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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 125

Measurements: 34DD-25-36

Pussy: I shave everytime I take a shower. FYI- that's daily!

Ass: Enough to grab onto! -Nuff said!!!

Favorite Positions: Reverse Cowgirl and I love it in the shower in any position.

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a broom closet in a hospital waiting for my sis-in-law to have a baby, Parking lot of a funeral home. I came so hard that day I swore I saw dead people....LMAO!!!

Hobbies: I am a movie buff (thanks NETFLIX), Going fishing with my Dad, Sitting around a camp fire on a starry summer night.

Specialities: I will give you great satisfaction no matter how taboo your fantasy can be. I enjoy role play, Family fun, Sensual domination, Age play and Strap-on fun. The list is endless!!!!


Hello all you sophisticated gentlemen! My name is Memphis. Seeing me for the first time can leave any man speechless. I am a curvy blonde who’s beauty transformed into an absolute goddess.

Being a busty blonde isn’t always a great first impression because of the stereotype. Every time someone gets to know me, they say they thought I would be something else. They think I have no brains and dumber than a box of rocks. I am a very intelligent, grounded person. I’m also a very laid back girl who loves to have fun. I have a big heart and a bigger personality. I love to have fun no matter what the situation calls for.

When I was growing up my family had a pool installed when we lived in Raleigh. My father always said he regretted getting it put in. Whenever I would be laying out all the neighborhood boys would come over and wanted to go swimming. I was really over developed for my age and let’s just say I didn’t get to use the pool much. My father always made me go inside to put more clothes on. Now the boys of the world can stare all they want at my gorgeous face and body. I love attention from both men and women. I have a way with every man that comes in contact with me, wether on the phone or in person. I think first impressions are everything and I always make a lasting impression.

My father would shit his pants if he knew that I did this for a living. To bare it all in front of camera’s and to be plastered all over the internet. Thank god he is technologically challenged and doesn’t own a computer {yet}.

My personal opinion women have beautiful bodies. Women who choose to bare everything are extremely confident. I reached that point when I turned 19 years of age. I went with some friends on Spring Break to Myrtle Beach and that was the turning point in my life. Ever since that trip, I was never was the same again! In a good way, of course.

I want to intrigue you with my mind and my many talents. Every guy that calls me tells me my voice is so addicting and they can’t quite seem to get enough. I hold a personal bond with all my callers. I think that is extremely important and I hold very true to that. It’s not all about the money and you won’t find me saying “I want to drain your wallet”. Unfortunately, I can’t give away free phone sex but once you have a call with me. you’ll see I am worth every penny!

The One And Only,

Call 1.866.629.7037
for Phone Sex with

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