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Teen Fem/Dom Phone Sex

I allow you to worship my hot, tight teen body.  Allow is the most important part. You’re so obedient to this little teen domme. I sometimes wonder just how far I can push my subs. Even though I can be a sub myself for the right man, most men aren’t it. I like older men, daddy figures to pamper me, and let me know when I’ve been a bad girl.

I am pounding you with my sweet ass moving back and forth. I hear the alarm being set, and I know phone sex daddy is home. He comes up the stairs after a long day, and walks into me fucking one of my classmates. He looks shocked because he has never seen his baby girl so dominant. I turn around and whisper something to him. I get back to fucking the shit out of my sub, as I hear daddy’s zipper going down. Mmmm, he licks on my tight, little pucker till it is open enough for him to fuck.

Daddy fills my ass up with his cum, and questions who will lick it clean. I finish fucking my sub, and let him know he has some cleaning up to do.


Written By: Delaney
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Almost Busted….Again!

I was driving home the other night from the bar and I purposely took the back roads to avoid the cops. I had my windows down and belting out some CCR. I look in my rear view mirror and saw flashing lights behind me. Fuck me! I had an open beer and some party drugs in my purse.

Tap, tap on my window and it’s the same question every time. Do I know how fast I was going? I was a little tipsy and I made a sexual comment to the overweight gentleman officer. I said not as fast as I would like to be sliding up and down on your cock. He took my license and registration and went back to his car. I knew I would be spending yet another night in jail.

After 20 fucking long minutes, he comes back to my car and asks me to get out. He gave me 2 options. First choice; I could be escorted to jail and have a slew of charges. Second option was he could take me up on my sly comment and I could ride his dick hard and fast. I couldn’t of taken my clothes off any quicker. He lifted me onto the trunk of my car and starting eating me out. He didn’t know I just recently got fucked at the bar and had a huge load for him to eat.

After he sucked my pussy, he bent me over and slid his small dick in me. I don’t think the fat cop gets much action because after a minute of being inside my juicy cunt, he came. After that, we both went our separate ways.

I was stoked I didn’t get busted, I even broke out the party favors on the way home to celebrate; while going the speed limit of course!


Written By: Trashy Trish
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Daddy’s Little Escort

It was Friday night and I got an escort call and had to go to a hotel. I got dressed up in my slinky black dress and black stiletto heels. When I arrived at the hotel, I was very impressed. My customer text that he was in a suite so I knew this guy had money.

I got to his room and when he opened the door it was my Daddy! We were both in shock. He told me he got into a fight with mommy and wanted to treat himself to a night alone. He went on to tell me that they haven’t had sex in months and he was really looking forward to an evening of raunchy sex.

He had no clue I was an escort and he didn’t seem upset at all. In fact, he was happy it was me and not some ugly, fat slut. He opened up to tell me he always wanted to fuck me but was to shy and didn’t know how to approach the subject.

He handed me $1,000 cash and asked if he could fuck his little whore. I immediately took off his pants and gave my phone sex daddy a blowjob of a lifetime.

We fucked 3 times that night and he came inside me every time. Daddy said he will be my #1 customer.


Written By: Olivia
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Tinder Fuck

Look at my face. See how happy I am? Any cock makes me the happiest woman in the world.

I was having a pretty shitty day until I invited this guy I met on Tinder a few hours ago. I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the size of his package. I usually see a big cock like that on the black guys I fuck in my neighborhood.

I’m so fucking horny today I asked him if he was willing to have a threesome with the black homeless man a block away from my house but he declined. When I get in this freak mode, which is quite often, I will fuck anyone or anything. My trashy, MILF holes never discriminate or turn down. If you put a farm animal in front of me today, I would of had just as much fun. 

When my Tinder fuck (forgot his name) left, I had to run to pick up the kids at school. I first stopped at the gas station by my house to pick up a few scratch offs and cigarettes. OMG the fucking Tinder guy was there. Just looking at him and knowing how big his dick was made my cunt drip. I asked if he wanted round 2 behind the gas station. He bent me over and fucked my pussy up for another cum load.

I left in a hurry with cum dripping down my leg and looked at the time. FUCK….I’m late now. Sorry kids, Mama was so close to being on time but cock always gets in the way.



Written By: Trashy Trish
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Mommy Morgan Got Naughty On St. Patrick’s Day

mommy-morgan-in-greenMommy didn’t come home last night after the St Patrick’s Day Party! 

When Mommy gets home the day, she is still pretty. Her cheeks are rosy, but her hair is messy. She looks like she didn’t’ get much sleep either last night. Mommy’s clothes are wrinkled like they were crumbled on the floor all night. There is no explanation given to her staying out all night.

She does not make you breakfast. You are hungry for her special Sunday Morning Pancakes. Instead of heading to the kitchen, Mommy goes to her bedroom. After a minute, you open her bedroom door to whine about wanting her to make you pancakes, but Mommy is taking off her clothes. Her green blouse is open, and she is wearing a green bra. You forget about the pancakes and hug your Mommy Morgan. She smells funny. You know she was having sex last night. She has cum in her, and you can smell a man on her. 

You picture your Mommy getting fucked, hard, like the ladies in porn. You are aroused and hug Mommy harder. You rub the front of her white jeans and are so curious that you will kiss and lick between her legs.

Mommy says that you can kiss her anywhere. Time to make a man out of you. Mommy Morgan Knows Best! 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Jizz Junkie Daddy

I don’t live in a typical household where Daddy puts me to bed and reads me a bedtime story. It’s more like Daddy coming in my bedroom with a brand new sluty outfit for me to wear that night. He makes sure my hair, makeup look perfect and my teen tits and ass are hanging out. He always says the higher the stiletto heels, the bigger the cock I’m going to get.

He sends me on my way and I go out and get my holes filled as much as I can. My phone sex Daddy is like a pimp, he expects my body to be dripping  with cum from head to toe and if I’m not, he will be disappointed. I always surprise Daddy though with more than enough cum.

When I get home, I crawl into his bed and slide my barely legal body on top of him and let the cum drain from my holes into his mouth. He loves sucking out 10 plus loads from my ass and pussy. Daddy is such a jizz junkie that sometimes I go back out and get more for him because I love him so much!

Now you know where I get my cum obsession from and don’t think for a minute I let Daddy eat it all.


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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BBC Lover Wendy

I love big dicks and when I need a big dick for my teen cunt, I always head for the hood. Black cock never disappoints me. Just thinking about it makes me pussy twitch. I always know it’s going to hurt, but hurt so good! There’s something about a tiny white girl like me that brings out the beast in them. They tear my pussy up and leave me begging for more. I can’t walk for days after they finish with me and I wouldn’t want it any other way! And the cum, all of that thick white cum… fuck! It’s oozing out of every hole. It’s so thick and creamy and tastes so good!

If you’re like me and love the BBC, call and trade stories with me. I love playing with my pussy while I talk about it and ESPECIALLY hear your stories!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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SPH with Zoe


I meet this guy last night. He thought he was going home with me until he wanted to show me his junk in his pants. Yeah, another small dick loser. He actually thought he was man enough to fuck me. The loser dropped his pants and showed me his little pecker. I couldn’t help but to bust out laughing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I had tears rolling down my face. I had no use for this guys little pecker. All I could think was how pathetic he looked. For a second, I thought he would be useless to me but then I started getting wet thinking about using him for my use. I would let him feel special and he can watch me work my magic and find a some new meat to bring home.

I was in the mood for something big and black. He should feel privileged that he got to watch me get fucked last night by a huge cock, 10 inches of black meat. And yes, my new small dick friend got to suck the cum right out of my pussy. He’ll never fuck me but he sure does love cleaning all my sticky holes.


 Written By: Zoe
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Pathetic Loser Phone Sex

  My Sugar Daddy has a house on the lake he loves to take me to. The area is total country and there is lots of hot guys on four wheelers and mountain bikes. He picked this area because he loves knowing I am being fucked by young, hot guys. Sometimes he watches and sometimes I tell him all about it while he strokes his pathetic old cock.

I sat outside in a little sundress watching a group of guys go by. I waved and in a few minutes the 5 of them turned around and joined me. We chatted for a few minutes, a few minutes too long as far as this horny bitch was concerned. I saw Pin Dicks face at the window watching as I pulled my dress up showing my hungry pussy.

The guys got my message quick and soon they were all out of their jeans. I had 5 big, thick hard cocks to take care of all my eager fuck holes as my loser Sugar Daddy watched from the window.

Hours later I was sore, completely satisfied and in need of a good cleaning from Pin Dick. I do love our time at the lovely lake house.


Written By: Easy Elle
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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

You simply can’t deny that you love being a cuckold husband. You thought briefly about wanting to be a “normal couple” but the insatiable urge of eating another mans cum load from her pussy is something you can’t live without.

It’s all you think about when you’re at work. You find yourself looking at the clock, counting the hours till you get to go home and watch your wife fuck a much bigger cock than yours. You’re so desperate for cum, you jerk off in the bathroom at work and taste your own cum. We both know it’s not the same. It’s a quick fix but it’s not that huge, creamy load between your wife’s thighs.

When you jerk off alone, you use to think about your wife’s face when she’s getting fucked and how satisfied she is with a big cock stuffing her pussy. But now when you stroke your dick, you think about sucking that huge cock and feeling his big, mushroom head in the back of your throat. It’s more about YOU now and how fucking hot you get for that big dick. After years of her enjoying a big cock, now it’s time to show her how you can take one.

I love all cuckold fantasies, call me and let the cuckolding begin.


Written By: Madame Joanne
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