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Stripping For My Phone Sex Daddy

Ever since I was a little girl I loved taking dance class. I used to love to perform my routines in front of my phone sex daddy.

As time went on, my performances were more sexual and they were turning into a seductive dance more than my normal ballet routine. I could see it was exciting to him and he encourage me to do whatever made me happy. My outfits were getting very skimpy and I started giving daddy lap dances. I could feel the huge bulge in his pants as I grind my little body on his cock. I know he was so turned on and he was trying so hard not to touch me but one day he couldn’t resist. I felt my phone sex daddy’s hand graze across my tiny thong and he could feel my wetness. Daddy’s cock grew even more. I starting grinding my wet pussy against his crotch and it didn’t take long before I felt a warm mess touching my panties. I realized I made him cum through his pants.

It was so hot and erotic that when I turned 21, I worked for a strip club for a short time. I realized it just wasn’t as taboo as dancing for your own daddy. I enjoyed getting him off way more than old, drunk men.


Written By: Dakota
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs To Play!

I work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late.

Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Reunion With My Sorority Sisters

     I flew to Dallas forTiffany a reunion with my sorority sisters last weekend. I honestly hadn’t planned on going till I read that my favorite professor would be there. We go back a long time together as he was also my Algebra teacher in the 9th grade. I had no interest in math, or school but I always managed to get awesome grades. I wonder why? LOL.

One of the girls invited us all to stay at her huge home in Dallas, which was close to all the dance clubs and strip clubs we all went to. My first night there we all headed to Rick’s Club to look at the hot dancers. I was told my favorite professor goes there whenever he is in the city. He recognized me immediately and invited me to join him in the VIP room. The room is basically just a small stage, a couch and the dancer of your choice. 

He pulled me onto his lap as we watched Sasha dance on the stage for us. He teased me and said he knew the men in the club would much rather see my real 36DD’s than most of the enhanced tits. After enjoying some time watching Sasha and giving Professor B his private lap dance, we both went back in the front where he persuaded me to dance on the main stage. I admit, after a few drinks the real blonde bimbo in me comes out. What a fucking night we all had complete with lots of new hot friends and enough tips to pay for the whole trip.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


Written By: Tiffany

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Have A Spooktacular Sexy Halloween


   tiffanyHappy Halloween from your favorite adorable and sexy blonde bimbo! I hope you have something fun, erotic and dirty planned for your night. My festivities are all after hours so why not give me a call before you head off for an evening of fun. Let’s share a bottle of wine, and some hot role-play to get your night started in a spooktacular way.  

A great role-play I would enjoy is we’re at an office party and all the men are talking about my costume. Why I don’t know as I am always showing off my big 36dd’s even in meetings. The other temps wonder why I get so many perks for doing little to nothing most days.

You call me into your office to get me away from the VIPS, salesmen, and other guests. You tell me that my clothes and demeanor at the office are very inappropriate and I am too much of a tease. I smile at you, look up at you with my big blue eyes and laugh wickedly as we both know this is exactly why you hired me. I inform you that your costume isn’t inappropriate and we need to change that. I straddle you in your chair and slowly undress you, getting on my knees for the pants. 

Now you then tell me I have on way too many clothes. I slowly strip as you watch, your dick is getting harder and harder. My pouty red lips begin to kiss their way down till I am sucking on your heavy balls. Your hand is stroking my silky long hair as you slowly begin to pump into my mouth. I suck harder, and faster never breaking eye contact as the tip of your head swells more and more with my lips wrapped around it sucking hard. I run your dick over my nipples as you let out a groan, I begin to titty fuck you. You squirt all over my chest and I rub in the sticky, hot cum.

We straighten up a bit and return to the Halloween Party but you know soon I will be whispering in your ear about draping my long, toned leg over your shoulder.



Written By: Tiffany

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Sexual Frenzy

  I have never seen anything like the last few days except maybe that time in New Orleans during a Red Moon. That is another story for another time but FUCK the Eclipse brought all the freaky mother fuckers out to play! Even your girl Harley was feeling extra freaky if that is possible. 

After I finished with my callers for the night, I went to a pub. My naughty, depraved band of regulars were off the chart. I had anything from rough revenge sex calls to my favorite pain slut wanting to be taken by a cloaked succubus. I almost didn’t want to log off but friends were waiting. I tossed on a sexy red dress, my favorite Kat Von D lippy and slipped on my stilettos. 

I was already wasted from drinking with my callers when I saw they were all playing pool. BORING! Not tonight, I was feeling way too fucking nasty. I climbed on the table and did a slow strip. I was doing sexy little moves with the 8 ball and the billiard cues. Everyone was cheering me on and I decided it was time to show just how strong and tight my pussy was. I slipped in a few balls, and began to push them out one at a time. From there babes, things really got wild.


Written By: Harley
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SheMale Dani Has A Big Surprise

Went to Vegas with the girls for a couple of days. We had trouble getting back home. Our flight was canceled due to a weather delay. The airline put us up in a hotel at the airport. We went to a strip club near the airport that caters to the locals instead of the tourists.

It was amateur night at the club. I had enough mojitos in me that I was feeling brave and very naughty. I got up on the stage and danced. The energy from the crowd was empowering and exciting.I stripped down to my panties, and the head of my hard cock poked out. The guys went fucking crazy. I leaned over and let them kiss it as they pushed money into my thong.
It was so fucking fun!

I hooked up with a couple of the guys and took them back to my hotel for a hardcore threesome.

OMG, I love Vegas!


Seductive Lap Dance

The weekend is here already. With there being a holiday in the middle of the week, there was not much time for us to be together. You spent a lot of time away from home visiting family and going on picnics. Nice, but a little too wholesome for my taste. This weekend, let’s stay in and play. We can have even more fun at home, even in our kitchen. I do a sexy strip tease and give you a fantastic lap dance at the kitchen table. Get you so hot for me. You blow off your friends and end up fucking me on the table, and then the floor. Don’t need to go out to have fun. Stay in and spend some time with your sexy girl!


Sexy Lapdance Seduces You

strip 2

We are staying in tonight. I slip out of my work clothes, and I put on very casual tight little booty shorts and a white tank top. I wonder what you are doing.  I find you in your office with the sounds of sex coming from your computer.  You are masturbating as you watch porn clips. I am way hotter than the girl on the screen.  That girl is wearing ugly shoes and she sounds so fake. I can make you so much hotter! I kiss that spot on your neck that really drives you wild.  I lift up my top and rub my bra-less tits on your back. I crawl into your lap, blocking your view from the screen.  I rub my tits on your lips and I start grinding in your lap.

The lap dance continues as I grind and sway my hips. I know how to excite you.  That cock is hard and is need of some immediate attention.  I pleasure your cock as only I can. I suck your cock and stroke you. I grind and tease your cock, getting your cock closer and closer to cumming.  I climb on top of you with your cock inside of me. I cum on your cock as we fuck in your office chair. You are so hot for me! You lift me up and turn me around. You take me from behind. Giving me one hard hot fuck!


Curious Neighbor Catches Me Doing Naked Yoga

3 jackie

Last month in the city, I attended a hot yoga class with an old friend.  It was exhausting and exhilarating. There are no yoga studios anywhere near me. I try to create the effect here at home in my bedroom. It has become part of my morning routine. The house is quiet and empty. I follow along with a hot yoga DVD. There is a beautiful sexy man on a rock doing the poses. He has a perfect body, but it is his sexy voice that really gets me hot.  I do each of the poses along with him. After about a week, I started doing my yoga naked. After another week, I started opening the curtains for the morning light and secretly wanting to tease the hot neighbor next door.  I hope that he gets turned on watching me doing my yoga. I make sure that my ass is pointed right towards his home office window. Maybe he will stop by and want to have a sexy steamy shower with me. 


Sizzling Seductive Moves Lead To Intense Orgasms


Let me strip for you, slow seductive dance moves, my tight dancer’s body. The absolute most stimulating foreplay is a dancer’s strip tease. Excitement and sexual tension fill the air. I grind up next to you. The heat is powerful. I untie your tie. I lean over you as I unbutton that white dress shirt. You touch my flushed skin. I run my tongue down your chest. I taste your sweat. You grab me. You want to take me, but I slip away and continue my slow tease.  

You think you need it fast, but I know what you need. You need it extreme and passionate. You need to be tender yet forceful. I slow the tempo down but maintain penetrating look right into your eyes. I kiss you and run my fingers between your legs through your pants as my strip tease continues.

Let me help you unwind with a neck massage and then a luxurious lap dance. Slow and sexy. I am your girl. Your girl for just as long as you need me. I whisper sweet but naughty things in your ear as I feel you cock growing for me. Let me show some of my sexiest moves. My body is perfectly toned and smooth.

That sexy look in your eyes and your rapid breath tell me what I want from you. I want you to crave me, need to devour me, exploring every gorgeous sexual pleasure. I take off your pants, drop to my knees and suck your cock.  Your cock is so hard, on the verge of cumming. My lips just edge you until you fuck me. Long, hot fuck! Fuck me in all three beautiful sexy tight, sweet holes of mine. We are perfectly matched together. We both need each other to feel this extremely high level of sexual pleasure.

Your Favorite Playmate,


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