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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 109

Measurements: 34A-21-35

Pussy: Trimed

Ass: Grab it and find out

Favorite Positions: From behind and up against a wall

Strangest Places I've had sex: On the San Francisco bridge waiting in traffic

Hobbies: Going to fresh markets, movies, Tiffany's, meeting new people and falling in love with older men

Specialities: Love affairs, Cheating girlfriend, Long conversations, Role play, Age play, Older men, GFE, Lasting relationships, Oral, Anal and Mutual masturbation


I hope you like exploring my page. I’m one girl you’ll never forget. I was born and raised in Canada. I come from a very big family. Out of all my brother and sisters my Mother always told me I was the devil of them all. I had that sneaky grin that gave it away almost every time I was up to no good.

I’m 24 years old and I just ended an affair with an older, married man. We met at a coffee shop near his work about 2 years ago. We would meet at fancy hotels, in my car or occasionally at my apartment. We had incredible lovemaking sessions that couples would die to have. He did things to my body that has never been done before. My pussy would get soaked knowing I was going to see him that day. I knew he felt the same way. Sometimes, we would go for a week without seeing each other and he would rip open my blouse and threw me up against the wall. He would shove my eager pussy right down on his cock. Other times, we made slow passionate love. Hands gripping, sweaty bodies rubbing and never ending kisses. When it was over we shared a cigarette together with me in his arms. I didn’t smoke but always needed one after I had sex with him. I’d always knew when our time was over, he would get up, get dressed and leaned over to give me a kiss on the forehead. He would tell me he would call me in couple of days. It always made me sad he was going home to his wife but in a way I got very turned on by the thought of my cum was all over his face and cock. I needed him so bad and craved his big cock inside of me that 2 days was always a long wait. He had to go on tons of business trips and I always would get to go with him. It was the best experience for me. We made love in some of the best cities all over the US. One night in San Diego was a night I will never forget. I had eight orgasms one right after the other. We fucked like wild animals.

Sadly, he moved 2 hours away from me because of a job transfer. He still wanted to see me and I thought that we had a wonderful two years but I’m ready to move on.

I’m ready for a hot, new love affair, any takers? I love phone sex because I love fucking unavailable men either on the phone or in person. I’m ready to do things to your body that your wife or girlfriend couldn’t even dream of doing to you. I’m very discreet and trust worthy and I just want you! Let’s have the time of our lives, eh? I promise to make it the best time ever. Since, I don’t have that in my life now I am craving a hot love affair! Let’s sneak away together and make some memories. Our romantic journey begins when you pick up that phone and call me.


Call 1.888.215.8766
for Phone Sex with

22 Responses to “Annaliese”

  • Wow, you are a hot little thing!

  • Awesome. Very beautiful and imaginative girl……

  • ur breast r perfect i die for ur nipples

  • Annaliese, you made my 2nd call to this site the best yet and I will definately do future calls with you, you are very sweet and genuine. Thank you for a great time and hope to talk again soon

  • I had a great time with her! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good time. Will call soon!

  • Annaliese is spectacular! I had a one hour conversation with her, and I was completely drawn in to the fantasy. Her imagination, creativity, and intelligence placed the experience far above my expectations. I am very much looking forward to our next conversation; one that I’m sure won’t just push the envelope, but tear it open, completely. If you’re interested in traveling to places in your mind that are as of yet, unexplored, pack your bag…but do travel light, Annaliese is everything you need.

  • WOW!! I wanted a hot nurse and what I got was a hot and nasty nurse!!!! She is great you really need to call her. I will be talking to her soon and I bet she gets promoted to HEAD nurse!!

  • Annaliese is remarkable! She makes you feel like you are special, She listens and then says just the right things to get you there and back—more than once–and you travel first class. She is so hot from a gorgeous face, get you hard voice, perfect word choice on the phone and body—with spectacular ass–that I was so satisfied I had to call next day. She is one woman all men should experience, especially if you like sexy angels.

  • wow is all i have to say about annaliese.She is an amazing woman that ive fallan for

  • WOW what a great call. She helped me set it up.. but the build up was not nearly as good as the call. Very very creative and detailed…very hot. Will definately call her again.

    thanks babe!!!

  • Awsome! Need I say more. You are the best! I think your earned that promotion you were looking for!

  • A terrific young lady with the sexiest, naughtiest little giggle. Every call with you has been a treat!

  • Annaliese is a sexual girl. She has a very sexy voice and really knows how to use her imagination. I’ve had lots of fun playing with her on the phone.

  • She loves to get into your mind and see exactly what makes you tick. If you are honest with yourself and with her you will not regret the time you spent with Annaliese. She works with what you give her and creates a masterpiece…I mean I couldn’t end the call because I didn’t know what she would say next…it was an amazing call and I will be speaking to her again in the near future!!!

  • The best. Amazing. I think I am in love.

  • Wow … jad second date with annaliese earlier today and if only they all could be like this … terrific call .. great voice … your sense of sound is attacked by this hot and sexy woman … close your eyes and let annaliese invade your mind, you’ll be happy you did!

  • Excellent mind to go with the excellent body. A world class call.

  • Annaliese, what a total Goddess.

  • Amazing voice… amazing imagination. Dirty. She’s great.

  • Man…….what a release. Such a smooth innocent voice. Sooo willing…. She went into the woods a curious girl and walked out a nymph!!!! try her and you will cum back

  • Just when I think there is no place left to go. You manage to take me to anew and higher level. You is the best at what you do.

  • Hello Annaliese,

    I’d like to introduce myself my name is Adam I’m a married 30yr old over the road truck driver. I’d enjoy getting to know you and have a lasting fun relationship with you. Hope to hear from you.


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