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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

It’s so fun playing cum denial games while I humiliate you. I know you love it too. Making you jerk off for hours is intense, especially while your cock and balls are so full and tight. When I see rubber bands, I think about how much I love wrapping one around your tiny dick.

I own you! Your cock and balls are mine! It’s up to me when you can blow your load. It may be hours or even days before your pathetic dick gets to cum. Once you submit to this barely legal hottie, I’ll take complete ownership over your manhood. You’ll never want anyone to control your orgasm again.



Written By: Felicia
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Your Mom Is A Cunt

Your Mother is a stupid cunt who needs to be ended. You call me with your plan, but I need more. I can’t just straight out kill the fucking bitch. I need to do some extreme torture to get me going. 

I break into your house and drag you both into the basement. I wink at you and she is too terrified to even notice. I know she hates Asians and in her fear, she still manages to call me a Chink in her trembling voice. I make her dress in tight latex and she looks fucking ridiculous. I call her names, slap her, and grab her ugly tits. I pierce her nipples as she begs me to stop.

You’re wearing my panties and riding up and down on your dildo. I make the cunt watch you. She has spoiled herself and is now vomiting. What a useless pig she is. I shove dildos in both her holes. She screams in pain. I guess those holes hadn’t been used in ages.

I start up the chainsaw and begin cutting her limbs off. Fuck, there is a lot of blood. I am covered in it. Next comes her legs. I have to work fast now as I don’t want her to bleed out. She is losing so much blood and I see her eyes rolling back in her head. I finally show some mercy and make her suck on my gun for a bit. Then I blow her fucking head off.

Fuck, that was fun. Have a mom you can’t stand?  Let’s play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Waiting For Your Stimulus Check!

Your stimulus deposit has hit your account, and now is the time to pay up, loser! Let me make one thing clear to you- YOUR MONEY IS MINE! If you didn’t get a stimulus check because you make to much money, you’re obviously holding out on me and you’ll be financially raped more severely. Don’t think for one second a typical money raping call will get you off the hook. I want it all!

I know you get a pay-boner every time I demand more money from you. It’s not like you’re not getting anything out of it, your little pathetic pencil dick gets erect when I laugh and wallet rape you.

You and I both know your life has zero meaning unless I am dominating you. A hot girl like me would never be caught dead with a loser like you. My time is valuable and have way better things to do than talk to you, so you better make every financial tribute worth it to me.



Written By: Phoenix
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Size Queen Bambi

I know that we’ve all been stuck in a lot lately and we’re all a little sexually frustrated, but let me make something clear. Just because I’ve been missing cock does not mean that I’m going to settle for just anything.
A lot of you horny men have been flooding my inbox with tiny dick pics and they aren’t useful for anything but a good laugh. I’ll never be that desperate. Ever! Some of you “men”, and I say that loosely, are lucky that I don’t post your baby cocks for the entire world to see. They’re pathetic and so are all of you, but I think you know that already. I would be more than happy to give you all the reasons your cock will never be anywhere around me if you decide to call. I am a true size queen and those little pricks don’t impress me. If it’s not a big, thick 10 inches, I don’t want it. Ever.


Written By: Bambi
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My Little Faggot

I have a caller that goes by Little Eddie and he is such a cock sucking little faggot! He doesn’t mind me saying it because he knows that it’s 100% true and he’ll be the first one to tell you that! Once a queer, always a queer.

He’s been sucking dick and guzzling cum since he was young and has loved it ever since. He calls me his Queen and will do anything I tell him to do. I told him that after I had him clean my house from top to bottom, I would bring my girlfriends over so we can watch him take care of all the random guys we find for him to suck off. I’m sure his teeny tiny clit was throbbing just thinking about having all those hard pricks  to get off.

Little Eddie is a glutton for punishment though. He can’t help but talk back and loves having the men beat the hell out of him and then piss all over him when they’re done using him. He just loves being used. That’s the best part about Eddie. He knows exactly what he is and never minds showing it!


Written By: Raylin
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Voyeur Forced To Become Exhibitionist


There is a lot of hardcore sexual activity going on in my bedroom. Some of my submissive guests are shy and want discretion. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, I neglect to close the window blinds in my bedroom. 

There is a pervert who gets off watching me have rough BDSM sessions at home. He can see right into my bedroom from his bedroom window. I have caught him numerous times masturbating while he watches. This voyeur, as soon as he cums, closes his blinds. He has pissed me off, and now he must face my vengeance. 

Yesterday, I was fucking my favorite submissive’s ass with my big black strap-on. He was on all fours, and I pounded his ass as hard as I could. The poor guy looked up and freaked out when he saw the peeping tom, naked and jerking his dick in his window. It ruined my submissive’s orgasm, and it took awhile to get him hard again.

Now, I have had enough. I am a very talented researcher and figured out the name of the voyeur. He was a silly man who was very active on social media. I studied his movements and began stalking him. Punishing and humiliating him became my priority. I confess that for a couple of days, he was my obsession. The foolish man posted that he was at the local Irish Pub up on the next block. His ass was mine.

I had everything set up in my apartment. After a shower, I dressed in sexy black lingerie and a slutty dress. My voyeur was with his friends at the bar, but with my sultry eyes, I got his attention quickly. Soon he was offering to buy me drinks. I declined the cocktails because I had something else in mind. Playing my most seductive game, I lured him to the bathroom. As I put on my strap-on, he recognized me. He wanted to leave, but I am too strong and dominant, and he submitted to my kinky desires.

He vehemently stated he did not want anything in his ass. I told my bitch to shut the fuck up and pulled his cheeks apart. Of course, he complied, like any good boy. I fucked him hard! Fucked him even harder as he begged for mercy! As he was crying out,  I pointed to the camera and let him know that all my girlfriends from the neighborhood were watching him get fucked like a bitch. He begged me to stop. I spanked his ass and told him to smile pretty for the sexy ladies. Then I ruined his orgasm. 

I turned my naughty voyeur into a submissive exhibitionist. 

Mistress Koko 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Forced To Wear Green Panties

Mommy Morgan knows what is best for her boy. He got a little naughty on St. Patrick’s Day and needed to be punished. A little humiliation helps him remember that Mommy is always in charge. 

We have ancestors from Ireland, and we celebrate our heritage in the most fun ways in our family. I invite the entire family over for dinner. After dinner, there will be dessert and game night. I make homemade soda bread and Dublin Coddle for dinner. Since it is a special occasion, I allow my boy to have some of grandpa’s Irish Whiskey, which makes him forget his manners.

In the middle of dinner, he asks me if I am wearing a green bra and green panties. I give him a look and scold him.

After dinner, the ladies clean the kitchen, and the men relax in the front room. I pull my naughty boy into my bedroom. I unbutton my blouse and show him that I am indeed wearing a green bra. I explain to him the historical significance of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Now, as his punishment, I force my boy to take off his clothes and put on my green panties. Once he is wearing them, he has to go into the kitchen and show his aunties that he is wearing green panties. They laugh so hard as his young cock grows and squirts into the pretty panties. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Panty boy!


Mommy Morgan 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Off With His Head

        Welcome to my office. I am told I need to fix a little problem of yours. Please disrobe, and hop up on my table. Why know, it isn’t really sanitary. I just fucked my girlfriend on the table. You don’t mind, do you?

I can see the problem here. It seems that thing of yours is quite useless. No man can ever not get hard while they look at me. Now then there is you. I can see why your wife is suggesting we remove that limp piece of flesh. Shame really, it seems to be quite large, just not in working order. 

You ask me if I will use anything to deaden your pain. I explain that is is not up to me, but to the doctor. Ah, you thought I was doing the procedure. It’s the person who really deserves to cut that worthless thing off.  You see your wife, and she looks happier than you have ever made her. You beg to be able to cum one last time before we rid you off your cock and balls. I tease you and show you my gorgeous tits. Still nothing from you. 

    She is shaking a bit, you see your reflection on the scalpel blade. You hope it’s quick. It isn’t. When she is done, she has a request. She wants us to fuck over your bloody, useless body. Sounds like bloody fucking fun to Nurse Malaya.



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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You Will Never Measure Up To My Standards

Do you honestly think a girl like me would like a small penis? The funny thing is little dick losers love to call me. They like when I ridicule their manhood, and they quickly realize I never hold back.

They love when I tell them about my sex life. I tell them about some of my fuck buddies I see on a regular basis. It all kind of made sense when my callers would start asking me questions about what size cocks I preferred. They wanted to know how big they are. They asked about exact measurements, how big are their balls, and how good it felt when they gave me a hard pounding.

It’s funny to me because I can hear them stroking their tiny pencil dicks when I gave them the juicy details. They only wished they could satisfy a girl like me, but we both know it will never happen. Keep rubbing that tiny clit of yours because I’m a size queen and you’ll never measure up to my standards.


Written By: Dakota
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What Do You Expect Me To Do With That?

     I got an awesome new job as an intern at a record company. I was super excited by all the perks of the job. While the money was minimal to start, the benefits, traveling, and most of all, meeting sexy musicians made it so worthwhile. I couldn’t wait to start. The first few days were so much fun. I greeted people, served them drinks, and made them feel at home. So many hot men and women that I was horny all the time! 

One day one of my crushes from my teens walked it. He was older, tall and so fucking hot! We flirted back and forth , and he asked me out for drinks.

I met him at his suite since he needed privacy. He had drinks and snacks waiting for me when I got there. We chatted, flirted some more, and soon I was ready to fuck. I would like to say I could tell he was ready by the bulge in his pants, but well, not so much! I mean not so much at all!!! Well he was older, so maybe it just took him longer to warm up. 

Then it happened, or should I say didn’t happen. He slowly undressed me, kissing and licking his way down. I was so horny, and his tongue felt amazing. I was ready for more. I needed to have a big, thick dick pounding me. I put my hand between his legs, and then nothing. I mean he was hard, but hardly there. I mean like a pinky size. I guess because of who he was no other woman had the nerve to tell him that he was Mr. Empty Pants, he was rather proud of that wee little thing. I tried to suck it, maybe he was a grower, but nope it was like sucking one of my little fingers. Then I began to laugh. Not just a giggle but an uncontrollable, hysterical laugh. I texted my friends to show them how fucking tiny he was. No one could believe it. Well, I did have some real men in my contacts. So, bye bye Mr. Empty Pants.  


Written By: Callie
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