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Big Brotherly Lust

Sitting down at the pool with you, my handsome and much older brother-in-law I started thinking taboo thoughts. Staring, drooling over your cock I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel if you were deep inside my tight and very underage cunt.  I was only 15 and you were my sister’s husband what was I thinking?!?  What in the world was wrong with me?  Well, it didn’t help matters at all when the lady came over and complimented us as a couple and told us how lovely our children were.  I gasped…could she have read my thoughts or maybe my body language gave it away! How could she have possibly thought I was your wife? Well, I guess people do think I am older, I mean my body doesn’t exactly look 15. I have always been very mature for my age.  I blushed so hard when you leaned over and brushed my hair from my shoulders to give me an Innocent kiss on the cheek. Nothing in my thoughts were anything close to innocent though and I could feel my bikini bottom becoming damp with desire.

We headed back home and while you tucked in the little ones for a much needed nap I decided I was going to seduce you.  I brushed my long, brunette strands and put on some of my sister’s lip stick and perfume. Leaving only my bikini on I relaxed on the sofa and waited for you.  When you walked in and saw me waiting for you I couldn’t help myself I pressed my body up against yours and then my tongue searched hungrily in your mouth.  At first, you pulled away “This isn’t right Sadie we shouldn’t be doing this.”  But, then lust won over reason and you kissed back your hands all over my taboo young body. I felt my bikini bottom drop to the floor and your strong fingers probing for my fresh honey. I felt your other hand take mine and place it on your swollen shaft.  You started to guide me slowly rubbing my hand up and down your shaft.  I felt hot, thick drops of your sex juice slide down your cock and on my fingers.  I wanted it…all of it…suddenly I wanted to drain you.  My tight, wet pussy started to ache I turned into a horny, slutty little sister craving to be pounded. “Just fuck me I won’t tell.” You pushed me down on the sofa and spread my legs wide up over your shoulders so you could take my tight,young,baby sex hole. At first, it hurt so bad I wanted to scream but then after the pain came intense pleasure and I knew I would never get enough of you.  Never get enough of my brother-in-laws hard cock.

It’s okay big brother no one will ever find out that you are really in love with your wife’s younger sis.

Slutty Underage kisses,


I really must confess…incest is best

My big brother “J” has been taking care of his hot lil sis for years. Those long summer nights staying up talking, teasing, playing at the beach house. Running around in nothing but my g-string bikini beckoning him to touch and taste. I have always been an unruly tease!

Weekends when mom & dad were away and we would have the house all to ourselves.  I used to love to “play house” with my big brother.  I would be the sweet, loving wife and take care of his every need even cook for him. He loved crawling in bed next to his young sexy sister knowing how wrong it was only made it more hot for us. I remember the first time he touched me “there”.  I was standing in the kitchen making a glass of water and he came up and wrapped his arms around me from behind.  I could feel his bulging cock rub against my tight, young ass and then suddenly felt his hands wandering up my little cheerleader skirt.  He found my tight, hot virgin slit and started to probe and tease.  At first I pulled away but I could no longer resist what it was we both so badly desired from each other.  I wanted my brother’s cock and I wanted it right then and there. “Let’s go to your bedroom Sadie.” My brother always has a way of reading my mind, knowing what I want before I even realize what it is. Needless to say, he took his little sister’s V-card that night and that was only the beginning of the kink we shared.

Thank you sexy bro “J” for all the hot & taboo calls we do .I love making you cum hard over & over again.  *giggles* You know I do too~

Kisses on your yummy mushroom head,

Sadie 😉

Daddy’s little virgin…

I was just a tiny little girl and  much smaller than I am now  when daddy decided to pop my virgin cherry.  It was something he had been thinking about for awhile I know this because he spent a lot of time preparing.

Like the way he would spend every second with me while in the bath washing my long,blond silky hair, soaping my tiny body.  And, paying extra special attention to my itty bitty baby holes.

Looking back now I realize he was getting his tiny fuck doll ready for a very ceremonious eve with him.  Making sure everything was in place and just right.

I knew it the second he walked into my bedroom so very late at night while everyone was sleeping.  He slipped under my covers and spread my tiny baby slit open then started to tongue and lick me wildly.  I giggled at first just a little and he quickly covered my baby mouth with his big hand.

He ravished my baby cunt and tiny puckered asshole for hours before he finally stuffed his huge prick in my virgin holes.

I cried and begged for daddy to stop but he just kept ripping my tight, bald baby cunt.  All of  daddy’s thick, white cream stayed inside me even the next day at school.  I could feel my little cotton panties getting all sticky from daddy’s huge load.  When I got home off the bus daddy asked me for my panties he still worships them today.

mmm I love being a slut-

Cum Play,

Tiny Raemi