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 My Stats

Age: 22

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5

Weight: 119

Measurements: 32D-24-34

Pussy: Tight, smooth and very fuckable!

Ass: Tight, cute and ready to be worshipped!

Favorite Positions: Holding onto you firm and giving it to you like a good sissy!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In an airplane, bet you wish you were a fly on the wall huh?

Hobbies: Relaxing in my jacuzzi, shopping,spa days, playing with my favorite pink dildo, traveling and parasailing

Specialities: Body worship, Tease and denial, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Strap on training, Sissification, Financial domination and any kind Role play


Princess Krystal here. That Naughty young cock tease your so called manly package aches for *giggle* I love to take control of the situation, use my sexy body, my young voice and my vivid imagination to suck you in, make you mine, make you beg, plead and ask for more!

I was taught at a young age how to manipulate men, how to transform them into my pets! As you can see, from my pictures, I love to tease, love to make you think you will get me, but we will see! If you have what it takes to make me moan and scream you just may get to hear your Princess get off with you!

I love mutual masturbation, so don’t think for a minute I won’t get down and dirty and explore your taboo fantasies with you as well.

I’m a hot vixen with an intense crave for cum. You never know, it could be me taking it or you *grin* I’m sure you have some fantasies about cuckolding, sissification, orgasm denial or even edge play! All fetishes are welcome with me. Don’t be shy, be my submissive stroker slut, or take me if your man enough! Ha! Are you ready to have the ultimate experience? Only I can deliver and give you exactly what you crave.

Princess Krystal

Call 1.866.284.9657
for Phone Sex with
Princess Krystal

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  • Princess Krystal,

    Once again i have confessed how my wife uses and abuses me. You have won my heart with your scandalous voice, laqughing at all my imperfections. Tonight i waited in my car because my wife was spending the night in our apartment with another man and he didn’t want me to watch. Thank you for the wonderful call. I hope to serve you always.

  • Mistress Krystal, I am a useless full toilet slave. Do you do full toilet training along with heavy ballbusting, whipping, caning, crossdress, anything to please you auring or call … Your Toilet Slave hotlick4u

  • that worship was awsome. i want to be your bitch and make you cum over and over while worshiping your pussy

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