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 My Stats

Age: 21

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 109

Measurements: 34B-21-32

Pussy: Very sleek and smooth

Ass: Tight and likes to get fucked!

Favorite Positions: Any position where I am on my knees

Strangest Places I've had sex: Metallica concert

Hobbies: Singing, performing, concerts, music, playing cards, Sunday drives, slasher movies, beer pong and playing my guitar

Specialities: Anal queen, Femdom, Strap-on play, Domination, Humiliation, Age play, Role play, Toilet training, Face sitting, Scat, Nipple torture, Sissy training, Submissive girl, Swallowing cum and Light bondage.


Hey guys,

I’m your newest addiction Zoe. I am the little freak you have been dying to meet. I will do all the nasty things the other girls wont. I’m a singer in a band. I love going to open mic night at the local club and having all the guys scream and yell for more. Nothing makes my pussy twitch like it does when I have a hundred screaming fans trying to jump on stage to touch me.

I have always loved being the center of attention. Showing of my hot body is such a turn on to me. I love wearing really sexy outfits and grinding the mic while I’m on stage. Even back when I was a very young teen I loved the attention. I would always tease my teachers or any older man who caught my attention. Lucky for them I may be a tease, but I am also a sure thing. I love to fuck and having my tight little pussy stuffed full is one of my favorite things. Don’t worry, I know how to work the mic really well too. I have great vocal cords so swallowing all of you is not problem. Plus the coating of cum is really good for my throat.

I love doing all the nasty role-plays and taboos. Nothing is ever off limits or too nasty for me. I am the little rocker chick your cock needs to drive it wild. Micro mini skirts and 5 inch fuck me heels are my favorite type of clothes. I’m not the girl you would bring home to Mommy, but I am the one your Daddy wants to fuck when she is not looking. I just started having anal sex and truthfully I think I like it more in the ass then I do in my pussy. Fuck my round ass hard, but make sure you pull it out so I can taste all of it. My tight little ass tastes good all over your cock.

You might wonder why I am doing phone sex. Well, a girl can’t fuck every night so I have to get cock on the phone. I am your nasty little virtual secret and just like in real life I will do anything and everything to make sure your cock explodes like the 4th of fucking July. Wanna be my newest groupie?


Call 1.866.936.9411
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Zoe”

  • you seem like a cold hearted bitch i would love to bondage tie up. then i would shove peppermint candy canes in your asshole and pussy so the peppermint oil burns your sorry bitch ass.

  • Miss Zoe has helped me to understand that i belong to Her and that i should turn over my will and my life to her. She has gently opened me up to allow Her to see inside me, to see all that i am. She guides me in all aspects of my life and i know i’ll always belong to only Her.

  • zoe you are the hottest woman ever. i would luv to lick your holes for a week and make you cum in my mouth a hundred times. ummmm. take me home and keep me there for a year. tie me up and fuck me every day.

  • mmmmm can’t wait to be blue balled by you!

  • I love it when you are on your knees so willing to please. I will give you the comment where you say you dont want sex every day, but I do. Mike H.

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