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Your Personal Training Sessions

6d99030f8fb16811160bd01bb6fd7eb8--belleYou are the boss at work and at home. You are expected to be strong, in charge, have all the answers, and be there for everyone to lean on you. Life is overwhelming at times.  No man can be in charge 100 percent of the time. You have a need to express your submissive side. Wife does not understand. She is submissive too.

I understand and arrange sessions for the two of us.

We happen to belong to the same gym. I arrange some private time in an unused workout room that stores all the old equipment. Perfect setting for my kind of training sessions. You tell your wife that you are meeting with a personal trainer at the gym once a week. She has no idea what I have planned for you. 

Train you to be the perfect sub! Stretch out that ass for my strap-on and so much more.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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You Can’t Get Enough

   I love making you do things that could totally fuck up your world. When she leaves you pull out the party favors and call me. If it is in the afternoon you know I am wearing skimpy shorts, a tight little tee and expensive as all get out tennis shoes. If you get the chance to sneak off at night I am in sheer, baby doll nighties and fuck me slippers. 

I easily talk you into giving me gift cards worth thousands from stores I love. Quite the loser, aren’t you? You imagine seeing me in a cafe where you’re with your wife. Not bad really, although she sure as fuck isn’t me. You watch me cross and uncross my tan legs as I tease the fuck out of you. No, I don’t care if she notices. In fact, I hope she does and she cuts you off completely. We both know you would rather phone fuck me than you would want fuck her.

You offer to pay for a weekend away with her friends, that is how much you crave alone time with me. She happily agrees. You better send those gift cards loser, if you want time with me.


Written By: Easy Elle
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Cuckold Slave

    Down on your knees where you belong slave. I can tell by the look on your face my stockings and garter belt make you weak in your knees. Begin worshiping your Mistress by slowly removing her heels and then kissing and licking the soles of her beautiful stocking feet. Don’t get to eager or I will kick you in the face slave.

I suggest you get your worthless dick in check or I won’t let you finish. Lick up my beautiful legs slowing till you reach my freshly fucked rosebud pucker. Insert your tongue and taste the cum of a real man, not a pathetic bitch of a man like you.


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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I Own Your Ass

HARLEY  I love extreme role-plays, give me your naughty ideas and I will take it to a whole new level you never imagined. I have a new caller and when I see his number on my ID, my heart beats faster and I can feel my pussy begin to gush. Yes! That is how fucking good it is. Yesterday it went a little something like this.

The big principal has sent an email to my Mom about me being suspended and possibly kicked out of my posh, boring private school. He is coming over for a meeting but Mom knows dick about techy things so I make the email go away before she sees it. 

I greet him at the door and invite him in. Oh yeah, I was out of a bath and in a nighty for bed. He was trembling and stumbling over his words and saying he should go. I invite him in and help him with the huge file he has on him, oops it accidentally got tossed in the fireplace. I can’t believe how clumsy I am because I accidentally spilled my coke on his white shirt. I took it off, or rather ripped it off of him and promised to wash it before he leaves. I have tricked him out of his shoes and socks as well.

I have him, I own his ass already as a cam has been going this whole time of his reactions to my hot little body. Once I get him in my room and we discuss terms of making this all go away, I offer him some water. Looks like the Big P is getting a little dizzy. Once he wakes up, his pants are off and he is handcuffed. He begins to beg, and buys me a few credit cards. You know our contract and all.  He hears mom in the house.  Oops! His cock is hard and I begin to ride him very loudly. Mom is asking what is wrong, and he is fucking freaking.

I smother his face with my sweet pussy to shut him the fuck up and tell him if he can make me cum quickly, he might just make it out my window before mom comes to my room. I show him mercy, take off the handcuffs and allow him to cum. Then I toss his clothes out the window and tell him he better hustle!


Written By: Harley
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Your Little Lolita

The man living next door is watching me again. I am his obsession. He is quiet, serious, and smart. Mom has a crush on him. She is hilarious, throwing herself at him the way she does. Baking for him, running errands for him, hanging on his every word, annoying him with her mindless chatter. She is like a stupid puppy begging for a pat on the head. She is kind of ditzy, frivolous and dowdy. Mom thinks the man is interested in her. I see the way he looks at me. He goes for a walk at night, right before my bedtime. From the sidewalk, he watches me as I undress. I strip in front of the window. I blow him kisses. He has a taste for something forbidden like me. I shouldn’t be such a cock tease, but I am. I blue ball him. Teasing him when I crawl into his lap or tickle him behind his ear. He fantasizes about me, not my Mom. He knows my name is Lucie, but when we are alone, he calls me Little Lolita. He whispers it in my ear. My Mom is asking him over for dinner this weekend. He will be grateful for the invitation because it is an excuse to be with me. I will sit across the table and run my little toes along his leg under the table. He will cough, almost choke to death when my toes caress his balls. I feel him hard through his pants. That will be hilarious. I have this man right where I want him. During dinner, Mom is going to ask him to tutor me this fall with my school work. He will gladly accept and rearrange his schedule so he can spend an hour alone with me after school. I will make him do my homework for me while I sit on his lap texting my girlfriends. I am just a tiny little teen who dominates him.


Written By: Little Lucie
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Backyard Bikini Babe Dominates You

I have been teasing the heck out of you all summer! Every day, just as you are getting home from work, I wear one of my super tiny bikinis and lay out in my backyard. I know that it makes your dick hard. That is why I do it! I love to tease you. Usually, you watch me from your window, but today you come outside to do some yard work. When I see you in your backyard, I ask you to put some lotion on my back. You say that I am so young and that you shouldn’t. I flirt and I tease. I can manipulate you easily because I am so cute. 

I flip over onto my tummy. I untie my bikini top and lift up my long blonde hair. You look down at all the naked skin. Just a tiny little bikini bottom which barely covers my ass. You hesitate. I yell at you and encourage you to go for it. Put a ton of lotion all over my back. Really get it all over. Don’t miss any spots. I am so bratty and bossy. We are just getting started here! I am going to make you do naughty things to pleasure me, but then send you home with a stiff dick. That’s right, Baby! Tease and Deny! 

It is turning you on! You are out of control, helpless. You feel you must obey and please me. How can this tiny teen, half your size, dominate you like this? You would do anything I tell you, wouldn’t you?  

Bratty Little Lucie

Written By: Little Lucie
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Your Balls Versus My Stilettos

  I have been thinking about those big, hairy balls of yours. Some 3215-300x370might call them trophy balls but I call them cushions for my stilettos.  I had to laugh when you came over for our “date” and thought I had several pairs of boots out to decide what to wear out.

       Then you thought we were going to just fuck, sure yes that would fucking happen. My plans were to stomp, trample and destroy your balls with 4 different pairs of  boots. A bit different than your plans, hey loser.  

         Let’s be honest, you will take me anyway you can. The only way that is will be a kneeing, punching and trampling of those balls.  Your Pain, my pleasure.

                                Fetishista Frankie

Koko’s Little Bitch!

Y058 kokoYou come to me because you have significant issues. You lack confidence with women because you have a tiny little penis. I have to put my glasses on to see it. You are that tiny. It is only a couple of inches. You need a lot of work.

I don’t wish to have to look at that tiny little thing anymore, so here is a sexy little thong. Your little package is tucked quite nicely inside my thong panties. Turn around and show me your ass with that thong tightly going up between your cheeks.

Now you are ready for your session. You are a submissive pantyboy. You need to accept the fact that the only attention you will ever receive from a Goddess, like me, is that you can be a devoted houseboy. You will learn to find pleasure in serving me. You are obedient and loyal. You are always craving more and more. You feel that you have been hypnotized.

As your reward, I will let you pleasure yourself. Train you and guide you to cum in your panties, with lots of edging. You will learn to crave my voice and a guided masturbation with me.

Mistress Koko

He Wishes…

I have a guy in my life who really has a major itch for me. The problem is, I don’t have one for him. Not in the least. I love, love, LOVE his money though. I do my job. I go with him to big events and hang all over him. All the guys look at him with envy in their eyes and think of how lucky he is to get to fuck me. But he hasn’t fucked me and never will if I have anything to say about it! He doesn’t know that though. He spoils me constantly, thinking it will get him in my panties quicker. I’ll admit, the spoiling does make me wet, but not for the reason he thinks. The size of that money clip and bank account makes me drip down my legs! His dick isn’t anything to write home about, but his financial worth is out of this world. As long as there is just a shred of hope that he’s going to get laid, he’ll keep paying for me. That’s why I make sure to give him little flashes of skin and brushes against his stiff cock. I drive him crazy. Every night he leaves with painfully blue balls… but returns with diamonds. Why would I ever want to change our arrangement?

Your Cock, Balls And Ass Are Mine, Fuckface

            I LOVE inflicting pain on men. The more pain the bettefrankie9r and my preference is their cock, balls and tight asshole. One of my regulars was really in the mood for a session of sweet pain and in a case like that I am the only possibility. I am glad for his sake I was available. 

      He had a new toy. Fucking awesome as I need it new, fresh and painful. A meat tenderizer was his new toy. I became rather fucking partial to that and only used it and a flogger. Sweet, sweet pain for my bitch.  

           Sometime during our session he begging to eat my hot, wet gushing cunt. That just made me give it to him harder. Truthfully, my cunt was ready as pain just takes me into a sexual frenzy. At this point he has a huge dildo in his ass and his balls were about to be mutilated. When he was finally allowed his sweet release even his own jizz stung his red, sore, swollen cock and balls. Fucking delightful!