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Happy Halloweenie!!!

parker6It’s no lie Halloween is my FAVORITE day of the year!! I have been out shopping, shopping and more shopping. So far I have picked up a Little Red Riding-hood outfit…looking for my BIG bad wolf 😉 I bought a naughty nurse outfit looking for my  naughty Dr. or my naughty patient 🙂 I also put together a Bride of Chucky and looking for my partner in crime Chucky. I have bought a little bit of everything and can’t wait to start dressing up and going out to all the party’s. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t been around much I have just been shopping. Like I have said though even if I’m not signed in I will probably still answer my phone and let you know when I’ll be available or we can set up a date. Have I ever mentioned I love going on dates?? The whole getting ready and butterfly feeling in my stomach the build up. Anyways Happy Halloweenie everyone!!! xoxox Parker

Friday Nights Are For Phone Fucking

It is Friday night finally! What plans do you have for fun? I really love Friday nights because the phones are just slamming.  I get call after call of hot men telling me their naughty role play or wanting to just phone fuck me. Sometimes I stay on extra late and have a few drinks with friends that stop by to listen or join. I get so fucking horny and wet hearing all the kinky things men want to do to me and with me.

Why not check out my hot pictures and the page with our specials.  Would you like  hot, wet and juicy pair or my panties just off of me after our call? Maybe you would like to play with me for 35 minutes for just 49.99. I am ready and can’t wait. I love being a teen phone sex girl on a Friday night.  Call me!

Kisses and fucks, Amanda


My Master is the dictator of all my orgasms.  Last night while I was sitting on the edge of my bed, master reached between my legs and started to caress me through my panties.  I should have known he was going to be frisky, it is one of his deeming qualities and I also vowed to him that I would always surrender my body to him when he is near.  His hand started rubbing me harder through my silk panties, until he stood up in front of me.  He slid my panties to the side and got down on his knees, pushed me back down and began licking my clit.  As much as I wanted to just moan with pure pleasure, he slid my panties off and stuffed them in my mouth so I wouldn’t make a peep.  Once that happened, I was even more turned on and began raising my hips to his mouth so his tongue would continue to massage my clit even harder.  The finger fucking he was giving me was fantastic, but it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted more and he could tell I was begging for it.  Instead of giving me his cock, my master teased me even more, telling me not to cum, he took his two fingers and glided them up my ass as his thumb kept brushing over my clit as his two fingers pumped my ass furiously.  I begged for Master to allow me to cum since I was on the verge of exploding, but he denied me. With all this tension built up inside of me, I need a release and hoping to find someone who will allow me to cum all over their dick, after all, I made sure I got my Master’s permission.

Teasing Girlfriend

I know I am and love every second of making you rock hard for me! You know your hot, naughty girlfriend can be such a cock tease. The skimpy little outfits I wear and even my sexy lingerie that shows off my young, tight body. You can’t resist me even if you tried and we both know how quickly your will power fades when I am close to you.I like giving you sexy french “Sidney kisses” up and down your chest, down your tummy and all around your aching bulge! But, I’m careful to never linger there to long I like to tease you first. Just how hard can your naughty girlfriend make you, well let’s find out I’m definitely up to the challenge.

I am going to love pushing you to the edge and back a few times before I decide if my boyfriend get’s to cum or not. And, that’s when it get’s really hot. You know you love it.

Hot licks,

Thanking You All

 I was so surprised and honored to get GOW this past week.   You all have kept me so very very busy with calls.  I think that having a Girl Of The Week is such a wonderful thing, mainly because those of you who cannot afford a full priced call get to experience certain girls who you would not normally call at any other time.  I have spoken to so many new people, and each and every one of you are outstanding!  You all have fucked me rotten!  Well okay not rotten, not like I’m walking around with a necrotizing (yeah google it people, google it!) pussy or anything.  But you sure have spoiled me.  I have to say we have some of the best guys, with THE nicest cocks that call us here (I have seen a lot of them this week on cam so woohoo for me!).  And not only that, but the role plays and the down right nasty, dirty things you talk about have made me a very happy girl indeed!  I have loved every minute of every single call that I have done.  And just for a special treat to say a further thank you to all those who have called me during my tenure as GOW you will get something a little extra.  I am not going to tell you what it is, but you will find out after my week is through.  I only have two days left, so if you want to call me now is the time to do it.  I have no taboos, and just because you do not see something that you are into NOT on my bio, IM me and ask me about it.  I have never said NO to any sort of call or fantasy, and I do not plan on doing so…EVER!

Special Kisses, Licks and Fucks to you all.

The One and Only


My first time with a girl!

So I am 24 years old and I will admit, the most I have ever done with another girl is kiss. Well at least that WAS the case. Tawnee and I have recently become really good friends and have been hanging out a lot! I love having a girl in the biz around, it’s nice to have someone to talk with and also it makes for really HOT 2 girl calls when we know each other so well. A few weeks ago, Tawnee and I went on a little shopping adventure, it was like an all day event and when we got back to my place we had a few martinis and I offered to let Tawnee stay over. I will admit that shopping turns me on! I know it may sound weird but well it does. So after a long day of trying on all these sexy outfits, my pussy was so creamy! I had to rub it and give it a little attention. It had been a few hours since Tawnee had crashed on the couch and I honestly thought she wouldn’t wake up and I wouldn’t get that loud. But I was wrong.

There I was laying in my bed, rubbing away at my pussy and really enjoying it when I felt someone in bed beside me. I freaked at first but Tawnee, with her soothing voice coaxed me to stay. I don’t know what it was, if it was the martini’s, how horny I was but I WANTED to stay. I needed to stay. Feeling her soft hand, skin, lips, body touching and rubbing against mine. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt so relaxed with her and suddenly I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. I told her I needed her and really, I did. I needed her so badly I could have screamed. Feeling her playing with my nipples, it was like she knew just what to do to make me want to scream. At some point, she found my dildo and started to rub it up against me and coax it inside me. I don’t think it was long before I was screaming and shaking with the hottest orgasm I have ever had. After wards laying in her arms, it felt like pure bliss.

I don’t think I am bisexual or a lesbian but I am definitely CURIOUS and OPEN. I don’t know why it’s taken me 24 years but I am so thankful to have shared my first experience with Tawnee and hope for many more. Now when we do 2 girl calls together, well we have this chemistry that you just can’t explain and it’s soooo hot! I lay back and close my eyes and picture her with me. And a few times we have been together during a 2 girl call, maybe you’ll catch us together, there’s only one way to find out, give us a call!

Two Girl Phone Sex with Tawnee and Chloe

 For those of you who don’t know me, I have a friend who I hang out with quite often named Chloe. We love to go shopping for sales, on trips that last all day long. When that happens, I normally spend the night at Chloe’s house and sleep on her couch. Last For those of you who don’t know, I am bisexual and I have a very close weekend, while sleeping on her living room couch, I awoke to hear strange moaning sounds coming from Chloe’s bedroom. I had been there all night, so I knew she had not brought any men home with her. Curious, I quietly got up and crept into her bedroom. There, on the bed, illuminated in the gentle glow of the light outside her bedroom window, was Chloe. Her eyes were closed and she was running caresses up and down her naked body.

I tip toed into the room, slipped out of my nightgown and slid into bed beside her. At first, Chloe was surprised and tried to get up out of the bed. I gently grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against my body. As she turned her face towards me, I covered her mouth with mine. She trembled beneath me, against me, as she tried to resist and pull away from my embrace at first. But I whispered to her, “You don’t need to be afraid. It’s okay to want this. It’s okay to want me.” Her blonde hair cast blue highlights in the glow of the pre-dawn light and, though she continued to tremble in my arms, she relaxed into my kisses, to melt into my caresses. “Oh, my god, Tawnee! You know just where and how to touch me, ” she whispered to me. My hot breath brushed her parted lips as I answered, “Of course I do. I am a woman too. All women are afraid their first time in the arms of another woman. But no other lover can touch you as another woman can do.”

“I need you, ” she confessed to me. In answer, I smiled and covered her mouth in deep, probing kisses as I traced my fingers down the length of her smooth body. I tweaked and pulled gently on her hard nipple, squeezed and massaged her full breast and gently raked my fingernails down her side. I reached around her hip and traced the ‘V-line’ that led down to the paradise between her legs. She opened for me, slowly, but without any more resistance. I smiled down at her as she whispered to me, “Oh! You make me crave it!” She was desperate for me now, and I knew it. Her desire, blending with mine, commanded me. I began to rub my fingers, gently at first, over the top of her pussy as I spooned my body against hers. Over the curls of her pussy my fingers rose and fell, traveling a little further down, until I was firmly stroking her now engorged outer lips.

By the time I entered her with my fingers, she was absolutely flooded with the nectar of her need for me. She whimpered in whispered cries that pleaded with me for salvation from that desperation. I moved to sit on my knees between her open legs as I used one hand to reach deep within her, while my other hand stroked and caressed her body; down her neck and chest, just barely brushing the borders of her breasts, as I came down her sternum, abdomen and stomach. She whimpered more pleadingly as she writhed in pleasure beneath my touches. But she had deeper needs. So I shushed her, telling her, “It’s okay baby. I know what you need.” I reached for the double ended dildo I’d felt on the bed beside her. I picked it up and used the head on one end of it to rub up and down her inner and outer pussy lips and to rub her aching clitoris. “Shhh, Lover. Just let go, ” I told her as I began to ease the toy inside of her soaking wet pussy hole, going a little deeper inside of her with each gentle slide into her.

I kept the toy inside of her as I varied the touches of my other hand now on her clit, then over her breasts and body, before massaging her clit again as I used deep and slow sliding motions inside of her with the toy. My own desire was reaching a fever pitch as I watched her writhe beneath me and saw the dildo get swallowed by her pink pussy again and again. My pussy was flooded with precum as I took the other end of the dildo and slid it inside of my pussy hole. As I pushed it deeper inside of me, my body got closer to hers. And she loved me for it! She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer to her, as she lifted her mouth to my breast and drowned in its fullness. I thrust into her body deeper and harder each time, feeling the dildo fill up the both of us at the same time until our clits rubbed together and we both exploded in ecstasy that devastated any ability to think.

When it was over, we lay in bed for what seemed like hours, as we trembled in each other’s arms. This was Chloe’s first lesbian experience, but it certainly wasn’t the last. As time has gone on, we have continued to play together and have had some very hot erotic phone sex with one another. If you would like to join in sometime, then call us today.

Thanks for giving me the best time!!!

I feel like it’s been forever since I have blogged. All you callers have just been keeping me soooo busy taking advantage of all my phone sex specials! I cannot believe how many guys I have heard from in the last three weeks. It really has been such an honor to talk with all of you. Thank you all for keeping me on top and helping me do so well! Of course great things do come to an end eventually! And I know I won’t be feature girl forever but I have really enjoyed the time I have had! For those of you who have just been too shy to pick up the phone and call, well you need to get some courage, try tequila (it always works for me)!

I claim to have one of the sexiest voices around and so many of you are skeptical when you call. But I would say about 90% of you admit that I really do have a sexy voice. The other 10% are just too stubborn to admit that I really am as hot as I claim to be! Confidence is SEXY AS HELL! So I would suggest you getting some! Girls love it and dig it!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed having me as your feature girl the past few week!s I am going to keep working hard at keeping all you callers happy and will try to be feature girl again so I can continue to offer you all the cheapest phone sex around!!!


Creamy Chloe

Love Me

You Love Me…

You Love Me Not

I think you LOVE ME! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and my 2nd week as feature girl is coming to a close! Again I have had so much fun with all you callers! I love being able to give back to some of my faithful regular callers! I love how some of you are so TEAM CHLOE that you have given me so much support! I cannot thank you all enough for letting me be your phone girl, over and over again! And for those newbies who have taken a ride on the Creamy Chloe Train, well welcome aboard and I hope you have enjoyed your ride and please stay on the train for as long as it pleases you! You all know how I love to bring as much pleasure as I can!

Don’t forget to take advantage of my specials before they unfortunately end!

15 Minutes for $18

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By Popular Demand…

Another week of Creamy Chloe

Well last week was so much fun! And so many of you got to enjoy my specials, many of you more than once! And thanks to you all for helping me have a successful week, it’s been decided that I run these specials for an additional week! This will also give some of you a chance that didn’t get an opportunity to speak with me last week! I am so excited and I would really like to make this week better than last week!

This special will run through Valentine’s Day, so let me show you how I can make your heart and cock throb this week.


15 Minutes- $18.00

25 Minutes- $35.00

45 Minutes- $65.00

60 Minutes- $88.00

$15 off 2 girl calls!