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 My Stats

Age: 18

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 98

Measurements: 32B-21-32

Pussy: Never been fucked so it's super tight!

Ass: Small and tight!

Favorite Positions: On my knees begging for your cock to be the first to be inside my warm, tight pussy.

Strangest Places I've had sex: I'm a virgin but had oral sex on a school bus.

Hobbies: Watching porn, running, basketball, drawing and hanging out with friends.

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Submissive, Family Fun, Anal play, Role play, Naughty babysitter, Kinky cheerleader, Mutual masturbation, Web cam watching, Voyeurism, Sex toys, Watching porn on the web, Impregnation, Handjobs and I have a very young voice to make you explode!


Hey Guys,

I’m Andie and I just turned 18 last month. Growing up in Pennsylvania I was more of a tomboy then a frilly little girl. I preferred match box cars and mud fights to Barbies and make ovens. I still am a little tomboy, but now I am having these feeling for the boys I grew up with that was never there before. I have a secret that I have never told anyone. I am still a virgin and want to end that very soon.

A few months ago I was fooling around with this boy who lives across the street and he noticed my boobs have gotten bigger and my ass is nice and round now. I thought he was going to be the one to pop my cherry, but that was just a disaster. We kissed and made out, but when it was time to stick his cock in my pussy it just wouldn’t fit. He got the very tip in, but I was just way too tight. I really wanted it to slide right in because I was so turned on. Since, he was hard he told me to jack him off all over my face. That was my first time and seeing that cock explode made me cream without even touching my naughty box.

I want to get fucked. I am tired of doing it alone. I love masturbating, but it never makes me feel complete. I really want my cherry popped. I am looking for a nice big thick cock and a guy who is not afraid to just shove it in. I don’t even care if it hurts. I need a dick to explode inside of me. I want to feel the explosion of cum splattering my tight little pussy. I refuse to use a condom the first time because I need to feel the entire fuck act.

A friend suggested I do this phone sex thing so I could at least get some dick on the phone, but I really do need the real thing to make me scream. I will do anything and everything to make my pussy squirt like the ones I see in the movies. Yes, I am addicted to porn now too. Are you the one who is going to pop my cherry? Remember I am a virgin and I want your cock to make me a Woman! Can’t wait for your call!

Call 1.888.282.6717
for Phone Sex with

4 Responses to “Andie”

  • Thanks for the awesome call last night. You are amazing! Thinking about wanting to fuck that virgin pussy kept me hard all day long. Can’t wait to call you again!

  • Andie, you are awesome. That sweet lil voice of yours makes me melt, and their is nothing like imaging how good it would feel to have my rock hard cock in that soft, dirty-talking mouth of yours. Just the thought of you looking up at me with wanting eyes makes me want to cum. Thanks so much for being the best PSO!

  • Oh Andie you are such a naughty little girl for Daddy! I loved having you sit on my lap and play with the Magic Dragon! I hope to play with you again soon baby!

  • Pat (the guy from Canada)

    Andie, our session the other night was spite of my cold you made feel really good. That sweet voice of yours got me hard really quick.I came in a gusher!
    Guys, take it from me: call Andie!

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