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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 109

Measurements: 32B-21-35

Pussy: Trimed with a landing strip

Ass: My best feature

Favorite Positions: Doggy, 69 and on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a tow truck with the tow truck driver. That's what I call good road side assistance!

Hobbies: Bubble baths, road trips, salsa dancing, beach, eating mexican food, cooking, my IPOD, my computer, clothes shopping, online shopping and jogging.

Specialities: Stimulating conversations, Age play, Tease and denial, GFE, Extreme role plays, Adultery, Mutual masturbation, Forced intoxication, Hard core sex, Naughty neighboor and Body worship


Hi gentlemen! I’m Andrea and I know exactly what you need and I’m the perfect sex vixen to give it to you. I’m soft, cuddly and can curl up in your little nook. Since I’m petite you can throw me in any position and I absolutely love getting piggyback rides. I’m very playful person and don’t take life too seriously.

When I was growing up my parents had strict rules. At times I disliked my overbearing, pretentious parents. Now I have no rules in my life and I love every minute of it!
You can catch me about 4 nights a week taking long, hot bubble baths. I love lying there surrounded by candles with my body covered in bubbles, listening to soft music, while sipping a nice glass of wine. That is total relaxation for me. After my bath, I love to dress in sexy lingerie. Even if there’s nobody to show off for it doesn’t matter, I love to feel sexy at all times.

When it comes to the bedroom I’m very spontaneous and nothing is forbidden. I’m the type that you could bring me around your friends and family and nobody would know I was a total slut behind close doors. I’m a “klassy” girl and I can handle myself well. Except when I’m out with my crazy girlfriends. There’s no telling what will happen. I’m defiantly a party girl and with a few drinks in me, I’ve been known to do some off the wall things. I’ve had some embarrassing moments along with some really hot memorable ones too.

You will find that I am very real and love long engaging conversations. I keep everything confidential and I’m a very willing participate on the other end. I have no boundaries and I’m a lot of fun. I tend to drive men insane with my exotic looks and erotic voice.

Call 1.866.557.0112
for Phone Sex with

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