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Hot Newlywed Young Neighbor

 I was washing my car and my mind began to wander to all the hot, much younger men that call me. Funny how when I was younger I loved to fuck older men and now younger men is my thing. They are so eager to please and cum so many fucking times with me. There is nothing like taking a load of jizz in each of my fuck holes in just one fuck session.

  The men around here all just call me Dirty Debi because I am up for anything. I noticed my newly married neighbor watching me. I didn’t say a word but just slipped out of my shorts and began showing off my hot, mature twat. Looks like we are about to play a little show and tell. He took out his dick and it was already rock hard.  Mmmmm, so thick with the helmet type head I love to suck on.

He came over and whispered in my ear that he already knew all about me and was waiting for his chance. I smiled as I grabbed his dick to guide it into my creamy, hot cunt. He began to pound me against my car. “Fuck Mommy”, I moaned as we both came hard together. 

Dirty Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Juicy Ass Phone Sex

You walk by me on this beautiful day. You can’t keep your eyes off of me, they’re practically glued to my ass. I love how married men like you drool over my juicy ass like you wish it belonged to you. You catch me looking at you and look away fast but we make eye contact and your cock gets even harder. I love catching deviant perverts like you red handed. I can tell my ass makes you wanna get your rocks off. Do you think your man enough to take care of this ass?

Let’s go back to my place and you can strip me out of these tiny shorts. I want to see what you have to offer me. I have a feeling you’re going know how to please me. Are you ready to cum with me? 

Written By: Sierra
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Not The Girl Next Door


 You watched me grow up, I played with your daughter, and you wanted me even then. What was I when we became neighbors? Don’t be sly, I was 12. I heard you talking with your friends over a Rollingbrook Beer about the things you would do to me. Then your friends talked about Jilly your daughter. Naughty, naughty! You had no idea I was watching and waiting to “fuck up your world”.

I am in town for a show and I look you up for old times sake. Looks like nothing has changed and I have to say you still are one hot man. You look me up and down, I remember that look. I whisper in your ear “Take me to your bedroom”. We are on the bed you sleep in with your wife, we kiss and I slowly undress you. You are all man, would never let a girl tie you up and take over. Somehow you miss it when I slip the handcuffs on your wrists. 

You watch me slowly strip as your dick gets even harder. You are licking your lips looking at me. I am licking mine looking at the pre-cum dripping from the tip of your dick. I lick it and then kiss you. You protest as you never have tasted your salty pre-cum. I own you now and slide my sweet pussy on your face smothering you. I can hear the muffled sounds of you begging me to ride you. I slip down onto your dick and ride you till I cum so hard you are afraid the neighbors will here.

We both came and now I dress and begin to leave. You laugh telling me this isn’t funny anymore and if I am a good girl and untie you, you will fuck me again. I come closer with a wicked smile and you here footsteps. Jilly is at the door. Oh daddy, I am going to get all of this on cam as Jilly fucks the shit out of you and then….we shall see.


Written By: Harley
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Meeting Sexy Stranger At Hotel Bar

I head into the city. I do some shopping for the kids, getting them back to school clothes. Of course, I stop in at Victoria Secrets and pick up something sexy for myself. I get really turned on shopping for lingerie. I decided to see what happens. Maybe I can find a playmate today.  I am wearing a short little summer dress and heels. I stop in at a hotel bar for an afternoon cocktail. 

You are in town on business. Your flight was late, and you are starving. You grab a beer and some lunch at your hotel bar. The bar is pretty empty this time of day. We start chatting and flirting. You sense my sultry, sexy mood. We are both married, but not dead. You know that you should probably be good, but my curves are so sweet. You are picturing me naked, bent against the bar and fucking me hard from behind. Fucking me and doing all those sexy things that your conservative wife won’t. 

Let’s slip up to your hotel room and spend the afternoon getting to each other and making each other cum! 


Written By: Jackie
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Naughty Summer Intern

I have had a great summer working in your company doing an internship. Now, it is time for you to write my recommendation letter. I wasn’t always here on time every day. I took long lunches so that I could run to the mall. I called in sick one day, but when I returned it was obvious by the tan lines that I had been to the beach. I got the cute guys in the office to some of my work for me. Obviously, I am not the most productive intern, but I am hottest!

I walk into your office to discuss my performance. You start with all my flaws, and I start to unbutton my blouse. I promise you ANYTHING if you give me a great recommendation! I slip out of my skirt. I show you my stockings and garter belt. You go crazy. You are hard!

By that bulge in your pants, that I am going to drain, I know that you are going to give me the best recommendation possible!


Written By: Little Lucie
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My Boyfriend’s Wife

I had been seeing this guy for a while when he finally decided to share with me that he was married. I was furious and wanted to break things off immediately. I don’t have issues fucking married men, just married men that lie. Before I could toss him out, he told me that his wife was very interested in meeting me. I started to say no just as I heard the door open and close. She came into the room… and she was gorgeous. She looked me up and down and smiled. “She’s perfect.” I have to admit, seeing the way both of them were looking at me made my panties very wet. She walked over slowly and started running her hands up and down my body. She leaned forward and licked my lips, sinking with me down on the couch. Her husband/my boyfriend sat in the chair across from us, his cock already out and throbbing. She and I undressed each other, totally caught in the moment. Her body was so fucking hot and my lips nipped at her nipples and my tongue swirled inside her delicious pussy. After I made her cum with my tongue and fingers, she pushed me back on the couch and pinned my legs back. She started slow, just easing 2 or 3 fingers in, but soon her entire fist was working in and out while her tongue flicked my clit. I was screaming with pleasure, it was so fucking good! My legs were shaking as he walked over. She pulled her fist away and he shot his load all over my gaping pussy. She leaned in licked it up. I have never cum so hard! Since that day, my boyfriend’s wife is now my girlfriend.

Online Shopping

I get so tired of fucking the same guys on the block and sometimes need to step out of my comfort zone. I discovered a few years ago that there are plenty of yummy white men that will pay good money to fuck a cocoa princess like me. I sift through their profiles and look at all the delicious dick pics they post of their white dicks. It takes a little while to pick the perfect one… I have standards… but it’s always worth it. So many of these men are horny married men that need something a little more freaky than their boring ass wives. They’re always too embarrassed to meet me in their neighborhood and too scared to meet me in mine. We meet at a hotel an hour away and let the fucking begin. It’s always crazy. They are so fucking deprived of good pussy and women like me that will take it however they want to give it. I get the “strange” I need with no strings attached and little money on the side. Truth be told, I would do it for free, but it makes it even better for them to pay a black slut like me to suck their dick, run my tongue up their ass and ride their cocks. Everyone wins. Best online shopping EVER.

Sweet Sugar Callie


We drove along the coast in one of my generous sugar daddies cars. I’ve been with a lot of men but this one is beyond generous. We usually get together a few times a month and he is always filling my life with surprises. We drove to a luxurious condo right on the beach. I was so excited and yes it was a surprise for me. I now have the grand view of the ocean. A new secret spot for us. As soon as he shut the door our lips found each other immediately. His warm hands traveled along my body unhooking my bikini top. He kissed my neck as I removed his shirt, his skin was so smooth and lined with his muscles. All I want to do is please my sweet daddy. It wasn’t long until I stripped him out of his pants and mounted him. Teasing his cock along my pussy until he  slowly slipped into my wetness. The majority of the afternoon was spent in my new bed with my legs spread getting filled with loads of cum. 

Very Highly Inappropriate

AJ  Daddy suggested I stay home from school because he said I looked really tired. “Well, of course daddy, I have been studying really hard for finals and all”, I said. I told him I REALLY didn’t want to ditch but he knew what was best. *Giggles*  So, with everyone gone for the day; just how will I amuse myself? I played with makeup, danced to music pretending I was a stripper, then took a long, hot shower. Daddy always wondered why I ran out of hot water with each shower. *wink, wink* 

So I look at the clock and it’s only 11 am. Time to check the mail, I just have a towel on know I could need to sign for a package. Nope no mail, but my neighbor is cutting his lawn. Yummy, he is getting all sweaty, he has these awesome muscles and all. I wonder if his wife fucks him as much as I would.  Oh, no I was thinking out loud again. So I tossed on some shorts and a too small tee-shirt and went over to say “Hello”. 

I even fixed him a cold glass of tea, Texas tea that is and he drank it down fast and seemed a little wobbly. I helped him inside and began to rub his back. He suggested I leave because this was highly inappropriate. Not just inappropriate but highly! So? I am a brat and I know that, so spank me? I helped him out of his clothes, yes I know HIGHLY inappropriate. I began to kiss him, and stroke his big, thick baby batter filled dick.

He tried to push me away, and he seemed flushed.  *Giggles* so I brought him another tea, yeah Texas tea but he didn’t know that.  Before long, we were doing so many highly inappropriate things together.

Bratty AJ

AJWritten By: AJ
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Weekend at Hailey’s


Come fuck me. I know you’ll be sitting on the couch watching your wife/girlfriend run around shopping, cleaning this weekend. And of course neglecting every one of your sexual needs. It’s simple she doesn’t have the time to even listen to your hot, steamy fantasies. Well, that’s why I’m here for you. To take care of you the right way. I’ll be sure every time you hang up the phone with me you’ll have the biggest smile on your face. Feeling completely satisfied. My mission is to make you shoot your load so hard. Leaving you happy for the rest of the weekend. Come and fuck me before it’s to late, you might be spending your day doing weekend chores. I can’t wait to be your hot taboo slut that will do anything to please you.