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Mistress Ava Is Always In Charge


I am the wicked, controlling, dominant Office Manager. We are a new client with your company and today is your first to our office.

You have been looking forward to your visit. For months now, while courting the business, you have enjoyed many conversations with our flirtatious receptionist. You are very excited about meeting her and possibly even seducing her while in town. 

The flu has hit our office, and we have a number of our ladies at home on bed rest, including our very pretty, young receptionist. I have come up with a schedule where all of us ladies take turns, one hour at the receptionist desk to provide coverage. 

Your flight was delayed this morning due to bad weather, so you do not make to our office until noon. When you walk in, I happen to be sitting behind the front desk, covering the phones.

You are startled to see a mature woman. You assume that I am our receptionist, so you start flirting with me in a very familiar manner. I just accept your flirtation and return a smile. I inform you that the managers are at lunch, but will return soon.

With lusty, sexy eyes and a wicked smile, you say, “I would like to have YOU for lunch.”

At this point, I introduce myself as Ava, the Office Manager, and I assure that can be arranged. You can be my submissive little boy toy.  Once you have worshiped every inch of me, you can end up on your knees in front of me. You can serve me and give me pleasure. Make me squirt, and you have my lovely pussy juices for a very erotic lunch. 

Always in Charge,


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Even Losers Can Get My Attention


delaneyI love tricking a certain guy into thinking he will be getting sex from me. I mean tomorrow is Valentines Day and so he should get something special. LOL. He is going to get something special, but it just won’t be from me. I have invited my entire senior class to come over and totally fuck with this man’s head.

He sees the note on the door telling him to just come right in and to strip down on the way to my bedroom. He does as he is told and walks in to see 20 hot girls who are already laughing at his loser ass. One walks over to kiss him, but instead spits on his face and then puts a collar and leash on him. She makes him go for a walk on the front lawn as the rest of us go for a jog.

He has a stiffy because he knows when we get back doggy will be forced to lick us clean from sweat and any other wet, slippery fluids we demand. The neighbors try not to stare but it is pretty fucking funny with him being walked like a dog. We are back from our jog and we aren’t alone! Looks like a busy day for doggy.


Written By: Delaney
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Getting Revenge On A Peeper


HarleyMy neighbor is looking in my window again. I suppose I could  close my blinds but what would be the fucking fun in that? He thinks this is a fun little game we play but little does he know, slowly but surely I own his ass. Today I am the only one home so what better day to let him know I am NOT playing!

I walk up to the window mostly undressed, open it and tell him to get his sorry ass in my room NOW!  He comes in with this annoying smirk on his face that something hot is about to happen. Instead, I slap him and my hot ass boyfriend comes out of the closet. Neighbor is stumbling over his words, saying that he didn’t mean anything by this and tries to blame sweet little me. LOSER! My boyfriend is laughing and wants to know what the fuck we should do with him? 

What we are about to do is fuck up his smug little world. I make him strip and toss some of my lingerie at him. A few friends come over and “oh Look, now it’s a party”. My neighbor is actually starting to cry now and begs us to let him leave and not tell his wife. The fun is just beginning!

Do you want to know what you would be in for if I caught you stalking me? I am here, don’t keep me waiting.




Written By: Harley
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Be A Good Girl For Mommy

It is a cold, snowy day this Sunday afternoon, but you are bored. You are super excited about watching the Super Bowl later tonight, but the game does not start for hours. You mope around the house trying to find something to do. 

Mommy is folding laundry, so you sit watch her. Your Mommy is so pretty that you just like watching her. 

She teases you about just watching and talks you into helping her fold clothes. There is a pair of her silky red panties on top. Mommy watches you slowly pick up her panties and attempt to fold them. She notices that you are nervous but excited as you touch them. You ask Mommy where is the matching bra. 

Mommy likes watching you touch her panties and enjoys your inquisitive nature about her lingerie.  She comes up with a game for you to play. After everything is folded, the two of head up to her bedroom. She pulls out the matching red bra to those panties, and Mommy makes it a fun game. She talks you into wearing the red bra and panties. 

Mommy is in a wicked but playful mood. She makes you do things.  She teases you and manipulates you into becoming a “good girl” for her!  You are embarrassed and humiliated, but excited at the same time. Seeing that smile on Mommy’s face is thrilling for you. You do everything she tells you to do, despite it being sexy and naughty! You are a very, very good girl for your Mommy Morgan. 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Fucking Thinking Of You

  I guess you thought this might be some kind of fucking sappy romantic I miss you kind of blog? Fucking hardly, you twat face. I was surfing for a movie around 4am and one was on that made me laugh so hard I spit out my fucking drink. My fuck buddy was asleep but I had to wake him for this. It wasn’t so much the movie was funny but when they said “squeal like a pig” that made me think of a certain caller. 

Can you imagine talking to someone and all of a sudden they make pig sounds? I had him keep going so I could put my phone on threeway. Seriously? You think I wouldn’t share such stupidity with a friend or two? I know you might want to think I might have a sweet bone in my slamming body, but I don’t dumb ass. 

Humiliation is my specialty, and don’t think I will hide my laughter; because it is all about me and the fun I have on the phone with my collection of sissy boys, CBT lovers, freaks and little dick losers. Give me a call, and if you’re lucky I just might share you with my hot friends.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Babysitter’s Revenge

   I was babysitting for Mr. S and super bored because my boyfriend couldn’t come over to fuck me. I was using his laptop to look at porn because it isn’t much fun on my little phone screen. He is always trying to grab my ass and beg me to  let him lick my little bald pussy. I let him get away with it because I knew one day I could use it to blackmail him to do things he doesn’t want to.

I couldn’t believe what I saw while looking for porn. Okay, well yes I could considering what a perv he is. He had pictures of my boyfriend and I fucking. I have to admit, I got off twice watching it before I called Jason and asked him what I should do to Mr. S. When Mr. S came home, he tried to grab my ass as usual, but I had a surprise for him.

I told him what I knew, and unless he wanted wifey to know he had to do just what I demanded. I told him to follow me to his bedroom where Jason was waiting. He said he always wondered what my sweet, teen pussy tasted like so I made him suck off Jason. We were far from done but Mrs .S came home so we had to stop for the day.

Teen Torrie



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Small Penis Humiliation

Bratty BreeWow, I thought you said you were hard. I am not interested in a soft cock. Go ahead, stroke it for me. Stroke, it vigorously. It must get bigger and harder than that.

Oh, it doesn’t? I have never seen anything so tiny as yours. My finger is longer than your dick, WTF?

Wait! How do you even stroke it? Your hand totally envelopes your little dick. Show me how you masturbate that tiny thing. Oh, so that is how you do it. Two fingers, well actually, your finger and your thumb, kind of rubbing it a bit. You rub it like a clit instead of stroking like a cock. I have to get a pic of this.  

You really did not think that a sexy girl, like me, would ever put her mouth around that tiny little pathetic excuse for a cock. You are funny, making me giggle.

Little dicks are meant to be humiliated and laughed at by pretty girls. So, let me text your pic to all my hot girlfriends. You don’t make me wet, but you do make me laugh.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Torrie’s Cuckold Bitch

       Are you sitting on the bed waiting for me like a good cuckold? You know I have been out with my friends getting all my little teen holes filled by big, thick cocks. YUMMY! If you have been good, and you know that I can tell; you will be rewarded by your tiny Mistress Torrie. I inspect everything from your phone to your girly panties. Everything looks okay, as you know you aren’t allowed to play with your clitty while I am gone.

I give you a kiss so you can suck the jizz off my tongue and lick it off the sides of my mouth. Look at you, what a dirty slut you are! I already see a little wet spot on your panties even though we have just started. I hand you my thong to lick up all the jizz, you’re so hungry for it. You even wring it out to get every yummy drop.

Then I sit over your open mouth and slowly let the cum from my ass drip into your mouth. You try and get more by trying to stick your tongue in my pussy, but I slap you away. Bad, bad jizz junkie! I may just have to invite some cocks over, so you can get a huge jizz fix!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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You Deserve Nothing Phone Sex

How does it feel to be on your hands and knees begging me for attention? You’re not going to get very far with me. It does amuse me and I love laughing at your pathetic loser ass. You’re a disgrace and pathetic and that’s how you shall be treated.  I constantly tell you no when you beg me for mercy. You deserve nothing from me!  I like the idea of making you whimper and plead some more. It makes me wet when you sound like my little cry baby bitch boy. I’m going to walk all over you like no one has before and I’m not just talking about your body, I’m talking about your mind as well. You’re my bitch now.

Written By: Sierra
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Deep Penetration

I want to make sure you understand my rules and my punishments. Your little dick will probably get hard when I tell you I’m going to be fucking you with the strap-on. This go around, I’ll be fucking you hard and rough leaving your asshole gaping and sore.

I push you down to the floor by your shoulders. You look so helpless and pathetic. You have loser written all over your face. I grab a hold of my strap-on, dangling it over your face, telling you to open wide, soak it with your saliva. I shove it in your mouth so I can hear you gag on it. I want it nice and lubed up for when I bend you over and slide it in your tight, shit hole. Now spread those cheeks wider, I want to see how many inches I can stuff before you start squirming around. 

That’s it, get that ass up in the air and push back harder. I want to fuck you even deeper. I want to hear you whimpering out my name.


Written By: Princess Krystal
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