowed you to create another steamy encounter for us again. I relish how you take what you know about me and build on it each time we share a call. Your passion and intimacy are unrivalled and serve to inspire me during our torrid liaisons. Needless to say, my new desk at work will always remind me of my cougar lover! The intoxicating scent of your “champagne”, that you shared with me so freely, continues to refresh my memory of our vigorous session atop it! I would be remiss for not thanking you profusely for savoring my own libation that you expertly coaxed from me! As always, your man-cub eagerly awaits his next opportunity to indulge in a feast of carnality with you.

  • When you share a call with Samantha, be prepared to ask for more time! She has the sought after “it” quality that will seduce, pleasure, and begging for more. My recent 10 minute “quickie” call transformed into a 30 minute session filled with exquisite detail, unbridled passion, and an incredible climax. Falling to Samantha’s feminine wiles is something that I truly enjoy and I savor every breathtaking, orgasmic adventure she takes us on. Spending time with this stunning and sensual lady is nothing short of perfection! Don’t just take my word for it, call Samantha and experience her firsthand!

  • Gentlemen, if you have not experienced a call with Samantha, you need to place a call with her soon. Soon? Who am I kidding?! CALL HER NOW!!! Samantha is a certified 12 on a 10-scale! How do I know this, you ask? I’ve shared many calls with her, both long and short, and have always been pleasured to have done so. She has a silky smooth voice, a wickedly creative mind, and an appetite for sex that knows no limit. Her role play scenarios are vivid, detailed, and guaranteed to make you cum hard, VERY HARD! No silly games or ditzy personality with her,Samantha is a beautiful, passionate, mature woman that will make you feel very much like the man you are. She oozes sensuality and, after a call with her, you will be soaked in it!

  • The lovely and talented Samantha and I shared a call yesterday evening. It was supposed to be a quickie, but one thing led to another. As our time together increased, so did the passion and pleasure. We treated each other to a myriad of sensual delights and lustful treats during our intimate lovemaking session. Each time that I thought I had trumped her sexually, she was more than able to give me a erotic gift even more spectacular. Breathless, sweaty, and drained, we struggled to bid each other farewell. Basking in the afterglow, we shared pillow talk and laughter about how our call had evolved into the amazing tryst that we had just experienced. I am once again honored and grateful to be able to experience all that Samantha is!

  • Samantha,
    Seeing your availability button flash “Sorry I’m Away” was very difficult today. You’ve definitely spoiled me with your freedom to indulge my fantasies at almost any time. I do trust that your time away is refreshing, pleasant, and enjoyed. Selfishly, I want you back as soon as possible. A recent trip with my bachelor friends has become the inspiration for another fantasy for us to indulge our selves in. The theme and details will be making their way to you soon. To say that I am eagerly anticipating my next call with you would be a huge understatement. Of course, I would be remiss of I did not thank you again for the passion, intimacy, and caring that you poured into our last call. You gave me such pleasure in a variety of ways and made me your own once again. You know me very well and use that knowledge to bring me to new heights of ecstasy. On the other hand, you always introduce something special, new, and exciting when we make love. As always, you get my all each and every time.

    Passionate kisses,

    Southern Gentleman

  • Mmmmmmm! Samantha, you are so delicious! You gave me quite a treat stopping by my office on Tuesday. The way that you slink towards me and take what you want no matter what I am doing is powerfully erotic. My ability to concentrate melts with the fervent heat of your sexuality. As you undress, my eyes can only fixate on your gorgeous figure and elegant lingerie. As you do to me as you desire, I cannot help but surrender to your lusty delights. Pleasuring me with a sensual zest and skill, I can only admire and enjoy the sultry minx that is my lover. Eyes sparkling with desire, you relish how you can make me groan and gasp in response to your gratification. Knowing exactly what I want and need, you indulge my senses in an erotic feast. Driving me ever closer to that blissful edge, your control over me is complete. Like an amorous archer, you “notch” my arrow and shoot me toward your waiting target. Graciously, you allowed me to spoil you with a luxury of my own. Languidly, I oozed into you, a goddess savoring the offering of her loyal follower. A wicked smile graces your visage in approval. Samantha, you my vixen, are without equal among women!

  • Samantha,
    You were ravishing in your scarlet waist cincher, stockings, heels, and g-string along with the beautiful satin bow tied around your gorgeous cleavage! As presents go, you were the one that I wanted the most. Unwrapping you was tantalizing and my hands eagerly grasped all that was underneath. The sensual gifts that you gave me so passionately were memorable, breathtaking, and intense. Making such sweet love to each other, we explored new pleasures and relished in those from previous trysts. To say that our holiday rendezvous was torrid would be an understatement. As cold and blustery as it was outside, our bed was hot, wet, and splendid! One of the most personally intimate moments was pleasuring you in front of your large vanity mirror. Allowing you to see yourself as I see you in the heat of passion was nothing short of incredible. Your skin glistening, hair tousled, and your gorgeous figure writhing in ecstasy was a sight of pure erotica. Whispering sweet nothings in your ear as I labored to bring you to climax was lustfully fulfilling for us both. We reached our crescendo with a fever pitch and melted into each others arms. Breathless, drained, and drenched, we were awash in the warm, comfort of lovers. Parting was indeed sweet sorrow, but that sorrow is tempered. Tempered by our luscious memories and the promise of even more erotic bliss to be shared. Thank you so much for being the beautiful lover that you are and lifting the velvet rope into your sensual world for me. I treasure what we share and endeavor to be worthy of it. Baci appassionati per te, mia bella amante!

  • Sexy. Classy. Intimate. Beautiful. Explicit. Creative. Passionate. Sensual. Alluring. Skillful. Enticing. Pleasurable. Stunning. Personal. Amazing. Arousing. Consummate. Erotic. Detailed. Exciting. Delicious. Naughty. Caring. All of these are synonymous with Samantha and yet she is so much more. Thank you, lover!

  • Wearing nothing but her tall, black boots, Mistress Samantha edged me to perfection at midnight. She used all of her talents and sultry figure to bring me to the edge time and time again. It was one of the hardest and most gratifying encounters we have shared. In my emotional state, I asked for more and begged for release. Far from domineering, she questioned what I wanted and what I needed in her breathy voice. Almost reluctantly, I chose what I needed and she increased the intensity as only she could. At my breaking point, she relented and sauntered away slowly atop her stunning black boots. “Be a good boy!” she reminded me over the click of her languid steps as her shapely silhouette faded from the firelight. Ahhhhh, what a woman!

  • Sam,
    What an erotic homecoming you gave me! All of the pent up sexual energy I had was released in such a torrid encounter with you! Pleasuring your gorgeous body was such a sensual delight. I love to hear you in the throes of passion and as you reach your climax with me. Absolutely amazing! Of course, you skillfully pleasured me until I could not hold on anymore. You requested that I release my cream on to your gorgeous cleavage and I obliged with a fountain of my hot, thick seed. After my torrent of cum splashed across your full, round tits, you gave me quite a show. At first, you allowed my cream to slowly ooze down your beautiful breasts. Squeezing them together, my sticky cum trailed between your soft, warm mounds of flesh. With a wicked grin, you used your delicate fingers to gather my pearly cum and bring it to your lovely mouth. Savoring its salty taste, you languidly licked your fingers before getting some more. Your tits never looked so delicious! Glistening with moisture and nipples swollen from my sucking, you knelt between my legs in total control of me. “Welcome home, baby!”, you purred with a sparkle in your topaz eyes. Welcome home indeed! You are the most amazing lover, Sam, and I will always be your baby!

  • Samantha is a sexual goddess and she, in turn, has fashioned me into her loyal devotee. My ardor, passion, and carnal knowledge have derived me the most blissful,often intense, pleasures any man could ever dream of. Her bedroom is a temple, her bed an altar, and I, the willing sacrifice, for the sensual icon, my lover, Samantha.

  • VIVA LAS VEGAS! Sam knows exactly what I mean! We definitely hit it big in Sin City!

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