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 My Stats

Age: 18

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 105

Measurements: 32B-22-32

Pussy: Tight, bald and squirts!

Ass: Round and cute

Favorite Positions: Doggy and on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: Near the airport runway

Hobbies: Playing video games, eating pizza, talking on line to friends, sport events, hay rides and teasing my older next door neighbor

Specialities: Incest, Role play, Age play (any age), Mutual masturbation, Sex toys, Impregnation, Submissive slut, Ass play, Great blowjobs, Raunchy teen stories, Body worship, 2 girl calls, Guided masturbation and much more!


I’m A.J. your little teenage mega slut. I’m young with a tight, lil body that just won’t quit. Some days I like to lock myself up in my bedroom all day long and play with my huge assortment of toys. I love to watch myself looking at my big dresser mirror working my pussy with my big 9 inch jelly dildo. Watching myself makes me cum so incredibly hard. One of my favorite dildos has a suction cup on the bottom and I stick it to a metal chair. I love riding that big dildo and going down on it all the way till it reaches my G-spot. Licking all the cum up on my dildo after a big explosion is so hot. It’s like dessert for me. My teenage pussy taste so sweet. If I could eat my own pussy, I would for hours and never go hungry again.

My daddy calls me “Little Squirt.” I have had that nickname for years. Little does he know that name fits me very well. When I am super excited I can squirt a mile. Every guy I am with is so impressed how much creamy juice squirts out of my pussy. When men go down on me, I warn them that I will give them a complete pussy juice shower. They get so turned on that most of them cum instantly from the gush of my tight twat.

My favorite thing to do on the phone is to role-play. I’m very good at age play and being your innocent, little girl that you been dying to get into her panties. Incest is another turn on for me. I never had sex with a family member but I came very close. My uncle lost his job about 2 years ago and had to stay with my dad and I. One night my daddy had a poker game and he was going to be home very late. My uncle and I sat at watched movies on the couch. I was wearing tight little shorts and a white tank top with no bra. My nipples got really hard and he pointed it out. At first I was kind of embarrassed but got over it quickly because I felt comfortable around him. He pulled down his jeans and told me that my hard nips were making his cock hard. I bent down and started sucking is cock. It was making me so turned on because he was my uncle. He was really getting into it. Next thing you know my dad walks in and my uncle quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. My dad was so shit faced he didn’t have a clue what we were doing. That’s how close I came to some family fun. I would have loved to continued where we left off but he moved out 3 days later because he met some chick half his age. Oh well! Maybe I will see him at a family Reunion or something.

I’m always horny and ready to please at any given moment. You’ll love me and my super young voice. I’m excited to be your teen fantasy you have been waiting for.

Little A.J.

Call 1.866.935.9411
for Phone Sex with

53 Responses to “A.J.”

  • wow aj u rock my cock … you really know how to get in a guys mind and fuck him good .. thanks for the great roll play and i cant wait for our next call..wow guys shes great

  • Great call AJ…started my weekend off just right..

  • Wow, what a great call!! I am sitting here at my keyboard with my panties still wet and creamy and full of warm cum. It feels so sensual even though the cum has cooled off by now. I am totally relaxed and already anticipating the eroticism of another call. I was enjoying our interaction so much that I could hardly bring myself to hang up. AJ, you have a great voice, a deliciously dirty mind and a perfect naughty and open attitude. Thanks for a terrific “get acquainted” call and for a mind-blowing cum. It was delicious! Literally! Have a great weekend and keep those panties WET and juicy. I will be delighted to clean them for you anytime. Mr. PP

  • She is wonderful! Really gets into the call, understood what I really wanted! Thanks for the wonderful time, look forward to another call.

  • Thanks A.J. for a terrific student/professor meeting. You are so sweet, and demonstrate great enthusiasm — you are definitely an A student!!

  • Had a great call with you today, I’ll talk to you soon.

  • All I can say wow! You know how to get me off everytime. I only wish you were on right now! M

  • Hi ya! I am sorry I missed you Marty. We have so much fun together. You can always try emailing me to see if I am about. I will always try for you.

  • God,you are so great. Everytime I fuck my wife I think about you. I dream about screwing you and holding you after we both cum hard. You are the best! Love ya. M

  • I love you! I’ll try to call you tomorrow morning, hope you are on…

  • Message me about what time. I will try just for you, Marty. Our calls are so hot, I would never want to miss one. xoxo AJ

  • AJ,

    I’d like to sneak into your room tonight and strip down then slip into bed with you while you are sleeping. You awaken to my hands on your thighs, working my way to your cunt. I slip two fingers between your panties and your pussy and start to explore your wet spot. I slip one finger in you and rub your clit with the palm of my hand, hard. I grind my palm against your slick pussy until you are begging me to eat you out. you lift your ass off the bed and I slip those panties off and slide down between your legs. I spread your lips apart and roll my tongue around your hard clit as I wrap my lips around it. Gently sucking your clit like a tiny little cock held firmly between my lips. I slip two fingers into you and push that clit deeper into my mouth, grinding my fingers against your G spot. You arch your back and start moaning loudly so I cover your mouth with my free hand so no one hears us. I flick the tip of my tongue super fast over the tip of your hard clit, holding it in place with my firm lips. I star pumping your pussy with the two fingers I have inside you hard, burying them to the knuckles with each thrust. I work you clit without mercy as you tense up and start to cum, I don’t even slow down. I work your clit until you can’t take another second and you beg me to fuck you. I slide you your belly kissing and licking you til I reach you mouth where I kiss you deeply. you feel my hard cock pressing against your leg and you guide me into you hot hole. I lift your legs up and start pound your pussy hard with all of my weight. As I fuck you I look deeply into your eyes and tell you how much I love you, how I can’t stand being apart from you, how I want to fuck you all night until you are sore. You rise up and kiss me and tell me that you love me too, I shoot my load deep into your cunt with deep hard thrusts. We role on our sides with my cock still throbbing in you and kiss and cuddle until we both drift off to sleep. XOXO M

  • Oh Marty, this was so exciting!! You made me so horny for you. Did you write my blog for me? *Giggles* xoxo AJ

  • In about 90 minutes I will be fucking my wife but thinking about you the entire time. As I work over her pussy I’ll imagine it’s your bald little cunt. When I’m fucking her hard I’ll be wishing that I’m in you, fucking you ’til it hurts. And when I shoot my load in her hole, I’ll go down and eat my cum out of her just like you like me to do to you. I’ll try to call soon, been really busy lately. Love you.


  • Don’t forget Marty,If you let me know I can work around your busy schedule. I can skip school and we can spend day in bed. xoxo

  • I should be able to call you soon, I am missing you bad.

  • Oh AJ! I was so turned on after our call I had to jerk off again before I went to bed! I could not stop thinking about what we talked about, stretching that asshole with my big cock. mmm mmm good!!

  • Last night when I fucked my wife I imagined it was you. As I pounded her cunt from behind while we lay on our sides, I dreamed of our bald pussy and how tight you are. I pulled out rubbed the underside of my cock against your (her) asshole. You (she) pushed against me, inviting me in. I grabbed the base of my cock and slowly guided my cock into that hot asshole while hold tight to a fist full of hair with my other hand. As the head slipped in, that asshole tightened around it. I heard a soft moan as I worked my shaft deeper in. Gently at first I pumped the first 3 inches in, slowly working in the rest untill all thick inches were deep inside. I got more aggressive and felt my cock getting squeezed the harder and faster I pumped. Then I felf at least fingers slide into that dripping wet cunt. Soon those soft mosns became hard grunts as another hard orgasam rocked that tiny body. A few more hard pumps and I shot a hug load up that hot ass, filling it up with cum. I pulled out and watched my cum pour out of that brown hole while I milked my cock for some cum that I quickly slurped down.

  • You are so naughty! I can’t wait till next time! xoxo AJ

  • AJ, I can’t stop thinking about you. Your sweet voice, dirty mind, sweet pussy. If I could I’d call you right now but I have to settle for fucking my wife instead. Don’t worry, I think of you every time we fuck. I’m surprised I haven’t said your name yet! I love you sweetie, have a good night!


  • Hey AJ, Sorry I have not called lately but I’ve been super busy, will call soon. I saw Ellie and Kennedy last weekend! We can talk about it next time, had an interesting conversation with Kennedy…

  • I miss you Marty. I can’t wait to hear about Ellie and Kennedy! xoxo

  • will you be on soon? I have time now for call…

  • Oh God, you are so hot! My cock is still sore from our call earlier. You had me so hard that when I cam cum shot up my chest to my chin. Thank you so much! I can’t you out of my head, God your hot.

  • Well, still thinking about our last call. Next time I want to be extra nasty with you, force my cock up your ass and fuck you til you pass out. Then jerk off in your mouth to wake you up as you gag on my hot load. I want you bad! Think about me on your next call!

  • Thanks A.J. for another great call. You are always so much fun, so sweet, and always soooo sexy. You are a perfect, naughty little angel.

  • *Giggles* Thank you Ranger Phil. xoxo

  • You there? I will try you in a few, love you!

  • I am so sorry I missed you. I wasn’t home yesterday. I will be here about 2 pm Tuesday………..xoxoxo

  • Will you be on around 9:30 central time?

  • I will make sure I am for you! xoxo

  • Will you be on an hour from now?

  • Well I’m going to have to start without you 🙁 I’ll try you tomorrow night around the same time.

  • Hi Marty, I am so sorry I missed you. I wasn’t here for a few days but I am now! Can’t wait. xoxo A.J.

  • Hi sweetie! I miss you, sorry I have not called. I think about all the time, everytime I jerk off. When I shoot my load I slurp it down wishing I were eating it out of your sweet cunt. I love you babe, talk to you soon.

  • Well that was great! You are the best’ talk to you soon

  • I like your blog, can’t wait to talk to you. So who’s cock is that im your mouth? Wish it was mine…

  • Hey babe. Just missing you! I had to think of you to get a hard on last time I fucked my wife. I dreamed it was you the whole time! Love you…

  • Saw Ellie tonight, damn she is hot. She dyed her hair blonde and started wearing glasses. I flirted with her, telling her how cute she looked. She even sat on my lap, until my boner poked her. I blamed it on my phone but I think she knew, which is pretty hot…

  • Hi sweetie! Just wanted to tell you how great our last call was. I love your dirty mind! Thanks for giving me an outlet for my filthy desires. It is so great to have someone who isn’t shocked by what I like! Love you, talk to you soon! 😉

  • Hi Marty! Do you know what would be fun? Let’s see if you can shock me! *Giggles* xoxo A.J.

  • I’ll try to come up with a good one for next time…
    Maybe a forced enconture 🙂

  • Happy New Year! I found a porn star you need to check out, Emily Grey. Let me know what you think of her. Tube8 has several clips of her.

  • Fuck you are hot! Love you, have a great night.

  • Will you be my Valentine?? Miss you, tried to call Wednesday but you were on a call…

  • I was just thinking about you! I am always your Valentine. Hope we can “catch up” *giggles, wink wink* soon. Kisses A.j.

  • Hi sweetie! Tried to call you last week but you weren’t on.
    I miss you…

  • Marty!! I miss you so much! Call me soon xoxo AJ

  • I will. My schedule has really changed and normally you are not on when I can call.

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