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My Favorite Treat

I’ve always been a cum slut. Just the thought of heavy cum-filled balls makes my pussy drip. I will take it anywhere: my face, my tits, belly, back, mouth, ass- but I love when my pussy is filled with cum most! Nothing feels as good as a cream-pie pussy. Especially if there’s more than one load in there. Feeling that wetness between your legs, feeling it run down your thighs.

I usually can’t wait until they’re gone so I can play with it. I lay back in bed and let my fingers sink into that creamy cunt. All that jizz feels so warm on my fingers. I love the sounds I hear when my fingers are moving in and out. It makes my clit throb.

I cum over and over with that sticky cum deep in my pussy. When I pull those dripping fingers out of my pussy, it’s my favorite treat.



 Written By: Ginger
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Taking Your Aggression Out On My Mouth

I’m sitting on the bed, reading when you come home. I can tell it’s been a rough day. Your shoulders are tense, your face emotionless. Your eyes, however, tell me exactly what you need.

You look into my eyes as you walk to the bed, unbuckling your belt and unzipping your pants on the way. My book gets tossed to the side as you grab a handful of my blonde hair. Your hard cock is in my face, begging to be sucked. My lips stretch wide, my tongue goes out. You simply lay your throbbing cock on it. I look up at you as I start working my mouth up and down your hard shaft.

You have no patience for me tonight, as both hands move to my head. You command me to keep my eyes open and on yours as you begin to shove your cock deeper and deeper.

The back of my throat isn’t enough for you. You want to hear me gag, see my pretty eyes water, and my makeup running down my cheeks. You’re a little rough with me tonight, but that’s okay baby. I want to take all your troubles away.

You pull your cock away, telling me to open my mouth wide. My mouth falls open to take your hot cum. With my mouth full, I swallow. You caress my face, telling me what a good girl I am. I love pleasing you.


Written By: Anna
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Wake Up Daddy

I love waking up my phone sex daddy with my soft, young voice. It’s exactly what his cock needs in the morning. I like crawling into your bed and stroking your big, hard daddy dick while I whisper naughty things I want to do with you in your ear.

I know it turns you on when I go in Mommy’s closet and play dress up with her sexy lingerie. It makes my pussy wet when you tell me I look hotter than her. I love when she goes to work early in the morning so we can have lots of play time. I normally go to bed thinking about you. I pump my tight, wet pussy anticipating your daddy cock inside me.

My mornings are the best when you put your daddy cum in me before I go to school. I like to brag to my girlfriends. I pull them all into the girls bathroom so they can see my cum filled pussy. They get so turned on that my daddy fucked me that they stick their fingers inside me and have a taste for themselves.

Tons of licks and kisses,

Your Little Corina



 Written By: Corina
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Cum Dumpster Camille

I want to lay on the floor and have you and a group of your friends surrounding me, jerking off while looking at my gorgeous body. I don’t want to be touched, you can just look.

I touch myself, starting by pinching my nipples. I’ll slowly drag my hands down to my pussy, spreading open my soft pussy lips, and start rubbing my horny cunt. I grind myself hard while your friends stand around watching me until they can’t take it anymore and blow their huge, hot loads onto my body. I love feeling the cum hit my soft skin. It gets me so excited feeling it drip down my stomach, across my face, into my mouth, and on my tongue.

Do you have a group of friends who would maybe want to do this to me? Let me know.


Written By: Camille
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Give Me A Cum Bath

I’m on my knees, my tits are out, and I’m ready to catch all that creamy cum of yours. I’ve been a cum slut all my life. There’s just something about the feel of that hot, sticky load blowing all over me that really gets me off. Then I get the pleasure of licking it all up and letting it roll around in my mouth before I swallow it all down. That’s always been my favorite part. Wrapping my hands around a long, thick cock and watching that white stream shoot out all over me is the best. 

But make no mistake, not just any cum will do. If you have one of those tiny clit dicks that just gives a couple of squirts here and there, keep that shit to yourself. You can’t even fill a thimble. I want to be covered in cum! If you have one of those monster cocks with big full balls, I want your cum bath.. if not, be ready to clean it all up. 


Written By: Abby
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Cum On My Ass!

This naughty little slut loves a big, hot load of cum on my ass! There’s nothing like pumping my tight rosebud asshole, and just as you’re right about to explode, you pull out and squirt your warm jizz all over my tight, teen ass.

I’ve been fooling around with my best friends dad behind her back and he’s totally infatuated with my ass. He loves when I pop over to his house wearing my tight mini skirts with my stiletto heels, and tight low cut shirts. It drives him crazy when he sees my ass and wearing next to nothing.

He usually calls me after my best friend goes to school. I drive over there and as soon as I walk through the door, he bends me over. He hikes my skirt up and drives his cock balls deep into my tiny ass. 

After he fucks my ass and unloads his wad on my ass, he picks me up, takes me to my best friends room and he pounds my ass again on her bed. He loves my ass so much his second cum load is even bigger. I totally love the way his hot jizz feels on my ass.

If you’re sitting there and wondering where you should put your next load of cum, my ass is a great place to start.

Naughty Jess


Written By:  Jessica
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Eager For More

I had a caller the other night and he was curious about eating his own cum. He claimed he never done it before and was always to nervous to try. When I hear that, it just makes me laugh. No one can say no to me! If you haven’t tried something, you defiantly will experience it with me.

I guided him with my soft, erotic voice and told him how to stroke his cock. Once he had a little bit of pre-cum, I told him to put his finger on the tip of his cock and put it on his lips, so he could taste it. Once he tasted his pre-cum, he was eager for more!

I could hear him stroking faster and harder, I knew he would be addicted to his cum. He just needed the right girl to help him.

As soon as I said “you want that hot, sticky load in your mouth, don’t you?” He exploded! He had cum everywhere. I thought I was going to make him eat it, but I could already hear the sounds of a cum slut licking up his own mess.


Written By: Dakota
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I Have The Perfect Tits To Play With

Through out the day, I always find myself playing with my big tits. They’re so full and soft and my sensitive nipples get so hard. I could just lay in bed and play with them all day, but I would much rather have someone join me.

Feeling those strong, manly hands cupping my tits and squeezing them would be heaven. My nipples would start to pucker and harden. Take them in your mouth and suck them– HARD. Ahhh. That would feel so amazing. You don’t have to be gentle. You can use your teeth. Take one and tug on it a little. Mmmmm. Just a little pain with my pleasure.

Now, take that oil on the night stand and pour it on my tits. Make them nice and slick, then give me a hot titty fuck. Your hard cock will slip and slide right between them. I’ll push them together for you and make a tight little glove for your dick. Pump them good. I’ll make sure my tongue is there to caress the shiny head that pops out from the top.

When you can’t take it anymore, coat my perfect boobs with your sticky cum. Feeling that warm jizz hit my skin makes my pussy soak my panties. It’s been far too long since my tits got the attention that they deserve. Don’t make me do it all by myself.


Written By: Anna
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Dirty Girl Brittany

I love being a dirty girl! To hell with those stuck up bitches who think they’re too good to be on their knees, that’s not me! I don’t mind getting on my knees and sucking cock. I don’t mind putting balls in my mouth and sucking on them. In fact, I love it!

I love to be used and abused as your little fuck toy. I love it when you pound my pussy so hard that it gives me rug burn. The harder, the better. When I am on my knees sucking your cock, I will use my finger to play with your ass. I will be that dirty nasty girl for you. You’ll be at that point of no return, and ready to explode. You have your choice of where you want to put your nice big load- on my tits, my face, in my mouth, and in my pussy. You name it, I’ll let you do it! I am just that kind of girl.

So if that gets your cock hard then pick up the phone and call me and let me know where you wanna put your massive cum load.


Written By: Brittany
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It’s All About The Cream


 Do I ever love creamy stuff.  So good! I love how sticky, warm, and wet it feels on my skin.  I love dipping my fingers in it, and sucking it off. I wish my tits were big enough to suck it off my nipples. Oh so yummy!

If I could I would take a bath in the stuff. I would love for 10 men, to spurt it all over my naked little teen body. 

Did I mention how much I love creamy stuff? I would roll all around in it if I could. I would never want to be wasteful so just shoot it right into my hungry mouth, or better yet, right in my hot, wet pussy. 

My bestie loves cream too, so she loves to lick it right out of me. Then she kisses me, because I can never get enough of that creamy stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. That makes you a big ole pervert. I am talking whipped cream from a can. Get your head out of the gutter!

Well, I am just kidding about what kind of cream. I am talking baby batter! You knew that, didn’t you!


Written By: AJ
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