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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!


Written By: Delaney
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Humiliation at The Hospital

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we get new male patients at the hospital, I always take a sneak peek of the goods. I’m always curious whats under the sheets.

The other nurses and I always play a game. We take bets on the patients cock size. Nurse Loretta knows her cocks and let’s just say, I haven’t lost too many bets.

I wait till patients are sleeping and I lift the covers and slide the gown over to expose their cocks. I give it a few strokes and maybe licks so I can get him hard. Most patients are so out of it, they have no idea what is going on. Then I get my little measuring tape out of my uniform pocket, just to make sure I am accurate.

I was in complete shock the other day when I saw this hunky man. I bet all the nurses that he had a 8.5 inch cock. When I lifted the covers from his hospital bed, I just started laughing. I had to call in the other nurses. He had a micro penis! Everyone’s phones were coming out to take pictures to share with their friends.

The gentleman woke up from all of our laughter and he was surrounded by 8 women   all looking down at his tiny clit. He wanted to know what was going on so I thanked him. I told him I was having a shitty day until I saw your tiny dick and now I can’t stop laughing. 


 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Lick Me Clean

  I knew you would be home from work soon, and I decided the time was right for you to know my little secret. I play your sweet girlfriend in public, but while you’re gone I need cock! I put my finger to my lips to make sure you are quiet. We both knew this day would come, the day I make it clear you’re a cuckold. Did you really think my hot, wet pussy was that wet for you? 

Let’s face it, I like my cocks big, and my men rough around the edges. Then, of course, there is you. You pay my bills, take me to wild resorts and in return, you have me on your arm. Tonight is the night we admit who you are.

You keep quiet and hide behind the kitchen door. You watch me get pounded by a man, a boy really half your age. You see the look on my face. I never look that way for you, do I? He is gone, and it is just the two of us.

There is no need for either of us to hide the truth. You love cum as much as me, and you will consider it an honor to lick and suck it out of my just fucked pussy. Down on your knees bitch!


Written By: Cameron
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Not Even Close

I started dating a new man and I really, really liked him. I was looking forward to the more physical parts of our relationship, but we ran into a problem. His cock is way too small. Sorry! That’s unacceptable to me. I don’t care how amazing you are, you can’t fuck me with a tiny baby dick. I want nothing, and I do mean nothing to do with you sexually. He didn’t understand that, so I had to show him the type of man I prefer.

I invited him over and had a real man with a real cock waiting. I made him sit there and watch me get properly fucked by the big dick stud I found.

In the end, I think he understood. There’s no way that a woman has ever came as hard for him, not with that little prick of his. He didn’t even put up a fight when I guided his head between my legs to slurp up the cream pie. I love when a man knows his place.


Written By: Abby
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Revenge On My Brothers

They’re at it again! I know my phone sex brothers sneak into my room when I am asleep. Do they think I am too stupid to know what is dried all over my face? It’s jizz! What they don’t know is if they woke me up, I would suck and fuck them till their balls were drained.

I think I need to get some revenge. I have this friend, he is a guy but he has long blonde hair, and is super slim and tiny like me. He LOVES cock and the feel of jizz on his face and in his ass. If he sleeps on his tummy, face down they would never know. Evan would get his load of jizz and my homophobic brothers would lose their minds knowing they fucked a dude. 

  Want to know how it all went down? Give me a shout!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Be Careful What You Ask For

    Checking all my emails this morning with a cup of coffee which was hot and black like I love it, when an email caught my attention. I replied briefly and he then sent me his life story. His family history, his many ex’s info, his bank accounts, credit cards and so forth. By then, I was on my third cup of coffee and decided to check out his information. He fucking gave it to me, and I wouldn’t want to insult him by not using it.

I went into his Facebook page, changed his password and began posting as him. Seriously, I was having too much fun! He called me in a panic. “Come on now dumbass, what did you think I would do with the info.” He begged me to stop, asked me to just use his credit cards and shop. Sure, he assumes as a woman shopping will stop my Facebook postings. Doesn’t he think I can do both at once. That is what he gets for not thinking or thinking too much!

Feel free to email me with your scenarios. I just might see one that gets me excited, or gives me the urge to use and abuse you.


Written By: Brianna
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Erotic Mind Games

I dominate and control you. You worship me, and you are my loyal submissive slave. You’re eager to please me and never disappoint. My voice controls your orgasms, and you become excited with anticipation for your next session with me. You need me. I am in your head and your heart. Your desire to serve me and obey me. I own you. 

When you need a good orgasm, I make sure you get one. Although, they’re times when refraining or prolonging your cum is best for you. I edge you, deny or ruin your orgasm. Possibly, you need a rough strap-on session. Trust the process. You need me to think for you, so let me. Don’t fight, just submit and serve me well. 

They’re times when you need to be punished. Spare the rod, and spoil the slave! They’re times when you need to be coddled. I give you encouragement and coax you down a new path. I reassure you that everything is okay and fate will ensure a happy life for you. 

You are brainwashed but in a good way. I know your secrets and your desires. I know you better than anyone else on the planet. I understand and accept your fetish. You may not know what is best for you, but I do. Mind control may sound like a negative thing, but in your case, my little weakling, it is necessary.

Your Mistress Koko dominates you, and you are one happy little slave.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Up Your Loser Ass


Yes, I look fucking awesome in my stilettos ,but a loser bitch like you isn’t allowed to look. I have special plans for your pathetic ass. Strip off your clothes, and put on this frilly little g-string. Now, crawl to me and beg me to let you be my bitch. Is that how you beg? Not good enough for me, I want to REALLY hear you beg. Lick, suck, and deep throat my 8 inch heel. Come on now cock sucker, show me what you can do as I fuck your face. Gag for me! I fucking suggest you get my heel super wet because you get no lube!

It is time for me to get my friends on Facetime so they can watch my heel disappear in your ass? I wonder if I can balance myself enough to shove both stiletto heels up your flabby loser ass? Ah, you have learned to beg after all.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Sharing Big Dick Stories

I laugh so hard when a caller asks if I like big dicks. I mean, what kind of question is that? Who doesn’t love big, thick, veiny dicks. I always know what that question is leading up to. It usually means my caller has a tiny, little worm dick and wants to hear about all the big dicks I have sucked and fucked. I am always happy to share my stories, but minutes into it, I have to reach for my vibe.

We were both getting rather enthusiastic chatting about the biggest dicks I have had the pleasure of stroking, sucking and fucking.

I was telling my caller about Jim. He had the biggest trophy balls I have ever seen, and his dick was like a fucking baseball bat. He told me most women need to ease into sex with him, but not me! I couldn’t wait to have all my holes stretched out by Jim’s sexy dick.

My caller was getting ready to squirt from his little clitty but I had a bit of a surprise for him before he finished. I emailed him a picture of Jim’s dick, as I had been looking at it and drooling the whole time. Once my caller and I were completely drained and satisfied, I got to thinking and next thing you know, Jim was at my door.


Written By: MILF Suzanne
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Too Bad

I’m involved in a relationship with a man that is definitely my cuck. Our arrangement has been going on for years and up until a couple of weeks ago, it was wonderful. I got everything that I wanted and he got the things that he needed.

All of a sudden, he feels like he can change things up and wants to be the aggressive one. LOL! Don’t make me laugh. I have no respect for this loser and there is no way that I’m submitting to him. I realized that I was going to have bring him back down to reality.

I invited him over and had a group waiting for him. I quickly had him tied to a chair. It was time to show him EXACTLY where he fit into my life. Him watching 5 men fuck me is what he gets. I’m usually a lot nicer and will at least allow him to stroke his cock. Not this time! He doesn’t deserve it with his fucking bad attitude.

I came and came while he sat there begging. As much as I love his begging, I still didn’t let him cum. After the men finished up with me, I kept him tied up and went to sleep. Needless to say, he’s happy with our arrangement again.



Written By: Ivette
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