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Taking the Scenic Route and Enjoying The Ride

This time of year, you really need to pay attention to what is around you, or you miss out. Beauty and adventure are everywhere. If you don’t notice what is around you, you could be missing out on wonderful possibilities for the sexy adventures. What if you’re driving your truck down my block, and you fail to notice me jogging along on the sidewalk? What a shame it would be if you failed to notice my big, huge hits bouncing up and down as I run. Maybe you’re too shy or think it is too forward to stop a lady on the street, well you’re in luck. I am only a phone call away. You can have these tits bouncing in your face any time you like!

Just image though, what an incredibly hot role-play that would be for the two of us. We live in the same neighborhood. We have not seen each other all winter. Now that spring has arrived, everyone is outside again. You are driving along our street, and you stop when you see me running. After chatting for a while, the sparks start to fly. You and I have wonderful chemistry. I invite you back to my place. You pull off my work out clothes as quickly as you can. You grab hold of my tits. We start kissing, and my hand is holding your cock. I feel it growing harder. My big nipples bouncing in your face makes your cock jump in anticipation of being inside my pussy.

Well, don’t be a stranger, call me and let’s have a great time together.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Little Lucie Playing In Her Bedroom


I am your naughty teen girl. You got so mad last month when the boy from school and I wanted to study for a math test in my bedroom. You were very mean, and you yelled at me. You made me promise no one more boys in my room. Well, okay then, but you didn’t say anything about having girls in my room. 

All my girlfriends are so cute and sexy. Playing with girls is a lot of fun. I am fascinated by girls with big tits. I love how soft and round big tits are. I love making them bounce. During our slumber parties, we take off our shirts and let the other girls play with my little tits. Kissing a girl on the mouth is just as much fun as kissing boys. Boys from school really don’t know what to with their tongues, but my best girlfriend does this magic thing with her tongue between my legs. When you hear squeals coming from my room, you think she and I are just being silly. You have no idea that my best friend just made me cum again behind my closed bedroom door.

Having no boys in my bedroom is no big deal. I can play with them at school and the movies, and I can always have a girl over in my bedroom. Girls are just as naughty as boys. 

Your very naughty girl, 

Little Lucie 


Written By: Little Lucie
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Your Blonde Goddess, Samantha

Whether you are young or old, still in college, or maybe you work out at the local gym. You are in awe of the hottest MILF in town, Samantha. You would be willing to do anything, give up anything to be her boy toy. Her body is so fine. Her big boobs are perfect, and her legs are long. Samantha’s personal trainer works with her five days a week to maintain the tight body of hers without losing her big sexy, mature curves. 

It is her lips, always painted a shade of red, that make you think such lustful thoughts. You fantasize about your cock between those red lips.  She is completely irresistible. You adore her and want to worship every inch of her body! You know you can fuck her better than her husband. Make her scream in ecstasy. Give her countless orgasms. 

Every man in town wants her and cannot takes his eyes off her curves or her mouth.  You desire to spend some time with this horny housewife. Samantha is the perfect blonde Goddess, and you can be her willing, devoted love slave. 



Written By: Samantha

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Just The Two Of Us

Your phone sex Mommy has a wonderful week planned for you, It’s going to be all about you and me. I just know how much you love Valentines day. It’s always been our special holiday to spend with each other. You can love and kiss all over me sweetie.

I come into your room as soon as the sun comes up. I’m wearing your favorite red sheer robe. Mommy always wants to make you happy. I sit on the side of the bed, I wake you up with kisses. You’re still a little groggy, you open your eyes and give Mommy a big smile. I untie my robe and let it fall to the floor, giving you the perfect view of my luscious breasts. I know how much you love feasting on them.

My hand slips under the covers, finding your hardness. Your phone sex Mommy is going make this week perfect for you. I wrap my hands around your thickness and start to stroke you. Feeling the pre-cum leaking. I have so many surprises for you this week. It is going to be an amazing celebration for our special Valentines day.


Written By: Toni
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Aunt Ava Offers You A Spectacular View

avaYou spy on your Aunt Ava.

She has curves that make you weak, and you want to dive right into them. None of the girls at school, not your mom or even any of her friends have a body that looks like your Aunt Ava’s. Her tits are so big, and her butt is so round that you get hard when you look at her. Actually, you cannot seem to take your eyes off of her.

Today, she catches you watching her. She was getting ready for a date with one of her many boyfriends. At first, she scolds you for spying, but then carefully listens to you as you explain your predicament. You can’t resist looking because you are very curious about sex.

Later that night, when she returns home from her date, you are watching a movie. She calls you into the family room. Despite the late hour, Auntie is still breathtaking beautiful in her cocktail dress. She tells you to have a seat. After you sit down, she takes off her dress. Your cock throbs for attention. Auntie understands sexual curiosity and desires.

Aunt Ava coaxes you to open up your pants and masturbate for her. She poses for you. Bending down, so that her tits are just inches from your face. She pulls her panties aside and lets you get a very close up view of her fabulous pink pussy. You gasp and stroke harder. You are ready to explode already, but then she turns around and offers you a view of her rosebud buried between those big ass cheeks of hers. Spectacular! Your cock bursts and you cum all over Auntie’s ass.

She smiles and tells that you are a good boy.

Aunt Ava


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Breast Worship With Anna

annaI love having my beautiful breasts worshiped. Imagining you taking your time and teasing me through my bra, nibbling and sucking them through the material…mmmm. I’m a greedy girl and love to feel good, but I always like it best when you make me wait. When you finally unhook my bra and slip it off, I feel like a present being unwrapped. My nipples are already so hard, but the cold air hitting them and then your warm breath. They get so hard they hurt! But your gentle lips and tongue soon soothe them and I’m moaning again. You let your mouth roam all over, taking it inside, sucking at that sensitive tip, nipping it with your teeth just a little. My entire body starts to shake with each lazy stroke of your tongue. This torture goes on for hours. I could cum dozens of times from this alone, but you continue to make me wait. When I feel your mouth clamp down hard, painfully sucking it into your mouth, I know I have your permission to let go. I scream as I squirt all over you, all over your cock, and all over me. My breasts are tender and pink  but I’m ready for more.


Written By: Anna
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Kick back With Me Tonight


 Kicking back after a great day and sipping some Stoli Vodka. My calls get so intense that I find sweat dripping down my back and in between my  perfect 36DD’s before I am done. I get teased at how many times I cum during a call. You know, it does take two and my callers are the hottest. 

I love role-play and find myself being big sister, trophy wife, office tease, and even a coed sometimes. With my cute giggly voice, my guys often love for me to be a teasing younger coed.  It isn’t always role-play, they’re times it is just you and I in the most passionate fucking I could ever imagine on the phone.  It is so exciting sitting back, using my vibe while you suck my nipples till I feel that tingle all the way down to my clit. 

 It is a good thing I live alone, because I do get loud!  My guys take such good care of me, but don’t forget when you are in a hurry, I will suck your dick till you shoot all over my pretty face. Mmmm, so much cum that I can’t swallow it all, it drips down corners of my mouth and chin. Join me for a drink and some extremely naughty and dirty fucking!


Written By: Tiffany

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Aunt Ava’s Lingerie Makes You Hard!

You are staying with your sexy, very curvy Aunt Ava for the summer. You have noticed some of her lingerie around the house, and you have stolen some of her panties. You enjoy masturbating into her silky panties, but you find her bras even more fascinating. You imagine how the bras look on her body.

One evening after dinner, Aunt Ava falls asleep on the sofa while the two of you are watching a movie. The movie is kind of boring, but there is nothing else on tv. You start to miss your video games back home. You notice a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog on the coffee table. You are compelled to pick it up and look at the incredibly sexy lingerie models. You get so hard, so fast that you can hardly move.

All the sudden Auntie wakes up and catches you with the catalog in your lap. She isn’t quite sure what to say to you. She can see that you are very excited looking at the sexy ladies in lingerie. You show her some sexy black lingerie and ask if she has anything like that? Auntie nods. You ask to see it. She understands that you are curious and your hormones have you super horny. She puts on a black lingerie outfit, and she walks back into the room. Wow! Stunning! Erotic Mature Curves! You are ready to cum! Aunt Ava sucks you until you cum all over her black lingerie, leaving gorgeous cum stains.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Another Night With Aunt Ava

You are enjoying your summer break, but put some sizzle into your summer nights.  You have your Aunt Ava to help you explore every sexual fantasy and desire. 

With teenage girls, all you get are tiny tits, mind games, and senseless drama. Instead of chasing silly girls around town all summer and getting blue balled, spend the summer with your Aunt Ava.

She is a real woman with huge sexy tits, a cougar with a hunger for passion and kinky fun. She dresses sexy because she is sexy. Ava knows how to turn you on and get you off.

Auntie Ava
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Cum Addiction Phone Sex


I haven’t yet met a man that wasn’t ready to ravish my body. What better way to greet my new lover in my birthday suit and a glass of champagne. As soon as he walked in the door I could tell he was mesmerized with my plush velvet breasts. His eyes were hungry and his cock was growing.  I let out a seductive moan and motioned for him to come closer. I put down the champagne and let my hands travel to my breasts. Pushing my tits together while circling my fingers around my nipples, he knew instinctively what I wanted. I was after his thick swollen cock.  I wrapped my breasts around his cock as we started to move together. Leaning forward every so often to get a taste of his pre-cum. He worked my perfect round  breasts as long as he could. I could tell he was torn between coating my skin with his creamy load. I nodded and begged with pleasure to take my body and use me as his canvas.