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What’s Yours is Mine

I’m a working girl and have my own money, but why would I spend mine when I can spend all of yours? You work hard so I don’t have to, that’s the way it works. My time is valuable and you need to recognize that. My silky southern voice is the perfect guide to give you the ultimate orgasm, but you have to pay to play. I’ll dictate your cock AND your wallet. If I don’t get what I want then you definitely won’t. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to just hang up the phone if you don’t spend enough on me, no matter how close you are. Your blue balls aren’t my concern. I’m used to being spoiled and treated like a queen. If you can’t provide that then you’re not worth my time. I can drain your cock better than anyone else… but you better believe I’m draining your bank account first!



Written By: Rachel
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GFE Is My Favorite

I love to tease. I love to fuck. I love punish you when you’re naughty. There’s very little that I won’t do, but being your sweet girlfriend is my favorite of all. There’s just something about being the one you come home to, being your listening ear when you complain about your day, being the one that you give all that sweet loving to that gets to me. Sex isn’t all wild fucking. Sex is about intimacy as well and I love when you share that part of yourself with me. There’s nothing wrong with being sweet after we make passionate love, sharing our secrets with each other. I know that more men long for that feeling than they say. It’s nice having someone special to share your life with and I’m the perfect girl for that. My sensual southern hospitality puts you at ease. I can make you forget about everything when you’re with me. All of your stresses will melt away when you’re in my arms. If you need that girlfriend in your life who focuses on you and you alone, call me. I have the body and mouth of a high priced whore, but the voice of an angel. I’ll take care of you like a girlfriend should.


Written By: Rachel
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Sweet Southern Comfort

When it comes to sex, I love it all. Crazy fucking is so much fun, but there is something about sweet, tender love making that makes me weak in the knees and gives me a creamy pussy. Being with that special someone that wants to take his time and make us both feel good is more exciting that anything else to me. A dark room with candles lit, champagne, soft kisses, it makes my heart skip a beat. Every touch and taste has meaning. There’s no need to rush it. We can take our time getting to know each other’s bodies. Foreplay takes hours and when he finally pushes his cock inside of me.. it’s Heaven. We’re right there together and it feels so very good. A slow and steady pace until neither of us can stand it anymore. Passion takes over and we’re grinding against each other, breathing heavy, sweating. It’s so intense! When we finally allow ourselves to cum, we cum together.
When love making is done right, there’s nothing in the world that can compare to it.



Written By: Rachel
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My Boyfriend’s Wife

I had been seeing this guy for a while when he finally decided to share with me that he was married. I was furious and wanted to break things off immediately. I don’t have issues fucking married men, just married men that lie. Before I could toss him out, he told me that his wife was very interested in meeting me. I started to say no just as I heard the door open and close. She came into the room… and she was gorgeous. She looked me up and down and smiled. “She’s perfect.” I have to admit, seeing the way both of them were looking at me made my panties very wet. She walked over slowly and started running her hands up and down my body. She leaned forward and licked my lips, sinking with me down on the couch. Her husband/my boyfriend sat in the chair across from us, his cock already out and throbbing. She and I undressed each other, totally caught in the moment. Her body was so fucking hot and my lips nipped at her nipples and my tongue swirled inside her delicious pussy. After I made her cum with my tongue and fingers, she pushed me back on the couch and pinned my legs back. She started slow, just easing 2 or 3 fingers in, but soon her entire fist was working in and out while her tongue flicked my clit. I was screaming with pleasure, it was so fucking good! My legs were shaking as he walked over. She pulled her fist away and he shot his load all over my gaping pussy. She leaned in licked it up. I have never cum so hard! Since that day, my boyfriend’s wife is now my girlfriend.

He Wishes…

I have a guy in my life who really has a major itch for me. The problem is, I don’t have one for him. Not in the least. I love, love, LOVE his money though. I do my job. I go with him to big events and hang all over him. All the guys look at him with envy in their eyes and think of how lucky he is to get to fuck me. But he hasn’t fucked me and never will if I have anything to say about it! He doesn’t know that though. He spoils me constantly, thinking it will get him in my panties quicker. I’ll admit, the spoiling does make me wet, but not for the reason he thinks. The size of that money clip and bank account makes me drip down my legs! His dick isn’t anything to write home about, but his financial worth is out of this world. As long as there is just a shred of hope that he’s going to get laid, he’ll keep paying for me. That’s why I make sure to give him little flashes of skin and brushes against his stiff cock. I drive him crazy. Every night he leaves with painfully blue balls… but returns with diamonds. Why would I ever want to change our arrangement?

I’ve Been Bad

No getting around it. I’ve been a bad girl this year, but I’ve been very good at it. I’ve had so much hot sex this year and gotten so many men off- and enjoyed every second of it! I can’t help being a cock whore. I’ve been that way since I was young. I just love dick, the bigger the better. When I see or feel a hard cock, I’m helpless. My mouth waters, and so does my pretty pussy. It doesn’t even always matter where I am. I have that urge to sink down to my knees and worship that stiff pole. Santa is a man too and I hope he understands that I TRIED to control myself, but I definitely have an addiction. I’m sure my name is in the naughty list in big letters. He may not have any presents to leave under my tree, but I bet he has something else for me that I would like a lot more…

Are You Ready For Your Massage?

I can tell how tense you are, and I know exactly what will make you feel better. You need a massage. Nope, not your normal shoulder rubbing massage: a prostate massage!

Just lay back for me. I’ll put a pillow under your ass to prop you up a bit for my mouth and fingers. I wouldn’t go too fast. These things have to be worked up to. I would start by taking your cock in my mouth while I rimmed your asshole with a finger. I want you hard and I promise you will be. My slick lips will kiss down the shaft and start working on your balls next. From there, your ass will get the rimming it deserves. My tongue will swirl and then push inside a little. A put some lube on my fingers and replace my tongue. I start with one finger, then add a second one. Once they are both in, I start to wiggle my fingers. As I move them faster, I take your cock back in my mouth. After pumping my fingers in and out for a few minutes, you flood my throat with your cum. I immediately feel your body relax. Just what the doctor ordered.

I Want Married Cock

There’s just something about married cock that turns me on. I don’t know if it’s knowing that it belongs to someone else and I shouldn’t have it or if it’s just the slut in me that it brings out. I go after it all the time and ALWAYS succeed. Just because they’re married doesn’t mean they aren’t still men with needs. I have a certain type that I look for. I like the dads that are wrangling a bunch of kids, driving a mini van and looking like they’re in Hell. Those are the perfect prey. They are so miserable in their life and they need some excitement. It’s quite obvious their prude wives have forgotten that they have a man at home that needs his cock taken care of. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. All I have to do is give the a look and they’re following home. Once I fucked a married cock in his car while his daughter was playing soccer. I don’t know how she did, but I know I scored a cum filled pussy!
I’m calling out to those married men that need something more than chicken on Friday and sex in the dark on Saturday. I have a pussy, ass and mouth that knows how to appreciate a committed cock like yours!

Party Slut

It was a crazy weekend and Rachel had a little too much to drink! I woke up yesterday and could barely remember anything. The entire weekend was a complete blur. I sat up in bed and looked around, confused. “What the fuck did I do?” I slowly stood up and walked over to the mirror to look at my naked body. I was covered in bruises and scratches… and there was a bite mark on one of my tits. I lifted my hands to touch them and they were still very tender. My ass was a little sore as well and I turned to look at the rest of me. I saw more scratches on my back and multiple hand prints across my ass, along with the words “Cum Dump” written in what looked like lip stick, holy fuck! I turned back around and looked at my pussy. It was red and had obviously taken a lot of abuse. I reached down to massage it a little.. and pulled back fingers covered in cum. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t just the life of the party the last couple of days.. I was the entertainment. My phone started buzzing and I walked over to check it. I found dozens of pictures of myself in different positions, taking cock from every angle. The last message I received said, “Expect me at midnight.. I’ll tell you everything.”

To be continued…. 😉

Beach Baby

I’m so glad that winter is finally over and it’s finally nice and hot outside! It’s time for the beach and tiny bikini’s. I love to dress up and tease all the hot guys. I go out and set up my chair and then set out to make every cock on the beach hard. I take my time shaking my hair out and slathering my gorgeous body in tanning oil. The sun is so hot but it’s not what I feel all over my skin. I feel their stares. Their eyes are all over me. I stretch out, my curvy body on display for all to see. When I get so hot I can’t stand it, I go take a quick dip in the ocean. The cold water always feel so good on my skin and makes my nipples rock hard in that little bikini top. When I get back to my chair, my top will come off, who likes tan lines? I hear the gasps from their prude wives and girlfriends. I never let it bother me. I know their men are stiff and throbbing just for me. They should really thank me. The fucking they’ll get when they get home is all due to me and my body. As soon as they get in the door, they’ll get their brains fucked out and probably have the best sex they ever had while their husbands imagine it’s my pussy they’re shoving their dicks in…
You’re Welcome.