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Goddess Jezzabelle

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 My Stats

Age: 28

Eyes: Devilish

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 124

Measurements: 36D-25-36

Pussy: Tight and slick- Don't you wish you were worthy!

Ass: Waiting to be worshipped!

Favorite Positions: Having you my pet, at my feet!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a Fetish Club on stage

Hobbies: Tormenting, training, becoming your addiction!

Specialities: Extreme domination, CBT, Humiliation, Cock control, Strap on training, Financial domination, Hardcore BDSM, Dungeon play, Leather/latex fetish and Rape fantasies


Hello and welcome to my little piece of the web. I’m sure you come groveling to me. Ready to worship and to serve me. I expect you to be on your knees, as a sissy bitch such as yourself.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Goddess Jezzabelle. I expect you to call me by that. Do not dare cross my line and call your Goddess out of name. The punishment could be very harsh. I’m sure once you get the privilege to speak to me, you will remember my name, it will be embedded in your brain, you will not know anything besides me, you will become MINE. So we better not have any issues. Got it? Good!

Now that you understand that. Let’s focus on me. Since that’s what really matters. You will learn fast or the hard way. Whatever it takes to put you into your place. You will see and understand that I am to be treated with utmost respect. You should always be kneeling at my feet waiting for my next command. I’m the Goddess of your dreams, but can turn into the bitch of your nightmares. So you chose!

I have been living the D/S lifestyle for the past ten years. Having a house boy for the past 6. I am not looking for another, so don’t waste your breathe or my time. You are here for my amusement, for me to punish, train or use you for my total enjoyment.

I enjoy all types of sessions. I tend to be more to the extreme. I enjoy busting balls, transforming “men” into my pet slaves. The way it makes my pussy tingle, I can’t help it. I crave to hear a man moan, whimper, beg and plead for more of my harsh commands. As you will learn very quickly. I also enjoy, teasing and denial, edge play, CBT, humiliation, strap on training, body worship. That’s just a few of my favorites.

When you call me, be expected to be abused, degraded, used, tortured, I will have no mercy on you. Don’t expect it from me. If you are looking for a soft bitch, find one, because I’m simply not it!

Call 1.866.934.9940
for Phone Sex with
Goddess Jezzabelle

3 Responses to “Goddess Jezzabelle”

  • I would love to serve you. All dressedup feeling very sexy and pretty.

  • I want to be on my knees for you like a good bitch

  • Forever I would be your slave and slave, even the smallest of your hairs, my mistress. If I could economically travel to you, I would kneel before your imperial Presence, prostrate myself before your Royal Feet, and be a slave for / forever, even the smallest of your hairs; Oh, your divine Goddess. Many times I imagined the girls, women, feminine beings (including gimbots, fembots, transsexuals and / or naturals, dolls, aliens, / s say they have the form of a woman), as almighty beings, Even in the smallest of his hairs. Magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability, all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable powers. Able to become gigantic, to move each and every one of their hairs, as to tie, protect and / or enslave all infinity

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