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I’m Your Lucky Accomplice

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

It’s time to have some green beer and have some real fun! I want to get totally wasted and do things tonight that would shock people.

Did you know I make the perfect accomplice? Uh huh! I love finding the perfect prey for our pleasure. I am a total sweetie pie and love to please, but when it comes to being your nasty accomplice, I will be the biggest deviant bitch you’ve ever crossed. I will stop at nothing to making my daddies happy.

I think it would be fun to pour alcohol down a little sluts throat while I’m forcing her head back and get her totally intoxicated. Oh, the fun we could have with her.

If you love accomplice phone sex, forced sex, rape scenarios and age play, it’s your lucky day and I’m ready to play!



Written By: Reese
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Goodbye Santa

      I  went and had a few drinks after my Burlesque show before my late night plans. This man in a Santa suit was really getting on my fucking nerves. I was feeling wicked and decided to make him my evening plans.

I invited him to have a few drinks with me and slipped something in it. He was feeling dizzy and walked out to the dark alley. My potion worked and soon, he was a slight 2 inches tall.  Poor wee man. I spiked him with my stiletto heel, picked him up and put him in my purse. He should have a blast with all the sharp implements in my leather purse.

Once at my loft, I let him lose on my floor. My cats were chasing him and I told him he better run fast if he wants to survive. The cameras were on and my friends were making bets on his survival. This really was fucking hysterical to watch. The terror in his tiny eyes was making me excited and my pussy needed some attention.

I couldn’t leave my little man alone as he might have gotten eaten or lost. I took my hot glue gun and glued him to the tip of my vibe. I think I heard him scream in pain from the hot glue. Once it cooled, I began to fuck myself. I came so fucking hard, that it drowned the wee man. I guess the only thing left to do was pee him out and flush him.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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  I often get asked if forced intoxication is really a thing. Yes, it so fucking is a thing. Of course once you have had a few, there is so many other things I will force you to do. Looking at my amazing body alone will make you mine. Once I have you, I will never let you go till I am tired of your ass. 

It begins so innocently. You call me, and ask about forced intox. You enjoy drinking so you wonder how this could ever be a problem. We begin with a few shots here and there. You’re beginning to feel it, and try to punk out on me. Are you a man? Men see things through. You promise me a huge tip if you can stop drinking. I will take that tip, and you will drink another shot. 

I am getting so fucking bored now. I have an idea! Let’s dress you up like a little bitch. My, aren’t you so fucking pretty in pink. Now you’re all dressed up, drunk and horny with no place to go. Such a fucking shame.

I have another idea, but you must tip me first. Call an Uber, go to the nearest bar, and pick up a man. You say you can’t do that, you only like girls. You do want to make me happy? Thirty minutes later, the idea is beginning to appeal to you. You have never sucked a cock before. The more you think about it, the more aroused you get, especially since you can say I made you do it!  LOSER!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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We Do Bad Things Together

I have a caller who constantly complains about his wife. He tells me that she bitches all the time and nags him over the littlest of things. After hearing the stories, I agree that she is a major bitch and something needs to be done about her.

In the beginning, I told him to do small simple tasks like cum on her toothbrush, panties, and cum in her mouthwash bottle. But now the time has come to do something a little more serious. She needs to be put in her place once and for all. I told him all you just need is the perfect accomplice to make it all go away. No more complaining, mood swings, and being turned down for sex.

We’ll wait for the perfect moment and slip her a little pill in her drink. I want her aware of what’s going on but also not strong enough to fight us. We will tie her to the bed, and that’s where the fun begins. It can be a slow process, and make her feel every bit of pain that she caused you over the years. Or, we can end it right away.

When we put our heads together, we will come up with the most brilliant plan that satisfying to both of us. Say goodbye to your nagging past and hello to a peaceful future.

Let’s be very bad together!


Written By: Jade
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Ho Fucking Ho

This year went by super fucking fast. It happens when your life is an insane whirlwind. The club asked me to headline from now till New Year’s so I will be even busier. Of course, not too busy for my list of freaky callers. I rather like being the chosen one for any and all freaky, demented calls. Entertain me, because if you don’t, there will be bloodshed. Now that puts moi in quite the situation as I need a bit of bloodshed in my daily life. There is a few of the chosen, I expect to hear from. You know who you are!

Pull out those party favors if you have them, as I fully plan to celebrate with you. I need some intense role-play to get my juices flowing and put me in the mood. Email me those deviant thoughts, let’s see what you got!

Have a twisted sort of holiday, because is there any other? 



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Piss Boy Returns


Do I usually share my calls?  Sometimes there is this one caller, can you say “fucked in the head”? Fun, depraved in a different way then moi, and FUCKED UP!  I knew who he was the minute he spoke, ah YES, piss boy returns. He was drinking and doing blow and I decided to join him in the drinking. I had a bottle of Baileys that was calling my name. 

My deviant little mind was already thinking of “pissy” tasks for him to do. I do so amuse my fucking self!  We played the shot glass game again, where he wasn’t sure if he was drinking his piss or vodka. I shall call it piss roulette. Then I had him gather a few things for moi. He fetched an apple cut in quarters, a designer brand shoe, designer underwear, his designer haircut was freshly washed, then he sat on his designer blanket on his designer basement floor. I think you get where I am going and where his designer haircut will be going.

I imagine you are either laughing now, sickened or horrified at my demented mind. What did I have Piss Boy do with these items? He played apple roulette with a  apple slice dipped in his rancid piss, he pissed in his shoe and put his foot in it, and one of my favorites was dumping the bowl of piss on his head ruining his designer haircut. Now, we were on a very long call and the more I enjoyed my Baileys, the more creative I got. I made him snort up his piss with his blow twenty dollar bill. I do not watch comedies, my sense of humor is extremely dark so you can imagine if it has me laughing, it is pure evil!

Piss Boy was to get up early and take his girlfriend and mother out for New Years Eve brunch. I gave him 3 choices. He couldn’t shower the piss smell off, he had to fill a water bottle with his piss and put in cup holder or he had to cancel. One wonder if he still has that girlfriend?


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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What a Pathetic Loser

  It is almost the weekend and I wonder if you have any plans you pathetic loser? I have some major plans which involves you, your wallet, bank accounts and a little CBT and blackmail. While we are at it, how about I force you to get so drunk you can’t even remember your own name!

Oh bitch, I am far from done with the planning for your loser ass. A few of my guy friends want in on it as well, I mean a hot hole is a hot hole. I would say sweet and tight  but we both know your pucker isn’t sweet and has been stretched to the max. 



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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       I seriously fucking hate malls. I would blow them all up if I could get away with imalaya-phone-sex-5-300x398t. Men buy me jewelry  and pay extra so I can have them checked out yearly. Why? Come on fucker, you know these little fists pack quite a punch. Unfortunately time got away from me and I had to go during holifuckingday insanity. So whatever, people everywhere and not looking where they were going. Tres bete!

     I waited till later, hit a dark bar and returned at closing. No, I didn’t know who exactly leered and bumped into me but “piss off” revenge and a little snuff is hot regardless. I took 3 professional type dicksocks home with me, LOL, well someone’s home it was anyway. They drank a little too much and passed out. I may have popped in a pill or two, peu importe.

         They woke up telling me enough was enough and my little fetish was sexy but time to untie them and really get the gang bang started. I really was in the mood to begin slicing and dicing right then but I did make some promises to my favourite fag boys and well a promise to a friend is a promise. Oh, what happened next, ROFLMFAO. No worries though, my knife and I eventually had our fun!


Don’t Get The Wrong Idea Bitch

I know I have made it clear I am into pain, snuff and all things absofuckinglutely demented and depraved. I also love getting ink, and piercings and going out and getting wasted, dancing and whatever brings me pleasure …BUT….I do love fucking! Maybe just not with you. ROFLMFAO.

There are several kind of men and women that make my adorable, hot little twat wet and I wonder if that man is sometimes on the end of the phone. Do you look at my pictures and wonder what if you could have someone like me? Fucking doubtful dicksock.  I wonder what your wife would think if she saw you licking your laptop with your wormy dick out?

I know you imagine me riding you with my delicate hand wrapped around your throat. Do you wonder, are you scared, or do you need me to keep going till there is no life left in your worthless body.  Stop wondering and call me as the worst that can happen is I tell you to fuck off and hang up on you or the best thing will be….I don’t know that depends on our chemistry. There was this man last night….well piss off I don’t give anything away.

Maleficent Malaya

Happy St. Drinking Day!

I just love every and any excuse to go out drinking and getting into trouble. The doormen are much more lax and it is easier to get in all the clubs, bars and pubs on St. Paddy’s Day. My friends and I usually go to the raunchier anything goes bars.

This year the weather is terrible, I have a bar full of booze and I am in a really dirty mood. That’s right I will be working drunker than Cooter Brown.  I know once home from the bar you would love to get nasty with a hot red haired teen like me.

Are you waiting for me to pass out so you can take advantage of my sexy little body. Go ahead, and I might just pretend I am really passed out! Maybe you might catch me and a girlfriend playing with eachother’s sweet bald pussys. She tastes so fucking good.

Why not give me a call before or after your celebrations. I promise to be horny and wasted. Just be sure to be wearing green boxer shorts.

Cum fuck a real Irish Teen, xoxo Amanda