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Extreme Pain Therapy

I just love being in control of your cock. It gives me total ownership of your weak pathetic manhood. Why do you look at me like that? You know how much that angers me, causing me to really torture you, but still you continue to annoy me. It’s okay, let me put my wicked mind to work on ways to make you my personal slave.

I know you secretly want to be in pain, sometimes pain is all your twisted fucked up mind thinks about especially when you are in my presence.

Maybe when your cock and scrotum has been inserted in my special vice, only then will you be satisfied. Yes, my little fuck boy, bow down to me! I am the only one who really understands your demented fantasies and you will submit to my extreme pain therapy. Tonight it is your time to be punished!


Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Mean Bitch Humiliates Sissy Fags

 I do usually get a lot of calls of the GFE nature and I love being a nice girl. But just like most women, I have an evil side. They’re days when I want to put on black leather and thigh high boots. When I put on my ultra sexy bitch outfit, all you little sissy boys better watch out.

   I am in the mood to torture, tease, and humiliate. I’m not going to be your girlfriend and help you look pretty. I want to make you feel ashamed for being such a fucking faggot. You got that, sissy panty queer? If getting humiliated makes your pathetic cock hard, then let Mistress Alex put you in your place.

     I can really be a mean bitch. In fact, I truly like having someone to punish and humiliate when I am having a really bad day. It’s nice to have someone to use as my whipping boy.

If your so pathetic and you need to be punished for being a stupid sissy fag cum guzzling slut, let me be the one to scratch that itch for you. I will wear your ass out and I will humiliate you till you cry. Are you ready for a dominating bitch with a sweet, young voice?


Written By: Alex
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Prove Me Wrong

Get on your knees, faggot! Just look at that beautiful, big cock before you. You don’t even know where to begin with something so large. You’ve sucked cock before but nothing this substantial, you’re playing with the big boys now. The question is, can you handle this, or do I have to teach my cock slut how to perform? Personally, I don’t think you can take on this massive 13 inch cock. I’ve seen you suck 6-8 inches and you could barely handle that without gaging.

Perhaps, I am setting you up for failure? I want you to show and prove to your Mistress you can do this for her. I don’t like being disappointed, and once I am upset, I dish out severe punishments.

Look at his thick mushroom head just about to enter your mouth. Your time is now! Do it, slut! Prove me wrong or suffer the consequences.


Written By: Lexi
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My Dominate Side


As you can see, I look like a nice girl next door type. If you look a little closer, there’s a mysterious, dominate side of me. My dark side is where I only call the shots and whatever Mistress Cheyenne wants, I get. No questions asked! If you play by my rules then things should go smoothly for you. If not, there is consequences.

I’m not into torture or blood but you will feel sharp stings, soreness, along with redness when I am through with you. How much pain? It’s really up to you. If I feel you’re not being a good slave then of course, punishment is served. If I am in a really generous mood, then maybe I will let you lick the cum out of my pussy from my hot fuck I had that afternoon.

On your knees loser, and open your mouth really wide. I want to see how much of my leather,  stiletto heel you can take until you gag. If you can take the whole thing than Mistress Cheyenne has something else for you that will be a lot more challenging.



Written By: Cheyenne
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I Own Your Ass

I want you to strip for me. You know you must obey and submit to me. I am your Mistress. I own you. Spread open your cheeks. I have a purple butt-plug all ready for your ass.

Now get on your knees and worship my ass. Lick and tongue fuck my asshole. Do it now! Savor it. I know your cock becomes so hard with your tongue inside of my ass. I want you to be my little ass licker. You’ll become my little brown nose boy. You’re now addicted to my ass.

Time for you to bend over. You’re going to be my bitch. I spank your ass until it is the most delicious shade of pink. I have a paddle and switch. I make you moan and beg for mercy.

I put on my big black strap-on. Down on your knees, my little boy toy. Suck my girl cock! Look up at me. Now offer me your ass. Beg me to fuck you, and fuck you hard. I penetrate your ass with my big thick black strap-on. I fuck you and  until I give you permission to cum.

I own your ass now!


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Sensual Domination With The Madame

The Madame wants to dominate you without all the whips, chains and paddles? Maybe you are seeking something a little more sensual. Perhaps, a woman who is sexy and confident but has a firm hand to your ass to show her dominance. I don’t need to conflict an extreme amount of pain on you to prove you’re submissive and weak. I know you are, that’s why you’re here.

I will make you get on your knees as I bend over and whisper in your ear everything I want you to do. I will take over your mind. You will completely surrender to me in every way possible. You won’t even know you’re completely being seduced by your Madame Joanne until it’s to late- the point of no return. I will have complete control over your mind and body.

Once you’re sensually dominated by my voice, body, and creativity you will be begging for more- I promise.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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Strap-On Whore

I already know what you’re thinking- you want my big strap-on, don’t you? You want to wrap your lips around it and get it wet for me. Get on your knees and crawl over to your Mistress.

Look up at me and tell me how badly you want me to fuck your sissy mouth. Tell me how much of a strap-on whore you are. You’re a slutty sissy for me and you love it. You can’t get enough of my strap-on fucking your dolled up sissy face.

Not only do you love it in your mouth, but you want it somewhere else don’t you? I want to hear you beg for it. You will stay on your knees, in your panties begging for my strap-on in your ass. I know how badly you want and how hard you need it in your sissy ass.

Worship me until I feel like fucking you. I might even get my big black cock lover to fuck you if you’re lucky. How about we both take turns on your little sissy faggot ass?

You’re a slut and you’ll do everything I say. I will have you on all fours begging me to let you cum. But do you get to cum? That’s up to me, of course.


Written By: Goddess Jezzabelle
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Do You Think You Should Be Rewarded?

I’m not like the other girls you’re used to. I’m a woman. I’m not your frumpy wife or girlfriend. I’m a goddess.

I want you on your knees in front of me, worshiping me.

I stand before you in a garter belt with black & red bra and panties. I look down at you as you cower in front of me on your knees. I take your face in my hands, tilting your face up. I ask you if you’re ready to serve. You nod quickly. It’s been a long road with you. You were a hard one to break but, as always, I broke you. It took a lot of punishment with you. I know there were days that you left me with your ass, cock and balls aching so bad that you didn’t think you could walk. But you learned.

Now it’s time for all of that pain and suffering to be rewarded. I gently pull your face forward, letting your tongue touch my pussy for the first time. I can tell by the look on your face that it is just as delicious as you had imagined.

I tell you that you’re allowed to touch your cock, and you will be able to cum today. Your tongue shoves deeper as your hand strokes faster. Your moans are so loud. I can tell that you’re close. As your cum shoots all over my stilettos, you’re practically in tears. I denied you for so long. You whisper your thank yous. I caress your obedient face as I push your head down. It’s time to clean your cum off my boats. Your training continues.


Written By: Teagan
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Dominatrix Koko

I am an experienced Dominatrix.

Domination is such a general word. There is a huge variety of very different topics that fall under the word domination.

This is for those in need of sex and pain, being controlled by a trained Mistress.

You do not have to understand why you need pain. That is irrelevant. I will give you the pain that you need.

You will be bound, and I will torture you.

Just Surrender!

Give yourself to me.  I own you now. Your balls are mine.

A kick in the balls. The kiss of my whip. Ass torture fucking session. CBT. Tie up your balls and make them ache.

Are you ready for some cruel, wicked phone sex? Leave you with big red marks on your butt and the tops of your thighs. Insanity to some, but I know you need this pain to keep you sane.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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You Can’t Resist Mistress Koko

You think that you can control me. Make me submit to you. That is hilarious.

I am always in control. I always win. I always dominate.

I seduce and you cannot resist me.

If I want to fuck you, I fuck you my way.

Just try and resist, try not to submit!

You have tried before and failed. You end with having a fantastic cum load, of course.

When you completely submit to me, your orgasms are more intense and you feel like a million bucks.

Your Mistress Koko


Written By: Mistress KoKo
Call KoKo @ 1-866-949-5809
Email: AOL/Yahoo-kokowillruinu