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 My Stats

Age: 46

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'6

Weight: 124

Measurements: 36B-24-35

Pussy: Sugary, pink, 3 1/2" clit, fuckable to the Max!

Ass: Round, high, tight, cock and fist craving

Favorite Positions: Cow-girl, Reverse Cow-girl, Standing 69, Lap-Dancing

Strangest Places I've had sex: Frat House, Top Bunk, then with his three roommates while he was tied up and sucking cock!

Hobbies: Painting, Dog-breeding, Pilate's, Book Club and Cooking

Specialities: Mommy Son, Horny Cheating Wife (Cuckolding), Strict Boss, Sinning Sunday School Teacher, Horny Aunty, Naughty Neighbor, Pantyhose Fetishes, Ultra Feminization, Sissy Training, Blow Jobs, Hard-core Gang-bangs, Extreme Age and Role Play, Anal Fucking, Fisting, Strap- Cons, CBT, Golden Showers, Spankings, Orgasm control and denial. Don't see your favorite? Honey, just ask, as I'm up for anything that'll get you hot and squirting!


Well hello there,you sexy hunk!

If you’re looking for a sweet, squeaky-voiced little girl to speak with, then you’ve got the wrong page. But if what you want is a Mature, sexy, Real Woman who knows and adores men and will absolutely rock your world then, “Welcome, baby, you’ve come to the right place”!

I’ve been married over 20 years but my husband, with his inept sexuality and tiny dicky-wicky, just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me and hasn’t for the past 15 years. So I’m constantly ‘on the prowl’ like any hot Kitten would be, LOL! I need long fuck sessions, insane, nasty fantasies and a No Taboo man (or men – giggle) giving me what a hot MILF like me needs! I crave sex everyday! I want men who live on the ‘edge’, like my boss who fucks me, in his home just a room away from his wife. My next door neighbor who sneaks into my pool house wanking ’til I can join him. Or how about the lanky, insatiable teen down the street cumming for another ‘lesson’ with Rosanna, giggle! I only want guys who dare to get what they want, just like me!

My girlfriends and I go out club and bar-hopping at least twice a week. They love me being along because I get the sexiest studs in the place. Since I live on the California coast, I have lots of opportunities to fuck dozens of toned men with time, money, lust and hot cock action to spare! They know what a Sexy MILF like me craves and needs to be happy, lots of cock in my pussy, mouth and ass! I love it when they groan my name over and over, exploding deep inside me. I’m into mounting hot, swollen cock on a well-hung, horny guy who really knows how to use it. Pounding my mouth, sugar pussy and tight ass! When a guy isn’t around though, my favorite thing is to get out my 9″, vibrating, double-ended dildo and talk some Hot Phone Sex Fucking with a sexy guy like you! I’m always ready…

Unlike my sexually inept husband, the studs I bring home know how to get my cunty all primed, drenched and hungry. The way they suck, stroke and lick me drives me into MILF Overdrive! By the time they thrust their dicks deep in my sexy MILF cunt, I’m so fucking ready that I go wild on them, balling them like there’s no tomorrow! Especially if I’ve been titty-fucked and they’ve stuffed their hard Cocks down my throat and spewed their hot cum! Oh yea! Just the aroma of a man’s cock and balls is amazing… but the taste of cum is marvelous! Mmmmm…

You should know that with my personality and hot body I’m perfect for being into controlling all types of men. I do it so very well. You already feel my cuntrol, baby, don’t you? So you cuckolding, cum-sluts and faggoty pussies, like my husband, are really entertaining to me! But I don’t stop at only telling him stories, no way! I believe in audience participation. I get at least three huge, hunky guys to come home with me and stuff their cocks down my husband’s throat and up his tight man-pussy ass! He screams and squeals but I know he loves it, because while they’re taking turns doing me, his cock grows hard as a rock. When he finally gets to swallow their huge loads of cream out of my pussy and ass, he cums like fucking crazy!

Being a hot MILF, I love doing all the Phone Sex I can. I get to hear your desires, fetishes and whispered groans while I get off telling you all mine! My list of likes is endless and I’m certainly a No Taboo, Hot, Phone Sex MILF. I talk nastier than any man I know, I am very adventurous and into servicing my men ’til they can take no more. So, as I said earlier, if you want a mature, sexy, real woman, who knows men and can absolutely rock your world, you’ve cum to the right MILF! I can’t wait to hear you, baby, all sexy and hot for me, Mmmmm…

Love and Licks,
MILF Rosanna

Call 1.866.949.9221
for Phone Sex with

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  • Hey fellas, Rosanna is the most tantalizing woman I have ever encountered. Her succulent voice and juices will have you glowing with enjoyment. Her guided masturbation was so unbelievable it was like you were in her bedroom and fully engrossed in the encounter. One in a million!!!! Thanks Rosanna!!!

  • Dear Miss Rosanna,

    Thank You so much for taking care of me and taking control of my life. i need You.

    Your girl,


  • Dear Miss Rosanna,

    Thank You so much for making me Yours. i now know i was born to be Yours and to surrender every part of my life to You.

    Your baby girl,


  • The call I had with you the other day was out of this world. You are the best I have ever talked to. You are so great. Guys call her you wont be disappointed. Ready to call her all the time.

  • I had a call with this hot woman last week and wow it was outstanding. You guys have not had anything unless you have called and had a hot sexy time with this beatiful sexy woman. Once you call her you will not go anywhere else. Can’t wait unil our next phone call.

  • WOW !!! I’ve called a lotta girls…. she is my favorite!!! GReat voice!… No TABOOS.. she played the submissive milf being blackmailed PERFECTLY! she will DO it all!

  • Thank You soooooooooo much!

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