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 My Stats

Age: 48

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'7

Weight: 132

Measurements: 36D-24-35

Pussy: Squirter, toned and fits like a glove!

Ass: Lean, smooth, lickable and very hungry!

Favorite Positions: Mommy on top, on my knees- giving and receiving, reverse cow-girl, 69, face to face on an armless chair

Strangest Places I've had sex: Dining Car of a Train, at midnight!

Hobbies: Ride horse back, breeding horses, traveling abroad, collecting China and antique Stem-Ware, 40's competitive swimming

Specialities: Mommy/son, Naughty neighboor, Aunty, Teacher/student, Strict Mommy, Seductive Mommy, Gang bangs, Ass play, Strap on play, Tease and denial, Domination, CBT, Medical play, Guided masturbation, Forced feminization, Humiliation, Sissification, Lingere, Foot fetish, Stocking/pantyhose fetish and Cuckolding


Yay! You’ve finally found me! You’re captivated by my beauty, drawn to my sensual curves, mesmerized by my eyes, your breath stolen by the sight of my perfect, gorgeous breasts and, my pouty, full, luscious lips. Those you…crave to kiss!

Now you must confess all your sins to me. Call and tell me what brings you here. We both know it’s not just a horny cock and swollen balls. There’s more, so much more! Who was she? A sexy aunty, powerful domineering counselor, never innocent neighbor, gun-slinging punishing cop, guilt-instilling Sunday school teacher or your best friend’s naughty mom? I’ll especially love it if she was your deepest desire of your very own. Gorgeous, shapely, big-tittied, soothing, loving, teasing, perfect Fuck-Central Mommy!

Cum tell Mommy Morgan all about it! I understand, sweetie. You see, I have sons of my own, they have cousins, they have friends, their friends have cousins, friends, and fathers and, the list is endless! I’ve heard and created the hot sex and sizzling orgasms for all the ‘stories’ you could ever conceive, with each and every one of them. The list is still building. My diary is swollen with entries and an occasional drip of cum-stain that just escaped my mouth too! Don’t worry baby, Mommy Morgan is right here for you!

Yes, I adore training and draining young boys but I also enjoy having an experienced and very nasty, filthy-talking and pussy-pounding older man with a huge cock! One look at me in all my elegance, grace and beauty and you are truly under my spell! I know, baby, your groin is aching for me. Cum tell Mommy Morgan everything, hold nothing back because I have no Taboos. That’s right, I’m ‘open’ too and for anything!

Honey, pick up your phone now and, call me… Cum into my ‘Mommy Morgan’s Playground’ and let me devour all your Cum!

Love and Sweet Kisses,
Your Very Special
Mommy Morgan

Call 1.866.307.4657
for Phone Sex with
Mommy Morgan

29 Responses to “Mommy Morgan”

  • mommy morgan was the first girl i called with this site.. and wow was she amazing..i didnt have to say a word she took the thoughts from my head and played them out …. amazing thanks morgan.. danny

  • Great call very interactive and seductive. Have tried many other operators but she is the one who really knocks my socks off and makes me feel she is right here with me.

    Thanks Morgan

  • What a great session with Mommy Morgan. She allowed me to go down any dark alley and was right there encouraging me and pushing all my kinky buttons. I can’t imagine anyone I would rather have cuckold me and allow me to be her pantyboy fluffer and clean-up boy. I could almost taste her panties getting soaked as she listened to me cum in my panties and then take them off and lick, suck and eat the fresh warm cream out of the crotch. Ummmmm….delicious. I am already looking forward to having her pick out some sexy panties for me and turning me into her naughty little-girl cocksucker on our next call.

  • She was the first woman I called on this site. She made me feel @ ease and gave me the ultimante pleasure

  • I’m writting to say thanks again for a amazing time this morning. You made this Georgia boy happy! I had gotten extremley horny trying to decide which klassy kat to talk to; you’re all so beautiful. I hope you had a nice squirt for me, that’s one of the sexiest things ever. Hope to talk to you again sometime. Take care!

  • Just finished a great session with her. I’m new at this, so I didn’t really to know what to expect. She started enticing me with her classy outfit, but soon enough my submissive side came out. Her beautiful, rich voice entering my ears, giving pleasure to my brain. She instructed me how to masturbate for her, rubbing my nipples, playing with my ass, jerking my cock. She was very receptive and towards the end of the session she allowed me to have a wonderful, mind blowing orgasm. Highly recommended!

  • One word….WOW! Mommy Morgan knew exactly how to make the call perfect. She is a true professional and extremely beautiful!

  • Mommy Morgan my queen. If anyone out there wants the best in role play phone sex. She is the woman to make all of your fantasies come true.


  • Ma! Thanks for being the best! Truly a real woman that not only understands a man, but is…lack of better words-brilliant! I’ve called around, but not any more, not after that 1st hello…Worth more than the price of the beauty from the twinkle in her smile or the glimpse of happiness in her eyes…she says I’m too kind…but I’m just being honest…ma, thanks again…

  • Wow! You have the most incredibly sexy voice!!!!!

  • Ahh thanks again for another great call Mommy M. 😉 I hope you had a good squirt for me.

  • Mommy morgan is so joke I will vote for her everyday 8 times a day because i am mommys vote slave. I will be voting for her from now to forever

  • Mommy Morgan was just wonderful. I thought all night about our conversation. She listened and encouraged me as I discussed my crossdressing fantasies. She spoke with me about putting on my new panties, bra, stockings, etc and helped me to truly enjoy my feminine attire. It was a fantastic experience. She is very, very good at what she does. Thank you!

  • Mommy Morgan is fantastic! Never had anyone better.

  • Mommy is the clear definition of a woman with class and beauty. I know everyone that is involved with her she bow down to her and how amazing she is

  • Mommy Morgan is by far the best operator at Klassy Kat! The ideas and stories she is able to come up with are not just luck, but from experience and a desire to please the person listening. She will blow you away like she did me! If you have any doubt just read her blogs. They are so intricate that you will not have any doubts. Calling her is an ultimate experience!!!! Oh and thanks Mommy Morgan

  • Just had an unforgetable time with Mommy Morgan. Her skills are unparalleled and her voice is so sexy!!!! Will for sure be calling again. Thanks Mommy Morgan!

  • Mommy Morgan is smart, kind, friendly, understanding, and, oh so sexy! I called, asking for a scene where Mommy catches son trying on her clothes. Mommy Morgan was wonderful!!! Mommy helped me dress and look beautiful like her. She taught me how classy ladies kiss, changing me from her son to her girlfriend.

    Thank you so much, Mommy Morgan!!!

  • I had such an amazing time today with you, you made me feel so naughty, you made me say so nasty words, i’m still excited and craving for our next chat. Your little french … .

  • Morgan,

    Best phone sex call I’ve had in a long, long, time. I’ll be back! Jeff

  • I had a great time with Morgan the other day, she has a very sexy voice and really seemed to be into it. Looking forward to speaking with her again soon.

  • Mommy Morgan is the best!! Every call is hotter than the previous one. Love to call!!

  • Morgan is smart, fun and creative, She has a wonderful voice and personality. Can’t wait to speak with her again.

  • Morgan is awesome ! Every call is hot and a whole lot of fun ! I love calling Morgan !!

  • Wow another great call with the best woman on here. Mommy Morgan is wonderful, she makes me very happy after a call with her !!!

  • Mommy Morgan is awsome !! So sweet and sexy at the same time. Can be nice and cruel to bad boys like me. Best call I’ve had with Mommy morgan!

  • Morgan is one of the best at what she does . Takes the time to get to know you and custom fit everything just for you . I have had many excellent earth shaking calls with Morgan . You will not be disappointed calling Morgan

  • Again I have to say that Morgan is one of the great PSOs . Everyone should call her , the earth will move , and you will be glad you called

  • Another fantastically awesome call with the beautiful Morgan . All of me is still tingling . All of you do yourselves a favor and call hot sexy morgan

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