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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

I’m the queen of tease and denial sex sessions. I’m a cruel bitch that gets off bringing you right to the edge and stopping just before your ready to shoot your load. I will repeat this over and over again until you beg for your release and your balls are swollen and blue.

I want you to stroke yourself over and over again until your cock and balls are throbbing and desperately in need of a release. I want your cock to ache before I will let you go all the way for me.

If your into a prolonged orgasm denial phone sex call, I’m your woman.


Written By: Candace
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Cock Teaser Bree

I can be a horrible, naughty little cock tease, but you love me anyway. I love guided masturbation calls. I force your balls to get so full that your cock hurts. You whimper, moan and beg for permission to cum.  I just giggle and tease you some more. I want that cum just to build up a little more, and your agony/ecstasy feeling to continue and even grow beyond anything you have ever experienced.

My panties get so wet when I bring you to that edge of orgasm and then pull you back. The anticipation is incredible. You beg for mercy. You beg for permission. I just tease and deny. I know you want to cum, but I am not ready yet. I want to prolong this.

Oh my, your cock is so wet with pre-cum oozing out your big swollen purple head. You are so cute when you beg. You should really hear yourself. I love teasing you!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Complete Cock Control


Are you prepared to be teased and denied all at the same time? With my special attention to detail, I will bring you closer to the edge than you could ever imagine, making your cock ache for release.

I can feel your body tense up and shiver from my touch, and just when you feel like exploding, I pull you back into my control, denying that flood of cum you so desperately need to release.

Your cock craves my mind twisting games of control, and just think at the end when I am ready to let you blow that huge load, it will so be worth the wait.

Take your finger and rub across the very tip of your cock. I want you to feel all your pre-cum as it wants to flow out of that raging hard cock. When I am ready to let you have that orgasm, it will totally drain your balls perfectly. But then again, maybe you need to wait a little longer!


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Blue Balls Phone Sex


I am too much woman for you, but I’ll have some fun with you. I love drawing men like you in, letting you think that you’re the only one that will be in my life. I thrive on giving men like you blue balls. I like to watch pathetic losers like you suffer. You think you can just fuck whoever you want, when you want. Trust me, I might act like I care but I really could care less how bad your balls are aching for release. I will force you to stroke your pathetic cock anytime I want.

By the time I’m done with you, you’ll feel the power and control I have over you. I will own your cock and lock your cock up if I please to. Feel the weakness take over you while I take ownership of your pathetic life. You will soon crave the aching feeling of blue balls. Driving you to  the edge endless times.

Written By: Phoenix
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A Helping Hand


I’m laying here in bed feeling so hot and bothered. I’ll be honest, my holes have been neglected. My pussy aches and needs to be filled with something thick and hard. Luckily, I have just the thing. All I need is someone to tell me how to work my toy in and out. If it were up to me, I would just start shoving my huge 10 inch dildo in and out until I came all over my sheets. However, I would like to enjoy it for a little while, see how long I can last.

I love to edge, but I know that my mind is all blurry from lack of sex. I need a man to take charge of my body. Play with me and I’ll play with you. I’ll listen to your commands and give some of my own. I’ll tell you how to stroke you rock hard cock until we both cum. Everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. You scratch my itch and I’ll scratch yours.



 Written By: Ginger
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Suffer For Me

You call me to help you cum, but have you really earned it? I don’t think you have. If you really want it, you have to be willing to turn yourself over to me and suffer. The pain makes the pleasure so much better.

I want you to put your cock in my hands. I’m going to take you right to the edge. My voice will guide you, tell you how to abuse yourself. I want your balls burning and your cock throbbing.

I’ll give you a list of things you’re to have; clothes pins, candles, a paddle, and rope for binding your cock for me. Your moans and grunts make my cunt drip as I listen to the torture. The sound of your slapping your balls, dripping hot wax all over yourself, I can’t even begin to tell you how much it turns me on.

I trick you time and time again, thinking I’ll let you cum this time. Nope! Not even close. Not until you’re screaming in pain. After I feel you’ve suffered enough, I allow you to explode. Your climax is earth shattering. You thank me over and over again.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?


Written By: Alexis
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Fetish Sex Club

I am easily tempted by kinky things that are forbidden or considered taboo by some people. I am drawn to fetish groups and underground sex clubs, where any sexual experience is available. I like to watch people exploring very obscure fetishes. Something for everyone no matter how unusual the desire. You got to be pretty open-minded for an orgy room or domination dungeon, but you might find some of the fetish rooms mind-blowing.

I might make your dick limp if I told you most crazy thing that I have seen there. All I will say is that it was beyond crazy. I think it is wonderful though, that we all have different vices.

I would love to help explore your secret fantasy.


Written By: Isabelle
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Orgasm Control

Have you ever experienced orgasm control through guided masturbation? It’s my specialty.
First of all, you will need to surrender your cock to me. From this point on, you will do as I say, or I’ll make you suffer. Now, brace yourself as I take you to the edge of pleasure. Just as you think you’re going to explode, I’ll pull you right back. This could go on for hours, days, or even weeks. Only I can tell you when to cum.
I will give you specific instructions when you call on what I want to do to your cock and you MUST do it. You will feel crazy and high after having your sexual energy pent up like this. When you finally do release (which is 100% my decision), it will be unlike any orgasm you’ve ever had.


Written By: Adrianna
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New To Phone Sex?


Are you curious about phone sex?  Are you shy and not sure what to say? Tired of porn and in need of something more interactive? Want a sexy, mature woman to coax an awesome cum load right out of you?

A guided masturbation call and edge play session might be for you.  During our phone session, my words will stimulate your cock, control your hand and ensure that you have a wonderful orgasm at my command.

We can keep it simple or get as crazy as you need. If you have a favorite toy, we can include that in the session, but not necessary. All that is required is your hand and your horny cock.

I promise you that you will have a fantastic time with me!


Written By: Samantha

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Ready For My Revenge

I let you have your way with me a few nights ago. I played the perfect submissive slut. I let you use and abuse my body, just the way you like. I must admit, I loved it. When I begged you to let me cum, I wasn’t stroking your ego. I wanted that orgasm you had denied me for so long. I obeyed your every command, listened to your voice remind me what I am.. a filthy little cum slut. I played by your rules, and now the time has come for you to play by mine.

I’m planning the perfect night for us. I’ll show you who is the true master of tease and denial. I’ll make you beg me the way I pleaded with you, wanting to cum so bad. I’ll smile down at you and shake my head. You’ll have to earn it first, baby. You’ll be lucky if I even let you touch your cock, let alone stroke it. Don’t think I have forgotten the way you made me grovel. I’m ready for my revenge, are you?


 Written By: Ginger
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