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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 150

Measurements: 38EE-28-38

Pussy: Smooth and I cum a lot

Ass: Plump and ready to be taken at any time!

Favorite Positions: 69, Doggy, missionary and on my knees

Strangest Places I've had sex: When I was 15, on my porch swing outside while my family was right there

Hobbies: Chick flicks, getting my nails done, buying makeup, shopping, karaoke bars, mini golf, road trips to Canada, casinos, whitewater rafting, craving pumpkins, hayrides and drive-ins

Specialities: First time callers, Intelligent conversations, Teasing, Makeup application, GFE, Toilet training, Anal play, Incest, Domination, Financial domination, Impregnation, BBW, Cuckolding, Body worship, Peeing, Strap on play, Rough sex, Role play, Bondage, Nylon fetish, Stripper fantasy, Humiliation, Panty sluts, Food play, Scat, Gang bangs, Tickling, Breast worship and so much more!


Hi all you sensational lovers! I’m Faith! I’m your voluptuous beauty queen. I’m 25 years old and I live in New York state. Some weekends I work at the Clinique counter at the mall. I love putting on other peoples makeup and making them feel beautiful. When you call me you will see I’m a lot of fun. I’m very laid back and I’m always looking for a good time.

Sexually, I will go above and beyond what you’re use too. I will captivate your mind and I defiantly enjoy intelligent conversations and laughter. If this is your first time calling or your hundredth time, you can rest assure you’re in good hands and will be blown away by my charm.

Guys love my curvaceous body. I know how to show it off with a touch of class. My best features would be my all natural gigantic boobs, my long blonde hair and my plump, round ass. With all that going for me, you better believe men hit on me left and right. My body is oozing sexiness and waiting for you to devour it!

I’m pretty open to trying new things and learning how to please. I love to tease and seduce you with my pretty smile and my sexy body. Dressing up in sexy lingerie has always been exciting for me. There’s nothing hotter than leaving something to the imagination. I love to tease my men to the point where they’re going to burst.

I’ve always drawn attention to myself. I seem to have developed at a young age and we all know what happened from there. If it isn’t my body or my big tits that captures your attention it defiantly would be my personality.

I can go from being very submissive to the dom you fear the most. Our conversations can range from ultra perverted kinky to just casual talk. Either way, it will be one of the best conversations you’ve ever had.
I’m a girly girl and I like clothes, makeup and my favorite color is pink. I love getting pedicures and my nails done. I think it’s important to look good for your man.

I’m all about the temptation. I would leave you the most erotic text messages while you were at work. When it was time to come home from a long day, you would see me in the door way. I would be wearing the most sexiest outfit you could ever think of and on my knees ready to give you the best blowjob ever!

Let’s be spontaneous with one another. Tell me something you’ve never shared with anybody before. Who cares what people think, let’s be crazy and make memories.

Come play with your voluptuous sex vixen. I’ll be waiting and will pick out something really revealing to wear for you. Don’t keep me waiting a moment longer!

Cum to bed with Faith!

Call 1.888.372.9750
for Phone Sex with

7 Responses to “Faith”

  • Thank you so much for the HOT call earlier tonight baby. It was amazing… I’ll definately be calling you again next time my girlfriend is away 😉

  • Hi Faith,

    Thank you for being SO AWESOME! You are such a pleasure to talk to – happy, naughty, playful, sinful, creative, imaginative … you are so into my fantasy of being a panty boy – you embrace it, totally live, and you excite me so much!

    I can’t even describe adequately how awesome you are!

    Thank you so much for being so real and so exciting!

    I look forward to many more calls with you!
    yours fondly,
    panty boy scotty

  • An amazing woman, creative, patient, polite, sexy, kind. Had a great time talking to you today. Still a little dizzy haha : ) you are very genuine and a delight to speak to

  • Faith is really addictive! I’ve enjoyed both of the calls I’ve had with her, she’s been a delight to talk to, there’s something cool about her I can’t quite put my finger on but I know I’ll need to explore more : )

  • How I love to have Faith! Always delicious, sultry, sexy, seductive.. what a voice, and what a good girl. Talk to you again soon, love.

  • Faith, Faith, FAITH!!! What a delicious, curvaceous, and sensuous woman! She knows what she wants and encourages you to give it to her, ALL OF IT! You are a big, beautiful doll, Faith, and loved playing with you!

  • What an awesome call. Faith is awesome, amazing . I have two fantastic calls ; everything I wanted , needed . Love playing with Faith and will call her again and again.

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