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Malaya’s Little Pipsqueak

I see you looking in my window. You are way too scared to even speak in my fucking presence, so you watch, stalk and worship. I get a twisted little thrill from teasing you. Even if you had me, you wouldn’t know what to do with me.

I put on a little show for you. Once you are completely mesmerized, a stunning amazon friend of mine hits you hard, and knocks you out. Poor wee man. You wake with a horrible headache, and  see three women just like me intently watching you. You’re excited, scared and beg our forgiveness.

We can’t help but laugh at your feeble fucking attempts to escape. You’re barely over 5 feet, so delicate and fragile. We are 8 feet tall with the strongest muscles you’ve ever seen on beautiful women. We demand you bring us drinks totally stripped down. You’re so embarrassed, and begin to beg. We checked your phone for useful information to blackmail you. We read some texts. It seems you are called Pipsqueak. How very fitting you tiny man. As you stare at us, your eyes roam to our muscled dancer legs, our six-pack stomachs and our strong arms. I could crush you like a bug under my stilettos.

Come here little man, it is time to play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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His Pain My Gain

A little fact not many people know about me is that I love going to events like block parties, and festivals. I adore the atmosphere once the sun goes down, and people who have been flirting hook up.

I was in the tiniest shorts, you could see my perfect ass cheeks, and a tiny tee that barely covered my delicious tits. A few men had been following me as I walked around, looked at booths, and enjoyed some frozen Rita’s. So many hot men!

I walked down an alley shortcut to where the band stages were set up. I kept thinking someone was behind me. I love a fucking air of mystery. I stopped to smoke a ciggy when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around so quickly and gave him a boot to his balls. He clearly liked pain as he didn’t even double up. I took a quick puff, and put it out on his arm. He still showed no reaction to the pain. I could smell his hair and skin burning.

He reached out for my pussy next, and asked if that’s all the pain I was going to give him. Stupid, stupid man. I grabbed his already kicked balls with my strong hand and squeezed till he finally bent over in pain. I was so excited at this point, I was ready for a wild, nasty rough fucking. I left pain boy in the alley and went to check out the bands. 


Written By: Brianna
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Frankie’s Den Of Pain

        Welcum to my world of pain and pleasure. You’re late, and that annoys the fuck out of me. Do you think I have all day bitch? Look at all my pretty, shiny, leather toys. Get on your knees and kiss the heels of my boots. Oops, did I accidentally kick you in the face and knock you over?

Eyes away from me, and on my walls. Look at all the lovely fucking implements of torture. Pick three items from the wall, and of course you know my boots will be part of it. A blindfold, spiked belt and a flogger. Perfect choice, my pain slut. I can see the bulge in your pants, and that is not acceptable. It is not my fault you actually have a big, thick cock and trophy balls. Not my problem. 

Time to strip for me, and do it slow. Even a twisted bitch like me loves a good, slow strip. Now, put on your blindfold. On all fours as I guide your head into the guillotine. Stop begging, you pathetic loser. You know the guillotine could be fake, or the blade could chop things off. You wail, beg and cry as I flog your  back, legs, balls and cock. I hate to disappoint you, but the fucking belt just isn’t working for me. Your ass looks completely fuckable spread out like that. I believe it is time for me to use my huge strap-on. I promise it will only hurt for as long as I desire. 


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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You’re Fucked, Loser!

You have been a very bad husband. You pimped out your wife, and stole your Mother in Law’s diamond necklace. Now it is time to pay the piper. You had no idea your mother in law was a practicing witch craft, now did you dumb ass? Karma is a bitch, so now you will be our bitch.

She found me, and now you are FUCKED. You must pay her back for that necklace, but at the same time you must make financial amends with her daughter, your ex wife. You barely make enough to pay your bills. So what is fucking next then?

You could try to run, but you are bound to us and there is no escape. Think on it awhile, the answer to your problems is your two fuck holes. Yes, loser you’re going to see what it is like to be pimped out. I am going to give you lessons on just how to suck a dick. If I am into the man, I give the hottest, sloppiest wet blowjobs. Your head would blow off with excitement. Watch me so you can learn? Hardly, you pathetic loser.

Down on your knees, and do a good job so you can get your $5.00 to give to your Mother In Law. At this rate, it will take you years to pay your debt. By the time we are done with you, you just might enjoy sucking dick and getting your ass pounded.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Girls Night That Got Interrupted

I had a girls night at my condo. I invited 6 of my closest friends. I bought alcohol, junk food and got a few Redbox movies.

My girlfriends and I were having a blast. We were all in our sexy pajamas just drinking and talking about men. I brought out my new favorite dildo and told them how awesome it was. I was rubbing it up against my friends ass when all of a sudden my phone sex line rings. I look at my caller ID and it was my favorite loser, Jeff!

At first, I wasn’t going to take it because my indicator was off, but then I thought how fun it would be if my girlfriends listened in. I put him on speaker phone and right away from his sad, pathetic voice, my friends all starting laughing. He could hear them so I told him what was going on.

I asked Jeff if he would send over a picture of his little pencil dick so all my friends can have a laugh. Sure enough, they all had something to say between the laughter of 6 girls. They couldn’t believe a loser like Jeff even existed. They told him that he couldn’t be a man for having a penis that size, so we gave him a new name: Julia.

We had Julia get out a toy but he said he didn’t own any, I found that hard to believe, but whatever. After going through a list of things, we finally thought of the perfect thing for our loser. He had a cucumber! We told him to measure it and he said it was about 7 inches, which was double his size. My girlfriends and I instructed Julia to fuck his man pussy. He did everything we asked and then his little clit squirted a few drops.

My friends said it was the best night ever!


Written By: Missy
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Itty Bitty Baby Dicks Pay Up!


That’s right, you know who you are with your little itty, bitty micro wee wee’s! You have to pay hot girls like me to even talk to you because you have a baby shrimp dick. You need a girl like me to put you in your place, and make you cry like the baby dick you are.

I love making losers like you pay to stroke your pathetic little dick. I will milk your wallet and make you go bankrupt. I will have you selling all your property and stealing your wife’s wedding ring and pawning it just so you can call me and pay to pump your little baby penis.

You could never have a hot, young girl like me. I only fuck big, thick cocks. I know you would sit in the corner of the room and pay to watch me take a real cock while you pump your pencil dick.

See you have a penis, and I only love cocks. I could never feel you inside of me even if we tried. I love laughing and making fun of little pencil dicks like you, and you know who you are! You’re pathetic little penis knocker stroking all day and paying me to make you cum. That’s right you even pay your little cum fees to cum with me.

It’s time to call and have your wallet raped while jack your itty, bitty baby dick for Kendall.


Written By: Kendall
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Snapping Necks For Pleasure

I guess forcing me as a little babe to take gymnastics wasn’t the worst idea. I am pretty fucking limber now aren’t I? I know what you’re thinking, and that will never happen. You just aren’t my type, but you knew that the minute you tried to get my attention. Now you have it, and you are going to regret it quickly!

You spread my legs and try to lick my tasty twat. My legs wrap around your head. You aren’t going anywhere useless bitch. Did I hear his neck snap? Now, that is just a shame! I really had more plans for him. I wanted him on cam for all my fuck buddies to see what happens if you displease me.

I have to admit, this little fucking adventure has gotten me hot as fuck. Call me bitch, let’s see if you are worth my time. Doubtful!



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!


Written By: Delaney
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Humiliation at The Hospital

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we get new male patients at the hospital, I always take a sneak peek of the goods. I’m always curious whats under the sheets.

The other nurses and I always play a game. We take bets on the patients cock size. Nurse Loretta knows her cocks and let’s just say, I haven’t lost too many bets.

I wait till patients are sleeping and I lift the covers and slide the gown over to expose their cocks. I give it a few strokes and maybe licks so I can get him hard. Most patients are so out of it, they have no idea what is going on. Then I get my little measuring tape out of my uniform pocket, just to make sure I am accurate.

I was in complete shock the other day when I saw this hunky man. I bet all the nurses that he had a 8.5 inch cock. When I lifted the covers from his hospital bed, I just started laughing. I had to call in the other nurses. He had a micro penis! Everyone’s phones were coming out to take pictures to share with their friends.

The gentleman woke up from all of our laughter and he was surrounded by 8 women   all looking down at his tiny clit. He wanted to know what was going on so I thanked him. I told him I was having a shitty day until I saw your tiny dick and now I can’t stop laughing. 


 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Lick Me Clean

  I knew you would be home from work soon, and I decided the time was right for you to know my little secret. I play your sweet girlfriend in public, but while you’re gone I need cock! I put my finger to my lips to make sure you are quiet. We both knew this day would come, the day I make it clear you’re a cuckold. Did you really think my hot, wet pussy was that wet for you? 

Let’s face it, I like my cocks big, and my men rough around the edges. Then, of course, there is you. You pay my bills, take me to wild resorts and in return, you have me on your arm. Tonight is the night we admit who you are.

You keep quiet and hide behind the kitchen door. You watch me get pounded by a man, a boy really half your age. You see the look on my face. I never look that way for you, do I? He is gone, and it is just the two of us.

There is no need for either of us to hide the truth. You love cum as much as me, and you will consider it an honor to lick and suck it out of my just fucked pussy. Down on your knees bitch!


Written By: Cameron
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