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Big Curves Make Him Cheat

When I have my eye on a man, he knows it. I am not shy. I am aggressive and hot. Seducing my man is part of the foreplay. Turning his head away from his job, his family, his girlfriend, and getting his attention is exciting. Watching him quiver, making him hard with my big tits is thrilling. I want his focus on me. I want him hot and horny, so he fucks me hard! 

I dress to show off my assets. Nothing subtle there!  I have a big mature round ass and incredible MILF tits! He can’t take his eyes off of my curves. He lusts to touch them and worship my hot, sexy curves. I make his hunger for me grow. Despite that it is the week of Valentine’s Day, the only thing on his mind is finding time to get his hands on my curves and fucking me.

My curves don’t leave a lot to the imagination. You know you want them too! You want to suck on my big tits and fuck me hard from behind. The only I don’t know is where do you want to cum when you fuck me? Why don’t you call me and fuck me? Let’s cum together! 



Written By: Auntie Ava
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Cheating On My Husband Is My Hobby

My husband wants me to look sexy and be his arm candy, his trophy wife in public, but let’s face facts. A woman like me was never meant to be chained to a stove and be a demure, faithful wife. PTA Meetings and Pampered Chef parties were never in the cards for me. I was born wild and have strong desires for sex. I need a lot of sex. Lucky for me, I am not a 1960’s housewife. They would brand me deviant and a nymphomaniac. Sleeping around, cheating on my husband is my one and only hobby. 

I have the freedom to fuck you and any other man I want. My husband ignores my sexy hobby because he wants me to be happy. Happy Wife, Happy Life. He loves how his business partners look and lust after me. They are not my type. I like real men who want to fuck hard. I want a man who is not afraid to get dirty. 

Finding men to seduce is exciting. I am excellent at the art of seduction and know how to leave a man always coming back for more. 



Written By: Samantha

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Strap-On Mistress Monique

Does my huge rubber cock excite you to the point you feel your panties getting wet? Bend over sissy, and let me show you what a dominate strap-on mistress I really am. I have very powerful thrusting hips and the more my sissy whimpers, the harder I pound that man pussy of yours.

10 inches never looked so good on me. Yep, you heard me…..10! Mistress Monique doesn’t mess around when it comes to making ordinary men into cock loving fags. Once you’ve had 10 inches, there’s no going backwards.

Next you would gradate to the real thing and my sexy black studs cannot wait to pull your panties to the side with their big, muscular hands and stretch you real good.  Don’t worry, I’ll be right there comforting you by sliding my strap-on down your throat while you get a heavy load of creamy cum in your pussy.



Written By: Monique
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Dominating Britt

I know what you’re thinking; how could such a cute, little girl ever have a mean, dominate side? She’s so petite and how could anyone be in control when they have “Baby” in their name?

If you are continuing to read this, you’re a pathetic loser who doesn’t even know what you want.  But don’t worry, I do! I have manipulated so many men and taken over their mind, body and soul. They completely worship me in every way imaginable. I know how to push your limits and boundaries. If you’re taking up my precious time, I will own and control you to make it worth my time. You will also address me as Mistress Britt, anything else and you will be punished.

A little girl like me loves big toys and not just for myself either. It excites me to hear muffled cry’s and whimpering when I use my 15 inch strap-on dildo on your loser ass. Hearing such pathetic noises from a grown ass man only makes me want to push it harder and ruin your so called man holes.

You think you can handle this or are you too scared of your little Baby Britt?


Written By: Baby Britt
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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover…

Don’t let this sweet blonde in blue jeans fool you!  I am a feisty and sometimes vicious man eater.  I will call the shots and am not afraid to take what I want from any man, willing or not!  Groveling at my feet can earn you brownie points but empty flattering words only piss me off, so watch your mouth.  A man should be seen and not heard unless he is whimpering to me from behind the ball gag in his mouth. 

You know you want to serve this blonde beauty and you can, but it will cost you your pride and a good dose of humiliation. Crawl to me and worship my feet and maybe I will find you worthy of my time and energy.



Written By: London
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Hot For Teacher!

You have a new substitute teacher today.

Ms. Koko is unlike any other teacher. Her legs are so long, her heels so high, her skirt so short. You think that she is going to be a pushover and you will have an easy day; however, that is not the case. Ms. Koko demands respect and complete obedience. You are frightened but turned-on at the same time. There is nothing to do but submit to Mistress Koko! 

You are transfixed by her beauty and her dominance. She radiates power. You are her willing student anxious to learn everything that Ms. Koko has to teach you, in and out of the classroom. You are seduced and aroused. Amuse Ms. Koko by pledging your loyalty and devotion.  Ignore the outside influences and express your submission. Drop to your knees and worship her gorgeous body. Start at her feet and work your way between her legs. 

Good Boy, that is where a sexy little submissive belongs, right between his Mistresses Koko’s legs! You will be drenched in my wetness and womanly juices. Now, truly prove your devotion and place your face between my cheeks. 

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Tongue Out

It’s true, you have been a good little slut boy lately, but not quite good enough. You do deserve a reward. I know you’ve been begging for pussy lately, so I’m going to let you have it… not quite how you want it though. I still have no interest in your cock, at least for now. If you really want my pussy as much as you claim, get on your back and stick out your tongue. As long as it’s out and stiff, my cunt is all yours. I’m going to ease it down on your face and use it however I want. I don’t care if you can’t breathe and I really don’t care if you enjoy it. You should know by now that it’s all about me. I’m going to sit flat on your face and grind my pussy and ass all over that tongue of yours. I can’t wait to hear and feel your moans and watch your legs twitch while you struggle to breathe. It makes my aching cunt quiver just thinking about it! Are you ready for that pussy you’ve been begging for? Tongue out for your mistress.

My Favorite Panty Slut

I had another fun call with my favorite panty slut, Markita! I think she really, really likes when I talk about her on here. I don’t mind sharing! She loves to be taken out of her boy clothes and put into something a little more skimpy, especially when it comes from her Mistress’ closet. I put her in pretty panties and sometimes a little baby doll. I make sure her hair and makeup is done and that she’s wearing fuck me pumps before I’ll even consider playing with her. When I hear that soft voice beg, “fuck me, Mistress”, my pussy soaks through my panties. I play nice for a little while, and then I take out my special toy and give her what she begs for. I tell her to play with her clitty while I take care of her cunt. She squeals when she makes a mess in my panties. Such a good, obedient little slut, my Markita.


 Written By: Ginger
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Your Ass Is Mine!


You obey me. Perform every command. You adore me. I train you to my perfect sex slave.  I tolerate no nonsense from you. Do as you are told. Maybe, just maybe, I will let you cum.  

You offer up your ass. I spank and tease your balls. I edge and edge you. My amusement comes from your moans and groans. When you beg for mercy, I laugh. I tease the fuck out of you! 

I make you cover that big ass in panties. Now, bend over and wiggle that ass!  I pull down those silky panties and fuck your ass with big, thick strap-on.  You are my bitch! Your ass is mine! 

Mistress Koko 

Surrender To Your Mistress Koko


Kneel before me. Admire my beauty. You know your place. You are my little pet. You are my most devoted love slave.

Despite the warm temperature, I wear my tall black leather boots for you. I know your weakness for black leather boots. Suck on the sexy heel. Suck on it like a little cock. Come on, show some enthusiasm.  Lick the toe of my boot. Smell that leather. Close your eyes and just smell. Rub your cock against my leather boot. Good Boy!

Now put your face between my legs. Enjoy that sweet sexy scent of my wet pussy. Get your tongue under those panties. You know your only purpose is to amuse me, obey me and pleasure me.  Now pleasure me. Worship your Goddess. Lick me until I cum all over your face. Good Boy!

 Time to bend over and be my bitch. Spread apart your cheeks and offer up your ass to me. I know you need this. I give your ass a couple of playful spanks. Fetch me my Super Big Black Strap-On. Watch me put it. Beg for it. Beg to fucked.

Mistress Koko