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Happily Married But Always Looking For More…

My husband knows when we got married that I love him and his cock, but he also knows I will never be satisfied with one cock for the rest of my life. Chase is totally not the jealous type, otherwise we wouldn’t be together. He understands my need for variety. Sometimes he watches me get pleasured and other times he gets the creamy surprise when I get home. 

Chase has the perfect 8 inch cock but my married pussy craves bigger. He loves watching me get pleasured, and he even has a liking for big dicks as well. That’s why we have the perfect marriage, we both love seeing each other with big ones.

We’re always looking for the perfect cock to play with. Call JoJo and let me decide if my married pussy will stray.



Written By: JoJo
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Home Wrecker Phone Sex

It’s true I’m spoiled and enjoy taking control of married men.

I started at a very young age controlling married men and enjoy when a man becomes weak and submissive to me. I enjoy being that naughty little home wrecker. Nothing like sneaking around and draining your cock and leaving nothing for that fat bitch ass wife of yours.

When you do have to pity fuck your wife, you know you think of me to even get hard. I love being your little secret, and sneaking around all the time to fuck.

While your nagging bitch wife is chicken pecking you, I’m that girl that is stroking your ego. You want to spend all your free time with me to drain your hot loads of cum.

I love it when you slide your wedding finger inside of me and tell me you only want to cum to me. So be a naughty cheating husband and call your naughty home wrecker today!



Written By: Kendall
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I Love Sleepovers For One Reason!

When I was younger I had tons of girlfriends. I was friends with the popular girls, the cheerleaders, sluts, dorky girls and the really smart girls. Some of them I couldn’t stand to be around and were truly annoying but I had an agenda. I became friends with all these girls for one thing and for 1 thing only….their daddies!

I was invited to a sleepover every weekend. While other girls packed their teddy bears and cute little Disney pajamas, I was packing skimpy lingerie. Anything that was tight and revealing to seduce my so called friends Daddies. Of course, I put a tee-shirt over my sexy lingerie so when the time was right, I would take it off.

At every sleepover, I pretended to enjoy the stupid games and the boring activities and then I waited till everyone was asleep. I remember sometimes waiting for hours for those bitches to go to bed. I was so annoyed at them but yet my pussy was gushing knowing I was going to have older daddy cock inside my little cunt.

Once everyone is sleeping, I slipped off my tee-shirt and go looking for my prey. Who could resist a cute, petite redhead in sexy lingerie? No one. I got all my girlfriends daddies. They had no problem finding a place to fuck me and keeping it from their wives. One daddy fucked me right beside his sleeping wife!



Written By: Ariel
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Gang Bang At Elle’s

       One of my married lovers asked me if I would host a party for him as his wife isn’t much fun and would ruin things for him. Are they ever any fun? He said he would have the beer, booze and munchies delivered to my condo. He emailed me his guest list, and he requested I invite them all. I began to send the invitations, and noticed a specific pattern. They were all men, and from what I saw on his Instagram, they were all extremely hot and built.

Once I put it all together, it made perfect sense. The only problem was that I wanted to do more than watch. These men looked so HOT. I had only invited a few, which lead me to an idea. Why not have a pre-party? I could have my pick to suck and fuck before he even got here. I picked out a tiny pink dress, no panties and a pair of my favorite fuck me pumps. My hair and makeup were perfect, but hopefully not for long. I wanted smeared lipstick, mascara running down my face, and hair matted in jizz.

The pre-party was slamming and he arrived to find all the guests already nude with huge hard-ons. He smiled and joined right in. Soon he was on all fours with a dick in his ass, one in his mouth and several surrounding him. In between getting rammed, he begged for a fisting from his number one slut, me!



Written By: Easy Elle
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The Other Woman

I do realize I am the other woman in your life but that doesn’t mean anything to me. As you know, I am very confident with all aspects of my life and of course, my body. I never want to sound vain but I know I am the one who you secretly want and desire. Let me put it this way; maybe not so much WANT but almost a NEED. You need me in your life in so many ways. Things can get boring in your bedroom and possibly it’s a ghost town. I’m the other woman who brings a new meaning to your so called sex life. I fulfill your every wish and fantasy and your balls are graciously thanking you for that each time you call me.

I’m so much more than just a sexual release to you. I am the one who listens to what you have to say. You can have a open and honest conversation with me and you’re presently surprised that I am not just some average phone girl. I am so much more than that. You know it and so does your cock.

I’m sure you are use to sex being very stale and complacent but with me, it feels like it’s exciting and fresh every time. Now that you’ve found your other woman (me, of course) you finally have something to smile about and realizing you have something to look forward to. Once you have that aching urge in your pants, you know Your Naughty Ashlee will take care of it right away.


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Helping Out My Boss

I’m extremely attracted to my boss even though he’s kind of a arrogant prick at times. He flirts with me but he’s always been professional.

The other day I was in a naughty mood in all aspects. My boss comes in the morning and announced he was leaving early because he was going to surprise his wife and take her out to dinner at a 5 star restaurant for their 10th wedding anniversary. He wanted me to order her 10 dozen red roses and I even left with him on my lunch break to help him pick out a diamond bracelet for her.

I looked at the clock and noticed my boss hasn’t left yet, it’s 30 minutes past the time he wanted to leave. I went to go check on him and he was finishing up quarterly reports and seemed highly stressed. I told him to call his wife to let her know he was running a little bit behind.

While he was on the phone with her, something came over me and I decided to rub his cock. He saw I had a naughty little grin on my face and he turned bright red. While my boss was saying a lot of uh huh’s and yep’s, I got down on my knees and took down his pants and sucked his cock. He could barely keep it together while talking to her. By the end of their conversation, he said he was going to be even later than he thought. He hung up the phone and lifted me up onto his desk and slid off my black panties and ate my pussy till I came all over his face and important papers.

He then lifted me up again and I wrapped my long legs around him and he slid me down on his hard shaft. He fucked me so hard and gave me a huge cream pie. I thought he was in a hurry to leave but he wanted to still play around some more. He said he won’t be getting this later from his wife so he wanted to make his 10 years of marriage extra special.


Written By: Sadie
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Spoiled By My Sugar Daddy

I just got back from Spring Break with my sugar daddy. He loves to spoil me and take me on exotic vacations. He lets me have his Amex card and I go on a major shopping spree for bikini’s and cute little outfits for the warm weather.
He would rather take his little barely legal hottie than his boring wife. It works out perfectly because he travels for work a lot and he just tells her he’s going on another business trip. She has no clue he’s rubbing suntan lotion all over my tight, teen body on the beaches of Costa Rica.
A lot of people thought he was my real daddy because of our age difference (hehe.)  I just go with it and like to see their reaction when they see my sugar daddy kiss me in public. He takes such good care of me that he feels like my real Daddy.
It’s not fun to have just one sugar daddy. If you would like to spoil your little blonde princess, I will be accepting to devote some time with you.


Written By: Princess
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Always a Bridesmaid

 I have a confession to make. Weddings make me HOT. Most women my age get depressed when they’re a bridesmaid once again and never a bride. Not me. Seeing all those sexy groomsmen in their tuxes, yum.

I was in a wedding last weekend and got that stirring in my panties again and went looking for the best man to help me rub out that itch. I didn’t find him, but I did find someone else: the groom. He was pacing around the room, nervous; probably realizing that he would never fuck another woman again. I sat down next to him to try to ease his nerves, and it happened.

He started kissing me and had the bodice of my dress down under my tits. He was like a starving man. His mouth, lips and teeth were all over my breasts and his hand was pulling down his zipper to take out his throbbing cock. There was a voice in the back of my head telling me to stop him, but my panties were already ripped out of the way and he was pushing me down into the couch and thrusting into me. I could hear people filing into the church and knew the door could open any minute but there was no stopping us. We both came fast and my pussy was quickly filled with his hot jizz.
I only thought fucking groomsman was fun. Standing at the altar with the groom’s cum oozing out of my pussy trumped it all!


Written By: Abby
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Howdy Neighbor

    aj  I love playing dress up in front of my window especially when I know my married neighbor is watching me. Honestly, I am not really trying to make him all hot and horny from watching me.~Giggles~ Okay, well maybe I am. Thing is; I am not just a little teen tease, I do follow up and all. You know like follow him around till he has no choice but to give me what I want.

He is taking out his big jizz filled dick. Oh no, I didn’t I mean? Maybe I should go over to his house because I would never want to be the reason his window is all sticky. He is now texting me and wants me to show him more of my sweet pussy. I mean I wouldn’t want to be unneighborly, but then again, I would rather go over there and play up front and personal.

              He is stroking pretty fast now. I sure love big mushroom heads about to shoot their load. I start finger fucking my wet, soft pussy, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. OMG it feels so fucking good. He texts me again saying “Thank you.” I text him back and say, “same time, same place tomorrow?”


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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I Want To Be Your Girlfriend

I know you have a wife but that doesn’t mean I can’t be the other special woman in your life.

I could imagine your life feels like it’s missing something and you would finally feel complete with a sexy girlfriend like me. I would add excitement and your hidden fantasies would finally be explored. There’s certain things you can’t tell your wife because of judgment but with your naughty girlfriend, you can not only share your desires but also act on them.

I would have more of a “real” relationship with you than you do with her. I would also take ownership of your cock and eventually you will only save your cum for me. Trust me, you will have the best of both worlds but you’ll be hooked on my naughty world so much you won’t have time for your wife anymore. 

Your Girlfriend,


Written By: Autumn
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