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Cuckold Queen Phone Sex

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Dirty Cunt Phone Sex with Granny Sylvia

sylvia2 My name is Sylvia, a naughty ass Grandmother that likes to be at home fuckin and swinging any dick I can find. I just can’t get enough of hard cock. My husband is always gone on golf trips which leave me alone with a hot wet ready pussy for any cock to fill up. But when he’s gone I party like a girl half my age. He knows I’m a big girl with a hot pussy that needs tending to, so we have a special arrangement so when he gets home, I tell him how many loads of cum were dump inside my cunt. I usually get on top of the counter in the kitchen and open my legs and push the cum out so he can suck it clean into his mouth. He really enjoys tasting my pussy juices mixed up with another man’s cum. He’s a bad boy too! I figure he gives me the paycheck, and I take good care of him when he’s home. I like big cocks of any shade, especially black cock, shaved sissy cock, hairy redneck cock, well you all get the idea. I’m available almost all of the time. I got some youngins at home too, just in case that’s what you like. 

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