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Going To Work With Daddy suggested I work at his office since we still haven’t gone back to school yet. I’m sort of bored , because I can’t slut around downtown picking up men. I remember sitting on some of his co-workers laps when I was just a tiny little girl. I didn’t understand at the time just what felt so hard under me. I do now and I love how it feels.

Maybe there is some new hot men with big cocks for me to tease. Daddy told me to dress in business attire. That isn’t very much fun, but I could still wear sexy lingerie under my boring business clothes.

Daddy told me I would be answering the phones all day. Sounds boring as fuck, but I could try and make it interesting. My first call was Mr. Hammond. He seemed very nice so I asked him if he would like to see a nude picture of me.  He said he had an even better idea. I had no idea he worked here. Oops.  He told me to do a slow strip and he would take his own pictures. Sounds like fun to me. 

I guess he told a few of the others in the office. I could hear them talking outside waiting their turn. I hope daddy is busy so he doesn’t find out what is going on. We finished our session and when the door opened, I could see a long time forming. Oh no!! Daddy is third in line. 


Written By: Delaney
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Will You Be My Boyfriend?

Remember me? Of course, you do. You can’t get my hot voice of out of your head from our last call. Remember how I wanted nothing more to please you. I was quite different from others you’ve talked too. When we came so hard together, our orgasms were so real and intense.

You told me you love your wife but she doesn’t quite fulfill all your sexual desires. When you talked to me, we just connected emotionally and sexually. We defiantly have something in common because my boyfriend doesn’t fulfill my fantasies. He just doesn’t get me and that’s why I need a phone sex boyfriend to share all my naughty, taboo thoughts.

I would love to confide in someone with all my fantasies and sins. When either of us is feeling horny and frustrated, we can rely on each other and it will be our little secret.

So, let me ask you this (OLD SCHOOL WAY)


Circle One




Written By: Lexi
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Secret Phone Lover

I understand that they’re a lot of men out there who would never actually *cheat* on their wives due to their standing in the community, or the position they hold at work, or simply out of pure guilt. At the same time, they still would like to have an intelligent, beautiful woman to call their own who nobody would ever find out about. 

This is a safe way for them to experience sex outside of their relationships with no strings at all attached. A phone sex girlfriend is someone who will listen, make you feel wanted, needed and important. It gives you a way to escape the every day grind of going home to the same woman night after night.  I enjoy all my relationships I have with men and I’m a total pleaser. I like being their secret phone lover. I absolutely adore being your very own GFE go to girl.


Written By: Sidney
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Spend Valentines Day With Me Winter is just dragging, but before we know it, it will be Spring. The days will be getting longer, and the nights shorter. For now though, it is cold and rather dreary.

It’s almost Valentines Day and I was wondering if you had a date for that night? I don’t and will be home and needing a sexy date. I will have your drink of choice ready, candles lit, some light munchies, and of course you.  What color lingerie should I wear for you? I want to make it a night that both of us will never forget.

Imagine my soft hands cupping your balls, my warm mouth inhaling your cock, my big, soft tits against your thighs. What more can a man ask for?  If he is my man, he can ask for so much more. 

Feel my hot breath on your chest as I kiss and nibble my way down. You raise your legs for me and I lick up and down the crack of your ass. You hold your breath then sigh as I stick my tongue deep in your ass. While tonight is all about you, I know they’re many sexy and dirty things you want to share with me.

Don’t be alone on Valentines Day, or any day really when you can spend it with me.

Written By:  Tiffany
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Sperm Donor Number 19        I see him outside shoveling his snow. I wonder if it would be too much if I asked him to remove his shirt for me?   I would happily warm him up after he let me see his muscles. 

I am looking out my window hoping he will see me. Nothing. I need a plan. I will open my window and yell “help”. That sounds like a great plan. What I you were my neighbor, and I yelled out to you. This is how I imagine things would go. 

He comes to my door, and I yell “help” some more.  I’m wearing just panties hugging my teddy. I explain that I thought someone was under my bed, but must have been my imagination. He asks me where everyone is, and I tell him gone for the whole night. I plead with him to stay with me because I am so scared. Really I am horny, but he doesn’t need to know that yet. He is hesitant and suggests his wife stay. I tell him that I don’t understand why he would put his wife in danger. I don’t really remember his name, but I will call him Sperm Donor Number 19. 

He says he needs sleep as he has a long day tomorrow. I pat my bed and smile. He can’t resist my bedroom eyes. Soon I am riding him and demanding his baby batter. He tries to slow down, but I am wet, tight and more than he can handle. He fills me with cum and I lay on him for awhile.

I tell him he needs to come back tomorrow. He gets ready for sleep, but I tell him everyone is on the way home. I mean, I got what I wanted. It is all about bratty little me. On to sperm donor number 20.


Written By: AJ
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Addicted To Your Married Cock!

When I can’t have your married cock, I resort to my dildo. I know you would rather have my tight pussy rather than your wife’s. I always think of you when I shove my toys deep inside myself.

It sucks I can’t have you anytime I want, but I know you’re thinking of me every time you are with her. We have been sneaking around a lot lately and my pussy is totally addicted to you in every way. I wish my dildo was an exact mold of you so when I fuck myself, it feels just like your cock.

I’m lying in bed right now thinking of so many nasty things I want to do with you. If only you could get away for a little bit just to satisfy my hungry, horny pussy.

The thought of me going to your bed excites me as well. I would love to have your married, cheating dick shoved deep inside me while your wife is asleep next to us.

I’m so fucking addicted to your married cock!



Written By: Diana
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I Get What I Want

There is this guy that I have noticed at work for some time. I love good looking men, he’s the typical New York Wall Street guy. He wears the most incredible sexy suits that just scream “money!” The one and only problem I could find was he’s married. I’m not sure if it’s a happy marriage, but that didn’t really stop me. When I see something I like, I get it. I don’t take no for an answer and this is no exception. I hustled, I worked it, I went into over drive, and I did manage to get what I worked so hard for.

It happened yesterday in the office, we were both working late and I was wearing one of my sexy business suits. One thing lead to another and I was bent over his desk taking his cock in my pussy and opps, the little wifey walked in for an unexpected visit. I didn’t mean to be a home wrecker, but she didn’t look happy. As I was straightening my skirt and walking out the door, he didn’t look very happy either. Married men are kind of irresistible in that untouchable sort of way.


Written By: Lexi
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Christmas Wish

What’s your Christmas wish? Maybe you’re that guy who just cant seem to get it from your wife anymore. She doesn’t fuck you like she used too. Maybe you’re alone and are hoping to find that certain someone, that special girl. Perhaps, you have fantasies that one may consider too taboo, and so you never mention it to your significant other, so it just sits there and eats away at you, yearning to be fulfilled.

What if you could have any of those things? Perhaps, you could have all of them? What if all it took was one simple phone call? Gracie Claus is waiting to make your Christmas wish cum true!


Written By: Gracie
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Married Men Get My Pussy Hot

I just moved into a new place and I’m definitely ready to play with some of the married men in my neighborhood. I know it’s bad of me, but I just can’t help myself. There is something about men with a ring on their finger that completely makes my pussy hot.

I noticed that you have had your eye on me for the past few days, so why not stop by my place when your wife leaves for work? There really is absolutely nothing I would love to do more than get your married cock off. We could play around in my big, jacuzzi tub for awhile first, get some hot foreplay action going, or we can just fuck like crazy! I don’t care as long as I get your married cock in my horny pussy.

Don’t make me wait to long lover!


Written By: Caroline
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Your Secret Girlfriend

I love being your secret girlfriend. I like being the only one knowing all your dirty fantasies. I am your safe place and would never judge you. When I feel completely comfortable with a guy, I will share things with you that I have never told anyone.

I don’t mind being the other woman in your life. I know that I am fulfilling all your sexual needs. It makes me feel good because I get to be the one who gives you the most intense orgasms. I know you don’t cum as hard with her the way you do with me.

When you do have sex with your wife or girlfriend, I know you’re thinking about me. Don’t think it’s a one way street, when I have sex, I am also thinking about you and our most dirtiest conversations.

Your secret girlfriend will always be there for you to give you exactly what you need with no strings attached.


Written By: Jayme
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