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 My Stats

Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 108

Measurements: 34C-24-35

Pussy: As pink and sweet as cotton candy!

Ass: Beckoning you to come closer

Favorite Positions: I love riding a guy best

Strangest Places I've had sex: In an Indian teepee while playing miniature golf

Hobbies: Reading; yes, I'm a dork!

Specialities: Role-playing, Age play, Family fun, Water sports, Cuckolding, Foot worship, Submissive, Dominant and of course mutual masturbation!


Hey boys, thanks for coming around my way. My name is Julie and my job is to inspire lust. My work has already begun as you can tell from the growing bulge in your pants when you look at my pictures. But, I suspect you desire more. Good. So do I.

I am a very studious and attractive girl. Wherever I go guys seek my attention any way they can get it, oftentimes by submitting to my whim before I know their name. My tight ass, bouncy boobs, and pretty face have done a lot for me, but I also know that gorgeous girls are a dime a dozen, particularly for a man such as yourself looking for some phone sex. What makes me different is that a call with me is not merely an episode where I summon a load to shoot from your rock hard cock. When you hear my voice you’re not going to want to cum so quickly. You won’t want your indulgence to end. I will enter your mind through your cock, which you will voluntarily hand over to me once you hear my voice. Call me so we can cultivate something real and lasting. Isn’t time you had a girlfriend again?


Call 1.866.949.4110
for Phone Sex with

14 Responses to “Julie”

  • Dear Julie,

    Thank You so much for the call we just had!!!
    You were SO HOT!!! and SEXY!!! on the Phone with Me!!!
    And I love Your Voice it’s So Soft and Smooth!!! Plus You Got One HOT & Smoken Body and the Glasses are Hot to. OMG!!! This was my First Phone Sex Call and
    You Made it so GREAT and Wounderful For Me JULIE THANK YOU!!!


  • Julie,

    You are very hot, and very kinky on the phone.

    I had a fantasy I wanted to play out, and you were VERY into it, and made me really feel amazing.

    Thank you!

  • Julie,Thank you for a fantastic call. I called and told you about my fantasy and you listened to what I wanted and play it out in great detail. You’re voice is truly amazing, and oyu captured the tone of the scene excatly as i imagined it.

    If you are on thi sight and looking for a woman who will listen to what you want and pay attention to the details Julie is the perfect choice.

  • julie, thanx for making my hot little fantasy come true you are totally awesome and worth the wait, lol.

    Guys if you looking for a women who will absolutely blow your mind and your wad she is definitely the one

  • Guys…
    You need to call Julie!
    Varity is the spice of life and Julie does it all well
    Whether you are into dom, sub, gfe… it doesn’t matter!
    Julie is the best
    I have done a number of calls with her and have never gotten off the phone feeling I didn’t get exactly what I wanted.
    It is like she can read your mind and knows what you want and need!
    Not to mention she is extremely hot!

    Take my advise and call Julie, you will not be disappointed!

  • i just got turned into a little bitch by the sweetest dominatrix on klassykat.

    thanks for giving me the humiliation i needed 🙂

  • such a fucking hot call 😉

  • Best girl to call EVER!

    I’ve never had someone get my needs down 100% perfectly.

    Thank you Jules!

  • Miss Julie- you were fantastic.
    thank you for my punishments and wax treatments.
    I wish I didn’t screw up and that we had more time for more play on other parts of your property.
    Thank again Miss Julie, your minime.

  • miss julie,
    Thank you for that wonderful time i hope to talk to you again

  • Julie, I had a wonderful time on our call with Charlie! It was so satifying to hear you laugh and giggle while I entertained you! I do hope it was a memorable call for you with a memerable ending!



  • Jules, Thanks for the great call last night. My dick was starting to get hard from your blog and pics but your soft sexy voice really did the trick. I’ve called a few girls from this site but I think I found a new girlfriend. We’ll chat again soon.

  • Hey Jules, we have been talking for a few years now and I’m so glad we got to know each other! You are so sexy and Cuck me so well. You have turned me into your dick sucking faggot clean up bitch. Love Jimmy!

  • Julie…you are special. Our call yesterday was amazing. It had its challenges though. I have neuropathy in both legs from the knees down. It can cause some balance issues at times. I also have arthritis in my lower back which causes constant pain. Despite my limitations, I still have the basic human desire to fuck a wet, tight pussy until I come. My cock hasn’t seen the inside of a pussy since Aug. of 2015 due to those limitations. You accommodate me very well.
    The real fantasy here is wishing that I could meet you face to face so you could wrap your warm, moist lips around the entire length of my cock and suck it until I squirt my load of cum down the back of your throat. Once I have cum, you suck it until I become rock hard again and you open your creamy thighs so that your steamy, hot cunt beckons me to thrust deep inside you and we fuck until we both come in ecstasy. I dream about fucking you every night. I find myself getting hard on and off all night long. Thanks for such a wonderful call.

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