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Like Mother, Like Daughter

You must live under a rock if you don’t know by now that I love cum.

This is a total true story, I got my cum addiction from my Mom. She showed me her obsession with cum at a very early age. She would give blowjobs to random guys that she picked up literately off the street. She would have me watch, and when she got a face and mouth full of cum, she would share it with me. She always told me how much she loves me because she hates giving up cum but would do it with me.

I remember my Mom would put cum in our ice cube trays, we would have them in our drinks, or just suck on them. She also would serve the cum cubes to guests. We would give each other a little snicker when that happened because they had no clue that they’re drinking cum.

A few years ago, my mom requested for Mother’s Day, a cum filled bath. She put out an ad on Craig’s List. We had dozens of strangers coming (literally) and going from our house till the bathtub was filled to her liking. That night she soaked her body with cum. She said as a reward for helping her with her present, she had me lick her clean when she got out of the tub. She tasted AMAZING!

So maybe now you know why I am called Jizz Junkie Mandee.


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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Emily Is Tight And Sweet

Hello Phone Sex Daddies.  I am Emily and I would love to be your dirty little secret. I am not for every daddy, but for ones that love sweet, tight, hairy teen pussy. No stubble on me, just warm, soft pubs. I love to run my hand over it at night. It feels so good, warm, and soft.

One day daddy heard my soft sexy moans and wanted to make sure I was alright. He quietly came into my bedroom in just his boxers. OMG, daddy is really big! Looking at him and hearing his deep voice just made me rub my pussy faster. Daddy urged me on while he stroked his cock. We looked into each other’s eyes, while we brought ourselves to orgasm over and over again.

Daddy was standing real close to my bed and when he came it spurted all over me young body. I rubbed his cum all over me.  It was amazing!! Daddy said it was enough for now, but we would have more hot fun tomorrow after mommy was asleep. 


Written By: Emily
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Superbowl Gang Bang

My daddy has invited all is friends over this Sunday for a big Superbowl party. He told me he wants me to dress really sluty and to be on my best behavior, yeah right! I can’t wait to suck off all the guys while their watching the Superbowl. I will take care of all my daddy’s friends and make sure they all leave drained and completely satisfied. I want them to fuck all my holes and have all their hot loads dripping from my entire body!

When they leave, Daddy will have his way with me and enjoy fucking his cum dripping little girl. Daddy loves me being the biggest whore, but my pussy will always ache for my Daddy.

Call me to hear all about my Gang Bang Superbowl party!


Written By: Andie
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Home Spa Day

Every once in a while, I need some TLC. Everything has been crazy lately and I can’t get in to the spa for the treatment that I need.

I was doing some research on things that are good for home facials and your skin and came upon something amazing. Semen. I squealed in excitement. I knew how to get that and it not cost a dime.

I started making phone calls to see if I had a few volunteers and it turns out there were a lot of friends needing to blow their loads. I invited them over and sat and waited for them to arrive.

Once everyone was here, I took off my little robe and exposed my body to them. I put a tarp down on the floor and sunk to my knees. Just a glimpse of my sexy body had them all hard. The first load I took directly to the face. That warm cum felt amazing running down my chin. I rubbed it in and waited for the next. This one hit my breasts. I was starting to get wet.

The line started dwindling down and and my body was absolutely saturated with jizz. After they left, I rolled around in it to make sure it was all over every inch of my body.

I got up and took a shower and went to bed. When I woke up, my skin was so soft! I highly recommend this home remedy!


Written By: Bambi
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You are a Fag!


Let’s face it, you are a fag.  That’s cool though, as I love fags. Most girls watch guy with girl porn, but I watch guy on guy.  You’re still trying to decide if you are gay.

You dislike pussy, even mine? You are a queer. Fucking face it, you love cock. You are gay. Maybe it’s time for me to show you just how much of a queer boy you are.

I love how you blamed your boring girlfriend and told me that if she were more experimental. Guess what? You would still be a cock sucking fag.

Guess what else? Maybe I should just contact her and blackmail you. Maybe, I would be doing you a fucking favor, so you can get all the cock your fag mouth and ass desire? I am just here to help in the end. Now, if you believe that!

I’m in the room looking hot as fuck, your boring girlfriend is there, and then we have a tall muscled guy with a 10 inch cock. You’re down on your knees before he can even unzip his pants. Guess what, you are a fag!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Blow Your Load On My Boobs

I know I’m beautiful. My body is gorgeous. I would love to think that my face attracts you first, but I know that’s not the case. It’s my tits. They’re big and natural and I love showing them off. You can’t help but want to bury your face and cock in my cleavage.

I used to get offended that my pussy wasn’t the first thought in a man’s mind, but I’ve grown to love and accept that my boobs are always going to be a favorite. I just lay back and squeeze them together. Please, PLEASE fuck my tits. Get rough with them. Bite on them first and then slide your cock in between. Pinch and slap them. I can’t get enough!

When you’re ready to pop, feel free to blow your load all over them. Sit back and watch me as I massage that jizz into my skin and lick my fingers clean.
Cum play and let my heaving tits milk you dry. But be careful- it’s addicting!


Written By: Abby
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Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Big To Eat


All the Halloween parties have been canceled. I am so sad as I just want to dress up and have some fun. My older cousin told me not to worry because he and his older friends have something planned. He explained it will be at a secret location and I would have to be blindfolded. This is sounding exciting!  

     I picked out a sexy but scary costume and got ready for him to pick me up. Once we were in the car, he put a blindfold on me and we were off. He gave me a few shots to get me in the spirit. I never need anything to get me into the spirit of anything fun. We drove for awhile and he seemed to be making a lot of turns. Where were we going?

We finally arrived and Cousin James helped me in. I could hear music, laughing and basic party sounds. This is going to be so much fucking fun. Funny thing was I only heard guys. I can live with that!  More cock for me. 

I began to finally remove my blindfold, but James stopped me. He said he had a big surprise for me. I love big things, I mean surprises.  He took me downstairs, the voices were even louder. He finally removed my blindfold and there was so many men. They had on Halloween masks, but I could recognize some of them by their voice and bodies. As far as I could tell, my whole phone sex family was there. Daddy, uncles, cousins, and even my gramps. What sort of weird party is this?

Suddenly hands were all over me, ripping at my costume till I was naked. They were in a line which went out the door. As soon as one was finished, another pushed into one of my tight, underage, fuckholes. I love fucking, but I sort of was in the mood to dance, drink and party.

By the end of the night, I was covered in jizz. It wasn’t the Halloween I was used too, but I had a fucking blast with my family.



Written By: Delaney
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Country Sluts Do It Better

I had such a hot call this morning! My caller wanted me to be a really nasty country girl.

He caught me out in the barn late at night playing with one of my favorite big dick friends. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a girl just needs something huge stretching her holes. The problem was, my “friend” was a prized possession of my daddy’s, and his trusted foreman had just caught me with that giant cock down my throat! Luckily for me, what he really wanted was raunchy fun in exchange for his silence.

He joined in, pushing me back down to my knees in the dirty stall, and fucking me from behind while I pleased that monster dick. Holy fuck, was it awesome! Being pulled and tugged from one cock to the other. That was one threesome that I had never been in before and it was so fucking hot!

The best part was once all was said and done, I had a cream filled pussy and a hot load of cum directly to the face. What more could you ask for?


Written By: Ashton
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Teen AJ Is Cock Obsessed

I am completely cock obsessed. Ever since I accidentally saw my daddy’s cock, that is all I can think about.  I see my neighbors, and I can’t help but look at their crotch. I wonder how big they are, what type of head it has, and of course, what does it taste like? When I spend the night at friend’s homes, I try and catch their brothers and dads and brother friends, and any man that is over! 

Last night I stayed over at my friend Chrissy’s house. I picked her as my BFF because she has 3 brothers, her dad, and many times her Uncle stays there. A virtual Cornucopia of cock! Now you can call it what you want. Dick, cock, prick, dong and so on.  *Giggles* No matter what you call it, I want it! 

I found every excuse to check out the bathroom. Maybe someone was changing, showering or taking their cock out to pee. Either way, I want to see them. I noticed her 3 brothers were in the bathroom. What could they be doing? I cracked the door just a bit to see them jerking it with their sister’s panties. They didn’t have to sneak around. They could have just asked me for mine. They hear me, and I pretend I need to wash my face. They begin to snicker and talk about giving me a facial. I guess they have no idea that I know what a facial is. I am down on my cute little knees before another word is said. 


Written By: AJ
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The True Madame Of Cum

I know for a fact that a lot of girls say they love cum, but do they really? I think some girls blow smoke up your ass and tell you what you really want to hear.

I’ve watched many porn videos and I hear the girls beg for the mans cum. Right before he shoots his load, you see her squinting her eyes. Why? Because she’s afraid of it. Or, she takes the cum in her mouth and shows off that she collected a big load of hot jizz, but only to spit it back out. A true lover of cum would never do those things. If a girl truly wanted to eat cum, there wouldn’t be a single drop left.

I love the feeling of being on knees and waiting for that warm, fresh load of cum. Every man cums differently. Of course, the more the merrier for me. I truly get excited to see it all over my beautiful body and then taste it all. I treat it as my well deserved reward.

  Only a true Madame Of Cum will appreciate your orgasm and knows exactly what to do with it.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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