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Your Wife’s Sultry Mother

Where did I go wrong with my daughter?

Don’t get me wrong, she is lovely. You married her and she has lots of great qualities, but she is the opposite of me. She is very earthy and wholesome. She does not have that sexy edge that I have. She does not have any vices or a body built for sin, like me.

You have always been attracted to me. You find me very exotic and sexy.  You can’t get enough of my sultry voice or my huge, enhanced perfect tits. My big breasts are impossible for you not to notice. I dress to show them off. I know you get so hot and hard around me.

It is really unhealthy for you to deny yourself pleasure and walk around all day with a hard cock in your pants. We are going to be thrown together for lots of social events, weddings and family gatherings. You are not going to be able to say “no” to me. I am going to seduce the fuck out of you, so get use to it!


Written By: Ava
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Does Your Wife Know That You’re a Loser!

I wonder if your wife knows what a perv you are?  Ever since I caught you stroking your loser dick with my dirty panties and sniffing on another pair I’ve been thinking of a little blackmail plan. It isn’t your money I want but to make you do things you don’t want to.

So you loser perv, this is the week you get what is coming to you! I’m going to dress you up like the stupid cunt you are and then invite some friends over. Pretty little girls like me use you as a toilet and laugh at your pathetic loser pin dick. We’ll fill all your gross perv holes with everything that comes out of our cute, little hot holes. Once you are begging to play with your little clit, then comes the really fun part!

We’re going to invite several men over and let them think they’ll be fucking us. We’ll make them super fucking horny. Guess what? They’ll see you and gang raped all your cum dumpster holes.

I know that secretly that is really what you want loser. Little girls and big cocks are your thing. I laugh so hard because your wife has no clue what a little faggot you are!



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Perfectly Matched Lovers

I love our naughty affair. You are the ideal lover for me. There is a chemistry between us. We’re so hot together. There is vague line between where our foreplay ends and the sex starts. You caress every inch of me and I tingle at your touch. Our intimate, tender kisses ignite our lust and fuel the flames our passionate affair. I take your cock deep into my mouth. I literally crave the taste of you. You do things with your tongue and teeth that no man has ever done to pleasure me with oral sex.

We are both married, but we need something sexy and salacious. We both need a sexual intensity that you do not find in a marriage. Intimate and passionate, but also carnal and erotic is how I would describe us.

Your cock penetrates me. My pussy feels like a wet, velvet glove around your beautiful thick, long shaft. You don’t fuck me like a wife. You fuck me like a lover. Hard, powerful thrusts deep into me. I make you hard and hot. You want to make it last as long as possible. The thrill and exhilaration of our sex is astounding. I deny you no pleasure.

Maybe I should feel guilty for cheating. I have to tell lies so we can be together. We are not in love, but we are beautiful, wonderful perfectly matched lovers.


Written By: Mrs. Robinson
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Helping Out My Best Friend

One of my girlfriends recently asked if I would help her give her husband the best birthday ever. She’s my best friend, so of course I said yes. She told me to meet at her house that night and we would work on his present together.

When I arrived, she answered the door in just a bra and panties. She dragged me inside, and up to the bedroom. I asked what was going on, and she answered by giving me a long, hot kiss. She told me that her husband had shared a fantasy with her about coming home and finding the 2 of us fucking, then joining in. Once she told me that, I was all in.

I started stripping my clothes off, and fell on to the bed with her. She had her tongue buried in my pussy when the door flew open. We both sat back on the bed, watching as he ripped his clothes off. He smiled at her as he pushed me down to his cock. I took it deep down my throat as I felt her fingers begin to penetrate my pussy. Fuck, it felt so good! He grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted me around. She spread my pussy for him and told him to give me that cock.

When we finished, he said it was the best present he’s ever got. I told him we don’t have to wait a year to do this again. 


Written By: Alexis
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While The Wife Sleeps…. You look over at your boring sleeping wife. Yet again, you wanted a wild night of fucking and she let you down. Even when you have sex it’s so boring you would rather look at my pictures and masturbate. Phone sex with me is better than the real thing with her. Admit it, when you fuck her, it’s me you think about. You picture my long, silky hair, bedroom eyes, perfect, round tits, full lips, and you would do anything to put your cock deep inside of my creamy pussy.

 I bet she’s snoring now, keeping you awake. You toss and turn and start to stroke your hard, throbbing cock. You can’t get my gorgeous body out of your mind, can you? You desperately need the release and you know it’s not going to be with her. Don’t waste your perfectly cum filled balls on a night of jerking off alone.

You thought your cock is hard now, just wait until you hear my sexy voice in your ear. You’ll want to explode when you hear my sultry moans as I’m fucking my dripping wet pussy for you.

Go find a quiet spot and call me. Or better yet, lets phone fuck right next to her. We’ll be doing naughty things all night while the wifey is asleep.

Till then, dirty dreams lover!


Written By: Diana
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I’m Your Everything Phone Sex Girl

How many girls can you call your “everything girl?” If I had to take a wild guess, I would say your wife or that someone special in your life, would not be your everything girl.

When I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING! I don’t put any restrictions on having a really good time with you. If we were in a relationship, I would treat it the same way. I hate rules, I always have and  always will. I feel I’ve done a lot sexually, but I am always up for trying new things with you. I hope you would be the same way. You can have the same ole vanilla sex with your partner, but with me, it’s new and exciting every time. Imagine having every fantasy and desired fulfilled with never hearing the word no.

I am called Creamy Chloe for a reason, and that is coming up with something exciting and naughty to get my sweet, delicious cream to run down my thighs.


Written By: Chloe
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Stir Crazy

I’ve been going stir crazy being stuck at home all these weeks. I’ve been entertaining myself watching porn and masturbating, but that’s not nearly enough. I miss cock, real cock. I was racking my brain trying to come up with a good plan when it finally hit me.

I went outside to my backyard and drilled holes in my fence. I called all the neighborhood men that I usually fuck and told them to go where the fence connects our yards. I made a neighborhood glory hole and they were more than happy to stick their stiff cocks through for me to suck. They have been stuck home with their wives after all, so they were more than a little neglected. Some of them came really fast because of that, but I didn’t mind. I swallowed that yummy cum like I was starving for it and then moved to the next one. Who said being stuck at home couldn’t be fun?


 Written By: Ginger
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Teasing The Fuck Out Of Truckers      A fuck buddy of mine and I were on a long trip. We were on the way home and very tired. He was falling asleep so I needed to perk him up a bit. What better fun than to tease him and the truckers on the road!

I started slow by lifting up my skirt and removing my panties. The windows were rolled down and the cool air felt so good on my hot pussy. I was horny the whole ride home, and my friend needed to attempt to keep his eyes on the road. I suggested  giving him a blow job or pull over, but he wanted to keep driving without interruption. 

We were in the middle lane and had an 18 wheeler on each side of us. I pulled my top down and showed them my perfect Milf tits. They opened their windows and asked us to stop and have some fun. I was so into that but my boyfriend said we had to keep driving. I leaned way back in my seat and began to suck my hard nipples while I fingered my hot cunt. I really wanted to stop, but he needed to get home to his wife. 

He finally couldn’t take it any longer and pushed my hungry mouth down on his cock. The truckers slowed down to watch and they sent us on our way with three loud blasts of their horns.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Pleasing The Boss

I’m your hot little secretary. I always wear skirts too short and heels too high. No one knows how stressful your day can be but me. Ever since you hired me, there’s been so much sexual tension between us. I’m ready to give you all the personal assistance you deserve.

 I walk into your office and I notice you’re on the phone with your wife. I close the door behind me and lock it. I start to undress in front of you while you’re on the phone.

 I sit on your desk and slowly spread my legs open. I play with my pussy and run my finger under your nose and into your mouth. You start fingering my pussy while your wife talks to you, but you really aren’t listening to anything she’s saying. You’re hypnotized on my fingers sliding in my beautiful, wet pussy right in front of you.

 I get on my knees and take you into my mouth, caressing your balls with one hand and stroking your cock with the other, while sucking on your head. She has no clue you’re getting pleasured  while you’re talking to her.

You grab the back of my head and shove me down on your cock as you release your sweet juice for me. I love the warmth and salty cum as it hits my throat. I swallow all your juices and not waste a drop. I’m such a good little secretary, aren’t I?


Written By: Macy
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Are You Man Enough?

Are you man enough to fuck me? Maybe the question is are you fucking brave enough? I need a lover that can take whatever I choose to do to him. I need my sex to be rough, violent and a tad bloody. You may leave my bed a bit bruised, battered and stumbling; but you will never forget a session with me.   

Imagine my tight cunt wrapped around your cock, and my beautiful hands wrapped around your neck? I won’t fuck you like your wife does, way to vanilla for me. Ho Hum! What I will do is leave you begging for more. No man or woman ever forgets the smell and feel of me. What do you have to lose? Maybe your sanity and your soul.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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