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 My Stats

Age: 43

Eyes: Almond Brown

Height: 5'2

Weight: 106

Measurements: 34D-22-33

Pussy: Soft, talented ~a gushing squirter!

Ass: Smooth, toned, cock-loving!

Favorite Positions: Rear-entry, On My Knees to Swallow, Scissors, Spoon-Fucking, Cow-girl/Reverse Cow-Girl, Bowing to my Man and Kissing His Feet, Legs over Shoulders, Bound and Splayed in 5-point Restraints, Missionary.

Strangest Places I've had sex: With four men, on stage, at an 'Alternatives' Convention, in front of 1,500 people. In the Captain's Quarters on a Mediterranean Cruise.

Hobbies: Song-writing, singing, baking, tennis, golf, and boating.

Specialities: Hot Neighbor, Nasty Sister, Boy-Craving Aunty, Horny Mom, Cuckolding Wife, Subservient Female to Dominant Male, Naive Spinster Boss, Family Fun, Dress-Up, Pantyhose, Lingerie and Stocking Fetishes, Sissy Training, Humiliation, Small Cock Abuse, Customized Scenarios, Anal Games, Strap-On Play, CBT, Orgasm Delay/Denial. Medical Fetishes. Ask me if you don't see your desire.


Hi Sugar!

If you’re looking for ordinary, phone sex, you won’t find that with me. It’s best we establish what you can expect when you have phone sex with a real sex-loving MILF. My husband travels, arriving home every six weeks, expecting that I’m the same faithful, committed ‘wifey’ he married 20 years ago. He’s so wrong! Spending two weeks out of every eight without a man in my bed is lonely and I’m not taking it anymore. His absence has turned me into an insatiable Phone Sex MILF. He thinks that money, a nice house, clothes and an occasional ‘fuck and snore’ session with his unimaginative ass is enough for me… Again, He’s so wrong!

Look at me, baby… Do I look like I can settle for boring? Never! Help me out, lover. Cum on, tell me what you want to do with me? Take it slow and sexy or hot, thrusting and wild? Will you grab me and thrust me to my knees to suck you to a massive cum? Should I impale myself on your bulging cock, riding it hard all the way? Want to hear all about my fucking sessions and nasty phone sex calls? I’d love to have you crawling on me, exploring and devouring every single inch of my tight, petite, toned body ~ Mmmm that’s so hot, my clit just got a sexy zap!

Honey, I have an entire room designated as my ‘closet’. Let’s start there as you select how you want your woman to dress. Lingerie, stockings, gown, dress, skirt and blouse, shoes and fur to wear for you and only you! Let’s dress me together, while you fondle my pert nipples, lap up my juicy pussy and probe my tight MILF ass… Oh ya! Maybe we’ll go to a Sex Club ~ I want you choosing the men I will service, the sex acts I perform and when I am allowed to Cum, Mmmmm! I’d love to have you subject me to any depravity you have in mind and will take all the Cock you want me to suck and fuck! Remember, I’m your woman, willing and pliable, ready to be made into your perfect sexy MILF! If there is anything you desire, tell me and it’s yours!

By now you see I’m not like your indifferent, cold wife or your selfish girlfriend who stopped fucking you as soon as she got you. Oh no, I’m that Steamin’ Hot Piece of Real MILF Woman you’ve been craving. Cum and get me, you wonderful man…I’m just a call away. Your cock will rise to the sound of my sexy voice. Let me lay you back and begin with long, deep kisses, followed by a sensual massage and some very erotic, evocative whispers. I’ll french kiss your lips, your throbbing cock, your shiney, full balls and your tight, sweet ass ~ Mmmm Mmmmm luscious!

Baby, you deserve all of this and so much more! I adore being a generous, desirous woman to a horny, strong and fuckable man. Are you that man? Cum show me your best, tell me your desires, confess your darkest thoughts and we’ll explore any and all of your fetishes! Pick up your phone and make the call that will change how you look at Phone Sex. Let me be the MILF to show you what you’re missing!

Longing for you,

MILF Elise

Call 1.866.441.5889
for Phone Sex with

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