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 My Stats

Age: 22

Eyes: Dark Chocolate

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 114

Measurements: 32 C 24-36

Pussy: Soft, full lips, with a tiny "welcome mat".

Ass: Full, rounded, and aching to be pounded!

Favorite Positions: Anything, as long as it allows you to go balls deep!!!

Strangest Places I've had sex: The back seat of the school bus!

Hobbies: Making men grovel.

Specialities: Cock teasing, Edging, Switching, CBT,Financial domination, Blackmail,Pathetic panty boys, Adult babies and humiliation.


Hey Pervert!
I see you gawking at me. Is that drool I see?~giggles~ Is that tiny cock of yours beginning to swell? I know you want to get your dirty little cock stroking hands all over my tight, pretty little frame, huh? Your just dying to see me naked, aren’t you? Wondering if my soft ,delicate, honey colored skin could possibly taste as sweet as it looks. Rest assured that it does taste as sweet as it appears, You’re probably wondering if your tongue will ever caress it? AS IF!

You’ve never been teased like this before, by a wild, little party girl. My cheerleading days left me limber and strong. You’ll be all mine from the moment I begin to grind my hot young body against you. I will be leading you to believe you have a shot with me, as I fish your wallet out of your back pocket, you pathetic loser!

If you’re lucky, you may get me to slip out of my sexy satiny panties. I will force you into them so I can point and laugh at that pathetic pant-pimple you call a cock!
My voice in your ear will make your knees buckle, and put you in your proper place, down by my feet where you belong! You will become addicted to me and there will be no help for you. Grab your wallet and call to worship your Princess now!!!

Cock-teasing Kisses

Call 1.866.949.5814
for Phone Sex with

11 Responses to “Kendall”

  • Kendall, you are an absolute dream! I never thought a girl so young could be so inventive, sexy, or experimental. I had my doubts, but you put them all to bed!

  • Kendall is awesome! She’s so hot, and she allows me to give her my money over the phone. Such a sweet and sexy voice. I love her so much. I wish I could lick her ass and let her and her boyfriend piss on me. I love you, Kendall!

  • Absolutely hot, took me right to the edge, teased my cock unmercifully, over and over, but, alas, no release! omg Kendall made me SO horny!!

  • After one call, Kendall knows how i feel … For any guy who looks at this, you will be happy to have listened to me and CALL THIS GIRL!!! she is … well … WOW!!!!!

  • Simply put … Kendall is the very best there is … She is so great in “regular”conversation and beyond great in the sex talk … Calling Kendall will make all your days better … .Believe me!

  • i read this last post and surely i was not clear ….

    this girl is totally and completely hot … you will know that if you wise enough to call her 🙂

  • Kendall is my “go to” girl … in 32 years of calling, there is nobody better then kendall …

  • of the 340 i have called, kendall is the very, very best

  • Kendall,

    Thanks for the most intense calls I’ve ever had. Sorry I had to end our 6/29 call early – was traveling and had to go earlier than anticipated – but what a daydream for the cab and bus rides!

  • Can’t wait to have some more fun with you Josh. I always love making you worship me.

  • I need my secretary. Where is she? She’ll be in trouble for not showing up at the drop of a hat for me…:)

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