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SPH Phone Sex

Last night my girls were over. We were hanging kicking back taking a few shots before we headed out for the night. One of my girlfriends asked me if I’ve received any new hilarious dick pictures lately LOL! of course I have! We all know guys love taking pictures of their dicks! No matter what size or shape it is. I love sharing with the girls and they are very eager to see and get a good laugh. Something about having all the control and knowing I  can stomp on these small dick losers anytime I want. It makes me so fucking wet.

Let’s see what your packing? So my girlfriends and I can make fun of you too!

Humiliation In The Red Light District

Humiliation is the name of the game for you. The more humiliated you are, the more excited you become. Being put on display in very embarrassing situations is thrilling for you, and entertaining for me. 

You work for me in the red light district. There are clubs for every erotic desire lined up on both sides of the street. I own one of the best clubs, and you are my star. Every night, you perform up on a stage in front of a large audience.  Before the show, you and I stand on the street, wearing only our lingerie to lure people into my club. Yes, you wear whatever slutty little outfit that I select for you: corsets, bustiers, bras, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, chemises, bodysuits. You have to stand on the street enticing the crowd to purchase a ticket for the show. You must stand there and endure all the name calling, whistling, and illicit touching until every seat is full, then the real show can start. 

Every night there is something different. Always new tantalizing treats for my voyeurs to enjoy. Sometimes on stage, you are dressed like a slutty little whore, and sometimes you are completely naked. I instruct you to perform for the crowd. One night you might put on a masturbation show. Occasionally, I use my strap-on and fuck you which is a real crowd pleaser. You service the ladies on Ladies Night. When I want to push the envelope, there are water sports for you. Every Friday night, you become a cock loving, cum drinking whore. I bring men up from the audience. Either one at a time or a group of men with very large cocks. They can use your mouth and then your ass to put on a fucking fantastic sex show. 

It is humiliating to be used in this manner, but you, my naughty exhibitionist, love it! 

Mistress Brynna 


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Dirty Little Ass Licker


My friends were hanging out and we were all having Bailey’s slushies, laughing and talking about boys when my phone rang. I knew by the caller ID exactly who it was so I thought I would give my friends a good laugh. I answered with my phone on speaker and this little sissy voice said ” Princess Delaney, I am sorry for not calling you in so long but I have been eating dirty assholes”. I thought my friends were going to die!! One even spit out her drink.

Normally, I would go into my bedroom for some privacy but this was way too juicy not to share. He began going on and on about all his boyfriends and how they let him suck their big dicks and make out with their big hairy balls. Taylor grabbed the phone from me and began to flirt with him.  She told him he could be her sissy maid and clean her house and wash her lingerie. Of course, he would probably try to wear her sexy things.

Before I knew it, she had his silly ass on cam and he promised to suck dicks for 5.00 a pop and bring her the money. Five Dollars? I mean you would think a dirty little cocksucker like him could make more than that. We kept him on the phone for like three hours as we drank and giggled. My house was always known for amazing sleepovers but this was the best time ever!

Princess Delaney

DelaneyWritten By: Delaney
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Dominated At The Library

You and a group of your buddies are sitting at a table in the school library. You have a group project due in a week. The research needs to be gathered at the library instead of the internet. I am the strict and stern librarian. I tolerate no nonsense. You will suffer severe consequences for misbehaving in my library. 

I catch you laughing and being mischievous. I grab you by the collar and take you to my office. I threaten to have you have you banned from the library which will cause you to fail the course. You beg for mercy and promise to do anything for me.

I don’t take pity on you. Actually, you being banned from the library would be a gentler punishment than the one I have in mind for you. I tell you to leave now and come back to the library at Midnight where you will be punished, abused and used by my dominate girlfriends.  You have a tough choice to make. Be banned and fail, OR you will be turned into a submissive little bitch boy. I will blindfold you and tie you down. You will serve every Mistress in the room. You will experience physical pain and humiliation. Your ass will be mine!

Mistress Koko 

Piercing My New Slave

I have been training a new slave for several months. He is progressing quite well. He has been tortured and whipped. He is trained to submit to my commands, to worship my body, and to serve my every need and desire. I have tested his obedience and devotion. Recently, I rewarded him. I placed a collar around his neck. He wears it with pride. Now, it is time to take it to that next step.

Yesterday, I had a lavish ceremony with a few of my most beautiful girlfriends. An enthusiastic audience adds to his humiliation. I pierced my slave’s nipples and his balls. I got excited when he winced in pain and begged for mercy. I own him. He is my property. A gold ring was placed in each of his nipples. I can attach a chain between his nipples and his balls. When he gets out of line, or just for my amusement, I will tug on that chain to inflict pain. Don’t feel too sorry for him. The pain causes an erection and his balls to flood with cum. I control his orgasms.

The piercings mark him and remind him that he is my property even when not in presence. He is my submissive, my slave, my property. The piercings are a symbol of our Mistress/slave relationship. A symbol similar to a wedding ring demonstrating our bond and commitment.

Mistress Koko

Pain and Humiliation Phone Sex

koko 2

You make me laugh, but you make all the girls laugh at you. You are cute, but you have such a tiny dick. You get turned on by humiliation. You place yourself in situations where beautiful women tease you and laugh at you. You like ladies catching you masturbating. How can they do anything but laugh? Gorgeous women attract guys with big cocks, real men. You are so super tiny that you bring out my wicked sense of humor.

You take pictures of your little dick, and I share them with my girlfriends who need a good laugh at the end of a stressful day. I make you order panties and sex toys. I wonder what your mail lady thinks of you when she delivers packages from Luscious Lingerie and Adam and Eve. She knows that you live alone and she has caught you masturbating through the window. Yeah, I made you do that. I made you open your curtains, sit on the sofa next door. As she walked on the porch to deliver your mail, she saw you playing with your little tiny dick. It would be dishonest to use the word “stroking.” You don’t have enough dick to stroke. Ha ha. She probably went to the bar that night and told all her girlfriends about the tiny dick guy on her route that masturbates like crazy, orders panties and sex toys. You are extremely embarrassed, but you are also turned on, my little dick wonderboy.

I make you wear your panties. Pose pretty and send me selfies. I need a good laugh today. Now actually degrade yourself. Piss in your new panties and take another selfie. Stand there and think about how embarrassed you are. You make me laugh! Now smack your balls. Hit them harder. Do it now. I want to hear it. Wow, that just your little dick harder. Put ice cubes all over your balls and cock. Want you soft again. Your cock is so tiny soft. Almost nothing there at all. I tease you. I threaten to fly you to my place and turn you into my most devoted and loyal houseboy. You find that exciting but it was meant to be punishment. You love the idea of worshipping me and entertaining my girlfriends by making them laugh at your little cock and your panties. You send me pics of you doing housework in your bra and panties. Oh my, these are best pics yet. I did not even ask for these pics, but you are such an exhibitionist that you sent them. You make me laugh. The harder I laugh at you, the harder your cock gets.

I think I will just keep edging you, but I am not going to let you cum. Just tease and denial is all you get from me.

Mistress Koko

Want To Share

         I know how you are, you love big, thick dicks just like I do. Letdelaney3 (6)‘s face it, if it is big we will suck and fuck it till we drain it dry. Thing is while I might be a greedy chick when it comes to huge cock, I just might share if you are deserving.

I guess you might be wondering what would make you deserving of the cocks I bring home? LOL. Well when I am finished getting my holes pumped and filled with jizz you can clean them out. Thing is, you know how it is when you are nice and loose from a good ass pounding and suddenly…………OOps!

Ready? Of course you are! Just give me a call and let’s drain those big hairy trophy balls.

I Don’t Think So

I know you look at me and see a cock hungry slut. It’s true, I am, but I’m a picky cock hungry slut! Don’t think for one second that I have an interest in that tiny nub between your legs. Mommy Georgia is a size queen and that clit stick that you call a dick isn’t going to cut it. I’m insulted that you would even THINK to offer that fucking disgrace to me. Maybe the other whore in your life don’t care, but I have standards and you are under qualified to fuck this pussy. I feel like I should be fucking you… the cock I have tucked away in my night stand is better than what you’re packing. Don’t call me with your 2 inch cock and expect me to moan in the phone like I love it… fuck that! I can’t even pretend. I’ll gladly take your money, but I’ll let you know your place really quick. Where are all my small dick losers? I’ll be happy to be your queen, but it comes at a price… your dignity!

Premature Ejaculation At Its best


 Or would that be at its worst. I can’t quite wrap my hand, I mean mind around that one. I was chatting with this man, he seemed pretty cool and definitely was hot looking. I thought maybe I would give him a try, quick fuck and then see if it leads to more hook-ups. No one was around and we began to kiss passionately. Clothes were coming of super quickly…..

And then it happened. He told me he comes rather fast. Okay, no issues as many guys come fast first time with someone new and well, it was in public. I told him he could satisfy me first and see where it leads.

He looked at me rather embarrassed with cum all over his leg. What the fuck just happened? I think it took him all of 20 seconds once his clothes came off…20 fucking seconds!! Well, that was a first that I would never want to repeat although, I could not stop laughing when I told my friends over drinks later that night!

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
AIM- xoxodaphne

Humiliation Phone Sex With Harley

   Harley    I got home rather early from a great night out. Five Star restaurant, limo, and the Macallan “M” scotch was flowing. My date was a childhood friend of my dad’s and while very generous and sweet, rather boring. Now I am home all dressed up and very buzzed and horny. I poured myself another glass and my mind started racing wandering to very dirty places.

I texted a friend who works at Rick’s Club and asked what she was up to. She told me the club was packed and joked about needing an extra girl to help out with the VIP guests. Before I even thought about it, I called a taxi and was on my way. The music was blaring and she talked me into getting on stage. I didn’t need much persuading. 

Once on stage, I slowly stripped down to my black lingerie, the men were completely into a newbie that didn’t even work there. Before long, one of the bouncers handed me a message to go to the VIP lounge. My client was waiting and I began my ultra sexy lap dance. I was so fucking wet, I just wanted to fuck him till I exploded. The bouncer came back in, apologized and asked if either of us would mind if someone watched. KINKY! We were told he would pay both of us a tidy sum to watch so it was a total win/win for us both and the thought of someone paying to watch made me even hotter.

            The door opened and even in the darkish room I could see it was my date. Yes, I live in a very small town with only one strip club, but I had no fucking idea. I thought the old man was home sleeping. I don’t what got into me but I began to humiliate him, telling him he wished he could please me like the man I was riding. The more I teased him, the more excited he got and soon was begging to lick me clean when I was done. Well, I had no idea he was a cuckold. I wonder what his wife would think?  What a fucking night!

HarleyWritten By: Harley