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 My Stats

Age: 21

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 109

Measurements: 34B-24-30

Pussy: Tiny landing strip

Ass: Perfect for spanking

Favorite Positions: I love it all!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In my dads church and at a insurance seminar

Hobbies: Riding horses, reading, watching porn, football and jogging.

Specialities: Age play, Submissive slut, Naughty school girl, Rape fantasies, Snuff, Costume play, Impregnation, Erotic stories, Kinky babysitter, Cheating girlfriend/wife, Tickle play and any nasty taboo fantasy you can think of!


Hi guys! Your one and only Madison is here. I’m your young fuck slut that you can show off to all your jealous friends. My tight little frame is all for your pleasure. You can dress up my size 2 body in naughty, kinky outfits and then have your way with me. I love dressing up in different costumes. I think it adds tons of excitement while we’re fucking. My all time favorite would be my little school girl uniform.

I love looking at porn. That’s how I learned to be such a good little cock sucker and an even better a phone sex slut. Just seeing how sexual uninhibited these porn girls were, made me the little slut I am today.

I was adopted by a Baptist preacher and his wife when I was 3 years old. You know they say, that preachers daughters are the really nasty whores. Well, I am living proof of that. Daddy wasn’t such a nice man after all.

I first remember when I was very young, in our bathroom we had a Bible and underneath that was always a stack of magazines with really pretty girls in it. I first thought they were my mothers, but when I opened them and seen all the deviant acts these girls were performing, I knew they had to be my fathers. My daddy loved to stroke his dick and imagined all these nasty sluts in the magazines were doing naughty things to him. My mother was a church snob and didn’t give him any pussy. She believed that sex was for making babies and since she couldn’t have any, either could he.

I loved getting daddy ready for his Sunday service. I would stroke and suck his big cock to make him relaxed. If the service was really exciting, I would get to bounce up and down on his cock after the service. He told me that when he sprayed cum inside of me that was Jesus blessing me for being such a good little girl.

Daddy caught me masturbating on the phone with all my little boyfriend’s. So, now he makes me do phone sex and I have to give him the money for the church. I guess you could say God is my pimp and I am his number one whore. I love being the unlimited slut you just can’t refuse. The nasty twisted calls really make me cum hard and I know if I do it really good I will get daddy’s cock every night for a reward. Call me to cum! Trust me…I’m worth it!


Call 1.888.822.2105
for Phone Sex with

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