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Creamy Halloween Treats

One of my girlfriends asked me to go to a Halloween party at a pretty bad ass club last night. I can never say no to going out! Since I absolutely love this holiday and love dressing up, I took the invite.

It was a pretty cool club, I was definitely getting a lot of attention from all the men in there. I was wandering around in my sexy little outfit when this one man approached me. He was really hot and I wasn’t really sure what to expect of him. He leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear, how horny he was for me and and needed to fuck me. He was definitely my type of guy. 

We made our way down a side street, it was busy but not that busy. The next thing I knew I was up against a wall with his hands sliding into my moist panties his big, thick fingers started teasing my pussy making me want him as bad as he wanted me. My juices were gushing down his fingers. That is when he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He grabbed my ass and spanked his big, black cock on my wet pussy and asshole. He asked me which one should he start with?

Now, my sweet little fucker… that is reading this. I have a creamy treat in both my holes. Come be my trick and I’ll let you have your treat like a good boy. 


Written By: Sierra
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Knocking Up Emily

My phone sex brother was visiting while his boring wife was out of town. I love when she is gone because my brother not only spends a lot of time here, but he also spends the night. Usually he is funny, we tease, play games and drink a little. Not this visit. He seemed very serious and needed to talk.

He sat me down on my bed and told me how much he wanted to impregnate me, and leave his wife. Ever since I was a tiny little thing, we loved to jump in each other’s beds. Of course, we would have anal and oral to keep me from getting knocked up. Now he wants to knock me up. I am so excited and horny now. For the first time ever, I got to feel him bareback in my tight, hairy gushing teen pussy.



Written By: Emily
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Cum Eating Sluts

Let me tease you about what a cum eating loser you are. I know I love a thick, gooey creamy load and I am sure you do to. I think you have a few more secrets that you’ve been hiding.

My pussy has a nice creamy load marinating in it. I left it there just for you. Climb in between my legs and start licking my perfect pussy. I have a cream filled treat waiting for you if you can dig your tongue deep enough. You’re so eager to clean every drop up. Lapping up my juices making my pussy sloppy wet. Once you eat all the delicious cum out of my pussy, just position yourself right at my sweet little shit hole. I have another surprise for you.

Give me a call and let’s put your tongue to work.



Written By: Lusty Lindsay
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Anal Angel Elle


   When I was in highschool the boys and men all called me Anal Angel. I loved fucking bareback but of course, I didn’t want to get knocked up. There was just a few solutions. My favorite was pussy, mouth then ass. I would come so hard, I am sure neighbors heard me. I loved licking my sweet juices off of a cock. 

Last night I had an amazing night of getting all my fuck holes pounded. Even though my fuck-buddy finished in my ass, I got brave and took a load in my pussy and mouth from his friends. I forgot how good it felt to have hot, sticky cum in all my holes. I love the after taste that lingers in my warm, wet mouth. We all fell asleep and I woke up to 3 huge cocks pounding my sweet, fuck holes again.


Written By: Elle
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Chocolate Covered Cherries

Am I the only girl who wonders what the white gooey stuff in chocolate covered cherries is? It sure tastes yummy, but what the hell is it? Are you following me here? ~Giggles~ 

I was at the Godiva’s drooling over the candy, but was broke till payday. The nice lady gave me a sample, but a sample is never enough for me. A man buying a basket for his wife took pity on me, and told me he had some special ones at his house. Like chocolate covered cherries weren’t special enough. Duhh-uh.  He said it was a short walk, and not to be scared. Me scared? I am fucking fearless when it comes to men and chocolate.

We made small talk while visions of jizz covered, I mean chocolate covered cherries danced in my head. He let me in after he was sure no one else was home. He explained the candy was homemade, and that it wasn’t ready just yet. Well bless his heart, did he really think I was falling for this? Dude, I love dick and I love candy so no tricking was needed. I guess he thought I was innocent or something like that. He suggested I undress and lay on the bed. He came in with cherries and a piece of yummy chocolate. But where was the gooey jizz looking part of my candy?

He pushed in the candy and a cherry with his dick. I mean I guess it had to go in pretty far and all. I was still kind of confused. The harder he pumped the wetter I got. Then it happened. His baby batter mixed with my squirt and the melting chocolate and squished cherry. There you have it! A chocolate covered cherry!


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Anal Cream Pies Are My Favorite!

I’m an anal whore! Ever since I had the first cock in my ass, I knew that I was going to be addicted. The only problem is getting enough cock to satisfy my pretty ass.

I decided to place an ad on an adult site. I was overwhelmed at the number of men that responded to my pictures. I decided that instead of picking a few that interested me, I was going to really challenge myself and take on all 20 plus!

The day finally arrived, and all the men lined up at my bedroom door to take their turn for some yummy ass fucking. All of them were different. Some of them pounded me hard, some of them took it a little slower, but they’ll had one thing in common. They filled my ass with their sticky jizz.

By the time the last man fucked me, my asshole was overflowing with cum! After everyone had left, I barely brushed a finger across my creamy, gaping hole and came again. I couldn’t sit for a couple of days, but it was so worth it!


 Written By: Ginger
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Rodeo Week

I love when it is rodeo time. All the handsome cowboys doing their thing during the day, and up for anything when they’re done. They all look so sexy in their boots, hats and tight wrangler jeans. I never can decide where to look. Omg, those strong muscles, flat stomachs and big dicks.

 It must have been one hell of a night as I woke up in a motel room, mostly undressed, but in a strangers hat, and a pair of new Justins. I went to the bathroom to shower and saw more of the party. There was 2 hot girls naked and asleep in the tub. There was a threesome asleep on the living room floor. I sure wish I could remember the night.

I made it home once I figured out where I was, and decided to take a nap. I woke up to my IG notifications going off like crazy. Facebook too. What the fuck? There I was riding one of the men’s faces, while licking a hot pussy. You know how some people don’t like watching dirty videos of themselves? Well, I am NOT one of those chicks. I watched them all, and was dripping wet. I could use my vibe and fuck myself silly while watching again, or I could text one of the numbers on my phone? Male, female or another orgy? You help me decide?



Written By: Delaney
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Cum with Me

    The day was just perfect to sit at the pool and catch some rays. I was sunning for about an hour when I noticed a man watching from his car. I love teasing men, but I always deliver after the tease.

I began to slowly squeeze my nipples  and bring them to my hungry lips to suck. As my hand moved down my luscious body, I stared right back at him. My voyeur in the black Lexus was fucking making me so wet. Who was he? What was his dick like, and was he stroking hard for me?

I motioned for him to join me but I guess the one thing he wasn’t looking at was my soft, manicured hands. No one else seemed to be around so I got up and walked over to his car. Oh fuck! I was pleased when I looked in his car. He had to be at least 10 inches and thick as fuck.

He opened his car door, and no foreplay was needed. I pulled off my bikini bottom and slid right down on his yummy cock. With my erect nipples in his mouth, I rode him till I exploded. I smiled, put my bikini back on and went back to the pool. I watched him drive off, and came again as I replayed it all in my head. 



Written By: Elle
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Cock Adventures

My step brother is such a stupid fucking loser. He thinks he has all these secrets that he is keeping but I know them all. He’s a little cum guzzling cock sucking slut, I am not even surprised he has a cum fetish. I’ve caught him licking dried up cum out of my  panties that I left on the bathroom floor but I let that one slide and laughed it off.

Now, it’s time I use this fucking loser to my advantage. I heard him making arrangements to meet a guy he meet online. I also had just got back from getting stuffed by a big, black dick and I have a juicy cum load sitting in my pussy and I am still horny. This little loser is going to take care of my pussy before he goes on his cock adventure that he thinks is a big secret.

I walked into his bedroom and pushed him down on his bed and straddled him, pulling my panties aside. I knew he could smell the aroma of sex on my body. Grabbing the back of his head, I couldn’t help but to laugh while I ran my hands though his thick, dark hair and buried his face in my cum filled pussy. His tongue lapped up the cum. I could hear the pleasure in his moans while his tongue dug deeper into my pussy.
Written By: Princess Paris
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Apha Males Vs. Beta Boys

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I didn’t learn at a very young age what cuckolding is. I love when you clean my cream pies out of me. You sitting in the corner, stroking your small white cock while you watch me get fucked by a alpha cock. That’s right alpha fucks and beta pays, you’re a beta.

Beta boys like you get on your knees and arch your ass in the air and let me fuck you with my strap-on. Better yet, I want to watch you get fucked like the slut you are by a real alpha cock.

Ten plus inches of throbbing cock sliding inside your tight, little pussy hole, while I watch and laugh at the little cuckold you are!



Written By: Carlee
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