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You Deserve Nothing Phone Sex

How does it feel to be on your hands and knees begging me for attention? You’re not going to get very far with me. It does amuse me and I love laughing at your pathetic loser ass. You’re a disgrace and pathetic and that’s how you shall be treated.  I constantly tell you no when you beg me for mercy. You deserve nothing from me!  I like the idea of making you whimper and plead some more. It makes me wet when you sound like my little cry baby bitch boy. I’m going to walk all over you like no one has before and I’m not just talking about your body, I’m talking about your mind as well. You’re my bitch now.

Written By: Sierra
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Isabelle’s Naughty Naked Pool Party

Isabelle Today is the last day of my internship. This job has been tedious, a big yawn, and the Hotel Manager is a total control freak. Needless to say, I am happy that today is my last day. Most of the staff are nice people, but they always seem so stressed.  Probably, not going to put this job experience on my resume because I don’t think I learned anything here.

The parting words from the Hotel Manager are to make sure I turn in all of my uniforms.  WTF? No parting words of wisdom, no thoughtful gesture, no expression of gratitude! I was not expecting him to fall down and kiss my feet, but now I truly understand why all the employees are so cranky around here.

As he stood there looking at me, I was tempted to tear off my shirt and hand it to him. I just simply nodded and walked away.  I was making the rounds, saying my “thank you’s” and “good-byes” to my friends on staff.  I ran into a couple of the sexy pool servers that were getting ready to change into their uniforms for the start of their shifts. The group of hot girls and I were complaining about the Manager. We decided to break the rules and have some naughty fun. Release our frustrations.

The only nice thing about this crappy hotel is the pool, but employees were not allowed to swim. The pool girls and I decided to go for a swim before the pool opened to the hotel guests.  None of us had our bikinis with us, so we decided to go skinny dipping! We had a  naughty naked girl pool party! The girls and I got sexy with each other in the pool. Some hot girl on girl fun!  It was a blast!

After our pool party, I put on my shorts, panties, and bra.  Wrapped up in a towel and headed for my car. I left my uniform top on the diving board of the pool. Sent the Hotel Manager a text where he could find it. Haha!

Bratty Isabelle


Written By: Isabelle
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Sweet Southern Comfort

When it comes to sex, I love it all. Crazy fucking is so much fun, but there is something about sweet, tender love making that makes me weak in the knees and gives me a creamy pussy. Being with that special someone that wants to take his time and make us both feel good is more exciting that anything else to me. A dark room with candles lit, champagne, soft kisses, it makes my heart skip a beat. Every touch and taste has meaning. There’s no need to rush it. We can take our time getting to know each other’s bodies. Foreplay takes hours and when he finally pushes his cock inside of me.. it’s Heaven. We’re right there together and it feels so very good. A slow and steady pace until neither of us can stand it anymore. Passion takes over and we’re grinding against each other, breathing heavy, sweating. It’s so intense! When we finally allow ourselves to cum, we cum together.
When love making is done right, there’s nothing in the world that can compare to it.



Written By: Rachel
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Your First Cock Suck

I know that you would do anything for me. I also know that you’re really curious about what it’s like to suck a big, fat cock. Sometimes when you jerk off, you close your eyes and imagine that I am guiding a dick right into your mouth. I’ve been waiting to walk you through your first cock sucking experience. By the time I am done with you, you’re totally going to be a cock sucking expert. Sure, maybe you won’t suck all the time, but when you do, you will be the best cock sucker.
I know that you’re nervous, but every bitch boy is at first. I know you’re going to do everything you can to keep your Goddess happy. So, just stick out your tongue and run it all over the head of that dick that I feed you. Wrap your hand around it and start to stroke it a little bit, keep licking. Now, open up real wide and I’m going to push your head right down onto that big cock. I know you’ll love that final taste of cum.
Remember, if you do everything you’re told I will reward you with my pussy sitting right on your face.


Written By: Julie
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Cuckold Slave

    Down on your knees where you belong slave. I can tell by the look on your face my stockings and garter belt make you weak in your knees. Begin worshiping your Mistress by slowly removing her heels and then kissing and licking the soles of her beautiful stocking feet. Don’t get to eager or I will kick you in the face slave.

I suggest you get your worthless dick in check or I won’t let you finish. Lick up my beautiful legs slowing till you reach my freshly fucked rosebud pucker. Insert your tongue and taste the cum of a real man, not a pathetic bitch of a man like you.


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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Naughty Stepmom Visits On Parents Weekend

You are in college, first year out of the dorm. Enjoying your apartment and having a blast, but the girls at school all seem so petite with tiny tits. You miss looking at your sexy step mom’s big tits and long legs. It always makes you crazy when I cook breakfast wearing just a tiny robe with all the cleavage to look at over your waffles or eggs. You would have to masturbate every day before school because you got so hard at breakfast.

This weekend is Parents Weekend here at your school. Your dad cant make it, but your stepmom, Jackie, is coming. Seriously, you have missed my curves and my long hugs. Friends have always teased you about having a MILF as a stepmom. Secretly, you hope that I will dress super sexy.

When I arrive at your apartment, I have on a short white skirt and white blouse with no bra. Wow, you can’t take your eyes off my tits. I give you a big hug and kiss. I have big bags of groceries to stock your pantry and fridge. Instead of taking you to dinner, I cook your favorite dinner here in your apartment. You watch me reach for spices and bend over to grab pans. You can see down my top. You can see a hint of hard nipple. You don’t want to get up because I might see your big bulge. You stammer and stutter over your words when I ask you about your classes, your professors, and the girls on campus.

A smart stepmom knows what that stammer means, that you are hard.  I am very flattered. I flirt and tease. After dinner, we snuggle on the sofa with a movie. I rub your leg, and then between your legs. You want to push my hand away, but it feels too good. You have to have me, so you pull down my top and start sucking my tits. Oh Wow! You do that better than your father. Pants come down, and cock is bigger than his cock. This is going to be a night that we will never forget. We go at it right there in your living room. Hands touching each other, mouths all over each other’s naked bodies. Riding you until you cum inside of me.


Written By: Jackie
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Body Worship Phone Sex

It is such a beautiful, warm September day that I decided to explore the city. During my walk, I sat down in the park and felt the sun on my face. It felt amazing. I like to people watch. Sometimes I can pick submissive guys right out of a crowd.

As the sun warmed me up all over, I started to feel very sexy.  Taking a moment, feeling the sun cascade over my body,  and enjoying the warmth of sun all over me, I wish I could rip off my clothes in the park. I am craving sex as I picture myself naked in the park. 

As I got heated up sitting there basking in the sun, my pussy is tingling.  I am hot, horny and wet. I fantasize about dominating beautiful, sexy men, lots of men, worshipping my body, all over.  Running their fingers along my neck, my inner thighs, and worshiping every inch of me.  Kissing my stomach, breasts, and feet. My submissive men lick my pussy and ass. My boy toys offer their cocks to me. I ride each of them until they make me cum.

Their only purpose is to give me pleasure. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Bree’s Pantyboy Playhouse

Tuck your little dick inside your sweet little pink panties. All my girlfriends are coming over for a sexy lingerie party. You can hang with us girls today because you possess more girly traits than masculine ones. For starters, your cock is just so tiny that it is more like a clit. Also, your ass has a round curve which is why you look so cute in panties! You are soft and small, petite and sweet, not big and strong like our boyfriends. We tease you and embarrass you, but you love humiliation.

You are one of the girls. We tell you our secrets, we let you go shopping with us, you borrow our clothes, and we put makeup on your face. We tease you about being a girl, and you love it!

Be a good girl and you can cum in your panties.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Sexy Koko Dominates You In Bed

I make you feel weak but sexy. I bring out your submissive side. My beauty, my charms, and my seductive ways lure you to my bedroom where you will find undeniable sexual pleasures. I tie you up in my bed. I bind your wrists and your ankles to the bed frame. You can only squirm a few inches. You moan in pleasure and groan in excitement. I tease your cock and make you hard. I lick and then rub your nipples with oil. I take an ice cube and first rub it over your lips. Then, I rub it all over your nipples, your stomach and along the rim of your ass. I push the ice inside of you. Cool down my hot boy toy! The heat of your body makes the ice melt quickly. Our long edge play session is just starting. I stroke your cock, hand over hand, with a beautiful massage oil. I rub another ice cube along your balls. You wince, a very startling sensation. I make your cock a little soft by rubbing that ice cube along your shaft. I am delighted to have complete control over your orgasm. I warm your cock back up with a very sexy blow job, and you are rock hard again. I suck until you are right at the edge, I stop. I continue our edge play session until my pussy is throbbing for you. I give into my own desires and ride you. I ride you hard, giving you an incredible, aggressive fuck until we both cum. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Naked Neighbor Girl

Well, hello there! Now, I have your full and undivided attention!

I am the naughty girl next door. I am the bratty teen who has been teasing you all summer. So far, you have been able to ignore my tempting little cut-off shorts and flirty little smile. I know that you are at home today, alone. I skip my last class, and I unlock the gate surrounding the pool. It is my little secret how I got that key away from your pool guy. I take off all my clothes and lay naked next to your pool. It doesn’t take long for you to see me through your window. You instantly get hard when you watch my fingers slip between my legs. I lick my pussy juices off my fingers. I am such a naughty girl who needs a real man, an older sophisticated man to lick my pussy. Boys my age don’t do go on me like you do. I am wet and sweet. I know your cock is hard now. You cannot stop yourself. Get naked with me and fuck my tight teenage girl pussy!



Written By: Little Lucie
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