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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 113

Measurements: 34D-24-36

Pussy: Absolutely bare!

Ass: Looks great from behind

Favorite Positions: Doggy, missionary and on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a hot tub with other couples in there

Hobbies: Going to Ruth Chris (mmm), hosting parties, bonfires, softball, watching Oprah, lazy Sundays, Margaritas with my girlfriends and long drives with no destination

Specialities: Role play, Great conversations, Seductive tease, 2 girl calls, Age play, Mutual masturbation, Sissy boys, Mild dom and much more!


This is your girl, Brandy Lynn! I’m 24 years old and live in the South. I have done many wonderful things and had many great opportunities that have came my way. In my pictures you see a glam up girl but in reality you will see me in comfy blue jeans and a tee-shirt. I love to have fun no matter what it is I’m doing. I’ve been blessed with a perfect body and I didn’t have to kill myself working out or pay any money to get it. I know I’m hated by many women. People tell me I look high maintenance, but if you knew me, you wouldn’t think that for a second. I’m far from being high maintenance, drama queen or have any kind of baggage. I’m very normal. The only thing that is out of the ordinary about me is that I like kinky sex, but I don’t that’s strange at all.

I’m into sophisticated guys that know how to treat a woman, especially sexually. Sex isn’t the most
important thing in a relationship but it’s certainly a high priority. I love getting pleased and pampered and especially returning the favor. Older men seem to know how to please a woman more. I’m not dominate girl, by any means, but I love to have older men mesmerized by my seductive power. I know I have a luscious body, and I fully intend to use it to get you exactly where I want you: completely and utterly lost without your blonde baby girl.

Guys love having sex with me. I know how to squeeze my tiny pussy so it’s extra tight when you’re pushing it deeper into me. I have tried every position and I honestly love them all but I would have to say nothing beats a hard cock pounding my pussy the deepest it can go from behind. Phone sex with me is defiantly like being with one another in person. I will make the experience so real with you, your cock will have my sweet, pussy juice all over it!

I’ve been told when I walk into a room, I light it up like a Christmas tree. I’m always in a good mood and once you hear my young, cheerful voice on the other end you will instantly smile and know you’ve picked the right girl. I do this full time so I’m always on hand when you need me. Can’t wait to pleasure you!

Call 1.877.237.6160
for Phone Sex with
Brandy Lynn

10 Responses to “Brandy Lynn”

  • Sunday morning, the 3rd, you gave me such an explosive orgasm. I’ve never came that hard. I’ve never had cum land on my chest. I really loved how you turned me into your lil cock slut. Having me service all the men you brought to me. I loved having all that cock and cum around and in me.

    I set up a special separator for e-mail from you and have them put in a special folder. I’m not sure I got it set up right. I think my email program will let it come trhu. would you be so kind to send me some more photos of you again? I would really love to have them while I save up money from my disablilty checks to be able to call you again. I’ve never had my cock be so hard as you made it.



  • Dear Goddess Brandy Lynn:

    It was so much fun becoming your Cum Dumpster this morning. What a way to start the day!!!!! The picture you painted in my mind was almost as good as being there. I could see you having me put my fishnet stockings on & my 5″ silver heels to show off my red toe nail polish. The denim skirt, naturally with slits showed off my stocking tops & my garter belt. And the smokey eye look you gave me along with really red lips & I was ready to get the cum from all the cocks you sent my way.

    You & your girlfriends were loving how your little cock whore, Delilah would do whatever you told her to do with any cock you told her to. You kept making it hotter & hotter.

    Finally you let your Cum Dumpster Delilah cum & boy did it shoot out. I’m going to need to have that machine to restart my heart by me next time. My orgasm was so explosive that I thought my heart was going to stop.

    I can’t wait until the next time I’m your Cum Dumpster Delilah.

    Your Delilah

  • I just had an INCREDIBLE 2-girl call with Brandy Lynn and Kenzie. What sexy voices they have, and what dirty little girls they are! I can’t wait for our field trip… thank you, girls!

  • Dear Goddess Brandy Lynn:
    I’m so glad that I had that free time Saturday to call you. I know that it would have been better a couple of minutes later but that all worked out. I loved the way you dressed me up, made me up, took me out & tricked out your cock whore to all kinds of big, huge cocks. You had your Delilah wanting to be a cock slut you could be proud of by having all those cocks dump their cum in every hole I have & have ropes of cum all over me.

    The way your sultry, sexy voice described what was being done to me was maddening because you wouldn’t let me play with myself until you said OK. Thankfully you’re a kind Goddess & didn’t make me wait too long. You kept whispering in my ear what all those huge dicks were doing to me & I was getting harder & hotter. When you told me to go ahead & fuck myself, I closed my eyes, listened to you take me away to that private room where I was getting fucked in my face & pussy while jerking off a cock in one hand & jerking off the one that was fucking you. When you came over to tell me how you were stroking your Cum Dumpster Delilah I was going crazy. When you told me, “Cum for your Goddess now Delilah. Cum for your Goddess Brandy Lynn right now.” I could not believe how much cum I shot out. Thankfully I remembered to aim away so that I wouldn’t get me new lingerie that you helped me pick out dirty.

    I cannot wait until the next time that I get to be your nasty, little cock whore & Cum Dumpster Delilah.

  • Brandy, your sweet sexy southern voice was just what I needed yesterday. I’m so sorry my phone died near the end of our call. I don’t want you to think I hung up. But it was a great call. Just what I needed.

  • Dear Goddess Brandy Lynn:
    I saw how you transformed me into your sexy fuck whore & love it when you get only the best, silky stockings for me, beautiful 6 inch heels for me, satin & lace garter belts & those silky nighties. Then you sit on my lap with your silky smooth pussy grinding into my pussy. I love it when you let me play with your gorgeous breasts that are just straining to get out of that lacy bra you have on. That wicked smile on your face tells me that this isn’t going to be a “normal” night.
    I felt totally in your power when you tied me up. I trembled when you lifted your leather skirt & climbed on me & told me, “Delilah, you are supposed to give your Goddess Brandy Lynn an earth shattering orgasm before you get your surprise!!” I loved the feeling of your smooth, soft, silky pussy against my face & with my tongue. When you came, your juices flooded into me & all over my face. When you got off of me, your wicked smile told me that your Delilah was good girl being your fuck whore. Yes, your fuck whore because Delilah belongs to my Goddess Brandy Lynn.
    You brought 4 studs in with big cocks. When you told them to stroke them to show me how big they were, all I could do is pull my knees up to my chest. I wanted them to enter me. I wanted those big cocks to ravage your cock slut, Delilah. While you whispered to me that I was making you so happy with a cock fucking my pussy & another one fucking my face, I was bucking hard to get them to cum. I wanted those other 2 cocks also. I didn’t want them to jerk off on me, I wanted them to cum in me.
    Finally the first 2 cocks exploded into me. I strained to get them all the way in me so that their cum would be all the way inside me. But they came so hard & so much that some leaked out of my pussy & out of the side of my mouth. “Are you ready for your other cocks, Delilah my pet?”
    After pleasing them, I just laid there with cum dripping out of me & smeared over my face. You looked at me & decided to lift your leather skirt to have me please you one more time. “You got me so hot watching you get fucked by all those studs. I want you to give me another explosive orgasm Delilah. Please your Goddess because I know you love her & want her to be proud of you.” So I worked my cum covered tongue deep into your silky, wet pussy with you smooth skin riding my face. I loved it when you grabbed hold of my long, blonde hair to make sure you came all over my face & came over me hard. You kept my face pressed up against your pussy until your orgasm subsided.
    As you slid off of your Delilah’s face, I could see the love you have for your fuck whore, Delilah. You gently untied me from that huge 4 poster bed of yours with all that cum over your satin sheets. All I could do is lay there looking at you, asking if I could touch you. Feeling my Goddess Brandy Lynn, who I love, is something that I’m not able to describe. I know that my Goddess loves her Delilah because she always makes sure that I have the best. Both in lingerie, silky stockings & beautiful heels but most importantly in big, thick cocks that will fuck & ravage your Delilah, cumming all in her & over her.
    No one has a better Goddess than my Goddess Brandy Lynn.
    Sensuously & excitedly,
    Your Delilah

  • Dear Goddess Brandy Lynn:

    The other night you gave me such an earth-shattering orgasm. I had no idea that I had that much cum in me. You made the whole fantasy realistic. I really felt like you were letting me put on the silky stockingg with a seam up the back that you bought for me. Then the rest of the the fantasy, getting to wear that satin garter belt, that tight fitting , silky satin,dress (Cum Fuck Me Red) with seams on both sides of it so that I wouldn’t have to take it off while I was geing ravaged The blouse held in that lacey, black bra you had me wear with the 36DD fake titties that felt so real when my nipples were being twisted & nipped. After I took care of the first 2 studs you had me get on my back & put my shoulders of the stud getting me while getting my face fucked with a huge cock & herking off 2 others.

    All for you Goddess Brandy Lynn. Then after the studs were gone you had me lick you to a moaning & grpamomg prgasnm. And after that you put my cock in you & started to fuck me putting my cock deep inside your velvet soft pussy until you came again & told me to cum inside of you.

    Like I said earlir, you paint these fantasies so real that I feel like I’m right there doing it for you.

    With excitement & love,
    Your Delilah

  • Dear Goddess Brandy Lynn:

    The way you took charge the other day was amazing. You have one wicked imagination along with a nice closet full of fancy & slutty lingerie or a combination of the 2. I can’t wait until I’m able to talk with you again & have you used how you want to.

    Your Delilah

  • I had to wait until I was recovered from my surgery to call you. I’m kind of glad that I did because it gave your wicked imagination more time to come up with one of the sexiest fantasies you’ve ever given me. And the explosion of an orgasm was deafening. I’m sure my neighbors 3 blocks away heard me. I’ll be glad when I get some more of my orders paid for so that I can call you again.
    Absolutely gorgeous, sexy & amazing!!!

  • She’s the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!!

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