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I NEED Black Cock

When I need a big fat dick, I don’t even waste my time hoping that a white man will have what I need. I go straight to the source that never disappoints. I go straight for the BBC. It’s not just a want. It’s a NEED. I’m a size queen and the bigger the better. My pussy deserves better than a tiny mediocre white dick. I need to be stretched open and gaped by a stiff black pole. And when he’s done with me… that’s the best part! Black jizz is the best. It’s so thick and hot. He can cum wherever he wants, but I love having my pussy full and sticky with it. I love black cock so much. It’s the only thing that truly satisfies this hungry pussy.


Written By: Abby
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My Special Valentines Day Gift

  Happy Valentines Day to all my phone sex daddy’s!  Teen girl’s like me want all sorts of things for presents. Makeup, perfume, boots, concert tickets BUT the thing I want most is to be a teen mommy. I hear all sorts of things during slumber parties at my friend’s house. The fat old snoring bitch is always telling you no. The think is I heard something that made my jail bait pussy instantly gush. He wants to have another baby! Well, I am your girl right here. Only problem is how do I tell him? I sort of have an idea but it is kind of wrong, but I don’t care as long as I get my baby batter. ~Giggles~

What if I was to make sure everyone slept soundly except the daddy of the house? I can steal my moms sleeping pills, and BAM, everyone is asleep.  I go to the kitchen knowing he is watching a movie or something. I accidentally spill my glass of Coke all over my cute pink nightie. I pull it off telling him it’s my favorite and I don’t want it to stain. This is one great plan!

He is staring at my adorable, tight teen body. I can see his baby maker is already big and hard. He keeps telling me “no”, but I don’t care, and promise not to tell anyone. He mumbles how wrong this is, but I shove my tongue into his mouth. He can’t control himself anymore. Could you?


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Your Cum, My Face And Tits

I want something very special this year for Valentines Day. I want to receive all your hot, sticky cum splattered all over my beautiful tits and face. It might sound like this is a gift for you , but you have no idea how much I love the feel, smell and taste of a huge load of cum. I want to play with it, rubbing it all over my tits, lick it off my fingers, and if you give me a big enough load I will rub it all over my sweet twat. I want you to use me like the blonde bimbo I am. I will suck you till you are rock hard again, and spread my ass cheeks to take you again.

Yes, for Valentines Day I crave your cock, and want to be your dirty slut. Let’s make both our nights with a hot, sexy and hopefully perverted mutual masturbation call.

Written By:  Tiffany
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Give Me All The Black Dick

I’ve been working super hard lately and I haven’t really had a lot of time to play around. I had a free day and I decided to completely take advantage of it. I dressed in my sluttiest dress that showed off my huge tits and perfect ass and went on a man hunt. More specifically, a black cock search.

I went to my favorite little spot and immediately got the attention I was looking for. I found myself in a dirty back alley surrounded by delicious chocolate men, all with huge, hard cocks ready to plow me. I did what any good whore would do and fell to my knees to suck as many of them as I could manage to get in my mouth. I didn’t think about my knees getting cut up by the concrete or my panties being ripped out of the way for them to have access to my cunt.

I found myself on my hands and knees with my dress around my waist getting split roasted by 2 giant cocks. It was so fucking filthy and I loved it. My pussy, ass and mouth took pounding after pounding, and loads of cum.

I was a little wobbly as I made my way out of the alley. I was starting to make my way home when I heard those familiar whistles. I knew I had another round in me and followed the cat calls to the waiting men.


Written By: Teagan
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Toni

I know you can’t keep your eyes off my beautiful, voluptuous tits. I am glad that someone appreciates them. My husband doesn’t that’s why I cheat on his pathetic ass. Don’t worry, he knows all about it. I have turned him into my sweet little cuck, my own personal little fluffer.

I have plans for all of us for the New Year.  I know you both want to make me happy and keep me satisfied in every possible way. I know you’ve been drooling over my body and would love to slide your cock into this married pussy. It really turns me on humiliating my husband watching him suck cock. I want him on his knees ready for your beautiful cock, getting you nice and hard to fuck me right in front of him.

Fuck me and ravish my tits with your hungry mouth. Show him how a real man fucks this hot body that was made for fucking. Just think how much it is going to turn me on when you slide your cock  out of my freshly fucked pussy and slide it in his pathetic mouth to clean up. 



Written By: Toni

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My Special Christmas Package

OMG, I love Christmas so much!  My neighbor always has this huge party. I plan on drinking so much punch I might pass out in his lap. I mean, I can’t help it if they didn’t tell me it was spiked ~wink, wink!

This year will be even better because my family went to Florida leaving me to do whatever I want. Just in case you were wondering what it is I want, I will tell you. Only because it is Christmas! I want my neighbor and his baby batter! My friends say I don’t really want to be a teen mom, but just love making men give me the batter. They wonder if I just love fucking with their heads, after fucking them.  Maybe? Maybe not!

Before bed, I ran over in the rain to peek in the neighbors window. I mean a girl has to see the “package” if you know what I mean. I think he saw me because shortly after I got a text asking if I was okay. I guess he saw my bare little feet and angel wings. I could have invited him over, told him I did have some problems. I didn’t because last night was my special night with Mr. R who cums a lot, I mean cums over a lot. His baby batter hasn’t got the job done, I mean after several years. I think something is up with that! 

Just for a minute I want to be serious. I hope with all my heart all my awesome sperm donors have the most wonderful holiday!   Love, AJ 



 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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My Naughty Boys

  I sure hope you have been a naughty boy this year. Auntie Debi loves when her boys get naughty, especially with each other.

A few days ago, I came home to find my phone sex boys going through my walk in closet. They were giggling like little girls, and modeling my lingerie for each other. I must tell you that I found it extremely HOT! I mean, they were so naughty it made me want to give them a gift and not punish them. They never knew I was watching, so after I came several times, I needed a good fucking. 

I came home to find them still at it, and oh no! I forgot their gifts. Aunt Debi had a special gift for her boys. I told them I had a cunt full of jizz that needed cleaning. I sure didn’t have to ask them twice!




Written By: Dirty Debi
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Creamy Halloween Treats

One of my girlfriends asked me to go to a Halloween party at a pretty bad ass club last night. I can never say no to going out! Since I absolutely love this holiday and love dressing up, I took the invite.

It was a pretty cool club, I was definitely getting a lot of attention from all the men in there. I was wandering around in my sexy little outfit when this one man approached me. He was really hot and I wasn’t really sure what to expect of him. He leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear, how horny he was for me and and needed to fuck me. He was definitely my type of guy. 

We made our way down a side street, it was busy but not that busy. The next thing I knew I was up against a wall with his hands sliding into my moist panties his big, thick fingers started teasing my pussy making me want him as bad as he wanted me. My juices were gushing down his fingers. That is when he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He grabbed my ass and spanked his big, black cock on my wet pussy and asshole. He asked me which one should he start with?

Now, my sweet little fucker… that is reading this. I have a creamy treat in both my holes. Come be my trick and I’ll let you have your treat like a good boy. 


Written By: Sierra
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Knocking Up Emily

My phone sex brother was visiting while his boring wife was out of town. I love when she is gone because my brother not only spends a lot of time here, but he also spends the night. Usually he is funny, we tease, play games and drink a little. Not this visit. He seemed very serious and needed to talk.

He sat me down on my bed and told me how much he wanted to impregnate me, and leave his wife. Ever since I was a tiny little thing, we loved to jump in each other’s beds. Of course, we would have anal and oral to keep me from getting knocked up. Now he wants to knock me up. I am so excited and horny now. For the first time ever, I got to feel him bareback in my tight, hairy gushing teen pussy.



Written By: Emily
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Cum Eating Sluts

Let me tease you about what a cum eating loser you are. I know I love a thick, gooey creamy load and I am sure you do to. I think you have a few more secrets that you’ve been hiding.

My pussy has a nice creamy load marinating in it. I left it there just for you. Climb in between my legs and start licking my perfect pussy. I have a cream filled treat waiting for you if you can dig your tongue deep enough. You’re so eager to clean every drop up. Lapping up my juices making my pussy sloppy wet. Once you eat all the delicious cum out of my pussy, just position yourself right at my sweet little shit hole. I have another surprise for you.

Give me a call and let’s put your tongue to work.



Written By: Lusty Lindsay
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