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Drinking Makes Me Do Naughty Things


I don’t know what it is about wine but I can’t seem to have just one glass. It’s more like three, four, five, or better yet, the whole bottle! It makes me feel good when I have a few too many. I really let my hair down and do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Just the other night, I walked into my bedroom and noticed my married neighbor had his blinds open. I could see him lying in his bed reading a book and his wife appeared to be asleep.

I flickered my light on and off to get his attention, and sure enough I did. I could see him looking out his window into my bedroom so I gave him a seductive strip tease. He seemed like he was really enjoying himself so I gave him a steamy masturbation show with my dildo. I saw he was playing with his hard cock through his boxers.

All of a sudden, his wife woke up and that ended our fun.

Sometimes when I drink during the day and I see the hot, young Fed Ex driver walking up my driveway delivering a package to my house, the naughty Cougar comes out to play and gives the young stud an unexpected package himself.

I’ve been drinking today and there’s no telling what kind of fun we will have on the phone.


Written By: Candace
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AJ Has A Problem

                Oh hey neighbor, it’s a beautiful summer day out today. I see your wife has left for the day, but I was needing to ask her for a favor. Maybe you can help me out?  Quick, no time to waste! Follow me to my house. Please hurry. It could be an emergency! 

Now don’t be embarrassed, but I need to remove all my clothes. Now come closer, and look in-between my legs.  See, right there. Why is my little pussy always so wet? Maybe I’m getting sick or something. 

              Oh no, is your dick getting a cold too? It’s standing straight up. I have an awesome idea! Did you ever hear of herd immunity?  Of course you did, you’re a doctor. 

First, lets use our mouths. Mouths have the largest amount of germs. Your dick sure feels good down my throat, but I’m still so very wet and you so hard.  I guess to get rid of these germs, there’s nothing left to do but to fuck.

Oh no, handsome neighbor.  It appears you forgot your dick wrapper. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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I Won’t Tell

We met at a pool party last weekend. You were there with your wife and kids. I was there with my parents. I felt your eyes all over my young body. I made sure you got a good look of my little tits and perfect ass. I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

Later that night, I received my first text from you: “Where can we meet?” I responded quickly that I would meet you at your house. You tried to argue, but I insisted… no one tells me “NO”.

The next morning, I watched your wife leave with the kids and snuck upstairs. You were nervous, but hard just the same. I laid on the bed that you share with her. You hesitated briefly, but as soon as I started exposing my body to you, you couldn’t resist. You were starving for me.

My panties were ripped off and your mouth devoured my pussy. I lost count of how many times you made me cum against your tongue. You pushed me back against the bed and shoved your cock inside. You knew you didn’t have to be gentle with your little whore. I wasn’t your wife and you could be as rough as you wanted.

You grabbed a handful of my hair and rolled me to my stomach. Your mouth went to my ass, shoving your tongue in deep, getting me ready to take your cock. Your mouth covered mine as you rammed inside, covering my screams. You pumped in and out, demanding that I cum for you again. With my last orgasm out of the way, you gave one last push and came inside my ass.

You rolled to your back, gasping for breath. “We can’t do this again, Raylin.” I smiled down at him as I took his cock in my hand.
“I won’t tell if you don’t”.


Written By: Raylin
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I’m The Neighbor You’ve Been Craving


Am I a bad girl just because I like to show off my hot body,  even to married men? There is something about it that makes my pussy so wet.

I went for my morning jog and just happened to notice your sweet wife leave for work. It was perfect timing on my part. The naughty thoughts started flowing about her sexy husband as she drives away.

Knock, knock! It’s me, Autumn! Your hottie neighbor that you’ve been absolutely dying to slide your cock in my tight pussy.

You let me in and before we even make it out of the entry way, I grope your bulging cock and slide my hot tongue in your mouth.

We don’t even undress or go take the time to go to your bedroom, we fuck right by the front door. You’ve been craving a lustful, hot sex session for a very long time.

You can’t believe how tight my pussy is, and the way my smooth lips wraps around your swollen shaft.

Pinching my hard nipples you slide that rod in deep and pound your hot blonde slut like never before.

You know I will do all the things “sweet lil wifey” would never, ever do.  


Written By: Autumn
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Your Little Mommy

You have been hiding something from your wife. You’ve been sneaking around with me for months and living out your crazy fantasies. You think she would be mad, and I think she would be disgusted with you.

I’m not your teen lover, I’m your teen MOMMY. We never fuck… are you kidding?!?! With that little baby cock? Never! But then again, it’s not a fuck buddy that you need. You like for me to diaper you and treat you like a naughty baby boy.

You come to me in your business suit and beg me to diaper you. I take you to the special room I have made for you, complete with playpen, crib, and changing table. I take your clothes off and ask if you’ve been a good boy. You shake your head yes, but I don’t believe you! I spank your little ass before I lotion you up, put on the powder, and then your diaper.

I put you in your footie pajamas and walk you over to the rocking chair. I sit down with you and  you sit on my lap. Time for you to “nurse” on Mommy’s tits. As you suck, Mommy reaches down and rubs your little dicky through your diaper. You coo like a little baby when you make a sticky mess for Mommy.
And your wife always complains that you’re too serious, if she could see you now!


Written By: Raylin
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I’m Not Happy

For the most part, I tend to be a more sensual domme. I take you places you’ve never been and then push your limits a little more. However, Miss Charlotte is not happy. You’ve been a very, very bad boy.

I’m always very generous with you, rewarding your good deeds by allowing you to cum, and you have the audacity to pull the stunt that you pulled? That was very greedy, and Miss Charlotte doesn’t go for that. You must be punished for taking advantage of my kindness.

You can forget cumming for a while. That’s not going to happen. You can forget permission to fuck your wife. That’s not going to happen either. Your cock is mine and I refuse to give you any kind of pleasure. Naughty boys don’t get treats.

The next time you call me, if I choose to answer, be prepared to beg for forgiveness. My suggestion is that you get on your knees and start practicing now. If you want to get back on my good graces, you’ll need all the help you can get.


Written By: Charlotte
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Darker Than Dark

Your thoughts and desires are so dark that you’re afraid to even speak them.  For the most part, you’re a normal man. You have a well paying job, 3 adorable kids, and a hot wife. Just sometimes no matter how hot your wife is, things can get so fucking boring. 

You remember the hot goth girls in college. You would watch them, study them, and imagine what sex would be like.  Never in your wildest fantasies, and darkest dreams did you ever expect me.

You see me going through my backpack to try and find my cash. I’m taking my time and holding up the line. You step in and pay for me. I invite you to drink your coffee with me at the last table. I ask a lot of questions. We’re now talking about your boring wife, and your impure thoughts about your kids. I seduce you into not going to work today.

We joke about the things you want to do, but won’t. I suggest you put yourself in my capable hands. After a long day of persuading you, you hand me your house keys, and your families schedule. I show up, but I’m not alone. You quietly tell me that wasn’t the plan. Shut up, Daddy! Remember when the screaming starts, you asked for this!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Nothing Serious

I have been sleeping with a married guy. I was just in it for some fun, quick fucking. I never thought that he would actually fall in love with me. Although, I can see how that is possible. I am just the type of girl that guys fall for. I am like a drug, and very addicting. Once you have me, and taste me, you don’t want to go without me.

My married guy got a little out of control. He’s been calling me all the time, wanting to fuck me. He was getting sloppy about being discreet. Sure enough, his wife caught on. He didn’t grovel or try to apologize. He told her he wants a divorce, and then told her he wants to be with me. I have no idea what he thought we were? I thought he had an understanding that this was merely a fling. Nothing serious.

I don’t want to be a home wreaker, so now I have to break it off with him. Not sure which is better, slow and steady or fast and hard? I know how I like my sex but not sure what one is best for a break-up.


Written By: Gracie
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Let’s Make Her Jealous


Your wife left you. You’re lonely and you feel like you’re nothing without her. Well let me tell you, she’s an idiot. Some woman just don’t see what they have standing right in front of them. They think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Well soon she will find out that it’s not. 

When she comes crawling back to you, you’re going to make her eat her words. You’re going to have a hotter, younger version of the girl she always wished she could be. She’s going to go home and cry herself to sleep, and the whole time she’s going to be thinking about you with this young, sexy girl while eating her Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. Her mind is really going to start rolling as she starts to think about you and I together. It’s going to kill her thinking of you and I fucking in your bed. The same bed you once shared together. 

Give me a call and let me help you get over that bitch. You deserve the best. 



Written By: Caroline
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Ass Fetish

Your wife has no idea you would do anything to smell my gorgeous ass. She would be completely shocked to know your deepest desires are running your tongue up and down my sweaty ass crack. The smell of my ass would be your all time favorite scents. After you got your first high off my ass juice, it would become a drug. It would be such a strong addiction that it would be needed daily.

Your wife has no clue about your obsession, she would find it utterly repulsive. She thinks ass play is dirty. She would never allow you to do the things to her, as you want to do with me.

There’s no doubt you have an ass fetish, but how far would you go to get what you truly want?

Written By: Andrea
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