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Sexy Shemale Phone Sex

Craving a taste of me and my delicious sweet cum?

Let’s hook up!  

I slip out of my skirt and my sexy panties. Drop to your knees. Lick the head of my pretty girl cock.  Come on, baby, make me hard! 

Take me into your mouth. Feel that cock of mine growing and taste that super sweet pre-cum drip on your tongue. I fuck your face until you make me explode and you drink all of my cum! 


You have always wanted a girl like me, a hot babe with a sexy cock! By: Shemale Dani
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Lick Me Clean

  I knew you would be home from work soon, and I decided the time was right for you to know my little secret. I play your sweet girlfriend in public, but while you’re gone I need cock! I put my finger to my lips to make sure you are quiet. We both knew this day would come, the day I make it clear you’re a cuckold. Did you really think my hot, wet pussy was that wet for you? 

Let’s face it, I like my cocks big, and my men rough around the edges. Then, of course, there is you. You pay my bills, take me to wild resorts and in return, you have me on your arm. Tonight is the night we admit who you are.

You keep quiet and hide behind the kitchen door. You watch me get pounded by a man, a boy really half your age. You see the look on my face. I never look that way for you, do I? He is gone, and it is just the two of us.

There is no need for either of us to hide the truth. You love cum as much as me, and you will consider it an honor to lick and suck it out of my just fucked pussy. Down on your knees bitch!


Written By: Cameron
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Erotic Mind Games

I dominate and control you. You worship me, and you are my loyal submissive slave. You’re eager to please me and never disappoint. My voice controls your orgasms, and you become excited with anticipation for your next session with me. You need me. I am in your head and your heart. Your desire to serve me and obey me. I own you. 

When you need a good orgasm, I make sure you get one. Although, they’re times when refraining or prolonging your cum is best for you. I edge you, deny or ruin your orgasm. Possibly, you need a rough strap-on session. Trust the process. You need me to think for you, so let me. Don’t fight, just submit and serve me well. 

They’re times when you need to be punished. Spare the rod, and spoil the slave! They’re times when you need to be coddled. I give you encouragement and coax you down a new path. I reassure you that everything is okay and fate will ensure a happy life for you. 

You are brainwashed but in a good way. I know your secrets and your desires. I know you better than anyone else on the planet. I understand and accept your fetish. You may not know what is best for you, but I do. Mind control may sound like a negative thing, but in your case, my little weakling, it is necessary.

Your Mistress Koko dominates you, and you are one happy little slave.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Taking the Scenic Route and Enjoying The Ride

This time of year, you really need to pay attention to what is around you, or you miss out. Beauty and adventure are everywhere. If you don’t notice what is around you, you could be missing out on wonderful possibilities for the sexy adventures. What if you’re driving your truck down my block, and you fail to notice me jogging along on the sidewalk? What a shame it would be if you failed to notice my big, huge hits bouncing up and down as I run. Maybe you’re too shy or think it is too forward to stop a lady on the street, well you’re in luck. I am only a phone call away. You can have these tits bouncing in your face any time you like!

Just image though, what an incredibly hot role-play that would be for the two of us. We live in the same neighborhood. We have not seen each other all winter. Now that spring has arrived, everyone is outside again. You are driving along our street, and you stop when you see me running. After chatting for a while, the sparks start to fly. You and I have wonderful chemistry. I invite you back to my place. You pull off my work out clothes as quickly as you can. You grab hold of my tits. We start kissing, and my hand is holding your cock. I feel it growing harder. My big nipples bouncing in your face makes your cock jump in anticipation of being inside my pussy.

Well, don’t be a stranger, call me and let’s have a great time together.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Fucking Myself At Work

dani toy 1I work at a gym, so you can understand how unbelievably horny I get surrounded by beautiful women and very hot guys.

Although it is against the rules, sometimes I slip into the men’s locker room for a very steamy hook-up in the sauna or shower.

Sometimes I am the last person to leave. One of my responsibilities is to ensure both locker rooms are empty. Knowing that I have total privacy, I pull out a dildo, I slip into the steam room and fuck my own ass.

It would be so hot if you walked in on me, found me riding my dildo with my ass and discovered my secret, my hard cock. You didn’t realize that I was a very special girl with a beautiful, but always horny cock ready for your mouth and ass!

Sexy Shemale,

Dani By: Shemale Dani
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My Ass, Your Tongue

 Don’t you wish I was your girlfriend? I see you watching me, almost like a stalker. We know the real truth, don’t we? The only way you are getting next to me is for you to be my bitch. I will use you up, then toss you out. If you’re lucky, one of my friends will have a use for you. Not yet though. For now, you are my bitch.

You are waiting for me to arrive at the townhouse you bought for me. You are hungry for all my tight, little holes. You’re salivating as you think about cleaning me up. There is dried cum between my creamy tits, and whose job is it to lick me clean? Yes, it is your’s bitch. Clean all my just fucked and filled holes and then maybe I will have a surprise for you. Oh no, not that! You will never get to fuck me no matter how much you beg.

Crawl to the toy closet and get out my strap-on and flogger. You didn’t clean me up as well as you should have. That means you are about to get more than a fucking from my 9 inch strap-on. It means I am also going to flog you till you’re crying like the bitch boy you are.



Written By: Delaney
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Putting Him In His Place


  Men with attitudes  seriously need to be put in their place. I have my collection of subs but once in awhile, I find it amusing to reply to a request for a strong woman who can take charge. I can’t help but laugh knowing there is women out there who are subs themselves. Why? Men are here to be used, abused and taken for every penny.

 I met him at his hotel, and quickly found out there was a misunderstanding on his part. He made a ridiculous assumption that I would submit to him. What a fucking joke! I went along with it for a few minutes to test him. That was when things got hysterically funny. His dick? I mean that is what he called it. It was maybe 4 inches at best. He was proud of that tiny thing, wagging it all around. Minutes later he was on his knees sucking a real dick for me.


Written By: Brianna
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Pay to Body Worship

Look at this body. I love showing it off and my body always gets me what I want. I have many admires that would do anything to get more of me. My body worship calls are the best because I give them the privilege to admire my body and pay me for doing so.

I love hearing how badly you want to lick every inch of my gorgeous body. You will start at the ground (where you belong) and lick my heels. You will move up to my toes and then massage my beautiful, pedicured feet. If I feel you’ve done a good job, I will give you permission to proceed further. Most unworthy losers stay strictly at my soles.

 I know you will never fuck someone like me so that’s why you have to pay to worship. I will ruin you for all other women because they’re not as hot as me and simply don’t have the power or control I have over you. You have finally figured out that I am an addicting drug that you always need to have on a daily basis. 


Written By: Phoenix
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Age-Play Fantasy Phone Sex

Would you like to worship my hot barely legal phone-sex body? Let’s start with us getting back into bed so I can spread my legs for you. Mmmm I want you between my my thighs, worshiping my wet pussy while I glide my soft hands up and down your body. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll toss you a handjob or blowjob.

When the time comes to get you off, I want to hear all your dirty secrets. No limits – I want to know it all. I want to indulge in your fantasies with you while you gawk and worship my little titties and my sweet bald pussy. I am sure we can spend endless hours rolling around the sheets with a hot age-play fantasy. If you’re ready for my hot body and my wet pussy you know what you need to do.


Written By: Felicia
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Denied Orgasms with Paris

I know you love tease and denial phone sex as much as I do. It makes my pussy gush knowing I’m in control. 

It all started with my step-brother. I use to tease and deny him when we were young kids. Nothing has changed much but I make him jerk it in front of me more often for my amusement. I always love a good laugh. I give him strict  jerk off instructions and I sit back and watch him drool over by body while he pumps his pathetic dick for me. I’m sure he would hate for me to open my cute little mouth and let the entire world know what a fucking pervert he is.

 I take him right to the edge over and over then make him stop. I listen to him beg and whimper to please give him the release that he so desperately needs. I’ll let him cum one day, but for now; I get so much pleasure just being in control of his orgasms. 


Written By: Princess Paris
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