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Mommy Morgan Got Naughty On St. Patrick’s Day

mommy-morgan-in-greenMommy didn’t come home last night after the St Patrick’s Day Party! 

When Mommy gets home the day, she is still pretty. Her cheeks are rosy, but her hair is messy. She looks like she didn’t’ get much sleep either last night. Mommy’s clothes are wrinkled like they were crumbled on the floor all night. There is no explanation given to her staying out all night.

She does not make you breakfast. You are hungry for her special Sunday Morning Pancakes. Instead of heading to the kitchen, Mommy goes to her bedroom. After a minute, you open her bedroom door to whine about wanting her to make you pancakes, but Mommy is taking off her clothes. Her green blouse is open, and she is wearing a green bra. You forget about the pancakes and hug your Mommy Morgan. She smells funny. You know she was having sex last night. She has cum in her, and you can smell a man on her. 

You picture your Mommy getting fucked, hard, like the ladies in porn. You are aroused and hug Mommy harder. You rub the front of her white jeans and are so curious that you will kiss and lick between her legs.

Mommy says that you can kiss her anywhere. Time to make a man out of you. Mommy Morgan Knows Best! 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Jizz Junkie Daddy

I don’t live in a typical household where Daddy puts me to bed and reads me a bedtime story. It’s more like Daddy coming in my bedroom with a brand new sluty outfit for me to wear that night. He makes sure my hair, makeup look perfect and my teen tits and ass are hanging out. He always says the higher the stiletto heels, the bigger the cock I’m going to get.

He sends me on my way and I go out and get my holes filled as much as I can. My phone sex Daddy is like a pimp, he expects my body to be dripping  with cum from head to toe and if I’m not, he will be disappointed. I always surprise Daddy though with more than enough cum.

When I get home, I crawl into his bed and slide my barely legal body on top of him and let the cum drain from my holes into his mouth. He loves sucking out 10 plus loads from my ass and pussy. Daddy is such a jizz junkie that sometimes I go back out and get more for him because I love him so much!

Now you know where I get my cum obsession from and don’t think for a minute I let Daddy eat it all.


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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BBC Lover Wendy

I love big dicks and when I need a big dick for my teen cunt, I always head for the hood. Black cock never disappoints me. Just thinking about it makes me pussy twitch. I always know it’s going to hurt, but hurt so good! There’s something about a tiny white girl like me that brings out the beast in them. They tear my pussy up and leave me begging for more. I can’t walk for days after they finish with me and I wouldn’t want it any other way! And the cum, all of that thick white cum… fuck! It’s oozing out of every hole. It’s so thick and creamy and tastes so good!

If you’re like me and love the BBC, call and trade stories with me. I love playing with my pussy while I talk about it and ESPECIALLY hear your stories!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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SPH with Zoe


I meet this guy last night. He thought he was going home with me until he wanted to show me his junk in his pants. Yeah, another small dick loser. He actually thought he was man enough to fuck me. The loser dropped his pants and showed me his little pecker. I couldn’t help but to bust out laughing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I had tears rolling down my face. I had no use for this guys little pecker. All I could think was how pathetic he looked. For a second, I thought he would be useless to me but then I started getting wet thinking about using him for my use. I would let him feel special and he can watch me work my magic and find a some new meat to bring home.

I was in the mood for something big and black. He should feel privileged that he got to watch me get fucked last night by a huge cock, 10 inches of black meat. And yes, my new small dick friend got to suck the cum right out of my pussy. He’ll never fuck me but he sure does love cleaning all my sticky holes.


 Written By: Zoe
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Pathetic Loser Phone Sex

  My Sugar Daddy has a house on the lake he loves to take me to. The area is total country and there is lots of hot guys on four wheelers and mountain bikes. He picked this area because he loves knowing I am being fucked by young, hot guys. Sometimes he watches and sometimes I tell him all about it while he strokes his pathetic old cock.

I sat outside in a little sundress watching a group of guys go by. I waved and in a few minutes the 5 of them turned around and joined me. We chatted for a few minutes, a few minutes too long as far as this horny bitch was concerned. I saw Pin Dicks face at the window watching as I pulled my dress up showing my hungry pussy.

The guys got my message quick and soon they were all out of their jeans. I had 5 big, thick hard cocks to take care of all my eager fuck holes as my loser Sugar Daddy watched from the window.

Hours later I was sore, completely satisfied and in need of a good cleaning from Pin Dick. I do love our time at the lovely lake house.


Written By: Easy Elle
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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

You simply can’t deny that you love being a cuckold husband. You thought briefly about wanting to be a “normal couple” but the insatiable urge of eating another mans cum load from her pussy is something you can’t live without.

It’s all you think about when you’re at work. You find yourself looking at the clock, counting the hours till you get to go home and watch your wife fuck a much bigger cock than yours. You’re so desperate for cum, you jerk off in the bathroom at work and taste your own cum. We both know it’s not the same. It’s a quick fix but it’s not that huge, creamy load between your wife’s thighs.

When you jerk off alone, you use to think about your wife’s face when she’s getting fucked and how satisfied she is with a big cock stuffing her pussy. But now when you stroke your dick, you think about sucking that huge cock and feeling his big, mushroom head in the back of your throat. It’s more about YOU now and how fucking hot you get for that big dick. After years of her enjoying a big cock, now it’s time to show her how you can take one.

I love all cuckold fantasies, call me and let the cuckolding begin.


Written By: Madame Joanne
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AJ The Teen Jizz Junkie

aj   I went to my step-brother’s apartment last night and OMG I walked in on him fucking this girl. My mom just got married again making him my 4th brother and definitely the hottest. I heard the moans at his front door they were so loud. I guess I could have not used my key to let myself in BUT, well you know *Giggles*.

She didn’t know I was there because she was so loud I am surprised no one called 911. I quietly closed the front door and watched as he pounded her bent over the couch.  He saw me and motioned for me to get closer. OH! He is really huge. I am not sure she liked it so rough as once I came closer, I could hear her asking him to stop. Oh fuck, he was bareback and she didn’t want him to jizz inside her.

What happened next wasn’t my fault, NO, it really wasn’t I tell you. Oopsies. I said, “you can empty your balls in my tight, teen pussy”. I didn’t think I said it, I thought I just maybe whispered it. Guess not! So, he pulled out of her, bent me over, stroked his dick over my wet pussy and with one hard pump gave me a huge load of baby batter. 


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Cum Get Messy With Me

tiffany  Welcum to the bedroom of your “I will do anything to make us both cum unbelievably hard.” I love sex and all the hot, slippery, wet, sweaty and yummy fluids that go with it. Don’t you just hate it when girls don’t want to get messy and waste all the sticky mess you both make together? My pussy just gushes when I feel a wet tongue on me with the added excitement of knowing that their face will be so wet and lickable after I squirt all over him.

I get uncontrollably excited when I know my lover isn’t shy about licking his cum mixed with mine off of every inch of my sexy body.  Sometimes while I am getting my pussy pounded, I scoop some of the juices up with my fingers and rub the sticky, delicious mess all over my nipples for both of us to suck it off. The messier and wetter the better!

I love fucking and there is just something about having my fuck buddy cum all over my tits and then both of us kiss and lick it off. Nothing beats going bareback so we can savoir all the slippery, hot wetness that comes with our fuck session.

Cum on and get messy with your favorite Blonde Bimbo Tiffany.

Written By: Tiffany

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Nosy Step-Sister Ashton

My step-brother caught me going through his things again. He had warned me to stay out of his room, but I was way too nosy to listen. Last time I was in there, I found all kinds of naughty pictures and videos and I just had to see more!

I was browsing on his computer when I heard the door shut. I looked up and he had a strange smile on his face. “Like what you see?” I did like what I saw. I was currently looking at pictures of him with another woman and I couldn’t believe the size of his cock! “You know, people pay a lot of money for more taboo pictures and videos.” I knew it was time to go. I laughed off his comment and tried to get to the door. He stopped me and pushed me back on the bed. I saw him flip on a camera that he had on the desk. He started stripping his clothes off and I tried to get off the bed. Soon his body was on top of mine and he was ripping my clothes off. I asked him to stop, but he only laughed at me. Soon my step-brother’s cock was inside of me and he was holding me down and making me take his hard pounding. He was so much bigger than me and there was no way to buck him off. Despite the fact, I was starting to enjoy his huge dick moving in and out of me, he then whispered in my ear; “I’m going to cum inside your little teen cunt, Ashton.” I screamed and tried to get away, but he only laughed, held me tighter and told me to get ready for it. I felt his cum flood my pussy. A few minutes later he carried me to my room. “Feel free to come back for round 2, little sister.”

Written By: Ashton
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Baby Making Fantasies

Here lately, the thought of getting knocked up is really, really getting me off! I’ve never had sex with that being a goal, but now it’s my ultimate fantasy. Laying down and spreading my legs, taking your cock knowing that you’re going to cum inside of me makes my cunt so wet. Getting pregnant and watching my curvy body get even curvier and my tits becoming engorged with milk for you to nurse on. It’s so fucking hot to me.

My favorite fantasy, however, is a baby making party. Getting all the men I know in a room and letting them cum inside my pussy. They all line up to try to knock me up. It makes me feel like a filthy slut and that’s always my favorite feeling. I would lay there with my legs in the air, waiting for the next one to make his deposit into my fertile cunt, getting that full feeling, having it run out of me. In the end, I know I’ll end up pregnant and I get to explore a whole new different set of fetishes. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.



Written By: Abby
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