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Dr. Koko Will See You Now

He is submissive with a fascinating medical fetish. I force him to submit to my medical exam for a hot role-play 

His insurance company requires an annual physical. If I give a negative report, his rates will sky-rocket. When he arrives at my office, he is cocky and tries to rush me through the physical by assuring me there is nothing wrong. 

Well, no man on this planet tells Dr. Koko what to do or what to think. Now, he has gotten under my skin. He must suffer the consequences. 

I tell him to take off all of his clothes, and he hesitates, wanting to know why. Last year, he did not have to remove his pants and boxers. I get in his face. With direct eye contact, I assure him that I need to do a complete physical exam.

Then tell him to bend over for me. He thinks he can outwit and argue with me, but this man has met his match. I show him that Dr. Koko is always in charge. Unless he wants me to submit a false, negative report, he will obey my instructions. 

First, I give him an enema, which he makes him very submissive and compliant. Then I make him squirm and when I give him a through prostrate exam. When his cock gets hard in front of me, he becomes very embarrassed. After a bit more humiliation, I drain his blue balls and wet cock. He is so submissive that he asks when he may have another appointment with me.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Giving Him What He’s Been Begging For

One of the men that my mom brings around to fuck me has had a special request for a long time. It’s always made me a little uncomfortable, but I’ve decided to take the plunge and give him what he’s been begging for.

He came over for his weekly visit, and I greeted him at the door with a long rubber glove and lube. His eyes glazed over and he stripped down quickly. I got him on his hands and knees and he stuck his ass up in the air for me. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it, but he guided me.

I lubed up my glove and his asshole. I started with just one finger and his greedy ass needed more. Soon I was 3 fingers up to the knuckle. He was panting and backing up into my hand. He told me how to add my pinky and then thumb. My entire hand was inside now and I pulled my fingers into a tight fist. His shriek was amazing. I started twisting and punching my fist in and out like he told me to. I couldn’t believe how deep I was able to go. I was nearly to my elbow when he began spraying cum all over my bed. It was amazing! I think I may have found my new addiction too!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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All He Wants for Valentine’s Day

Remember when we were kids and we passed out cute little Valentine’s cards to all the boys and girls? I was the girl that always made her own and added little dirty words to it. I knew I loved getting naughty before I knew for sure what it all meant. Funny how some things just never change. Of course, now I personalize them with a little bit of me. Maybe the scent of my wet, creamy pussy, or the musky smell of my lovely ass. Imagine opening your card and smelling me? 

 Your card will have an address and a key. You open the door to our suite and see there is no one there. You have a drink or two, and then lay down for a bit. It has been a long day at work with you trying not to think of me. I see you asleep on the bed and I blindfold you. We have played with a fake cock many times and we both loved it. Your cock is rock hard thinking about it all. The problem is, I now want much more and so do you. I kiss you in all those places, you suck my hard nipples, and then you give me that look. 

Your think you hear other footsteps, but I assure you it’s just your imagination. You feel something hard, big, and thick by your lips. I guide it into your hungry mouth. You try to speak, to tell me that doesn’t feel like a fake cock. Your protest doesn’t last long before you have your lips wrapped around his big mushroom head.  I always listen to you, I know what you need before you do. Spend this Valentine’s Day with someone who really knows your dirty little secrets. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Snip, Snip

    Welcome to my office. I am told by your wife that you no longer have a use for your balls. Not to worry, let me take care of those nasty, hairy things. Time to strip and hop up on my table. Ignore my assistants, they’re new and just learning. Slide your feet in the stirrups and let me have a look. Amber will examine them, along with your prostrate. Take a deep breath and hold it in. You might feel a cold, sharp pain.

I imagine you thought this would be painless, and that you would still have your balls. My dear, did you think this was just to render your balls useless? Not hardly! Your wife is tired of looking at them, and I decided I would take it all. Even your cock. Let’s take care of that nasty hard-on right now.



Written By: Brianna
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Hot Tub Fun For Mommy and Son Fantasy

You complain about history class because it is so boring.

Your sultry Mommy Morgan takes you away for the weekend.  Mommy, being the clever woman she is, takes you to a quaint little town with much historical significance. She books a room in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast.

You are dreading the trip because you would rather go to a party with your friends. That is until you see the room with only one bed for you and Mommy to share, and from the bedroom window, you see a hot tub in the backyard. Things are looking up, and your cock is tingly in your jeans in anticipation of a pleasure-filled weekend.

As you explore the small local landmarks and museums, history becomes alive. You can picture the historical figures, in your textbooks, walking the same cobblestone streets where you and Mommy are walking. As we walk through the bedroom of a famous early politician’s home, you picture very dirty, kinky sex that happened there.

Late in the day, Mommy takes you for a nice dinner, and you discuss what you learned today. You save room in your tummy for dessert. While you eat your delicious cheesecake, Mommy has a third glass of the local red wine. You see her relaxing and flirting with the handsome waiter. As you take your last bite, you ask Mommy if the two of you can go back to the hot tub at the bed-and-breakfast. You know that Mommy did not pack swimwear for the two of you, but maybe the wine will leave her remarkably uninhibited.

Instead of going up the room, Mommy takes you in the backyard. She looks around, and since no one is around, the two of you take off most of your clothing. The hot tub has powerful jets and makes lots of bubbles. Mommy is horny. You sit and play with your cock as it grows in your hand. Mommy, almost naked, rubs her hips against the jet stream. You watch her have an orgasm. Seeing Mommy cum, it is the most exciting thing you have ever seen. Now it is your turn. Mommy guides you so the powerful stream of water massages inside your sexy ass. She takes over stroking your cock until you have the most intense orgasm.

Now, you learned a lot this weekend, but the best thing you learned was how to cum from a prostate massage.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Princess Bethany’s Sissy

I notice that while everyone else is have Holiday fun, opening presents, saying “cheers” as they clink their glasses, and eat yummy treats, you have left the room. I wonder what it could be that has taken you away from all the celebrating as you love a good party.

I hear a girly kind of moaning coming from my bedroom. OMG, who is in the room with you? I didn’t see anyone else missing. I quietly open my bedroom door and see it is you and all my pretty girly panties and bras are all over my room.

You are prancing around as you try on all my pretty things whether they have been worn or not. What is he doing now? I mean I suspected but I really didn’t know, but he has taken out two of my dildos. He is sucking one and begins to pound himself with the other. I start to call him names to humiliate and tease him. He likes it, what the hell? The more I tease him the harder he fucks his holes. Wait till I tell my friends!


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Sexy Koko Dominates You In Bed

I make you feel weak but sexy. I bring out your submissive side. My beauty, my charms, and my seductive ways lure you to my bedroom where you will find undeniable sexual pleasures. I tie you up in my bed. I bind your wrists and your ankles to the bed frame. You can only squirm a few inches. You moan in pleasure and groan in excitement. I tease your cock and make you hard. I lick and then rub your nipples with oil. I take an ice cube and first rub it over your lips. Then, I rub it all over your nipples, your stomach and along the rim of your ass. I push the ice inside of you. Cool down my hot boy toy! The heat of your body makes the ice melt quickly. Our long edge play session is just starting. I stroke your cock, hand over hand, with a beautiful massage oil. I rub another ice cube along your balls. You wince, a very startling sensation. I make your cock a little soft by rubbing that ice cube along your shaft. I am delighted to have complete control over your orgasm. I warm your cock back up with a very sexy blow job, and you are rock hard again. I suck until you are right at the edge, I stop. I continue our edge play session until my pussy is throbbing for you. I give into my own desires and ride you. I ride you hard, giving you an incredible, aggressive fuck until we both cum. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Phone Sex At The Glory Hole

I have a naughty experience to share. I was on a call the other night. One of my regulars called from a glory hole at the adult bookstore. He sucked three cocks while I was on the phone with him. He is a size queen. Only one of the three was over 8 inches, but he is such sexy cocksucker that he sucked all three. I listened and coached him. Made him drink all three loads of cum. It was so great! At the end of the call, he sent me pics to my email of the guy with the big dick and his lips wrapped around the shaft. So naughty!

While we were waiting for the next cock to appear, I teased him about the big black cock he sucked for me in the past. I reminded him of being handcuffed and getting face fucked. It was not a long wait.

I heard another man’s voice. My caller said that another man entered the booth. The man wanted more than a blow job through a glory hole. He wanted to fuck my caller’s ass. I told my caller to go for it if the man had a big dick. I wasn’t sure what was happening next until I heard my caller get turned into a bottom bitch. I listened for a few minutes while my caller got fucked in the ass. No foreplay, but lots of dirty talk and humiliating name calling. It didn’t take long, and my caller got an ass full of cum.

After the other man left the booth, I made my caller jerk off for me until he had his cum!


Written By: Brynna
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Dani’s Seductive Massage

You are stressed! It has been a long week! Time to relax and unwind. You carry all your stress and tension in your shoulders and neck. Come to me for a massage. I will work out those kinks and give you a very kinky massage.

You set an appointment for a therapeutic massage from me at the gym. I am wearing a cute short skirt and a tight top. The room is dimly lit, and the aroma of jasmine and ginger fill the room. I wear a skirt to help hide my cock, but you have a hot body and a very sexy deep voice. As I massage you, I become hard and very turned on. It becomes impossible to hide my secret.

You notice my bulge pressing against my skirt. You are surprised, and not sure what to think. Maybe you should run out of the room. You were not expecting a shemale to massage you, but I am making you feel so good that you don’t want to move. You decide to go for it. You reach out and rub my cock. I hike my skirt up and offer you a taste. I whisper in your ear that if you suck my cock, I will keep going and massage your prostate. We share some intimate pleasures together.

After you suck my cock, I rim you and stretch you out with fingers. I use lots of massage oil between your cheeks. You offer me your ass. You beg me to fuck you. I plunge deep into you. We both feel so good! We both have a very happy ending here! By: Shemale Dani
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Domination Phone Sex

Kinky Sex Games! 

It starts with a bored, horny housewife reading erotica and a trip to a fetish sex shop on the north side of the city. I purchase a black and red leather dominatrix outfit along with numerous sex toys and low-temperature sex candles. I take a luxurious bath to get me in the mood. I do my hair and makeup. I have a stern and severe but erotic look. I like it. The transformation from trophy wife to hardcore mistress is incredible. 

My husband is on a business trip, so it is the perfect night to play! You have instructions to park your car on the street and come in the back door. The door is unlocked, and I am waiting for in my basement. 

Once you reach the bottom step, you see me. I am one hardcore housewife ready for a kinky BDSM session. Fifty Shades of Samantha! I make you strip in front of me and crawl on your knees. You kneel in front of me. You are smiling; you like the game so far. I make you kiss my boots, and then I kiss you on the lips. I take you to a bench and tie down your wrists and ankles. You can’t move. I pull out various vibrators and use them on your cock and balls. Next, I lube up your ass and put a vibrating egg inside of you. I lick and softly bite your nipples. You beg me to fuck you, but I give you balls a playful squeeze. Instead of fucking you, I light one of the candles, and you watch the wax melt. I pour melted wax on your body. I peel off the melted wax.

My pussy is throbbing, dripping wet. I don’t have any panties on, and my juices have made my inner thighs wet. I am ready to fuck you. I rub your cock with my warm hands. You are so hard. I push the egg in a little deeper. It hits that inner erotic spot inside of your ass. I climb on top of you and fuck you. You pull on your restraints, but you are mine. You still can’t move. Ride you with my big tits exposed. Ride you until we both cum, two fucking intense orgasms. 

Written By: Samantha
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