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Tiny Cock Humiliation

Do you have a tiny little cock? I bet you have a teeny tiny clitty too? Ha, ha, ha! How nasty! A Princess like me deserves more than that! What would you be able to do for me and my sweet, tight, little pussy? You should be ashamed of your disgusting self!
I’m going to have my friends over so they can see the disappointment for themselves because they wouldn’t believe me. We’re going to laugh our asses off at how pathetic you are. My hot friends don’t want you, and you can never measure up to the real men. You’ve got nothing with your tiny friend hiding in your pants!
Call if you dare for Humiliation Phone Sex with the Princess.
Written By: Princess
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Spoil Your Princess Faith Phone Sex


I love how you have been calling me and giving me all your cum. It makes me feel so good the way you spoil me with all your attention and gifts, treating me like a Princess. You know I will do what other girls won’t, and when I say I will do anything for you, I mean I will do ANYTHING for you.

I love crawling up into your bed and licking that nice hard shaft, and sucking your cock deep into my throat inch by inch. When you call me Princess, it makes my pussy so wet and that’s when I want to get on my hands and knees and arch my ass in the air, and allow you to take me in all my holes like a naughty little Princess.

Every man needs that little temptress Princess in his life to push him over the edge and take all his cum like a naughty little girl.

Cum to bed with Faith I promise to make all your naughty wet wild dreams cum true.


Written By: Faith
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Daddy Kept a Big Secret From Me

Phone sex daddy kept a big secret from me and I wasn’t to happy about it. He forgot I have all his passwords to everything. I wanted a shopping day for all new cute outfits so I checked daddy’s bank account and he got a very large deposit. He never told me he got a big, fat tax return.

I approached daddy when he was watching tv in the den. I crawled up on his lap and started playing with his hair. Daddy seemed stressed and said he had a bad day but that didn’t stop me from getting what I wanted. I nestled right in on daddy’s lap and it didn’t take long before I felt something poking me, hehe. I wiggled my butt back and forth on daddy’s cock. He started to get really hard but then I started grinding my sweet, teen pussy on his hardness till the point he was just about to cum in his pants. Of course, I didn’t let him until I got what I wanted.

As I was still humping daddy, I told him I was not happy and I wanted ALL of his tax return he received. He said he needed some of it, so my wet pussy starting grinding faster and harder and soon we negotiated to me having every last penny of it. As soon as he told me I could have all the money, I got up from his lap. Poor daddy wanted to cum so badly but I had to go make a bank withdrawal.



Written By: Princess
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Spoiled By My Sugar Daddy

I just got back from Spring Break with my sugar daddy. He loves to spoil me and take me on exotic vacations. He lets me have his Amex card and I go on a major shopping spree for bikini’s and cute little outfits for the warm weather.
He would rather take his little barely legal hottie than his boring wife. It works out perfectly because he travels for work a lot and he just tells her he’s going on another business trip. She has no clue he’s rubbing suntan lotion all over my tight, teen body on the beaches of Costa Rica.
A lot of people thought he was my real daddy because of our age difference (hehe.)  I just go with it and like to see their reaction when they see my sugar daddy kiss me in public. He takes such good care of me that he feels like my real Daddy.
It’s not fun to have just one sugar daddy. If you would like to spoil your little blonde princess, I will be accepting to devote some time with you.


Written By: Princess
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Wanted: Men, Boys and Sissies

Playful ParkerWanted: Men, Boys and Sissies apply between my legs!! I must confess I have become a real phone sex Princess. I didn’t realize so many boys in the Little Itty Bitty Dick Committee. So many Sissy’s wanting to wear my panties 🙂 loving my strap on and being fucked like sluts. I TOTALLY guarantee a good time no matter what we do on the phone. Lately I have really been into being watched while I get fucked by some big cock and slut boy sits in the corner masturbating the little penis for me 😉 Nothing is off limit to me though so stop reading and call me it’s time to play!! xoxo Kisses to your cocks Parker

Phone Sex Daddy is King

Pink pink pink! Phone sex Daddy loves dressing me up in a anything girly. Ever since I could remember, he’d buy me pretty little dresses, shoes even bikini’s! On my graduation day he even bought me a pink car to show off to all my friends! I never got his obsession with the color but I didn’t care as long he keeps spoiling me! He especially loves picking out clothes for our family fun night. He’s very particular in what I put on. I have to be perfect. He curls my hair and dress me up like his very own Barbie. His favorite part is watching me slip on my little princess outfits seeing how tight and short they are. Don’t get me wrong seeing him look at me as I dress up turns me on…but what gets my pussy really wet is when he watches me undress. Phonesex Daddy sits at the edge of the bed watching me take my clothes off piece by piece. I watch is cock slowly get hard until he can’t take it any more. He pulls his fat cock out and starts stroking it as I’m standing there completely naked. He lays down on the bed and tells me to make him feel good. I get on top of Phone sex Daddy and start rubbing his cock against my clit, I can feel my pussy dripping wanting that fat cock inside of me. I slowly sit down and feel how tight his cock is in my barely legal pussy. I want to scream and stop but I can’t let him down. I ride him harder and harder looking at his face knowing he loves fucking his sweet innocent princess. He lets out a final moan right before he fills my tight pink pussy with his thick creamy cum. He looks at me with a smile on his face as he brushes my hair behind my ear and tells me what a good girl I am.

Think you can spoil and fuck me better than my Phone sex Daddy can? Call and find out what really happens behind closed doors when no one is around.

Face it, You still need me

You come crawling back to me after months. How did it feel to hear my voice again? How did it feel when you told me that you missed me? You better start explaining why you ran off like some kind of lost puppy and look what happened. You came running back to your rightful owner. I should give you a severe punishment, instead you will be opening your wallet for me on pay day. The only reason I consider taking you back, is because you know where you belong and that’s right here with me. No arguing with me, I’m always right. What I say goes! You gave up your rights a long time ago. I’m more than generous than you really deserve. I don’t care how long you’ve been worshiping me, that’s your job. To love your princess and make sure I’m happy at all times. Don’t abuse your privileges again or I will tear you down and embarrass you until you can’t see straight.

~ Princess Paris ~

Jerk Off To Me

I don’t think I should stop being a spoiled princess just because I’m growing up. I don’t see any of my habits changing anytime soon. You can spoil me anytime you like. Giving control to me will be very satisfying for both of us. Spoiled bratty girls like me always get what they want. I’ll find a place for you in my life if you treat me right. While you drool over my perfect pussy,  I’ll tease you and make you want me so bad your cock will hurt. I love when guys like you tell me how bad you want me while your jerking off to me. That’s right silly boys… whip out that cock for me.

~Princess Paris~

Princess In Charge

Just because I am 18 doesn’t mean I can’t be in charge. I’m no sweetheart if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m a total brat and I only see things one way, my way! I like to do things that please me and I’m only into older men that are into the same thing. Older men tend to know what makes my bratty pussy horny.

I dated a boy my age and I learned real quick what a loser he was, his dad on the other hand was defiantly not. One time I went over to his house and my boyfriend wasn’t home but his dad invited me in. He said he needed to talk to me about something. He said he knew his son wasn’t pleasing me, he knew this because he heard me yelling at him in his bedroom the other day. He asked if he could try because he thought I was a very pretty girl and it was a shame if I wasn’t pleased and pampered. I explained to him that it had to be done my way.

So I told him that when his son comes home you sit him down and we tie him to the chair and you give him explicit instructions. I’ll be laying there naked and you show him or I should say, teach him a lesson and how to please a Princess.

He thought he was going to fuck his son’s girlfriend behind his back but I thought we could make it more of a learning experience for him. If he ever dates a bratty princess like me again, he might know what to do for next time.

So my boyfriend walks in the door and there I am naked in front of his dad. My boyfriend was shocked beyond words. His dad grabs him and forces him on the kitchen chair and duct tapes him so he won’t go anywhere.

You won’t believe what happens after that.

Spoiled Princess Phone Sex

I love getting spoiled by my phone sex daddies! I use my cute, little body to get whatever I want. I just crawl up their big daddy laps and sit my adorable, cute butt on his lap and I give daddy a great, big hug and squeeze my firm, teens tits against his body. I whisper in their ear with my young, giggly voice how much I want your daddy dick inside my small, bald pussy. I bounce up and down on your lap telling them I need some extra cash to go to the mall with friends later. Every time I bounce, I can feel his big, daddy dick getting harder for his spoiled little princess.

I know exactly what daddy wants, but Princess needs to be spoiled first. Once you get your big, fat wallet out and I get what I want, I might consider helping you out, or maybe not, he,he!