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A Night With My Husbands Boss and My Cuck

Being married is wonderful when you’re in charge and everything goes your way. My little cuckold husband thinks so too. His place is at my feet or in between my legs, eating a hot cream pie.

We started off as a swinger couple then chose the cuckold lifestyle. We love it and won’t have it any other way.

Lately, I’ve had the urge to humiliate him more and more, it really gets me off knowing he’s ashamed and humiliated.

We had a small gathering last night and I invited his boss. His boss is black and very hot! Can you imagine what I did after the gathering was over? I seduced his boss right in front of my pathetic cuckold husband, it was the ultimate humiliation.

I took that black meat like a pro and loved every inch of it. He blew a huge load of cum in my hot, married pussy. He even told my stupid husband to clean up. I like a black bull who knows how to treat a cuck.


Written By: Simone
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I Need A Real Man

You’re so fucking pathetic, telling me how you’re going to fuck me with that little 2 inch non-existent “cock” of yours. Did you really think that something like that would really turn me on? I’m so fucking insulted. The only thing I can tell you is you better know how to eat pussy and ass because that’s all you’re getting, and you’re not even getting that unless I have a creamy load in both from real men.

You know that I’m a size queen, and that equipment you’re packing doesn’t even begin to cut it.

You better get on your knees and beg to clean up the mess the men before left behind. That is the closest thing to pussy and a piece of ass you’re going to get from me. I need a real man, with a real dick.

Keep that in mind the next time you even think about showing/offering it to me. I am an absolute Goddess! Now, get down and worship me.


Written By: Abby
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I Won’t Tell

We met at a pool party last weekend. You were there with your wife and kids. I was there with my parents. I felt your eyes all over my young body. I made sure you got a good look of my little tits and perfect ass. I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

Later that night, I received my first text from you: “Where can we meet?” I responded quickly that I would meet you at your house. You tried to argue, but I insisted… no one tells me “NO”.

The next morning, I watched your wife leave with the kids and snuck upstairs. You were nervous, but hard just the same. I laid on the bed that you share with her. You hesitated briefly, but as soon as I started exposing my body to you, you couldn’t resist. You were starving for me.

My panties were ripped off and your mouth devoured my pussy. I lost count of how many times you made me cum against your tongue. You pushed me back against the bed and shoved your cock inside. You knew you didn’t have to be gentle with your little whore. I wasn’t your wife and you could be as rough as you wanted.

You grabbed a handful of my hair and rolled me to my stomach. Your mouth went to my ass, shoving your tongue in deep, getting me ready to take your cock. Your mouth covered mine as you rammed inside, covering my screams. You pumped in and out, demanding that I cum for you again. With my last orgasm out of the way, you gave one last push and came inside my ass.

You rolled to your back, gasping for breath. “We can’t do this again, Raylin.” I smiled down at him as I took his cock in my hand.
“I won’t tell if you don’t”.


Written By: Raylin
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My Favorite Treat

I’ve always been a cum slut. Just the thought of heavy cum-filled balls makes my pussy drip. I will take it anywhere: my face, my tits, belly, back, mouth, ass- but I love when my pussy is filled with cum most! Nothing feels as good as a cream-pie pussy. Especially if there’s more than one load in there. Feeling that wetness between your legs, feeling it run down your thighs.

I usually can’t wait until they’re gone so I can play with it. I lay back in bed and let my fingers sink into that creamy cunt. All that jizz feels so warm on my fingers. I love the sounds I hear when my fingers are moving in and out. It makes my clit throb.

I cum over and over with that sticky cum deep in my pussy. When I pull those dripping fingers out of my pussy, it’s my favorite treat.



 Written By: Ginger
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Quickie With My Married Neighbor

It looks like my hot, married neighbors family is leaving for the day. Before Covid, we would hook up almost every day. Sometimes I would meet him at his office and his home. Now we just hook up whenever we can.

Today I am taking a huge chance as I don’t know how long they’ll be gone for. I put on something sexy and knocked on his door. He looks around, then grabs my arm and pulls me in. Sort of like he is committing a crime!

There is no time to waste and I need all my holes filled with cock. I get on my knees in his hallway and yank down his sweats. I begin to inhale his 9 inch cock.  I beg him to fuck my face and he doesn’t disappoint.

I push him down and begin to ride his cock. He fucks me like no other guy can. I’ll never understand why his boring old wife doesn’t love his cock like I do.

The minutes are ticking away and I still need more. I slid of his cock and I run to his bedroom. I place his wife’s pillow under my gushing pussy and stick my perfect ass up for him to fuck.

Just about the time we are both having another screaming orgasm, we hear a car pull up. I smile, thank him and go out the backdoor.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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My Pussy Is The Creamiest In The Mornings


It’s true I am always extra juicy in the early mornings. It’s probably because my hot fuck studs exploded in my pussy multiple times last night, and now I have this extra thick cream pie waiting for the right cuck to come along and slurp it up.

I love to use cuck’s to do all my fluffing & cleaning. Mornings are always a good time for you to stop by my place. If you’re early enough, you might just catch me and one of my big boyfriends getting nasty. I will put your mouth to good use. Don’t be shy if it’s your first time, I have helped many cross the threshold to serious cuckolding.

Mornings are always great but you can use your skills here anytime.

Are you ready to lick?



Written By: Faith
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Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

I want a cream pie cleanup phone sex more than anything. It’s definitely a cuckold phone sex favorite.

Do you realize real men don’t sit around hoping their hot wife is out fucking a big cock? That means you’re a total loser with a worthless dick. Your wife thinks so too. Why do you think she never fucks you anymore? You can’t satisfy her that’s why she’s probably out with a real man having incredible orgasms while you sit around all day jerking off thinking about her.

Call me for some cuckold humiliation phone sex.


Written By: Cindy
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It’s All About The Cream


 Do I ever love creamy stuff.  So good! I love how sticky, warm, and wet it feels on my skin.  I love dipping my fingers in it, and sucking it off. I wish my tits were big enough to suck it off my nipples. Oh so yummy!

If I could I would take a bath in the stuff. I would love for 10 men, to spurt it all over my naked little teen body. 

Did I mention how much I love creamy stuff? I would roll all around in it if I could. I would never want to be wasteful so just shoot it right into my hungry mouth, or better yet, right in my hot, wet pussy. 

My bestie loves cream too, so she loves to lick it right out of me. Then she kisses me, because I can never get enough of that creamy stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. That makes you a big ole pervert. I am talking whipped cream from a can. Get your head out of the gutter!

Well, I am just kidding about what kind of cream. I am talking baby batter! You knew that, didn’t you!


Written By: AJ
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The Walk Home

One of my favorite things is when I am done with a gang bang I enjoy a pleasurable walk back to my house. Now you might be curious to why this would be a favorite of mine. I love to show off to anyone how much of a whore I really am. I am damn proud to take 30 plus cocks, so I enjoy parading my body around town.

It gets me so fucking hot feeling all the cum running out of my cunt and ass down my thighs and legs. There’s nothing better than to have a hot load of jizz all over my face, hair and tits.

When I walk through town, my clothes are ripped and my holes are extremely stretched. Every few minutes, my fingers go down to my legs to collect the cum dripping, so I can have a snack on the way home.


Written By: Trashy Trish
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Hot Wife Turns You Into a Cuckold

 Having a sexy, much younger wife made you envy of all your friends, but they wouldn’t envy you if they knew the truth, would they cucky boy? They would be totally shocked if they knew you’re a cuckold husband and your hot wife has been cuckolding you since before the wedding. If they knew the only kind of sex I allow you is eating my cream pies.

But humiliating as all that is, the real humiliation is how hard it makes you when I make you kneel on the floor beside the bed and let you watch my lovers 9 inch cock between my legs, watching him pleasure me the way your inadequate little dick never could.

Does the humiliation of being cuckolded by a beautiful teasing wife excite you? Call me for the best cuckold phone sex!


Written By: Lexi
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