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Bewitched, Bothered and…

  You are mine. You belong to me, and I own every part of you.  Your sexy mouth is perfect for kissing and sucking. Your nipples are mine to lick, suck and bite. Your fine muscled ass cheeks are so very biteable. Your balls need my firm hand, teeth, and  pointed red glossy fingernails. Your tight pucker is just waiting for my tongue and my sexy girl cock.

For me, all of October is Halloween. Why celebrate one day when you can party for 31?

I’m out with the girls at my favorite club. I give you instructions while you wait for me. I arrive home and find you on our bed. You’re nude, smooth and anxiously waiting for me. You slowly remove my clothes, then you service my very wet pink pussy for hours. Your lips taste like my sweet juices.

My hands glide up your arm as I restrain you to our bed. You’re helpless and all mine. Your balls are tender from my lips, teeth and fingernails. Your nipples are sore from my biting. You’re begging me to let you feel my tongue and then my girl cock. You’re on your back with your legs up, our eyes locked on one another.

31 days of Halloween. What will we do for the other 30 days and nights?



Written By:  Tiffany
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All He Wants for Valentine’s Day

Remember when we were kids and we passed out cute little Valentine’s cards to all the boys and girls? I was the girl that always made her own and added little dirty words to it. I knew I loved getting naughty before I knew for sure what it all meant. Funny how some things just never change. Of course, now I personalize them with a little bit of me. Maybe the scent of my wet, creamy pussy, or the musky smell of my lovely ass. Imagine opening your card and smelling me? 

 Your card will have an address and a key. You open the door to our suite and see there is no one there. You have a drink or two, and then lay down for a bit. It has been a long day at work with you trying not to think of me. I see you asleep on the bed and I blindfold you. We have played with a fake cock many times and we both loved it. Your cock is rock hard thinking about it all. The problem is, I now want much more and so do you. I kiss you in all those places, you suck my hard nipples, and then you give me that look. 

Your think you hear other footsteps, but I assure you it’s just your imagination. You feel something hard, big, and thick by your lips. I guide it into your hungry mouth. You try to speak, to tell me that doesn’t feel like a fake cock. Your protest doesn’t last long before you have your lips wrapped around his big mushroom head.  I always listen to you, I know what you need before you do. Spend this Valentine’s Day with someone who really knows your dirty little secrets. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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You Can Try To Resist

You can try to resist but why would you want to? Look at this gorgeous body. Why would you ever want to deny yourself the pleasure? I know that you look at my pictures and stroke your stiff cock. No need to deny that. I love knowing you want me. Full luscious tits and legs for days. Can you imagine how good those long silky legs would feel wrapped around your waist while those hard nipples are in your mouth?

Wouldn’t you love to shove your cock into my hot, wet pussy or ass? Both are amazing and will grip you like a glove. I would love to hear what you want to do with it, how you want to take all my holes and make them yours. I would even let you cum all over my pretty face. Is there anything sexier than a beautiful woman with a messy cum covered face? And my voice….? Have you ever heard it? It can guide you to an intense orgasm in no time.


Written By: Sidney
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Titty Fucking

I had a date last night and it was wonderful. It went a little slow at first, but he was so good looking and I realized that he wasn’t talking very much because he was distracted by my heaving tits. I was wearing a very low cut dress and my cleavage was front and center. Eventually I asked if he liked what he saw. He was embarrassed at first, but my hand moving up and down his thigh put him at ease.

I invited him back to my place and things started progressing nicely. I asked if he wanted to see the tits that he admired all night. He shook his head quickly and I peeled my dress off. His hands were all over me but he couldn’t keep them away from my boobs. I asked him if he had ever slid his hard cock in between a big pair of breasts. He said no, he was in for a treat.

I laid on my back and pushed them together. He slid his cock in between them and his moans were so loud. He got a little aggressive and started fucking my titties hard. He gave a shocked grunt and blew his load all over my neck and face. He was embarrassed, but I just used my fingers to massage all of his cum into my skin. It was his first time titty fucking, but wasn’t his last that night!



Written By: Bambi
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Cumming On My Pretty Feet

I love feeling sticky gooey cum all over my pretty little feet. I have a professor that invites me over to his house to give him and his old friends foot jobs. They love feeling the arches of my feet slide up and down their greased up cocks. Sometimes they’re so small that I can use my toes to jack their limp dicks off. It’s super easy work for me. My holes get a break from being pounded and I let me feet do all the work. The best part of it all is lying back and lifting my feet while they all jerk their pricks and ooze their jizz all over my feet. They watch me rub my feet together and massage it all in. Some even manage one more tiny squirt for good measure!


Written By: Ashton
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Big Curves Make Him Cheat

When I have my eye on a man, he knows it. I am not shy. I am aggressive and hot. Seducing my man is part of the foreplay. Turning his head away from his job, his family, his girlfriend, and getting his attention is exciting. Watching him quiver, making him hard with my big tits is thrilling. I want his focus on me. I want him hot and horny, so he fucks me hard! 

I dress to show off my assets. Nothing subtle there!  I have a big mature round ass and incredible MILF tits! He can’t take his eyes off of my curves. He lusts to touch them and worship my hot, sexy curves. I make his hunger for me grow. Despite that it is the week of Valentine’s Day, the only thing on his mind is finding time to get his hands on my curves and fucking me.

My curves don’t leave a lot to the imagination. You know you want them too! You want to suck on my big tits and fuck me hard from behind. The only I don’t know is where do you want to cum when you fuck me? Why don’t you call me and fuck me? Let’s cum together! 



Written By: Auntie Ava
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Oink, Oink Cash Pig

You know what’s really hot, turns me on, and makes me scream when I cum? Nothing is hotter than a man who will let me control his wallet!  When he tips and sends me gifts he gets to earn points towards serving me however I see fit. The more that he wants of me, well you know, the more he pays or the bigger the gift!  It’s always fun when you buy my used panties, hose, etc. I just love that pathetic little pigs like you pay my bills, and pay for me to get my nails and hair done. It’s easy to stay sexy when you send me shopping for more lingerie with a gift card. And who knows, eventually you may have enough points to stick your snout right in between my wet pussy lips!  Pay up piggie!


 Written By: Amber
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You Belong To Me


That’s right, you are mine! I own you now and you will be my little sex pet. You will get on your hands and knees and obey all my orders. You’re going to be my fuck toy and my boy toy. I will use you for all my sexual pleasures.

I love to have my ass licked and worshiped. My body is so perfect how can you not? Starting at my toes and moving all the way to my lips.

I love teasing your cock and bringing you to the brink of cumming, then denying you the pleasure to squirt your huge, juicy load for me. Edge playing is the best.

You will please me for hours while I sit on your face. I know you love it when my pussy squirts all over your face. I will instruct you on how to masturbate for me and let you know when it’s time to cum.

You love your sensual Dom and you will do anything and everything for me. You belong to me, so submit now and call your Sex Goddess.



 Written By: Parker
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Good Old Fashioned Phone Sex

Sometimes a girl is in the mood for some good old school phone sex fun.  Seduce me like the beautiful woman I am. Tell me exactly how you will touch and caress my gorgeous body, and my supple breasts, my hard nipples. Make my pussy nice and juicy wet before I ever even touch it. Run your fingers up and down the inside of my thighs while you kiss my neck, chin, and lips. Whisper in my ear the way you will slowly guide your rock hard cock into my waiting honey hole. I need and want it now. I’m going to grab my dildo, call me so we can cum together.


Written By: Dakota
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Harley’s Revenge

Anyone will tell you that I am a non-stop party chick. I love getting dressed to the nines, having a full house of beautiful people, and lots of party favors.

Last night I was a very bad girl! I just  happened to forget to invite any females. Oops! I also forgot to invite anyone but my best friend’s dad. Oops again! He came in looking surprised at the lack of cars parked in front. Even Mr. P knows my parties are legendary. I explained to him that everyone else lived far away and the inclement weather kept everyone else home. He looked me up and down and gave me this look. He wondered why I was dressed up, and why he wasn’t called about the cancellation.

I told him looking at all the food and drinks was a bummer, so we should just grab a bottle and hang in my bedroom. He was completely up for that. I guess he assumed OUR dirty secret past was no longer an issue. Fool, of course it’s an issue. I want revenge. Revenge for what? Get that dirty mind of yours in gear and you can figure it out! I told him I was going to get comfy and put on a movie.

I came out of the bathroom  with nothing but panties and a way too small tank. He smiled assuming we were going to revisit the past. Not on your life, fucker! He willingly let me restrain him to my bed. Then I texted his wife. Let the revenge games begin!



Written By: Harley
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