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Dangerous Curves Ahead


I’ve never thought of myself as fat, but I’m definitely a curvy, voluptuous woman. Never tried one? You’re missing out and then some.

Allow your hands to move up and down my soft, silky skin. The curve in my tiny waist. My full, squeezable ass. My heavy natural tits. Those things alone could be enough, but there are even sweeter parts to explore.

I spread those luscious thick thighs for you. In between you find the sweetest pussy that you’ve ever tasted. Not just a little slit, but a real woman’s pussy. My thighs will grip you as you slide into that dripping pussy over and over.

When your cock is ready to explode, let’s not let that go to waste. My juicy lips will drain your balls and I promise to swallow every single drop.

Treat your cock to something new and leave the twigs at home. This curvy girl will leave a smile on your face.



Written By: Abby
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My Daddy Has The Best Balls


You come home  after a long day of working your stressful job. You’re frustrated by sexy ladies in their short skirts showing of their sexy curves. Then you had a huge traffic delay due to construction on the highway. 

You get home and I am waiting to play with you. My sweet, smooth body teases you and seduces you. You cannot resist your naughty little Miley. I jump into your arms and start kissing you with soft baby girl kisses. I kiss and lick your neck. You start to undress me.

You whisper in my ear, “Who’s your daddy?”

I giggle and whisper back in your ear, “You are my daddy!” I tenderly cup and rub your balls through your pants. “Daddy, can I play with my toys?”

You know what I want. You set me down and open your pants. I slip my hand downward teasing your shaft with my fingers. I let my fingers linger against your shaft for only a second. I kiss you passionately and let my fingers explore your balls. I love playing your balls so much that I call them my toys.

You push my face between your legs as you moan for more. I lick and then suck on your balls until you get so hot and hard for me.

You ask me, “Miley, do you like your daddy’s balls?” You have a wicked smile because you already know the answer.

“Daddy, you have the best balls. I love playing with them. “Your balls are so big!”  I know if I rub your balls just right that your balls get so full of sweet cum for me.

Written By: Miley
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Your Mom’s Best Friend Seduces You

I am your Mom’s best friend. She volunteers you to mow my lawn this summer. At first, you are mad. You would rather play ball with the guys and check out the girls at the lake. You admire their curves, but you are too shy to approach girls. You never know what to say to pretty girls.

You are extremely nervous around me. I am always wearing clothing that accentuates my big tits. You have a hard time keeping your eyes off of them. You have even dreamed about me.

This afternoon, you are mowing my lawn for the first time. When you are done mowing, I offer you a cold bottle of water and invite you inside. I take you straight up to my bedroom where I seduce you, strip you naked, and make a man out of you. I teach you the secrets on how to pleasure a woman’s body, and how to feel confident around pretty girls. In return, I give you mind-blowing, exciting sex. I do things to your body that you thought only happened in porn, but I make it even better, more intimate, and passionate.

You will always look back at the summer of 2021 as the hottest summer of your life!


Written By: Ava
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Conserve Water: Share A Shower With Me

Your promotion at work has brought you to southern California. You moved into my apartment building. We have become neighbors.

It’s late one night in the workout center in our building. I watch you working out on the weights. I get aroused watching your workout and the sweat dripping down your back. Your body really turns me on.

You notice me watching you. You smile at me and I give you a little wave. As soon as the treadmill next to me opens up, you hop on it. We’ve had a few friendly conversations, but tonight there is a lot of sexual tension building between us.

I see you’re as sweaty as I am. After some very sexy flirting, I invite you up to shower with me. I make a silly but seductive joke about showering together to conserve water. We walk upstairs to my apartment. I take off my sweaty shirt and shorts as soon as the door closes.

We head into my bathroom. I take off your t-shirt and then your shorts. I drop to my knees and explain that I just have to have a taste of your sweaty cock and balls first. You go crazy with my mouth on your hard cock.

I pull away and reach behind you to turn the shower on. We get all soapy, but still manage to get very dirty in that shower.


Written By: Skylar
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Worship My Perfect Ass

You can admit, my sweet, young ass is absolutely perfect! It’s the kind of ass worth getting on your knees for.

I know you spent your whole day at work thinking about me sitting on your face. Did you touch yourself under your desk for me again?

Remember when I told you if you were good, you might get to lick my little pink fuck hole? Maybe next time, for now you’re my little ass slave. You don’t deserve this pussy. You’re lucky to get my ass.

Your pathetic tongue will lick, kiss, and worship every crevice of my ass. You spoil me rotten for a chance to slide your tongue inside. Even though I laugh at you and show all my friends photos of you naked on all fours begging you still come back for more. Just admit it, you’re addicted to this ass and can’t say no to me.



Written By: Missy
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I Have The Perfect Tits To Play With

Through out the day, I always find myself playing with my big tits. They’re so full and soft and my sensitive nipples get so hard. I could just lay in bed and play with them all day, but I would much rather have someone join me.

Feeling those strong, manly hands cupping my tits and squeezing them would be heaven. My nipples would start to pucker and harden. Take them in your mouth and suck them– HARD. Ahhh. That would feel so amazing. You don’t have to be gentle. You can use your teeth. Take one and tug on it a little. Mmmmm. Just a little pain with my pleasure.

Now, take that oil on the night stand and pour it on my tits. Make them nice and slick, then give me a hot titty fuck. Your hard cock will slip and slide right between them. I’ll push them together for you and make a tight little glove for your dick. Pump them good. I’ll make sure my tongue is there to caress the shiny head that pops out from the top.

When you can’t take it anymore, coat my perfect boobs with your sticky cum. Feeling that warm jizz hit my skin makes my pussy soak my panties. It’s been far too long since my tits got the attention that they deserve. Don’t make me do it all by myself.


Written By: Anna
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Auntie Ava’s Sex Lesson

You were just dumped by your girlfriend. She has been cheating on you and now she already has a new boyfriend. When she was breaking up with you, she informs you that her new guy has a much bigger cock than you. She claims that he can make her cum in ways that you cannot. You’re so humiliated.

You’re heartbroken and so embarrassed about the reasons for the break-up.  The women in your family rally around you and try to console you. The only one you can really talk to is your Auntie Ava. You ask her if size really matters. She smiles and starts to slip out of her dress. Her big tits are amazing.

Your lovely Auntie Ava understands and knows how to take care of you and teach you how to give a lady incredible orgasms. Auntie teaches you the secrets of pleasuring a lady with your tongue.


Written By: Ava
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Sugar Tits

   I absolutely love date night with you. I think and plan about it all week. Tonight I want it to be extra special since our busy lives make it hard to find time. I want to have a wonderful dinner with candlelight, soft blues, or jazz playing. I want to dance, hold hands, kiss, and fuck for hours. 

You finally arrive and you’re looking amazing! I fixed a lit dinner with some Prosecco in lovely crystal glasses. We laugh, flirt, hold hands, and I am getting very wet for you. You take me in your arms and we dance looking into each others eyes.  You slowly remove my top and you see my rock hard nipples. You give them a kiss and being the tease you are, you send me in the kitchen to make us some more drinks.   

            You join me in the kitchen and you see in my clumsiness, I got sugar all over my nipples.  You smile and begin to lick and suck them. It feels so good, I close my eyes and just enjoy. You put one up to my lips and I suck off the wet sugar.  The Irish Coffee is ready and you dip my nipple in the whipped cream. We both suck on the cream. I’ll never think of Irish Coffee in quite the same way again. We take our coffee to the bedroom where candles are lit and the room smells like Apple Spice. 

I slowly undress you, kissing your warm skin with each inch of new skin I expose. You taste amazing. You raise your legs for me, showing me that firm ass. I am so hungry for you. You gasp as I start licking up the crack of your ass with my wet tongue. You’re tense at first as I begin to stab your pucker with my tongue.

After hours of fucking, I am totally satisfied and a bit hungry. We head to the kitchen and seeing all the sugar over the counter, you bend me over. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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A Little Romance

I have no issues being a slut. Sometimes I just want a dirty one night stand or a quickie with one of my married neighbors. But there are also times that I enjoy being romanced like a lady and have a wild night of love making.

I’ve been looking for a man that can give me what I need in that department. A man that can spend time worshiping my body. Touching, tasting, smelling. I want to feel it all. I want to do some exploring of my own. I want foreplay that lasts for hours.

When he finally enters me, I want to feel that connection inside and out. I want intensity and heat. We have plenty of time for crazy, animal sex. I want a little romance, and I need a man to fulfill that wish.



Written By: Anna
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Bewitched, Bothered and…

  You are mine. You belong to me, and I own every part of you.  Your sexy mouth is perfect for kissing and sucking. Your nipples are mine to lick, suck and bite. Your fine muscled ass cheeks are so very biteable. Your balls need my firm hand, teeth, and  pointed red glossy fingernails. Your tight pucker is just waiting for my tongue and my sexy girl cock.

For me, all of October is Halloween. Why celebrate one day when you can party for 31?

I’m out with the girls at my favorite club. I give you instructions while you wait for me. I arrive home and find you on our bed. You’re nude, smooth and anxiously waiting for me. You slowly remove my clothes, then you service my very wet pink pussy for hours. Your lips taste like my sweet juices.

My hands glide up your arm as I restrain you to our bed. You’re helpless and all mine. Your balls are tender from my lips, teeth and fingernails. Your nipples are sore from my biting. You’re begging me to let you feel my tongue and then my girl cock. You’re on your back with your legs up, our eyes locked on one another.

31 days of Halloween. What will we do for the other 30 days and nights?



Written By:  Tiffany
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