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Your Balls, My Ashtray

  Happy Fucking Holidays bitches! I love teasing men while I slowly smoke a thin, long cigarette. They get entranced watching how my lip curls into a sneer. Stupid fuckers imagine it is the head of their worthless dick in my mouth as I suck bringing up the wafting smoke trails.

I can tell you now twats, these lips will never kiss, lick or suck any part of you. Watching you, and relaxing with a fag gives me an idea. I love to annihilate your balls in any matter I see fit. I have flogged them, smashed them under my boot heel, paddled, poured hot liquid and made you use sounding rods. My lit cigarette is almost done, and I see a smooth, already tortured place to put it out.  Your Balls, my cig! 


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

We met at a house party which turned into a long night of me teasing you. I seen the way you looked at me when I had a drink in my hand and a cigarette in the other. You definitely peaked my curiosity with your looks. I motioned for you to follow me to one of the back rooms. I pressed my body up against yours and the only thing between us was a cloud of smoke. I ask you,” How bad do you want me? How bad do you want my pussy?” I purse my lips around my cigarette drawing in the sweet smoke. I nestle between your legs feeling your hard cock while you listen to me take a deep drag of my cigarette. I could feel your need and desire from your cock jumping in your pants.

I lean back against the wall blowing a cloud of smoke your way. Commanding you to drop to your knees while drawing another deep drag…

How far will your smoking fetish take you? I can’t wait to find out.


Blowing Smoke Rings

I know you can’t help but get instantly hard as you see a sexy woman press a cigarette against her luscious lips. This is why I consider smoking fetish phone sex one of my favorite things to rub out and puff too! See my ex girlfriend is a heavy smoker. She would sit across from me wearing lingerie with bright red lipstick on her plump lips and slowly puff and blow smoke rings towards me! She began to spread my legs and slowly and gently blow smoke spreading my pussy lips and blowing directly onto my clit. The warm air felt so good and watching the smoke as it drifted slowly from her lips had me so ready to play. She was incredibly sexy. I began to admire woman in a sexual way even more when I spotted them smoking. So, I picked up the habit myself and absolutely love to tease and please a man while I smoke. Slowly puffing from my cigarette and softly blowing smoke rings for you. The perfect round shape of my mouth has you so excited. I wanna get on my slut knees and let you admire my beautiful mouth as I smoke. I’ll have you so hard and ready for that blow job. What are you waiting for?


Pay to Confess

 I had a call late last night. Honestly, I was off for night to go out and have a few drinks and torture a few souls. I decided on a whim to answer. I could tell by the sound of his voice he was drunk, desperate and needed to confess to me. I can spot a loser every time. He was not only a loser but his life was a total waste of skin.

I got comfortable poured myself an ice wine and immediately demanded he slow down on the drinking. If this worm passed out well, what would be the fun in that.  With my human ashtray on his knees I smoked a Djarum Black and sipped my wine. First sin was he denied who he really was and dated girls. Penance was in the form of cash tributes. I told him when he could drink and when he was to tribute me. LOSER!

The call turned into a wonderfully decadent tale of drugs, men, marriages, lost jobs, and emptied trust funds.  I had a front seat and was not letting go till I knew all and his credit card was maxed. Once this worthless dick and coke addicted freak maxed  his card he grabbed the one he took from his clueless parents.  Did I mention he was in his 50’s? LOSER.

Need to confess what a giant worthless cunt loser you are? I will listen, for a price. You will have to excuse me if I laugh at your misery and fuck ups.  You did bring it on yourself.


I’m a sexy smoking slut and I get so turned on lightening up a cigarette. I put the cigarette up to my red lips and grab my pink lighter and the first inhale always turns me on. I instantly rub my clit every time I inhale.
If you were here, I would drive you wild. I would tease and taunt your cock as I lightly blow smoke rings all over it. I wrap my lips around your cock while my cigarette is in one hand and the other hand is pumping your dick as I am sucking you off. I stop and have another drag. You look at me and you see my bright red lipstick smeared across my face and my eyeliner running down from taking your cock deep and gagging on your big dick. You know I look like a sexy smoking whore and you want nothing more than to cum all over my slutty smoky face!
I’m addicted to smoking and it just feels so good fucking while I light up. After listening to me smoke, I will become your newest smoking addiction.
Call the SMOKING ADDICTION Hotline right now! 866.539.8379

Smoking Fetish

 You watch as her mouth parts ever so slightly, your attention drawn to the momentary color of black behind those soft ruby red lips.  Then it happens.

The slow, beautiful, sensual almost ethereal dance of grey tendrils of smoke as they move, serpentine like, moving over it’s self, crossing,  wafting upward, hiding her face from view for a few moments, but those lips, you can still see the bright redness of them.

You swallow and adjust the way you are sitting.  You wonder if she knows, knows that you are watching her, getting hard following the smoke from her perfect mouth.  The way it curls, swirls, hangs ghost like in the air above her head before it dissipates.

Then you realize she is looking right at you, smirk upon those full lips of hers, she over exaggerates the movements of her bringing that burning cigarette to those lips; oh God those perfect lips; before drawing in a long, slow drag, forcing the hot box on the end to light up, orange and hot.

She lowers her head slightly, keeping her mouth open so you can see the smoke curl in circles as she breaths it into her lungs.  You think about how warm her breath, mingled with the smoke would look and feel against your now stiff dick.  She is blatantly teasing you now.  She holds it inside her for awhile, making you inch forward in your seat with anticipation, she raises her hand to her mouth, placing a kiss on the palm of her hand, then with an action that would cause a lesser man to erupt right there, she blows you a kiss, forcing a stream of soft luscious smoke across her hand and right toward you.


Smoking Hot Phone Sex

Fucking love to play out smoking fantasy’s with you. I personally love to light up after an intense fuck session and what better way then to incorporate into our role play.  It makes your dick throb to watch me inhale taking slow, sensual drags then blowing out seductive smoke rings. Imaging my sexy mouth and beautiful red lips wrapped nicely around the head of your cock or blowing rings around it while I jerk you.  The places we can go are limitless and my tight pussy aches to go there.  Let me seduce you until you are throbbing to cum for me. Then just pound my pussy while I drag away on my ciggie.

Fucking can’t wait!


Smoking Hot Sex

I inhale slowly so seductively pulling you into my lascivious web. Your breath quickens and your cock begins to throb as you watch me exhale blowing smoke rings into the air.  You have a smoking fetish the very sight of me lighting up and taking drag after long, sensual drag forces pre-cum to the tip of your dick. You want more, drooling now you get down on your knees and beg for me to blow rings around your hard, swollen shaft.  I motion for you to come up on the bed beside me and I once again inhale making the cherry flicker bright red before pulling away from my mouth only to blow several rings around your aching dick.  “Is this what you want dirty boy?” You shake your head and moan as you watch me take another drag this time I blow my smoke into your face and climb up on top of you slipping your fuck rod deep into my juicy cunt.  Your cock probes deeper and I grind my hot cunt harder with each drag I savor.  Slowly inhaling leaning my head back to exhale again and again until finally you are no longer able to take it anymore your creamy jizz fills my hot hole.

Smokey kisses on your cock~Holly


Smoking Fetish Play

Watch me slowly wrap my red lips around my ciggie then inhale deeply and hold it before releasing smoke rings into the air in front of you.  I unzip your pants and pull out that swollen shaft and start to stroke you while I take another long,sultry drag.  This time I blow rings around your cock and then take every inch of you in my mouth.

My pussy starts to tingle and ache. I slide a finger in and continue to puff and suck.  No longer able to resist that rock hard cock of yours, I take my mouth off just long enough to climb on top.  You feel my tight hole squeezing and milking your cock while I take another drag you beg me to blow rings around your face you think it’s so hot to see my smoking so seductively while I ride your hard throbbing dick. Just when you are about to cum so deep inside me I get off of you and suck that aching fuck rod until you cum in my mouth.  I think smoking fetish is super erotic and can be so sexy, If you like too I invite you to call me. Of course, I’m always open to any fetish or fantasy..

kisses to you,


Smoking Fetish Sex

I have a very older man that likes for me to light up for him. He has a smoking fetish and loves our smoking phone sex calls. He tells me how hard his dick gets when he watches me tongue the filter on my cigarette,  wrap my pretty lips around the tip to take that long,  sensual drag.

Mmmm watching as the cherry blazes as red as my hair.  He also has a thing for sexy, young red heads so I guess you could say i’m his” smoking hot dream.”

The last time we were together I got down on my knees and blew smoke rings around his huge, hard dick then sucked him eagerly.

I french inhale as he slides that wet, hard dick  deep inside my hot, tight pussy. Mmmm the pleasure of smoking while being fucked is so intense and one of my most favorite fetish plays of all.

For all your smoking fetish fantasy’s call Ariel.

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