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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 107

Measurements: 32B-21-34

Pussy: No hair and silky soft

Ass: If your lucky!

Favorite Positions: I am always on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: Back seat of Daddy's Mercedes

Hobbies: Tanning, shopping, older rich men, going to the spa, traveling, hanging with my friends and spending daddy's money!

Specialities: Spoiled brat, Humiliation, Tease and denial, Financial domination, Guided masturbation, Family fun, Intelligent conversation, Princess domme, Naughty princess and Cheerleader


Looking to play with a spoiled little brat? Then you have found the right girl. I’m Paris and I am a spoiled little bitch who always gets her way. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and daddy made sure that his little Princess always got what she wanted. I still have daddy wrapped around my little finger and now it’s your turn to please the Princess. I love using older men for all of my needs. I can be the little angel whispering in your ear to stroke it for me. You didn’t think I was going to touch it, did you?

When I was younger and would do something to piss dear old dad off, all I would have to do is bring home some low life pig and fuck him when I knew daddy was on his way home. Every time he caught me with some guys cock deep in my throbbing cunt he would up the limit on my Amex and beg me not to shame the family with that scum. One time I was really bad. I told him I would take the credit limit if the guy could cum all over his face. Daddy loves me so he took the cum shot and raised my limit another 10 grand. Every time I look at my bracelet I think of daddy painted in white and it makes me giggle.

I really do love sex, but only the bad boys. I love the sleazy ones. Nothing makes my teen pussy throb harder then know that the guy I am fucking could rape of gang bang me and there is nothing I can do about it. I always submit if they’re the naughty boys. If I can walk all over you, then you are more likely to be the one taking the cock, not me! The boys at daddy’s country club all know that I can make them anything I want. I once had them do a 10 guy gang bang on each other just to get a view of my sweet pussy.

I just told Daddy that I am doing phone sex and you should have seen the look on his face. He was horrified, but I am addicted to listening to all the wanker’s stroke their cocks for me. I love playing with my pussy knowing that the guy on the other end could be anyone. It could even be dear old dad!


Call 1.866.363.3798
for Phone Sex with

3 Responses to “Paris”

  • Paris,

    You are without a doubt the most incredibly sexiest women I have ever talked to. When I first saw your pictures I was instantly turned on with that dynamite body, n even more beautiful face. Hearing that teasingly cute voice had my cock throbbin, and standing at attention for you. Your naughty personality and obvious enthusiasam had me exploding everywhere with you, and was the best call I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to get those lil sexy panties of yours that we got sooooo soaking wet, and talk to u again, n again…

    Kissses all over that sweet pussy

  • Paris,

    When I saw that sexy body and hot face I had to call. The call was better than I could have imagined. The roll play threesome, with you, me and my girlfriend, was awesome. You had a amazing ability to make it like the three of us were actually there, and that sexy voice was great. The golden shower surprise we had, had me going almost too fast, it was so super hot. Thanks for a great call and I can’t wait for our next one!

  • Paris does tease and denial with a vengeance, my balls were so blue and swollen, it was incredible, — but no cumming for john . . . .

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