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I Own Your Ass

HARLEY  I love extreme role-plays, give me your naughty ideas and I will take it to a whole new level you never imagined. I have a new caller and when I see his number on my ID, my heart beats faster and I can feel my pussy begin to gush. Yes! That is how fucking good it is. Yesterday it went a little something like this.

The big principal has sent an email to my Mom about me being suspended and possibly kicked out of my posh, boring private school. He is coming over for a meeting but Mom knows dick about techy things so I make the email go away before she sees it. 

I greet him at the door and invite him in. Oh yeah, I was out of a bath and in a nighty for bed. He was trembling and stumbling over his words and saying he should go. I invite him in and help him with the huge file he has on him, oops it accidentally got tossed in the fireplace. I can’t believe how clumsy I am because I accidentally spilled my coke on his white shirt. I took it off, or rather ripped it off of him and promised to wash it before he leaves. I have tricked him out of his shoes and socks as well.

I have him, I own his ass already as a cam has been going this whole time of his reactions to my hot little body. Once I get him in my room and we discuss terms of making this all go away, I offer him some water. Looks like the Big P is getting a little dizzy. Once he wakes up, his pants are off and he is handcuffed. He begins to beg, and buys me a few credit cards. You know our contract and all.  He hears mom in the house.  Oops! His cock is hard and I begin to ride him very loudly. Mom is asking what is wrong, and he is fucking freaking.

I smother his face with my sweet pussy to shut him the fuck up and tell him if he can make me cum quickly, he might just make it out my window before mom comes to my room. I show him mercy, take off the handcuffs and allow him to cum. Then I toss his clothes out the window and tell him he better hustle!


Written By: Harley
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Bree’s Pantyboy Playhouse

Tuck your little dick inside your sweet little pink panties. All my girlfriends are coming over for a sexy lingerie party. You can hang with us girls today because you possess more girly traits than masculine ones. For starters, your cock is just so tiny that it is more like a clit. Also, your ass has a round curve which is why you look so cute in panties! You are soft and small, petite and sweet, not big and strong like our boyfriends. We tease you and embarrass you, but you love humiliation.

You are one of the girls. We tell you our secrets, we let you go shopping with us, you borrow our clothes, and we put makeup on your face. We tease you about being a girl, and you love it!

Be a good girl and you can cum in your panties.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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My Cuckold Landlord

    My landlord never lets me know when work is being done at my house, and it is so fucking annoying. I stumbled out of bed in part of last nights lingerie after my hookup left after a hot morning fuck. I really just wanted something to eat and more sleep before tonight’s clubbing.

He was on the roof making sure all was good before the Fall cold set in. Mr Chase was staring at my perfect tits so hard I was surprised he didn’t fall of the roof.  At this point I came up with a plan thinking that maybe next time he will give me notice that he was coming over. 

I invited him in and offered him a cup of coffee. I could see the less than impressive bulge in his pants. I wondered how he would take getting a mouth full of jizz from the hottie I fucked all  night and this morning. He seemed mesmerized by the jizz dripping down my legs. Then I did it, I grabbed him by his hair and pushed his face into my dripping pussy. He licked and slurped it up like a good little cuckold. 


Written By: Easy Elle
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Pantyboy Masturbation Party Phone Sex

Hey there, Pantyboy! I have some new little panties for you. They are so soft and silky. You are adorable in my panties. Your cock is so tiny that we can tuck it in your panties. You are as smooth as I am between your legs. 

It is time for a Pantyboy Party. I invite you over for an evening of fun and sex games. I talk you into putting on a pair of my panties for me. My hot roommates are waiting for you to start the show. Come out and show off for the girls, my little exhibitionist pantyboy. Shake your little ass! It makes the ladies laugh and tease you. 

You are hilarious. The night is full of so much laughter because you are walking around all night in just your panties. The girls and I surround you. You are excited but intimidated. You feel weak and controlled by girls half your age. It is humiliating but exhilarating to be in nothing but a pair of panties in front of so many giggly girls. 

Spread your legs, pantyboy, and rub yourself through your silky panties. Your cock tingles and twitches. Put your hand inside of your panties. Grab your little cock and rub that head against your panties. Put on a Pantyboy Masturbation Show for us girls. Keep playing. We guide you, control you, tell you what to do until you cum in your little panties.

The girls tease you and laugh so hard when you finally squirt into your panties!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Boss Gets Punished by New Secretary

Human Resources assigns you a new temporary personal assistant while your regular girl is on leave. You have read Koko’s resume, and she seems well qualified for this position, but there is something hardcore about her. Her strong personality, quick wit, and piercing eyes make you wonder if you will end up working for her some day. She dresses professionally, but very sexy. You would love to pull up that tight pencil skirt and rip off her panties. Bend her over your desk and take her! She has you distracted. You will have to be extra tough on her to break her in so that she knows her place.

One day, you are impatiently waiting for a report from Koko. You interrupt her while she is on the phone. She looks up, glaring at you. You know that you are being very rude, but you are the boss. You are in charge. She works for you. She doesn’t get off the phone. She is pissing you off. Maybe she even prolongs her phone conversation longer than necessary, just to get under your skin. When Koko finally hangs up the phone, she doesn’t say a word. She gets up from her desk and walks into your office, straight to your desk.  You follow her, like a yapping little puppy dog, and you keep asking about the report, but Koko doesn’t answer you.  She picks up your report that is already on your desk. She walks to the door and locks it. She turns and stares. You have lost all your control. You apologize but then rationalize your rudeness by placing blame on Koko.

She tells you that you are a weak excuse of a man, a pathetic individual. Get down on your knees where you belong you worthless worm. She picks up the picture of your wife and kids and laughs at you. She humiliates you. You are now her bitch. Time for you to get fucked like a bitch. Koko lifts up her skirt and puts on a strap-on. She fucks you like the little bitch you are! She fucks your ass hard. You moan and groan as your ass gets fucked! Yes, this is what you have been craving. A woman to turn you into her very submissive bitch! 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Teaching Her a Lesson

There’s a new girl at my gym and she seems to like taking all the attention. Some of my girlfriends and I were getting a little tired of her prancing around in tiny little shorts and her tits out and getting the guys hot and bothered.

We decided that if she wanted to act like a slut, we would ALL treat her like one. One day in the shower, I snuck up behind her and put a towel around her neck. I drug her out, kicking and screaming, where the others girls were waiting. She looked up from the floor and saw us standing there, completely naked, dildos in hand. She wanted all the cock and we were going to make sure that she got it! She tried to get away, but found herself pinned to the floor, one of the girls sitting on her face. Since it was my idea, I put on my strap on and slid it in first. She screamed and got more than a pussy in her face, one of the girls slid a 9 inch cock down her throat. We laughed and teased her as we took turns ramming fingers, toys and tongues into her holes.

When we finished with her, her holes were gaping and she was covered in sweat. We left her laying there on the floor. It was the last time we saw her and after hearing what we did to her, the men can’t keep their hands off of us.


 Written By: Bambi
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Cock Hunt

He showed up at my house looking like the ultimate sissy. It was pretty adorable but of course, it’s really hard not to laugh. All dressed and ready to hit the town. I love how he just stops by and surprises me with another fabulous flamboyant outfit. He’s always seeking my approval.

He was looking perfect! Sexy and slutty! He was dressed for a serious cock hunt. With a kiss, I sent him on his way. I wished him good luck. Not that he would need it. I instructed him to suck as many cocks as he possible could. I certainty know that he won’t let me down. I can’t wait to hear all the juicy details. I just know that faggot cock sucker is going to get everyone of his holes filled with loads of warm, gooey jizz!


Written By: Faith
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Pantyboy Teased By Cute Coeds

The girls and I have already moved back into our house off campus. Classes have not started yet, so we have lots of time to play and have naughty fun. During the day, we hang out together. At night, we slip into the sexiest little outfits to show off our summer tans. We pick up the hottest guys, with big cocks. Sexy college girls know how to have fun. 

Today, we spend the day shopping at the mall. We are picking up such cute outfits and shoes. The last store is Victoria Secrets. We saved the best for last. I get wet looking at all the sexy bra and panty sets. I found a super sexy bra but wanted the sales lady to help me find matching panties in my size. She is helping a male customer. There he is! A panty boy. Obviously, he is lying. The panties are not for his wife. They are for him. It is no secret; he is lusting after those panties. There is a twinkle in his eye, his pupils are dilated, and he is breathing heavy. He can’t wait to get home and put on those panties. 

I point him out to the other girls. After he makes his purchase, we lure him back to our house. He thinks he is being seduced. Tell him that if he gets lucky, he might get into our panties tonight. That’s really funny! We don’t fuck him. We fuck with his mind!  Humiliate the bitch! Expose him for being a panty boy and having a tiny dick. Make him serve all of us hot girls while wearing his little new pink panties. 


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Devil With An Angel Face


Men tell me I have the most angelic face, and they couldn’t imagine me being anything but sweet. Looks can be very deceiving can’t they? I am anything but a sweet, innocent submissive chick. Just for fun, why don’t you give it a fucking try. Ask me out to go see a chick flick, bring me pink roses and gift certificates to mundane stores and restaurants. Let’s just see what that gets you? 

There is three things I want from a man and all that depends on the type of man you present yourself as. You can be my little sissy bitch and suck dicks dressed like a little girl while I catch it all on film. How do you like that option? 

Our second option and that does get my deviant little mind excited, that is to slowly torture you till there is nothing left of you but a bloody pulp.  I play rough and I am sadistic, but you can have the satisfaction in knowing it DID fucking excite me.

Then there is a third kind of man, a very special man that you most likely aren’t. He gets the best fuck of his whole life but sadly for him, I will most likely choke him at that special moment where the bitch in heat explodes.


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Pantyboy Cuckold Phone Sex

I ask you to party. You think you are my date! That is hilarious! You are small! Yeah, you are tall, but you are small where it really counts! It is so humiliating for you when you realize that you are not my date, but rather the pantyboy cuckold for the party! College girls need a good laugh as much as we need a real man to fuck us.

I have cute pink frilly panties for you to wear. All the girls are gorgeous. You can look but not touch. You are just too small. You are relieved that your tiny cock is tucked in your panties. All of us girls are talking about all the guys we fucked over the summer break. Every single girl is talking about the size of the guy’s dick. Yes, of course, size matters!

Finally, the highlight of the night! A real man joins the party. You are forced to your knees and made to suck his cock. All the beautiful college girls are teasing you, calling you naughty names, embarrassing you. Your eyes are watering. You are gagging on his cock, but secretly the more humiliating, the harder your own little dick gets. Humiliation makes you hard!

I pity you. Little pantyboy cocksucker, play with your tiny dick and cum in your pink panties!

Bratty Bree