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My Date Needed a Strap-On

My date went better than I thought and I couldn’t believe how hot you were getting me throughout the course of the evening. I couldn’t wait to bring you back to my place and fuck the shit out of you! Everything was going so great and then….

 You pulled your underwear down below your knees. I even pointed and said “what is that thing?” How the fuck is a dick your size going to please me or anyone for that matter? I never seen anything so small before. I had to take several pictures and group text all my girlfriends so they could see what I was dealing with. Well knowing my friends, they’re going to want to see it in person.

 How can you even call yourself a man with something so small between your legs? There’s only one way you are fucking me and that’s if you put on my 9 inch strap-on over your tiny clit. Even that is a tad small for my liking but it’s a hell of a lot better than your micro penis. I find it funny yet sad that you have to use the strappy on me when I should be using it on you. In fact, maybe you deserve a hard ass fucking because how pathetic you are.

 The only way to recover from this night, is by me inviting all my friends over so they can laugh at your little pee pee while I’m fucking you with my strap-on. I can honestly say, I don’t think there will be another date but if I need a good laugh, I know exactly who to call.


Written By: Shawnee
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Little Willy Whacker

That’s right, I didn’t stutter you’re a little pathetic, willy, whacking, wanker who loves to pump his pencil penis like a penis pumper. You can’t help to look at hot young girls like me and wish you had a big cock so I would fuck you. Oh no though,  you’re to tiny for that, and I wouldn’t even be able to feel something your size.

Staring at my perfect body, I’m sure you already have a small little boner in your pants. Guys like you have to pay girls like me to stroke, and you don’t mind at all because you’re so small, and know that you could never have a hot girl like me unless you pay. That’s right, you have to pay to pump you penis pumper.

I love to tease and make fun of  itty bitty little micro wee wee’s. Every man with a small cock should be put in his place. Don’t forget, you’ll have a cum tax fee too. It’s not free to cum in this world for micro pencil dicks like you.

Put down your itty bitty little dick and stop willy whacking that pathetic little penis and call me now!


Written By: Carlee
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Mommy Morgan Found Your Porn


You come home from school and yell, “Mommy, I am home!”

There is silence. Mommy has not baked your favorite cookies. The kitchen is dark. Nothing simmering in the oven for dinner. You yell again for Mommy, but the house is quiet. Maybe Mommy is taking a nap or taking a bath? You hope she is taking a bath so that you can spy on her. Nope! Rooms are dark and empty. Where in the heck can Mommy be?

Her car was in the driveway. You head into your room to set down your backpack. Mommy is sitting on your bed. She is holding the ipad that you got for Christmas. Mommy does not look happy to see you. Maybe she is looking up a special recipe for dinner? You rub your empty tummy. Cafeteria food was bad today, and you are ready for some home cooking.

Calmly, Mommy has you sit down next to her on the bed. She explains she picked up your iPad that got left in the living room last night. Mommy was quite shocked to see what you had been viewing. A porn!

Naughty, naughty boy! Mommy is taking away your iPad, but first, you need to be punished. Mommy picks a very nasty, dirty porn and makes you masturbate in front of her. You are so embarrassed and humiliated that it is difficult to get hard. Mommy yells at you. You find that humiliation is exciting and that makes you hard! With a lot of nasty talk from Mommy, you are so ashamed that you squirt cum all over Mommy’s legs.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Toni

I know you can’t keep your eyes off my beautiful, voluptuous tits. I am glad that someone appreciates them. My husband doesn’t that’s why I cheat on his pathetic ass. Don’t worry, he knows all about it. I have turned him into my sweet little cuck, my own personal little fluffer.

I have plans for all of us for the New Year.  I know you both want to make me happy and keep me satisfied in every possible way. I know you’ve been drooling over my body and would love to slide your cock into this married pussy. It really turns me on humiliating my husband watching him suck cock. I want him on his knees ready for your beautiful cock, getting you nice and hard to fuck me right in front of him.

Fuck me and ravish my tits with your hungry mouth. Show him how a real man fucks this hot body that was made for fucking. Just think how much it is going to turn me on when you slide your cock  out of my freshly fucked pussy and slide it in his pathetic mouth to clean up. 



Written By: Toni

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Panty Stealing Neighbors


    My nosy neighbors are at it again. It seems like they know when it’s time for me to do the laundry. I used to wonder why they stole my pretty, sexy, clean panties instead of the dirty ones with my intoxicating smell. Since they were spying on me, I figured turnabout’s fair play.

With the help of the condo manager, after giving him the fuck of his life, we installed some cameras in their condo. I was pretty excited about my viewing party. I really had no idea of what they were doing with them.

We all got comfy, poured some white wine and turned on my laptop. I was surprised as shit, I mean they looked masculine and pretty much do-able to me. I mean what the fuck? They each had on a pair of my panties and were dancing around the master bedroom. I had no idea my neighbors were sissy boy faggots! We were laughing so hard, we could hardly breathe. I was wondering who was the bottom, and who was the top with both of them so sissified.

My friends dared me to knock on their door with a huge strap-on under my dress. I grabbed the condo manager by his hand and we headed over. Now, that was one hell of a fucking night!



Written By: Elle
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Booty Call Brittany

I love guys with small dicks, they’re so pathetic and I have such a blast making fun of them. It seems like lately every guy that has been hitting on me and wanting to fuck me, has a small shrimp dick! What am I suppose to do with that? I can shove all my fingers in my pussy and it would be 10x better. Since it has been happening a lot lately, I have been turning them into my little cuck bitches since they all want to fuck me so bad.I have been giving them a dose of what a big cocks looks like and how they fuck. You know, the ones that I really like fucking. The ones that stretch open my pussy.

I took this one guy with me on a booty call and let him watch how my pussy got pounded on. He was simply amazed and turned on like never before. He was so fascinated by the size of his cock. I thought it would be fun to let him tag along for a second time. Boy, was he hungry for cock this time. He was on his knees seducing his cock with his tongue getting him nice and hard for me. He knew I was going to be satisfied with a good hard fucking like I deserve.

I have so much in store for him. It is the Holiday season so I’ll be giving him the best gift he’s ever received in his life.


Written By: Brittany
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Convenience Store Piggy


   Just when I thought I had heard and seen it all, along comes Philip. Ms. Cameron loves her sissy boys, especially when they take it to a whole new level. How do I even begin to describe the mess that is toilet face Philip. He is this mixed bag of “what the fuck did I just hear”?

First, shall I call him a he or a she? Very perplexing! Imagine you are traveling with your lover, and stop into a Stop and G0 for a bottle of water. Then you see it! A man wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, heels and lipstick is standing at counter flirting with clerk.

I went to use the restroom but it was such a dirty mess, I just couldn’t. I guess he heard my conversation and offered his mouth up to me. Jokingly my friend asked if he would suck his cock as well. He was joking, but Cunty Face said he would love to, and even asked if he could lick my lover’s asshole. 

I could go on and one about him, but sometimes you just must hear it all from my beautiful mouth!



Written By: Cameron
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Harley’s Revenge

Anyone will tell you that I am a non-stop party chick. I love getting dressed to the nines, having a full house of beautiful people, and lots of party favors.

Last night I was a very bad girl! I just  happened to forget to invite any females. Oops! I also forgot to invite anyone but my best friend’s dad. Oops again! He came in looking surprised at the lack of cars parked in front. Even Mr. P knows my parties are legendary. I explained to him that everyone else lived far away and the inclement weather kept everyone else home. He looked me up and down and gave me this look. He wondered why I was dressed up, and why he wasn’t called about the cancellation.

I told him looking at all the food and drinks was a bummer, so we should just grab a bottle and hang in my bedroom. He was completely up for that. I guess he assumed OUR dirty secret past was no longer an issue. Fool, of course it’s an issue. I want revenge. Revenge for what? Get that dirty mind of yours in gear and you can figure it out! I told him I was going to get comfy and put on a movie.

I came out of the bathroom  with nothing but panties and a way too small tank. He smiled assuming we were going to revisit the past. Not on your life, fucker! He willingly let me restrain him to my bed. Then I texted his wife. Let the revenge games begin!



Written By: Harley
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Tiny Raemi Laughs at Your Tiny Cock

Just because I’m a tiny girl, doesn’t mean I like tiny cocks. Small pencil dicks are useless to me except for humiliation. You’ll never be able to satisfy me so I thoroughly enjoy laughing at your micro penis.

I bet your little clit gets hard thinking about a huge, thick dick stretching my tiny holes. You may even argue the fact that a big cock couldn’t fit in my little baby girl pussy, but it does and feels so amazing.

You will never be with a girl like me. The only thing you’ll get from me is if you pay me to giggle at your cock while I’m thinking about getting my tiny pussy fucked by a real man.

Small Penis Humiliation is so much with Raemi!



Written By: Raemi
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Exploring His Sexuality In New Ways

He has been doing fantasy phone sex calls with me for a very long time. Various role plays but always the same steamy, hot sizzling result. Over a hundred calls, as he takes my boyfriend’s cock into his mouth and sucks him. I tease him about being a cocksucker and other similar humiliating nicknames. The dirtier I get with my words, the harder his cock becomes. Finally, when I describe my boyfriend’s cum squirting into my caller’s mouth, he cums too. 

Immediately after the call, he insists that this is all just fantasy and that he has never actually sucked a cock. Last week, I got him to finally open his mind and go to a hotel bar to flirt with a guy. I encouraged him to open his mind.

He just called me this morning. He took my advice and finally opened his mind to new experiences. He had gone to a hotel bar near the airport. A college football game was on TV, so talking about the game was a nice ice-breaker to get a conversation started. 

At the end of the game, my caller was invited up to the friendly bar patron’s hotel room. My caller was excited and hard. All of my encouraging words gave him the courage to experience his fantasy. He sucked his first cock and loved it! 


Written By: Brynna
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