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 My Stats

Age: 45

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'6

Weight: 124

Measurements: 34D-24-35

Pussy: Super large clit for extra stimulation

Ass: Mommy loves bending over

Favorite Positions: Riding, doggy and missionary with my legs over your shoulders

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a hunted house at the State Fair

Hobbies: Tanning, baking, PTA, shopping, jazz clubs, dancing and going to fresh farmers market

Specialities: MILF fantasy, Cuckolding, Mommy/Son, Cougar, Body worship, Guided masturbation, Family fun, Domination, Orgies, Ass play, Amazing blowjobs, Foot fetish, Lactation, Adult babies and so much more!


You all know the story of Mrs. Robinson. She is the hottest piece of ass in the neighborhood and all the young boys want to fuck her. You become friends with her son just so you can get closer to her. She is the reason MILF was invented. Well, I am Mrs. Robinson and once you look at me will want me too. I am the welcome wagon to all the new neighbors. I bring the All American Pie over and end up fucking their son. I have an intense sex drive and I just love sharing it with everyone.

I am the PTA Mom and the head of all other offices at the school, but what really goes on during those meetings is a deep dark secret. We love to fuck and we love to share. I will never be a one woman man, but don’t tell my husband. I make sure I wear really sexy skirts, never pants. I have beautiful legs and I love to show them off. You wont be able to resist my advances either. Some of the college boys in my community love to come over and mow or do other chores for me. I always pay them with sex. They know that Mrs. Robinson is the best lay they will every have. Most of them learned to fuck from me. I love taking a boy and making him into a man. I start with a blow job to make them addicted then I slide them deep inside and let them blow that first load inside of an experienced woman. They love the fact that I don’t make them wear a condom. Most of them would pop before it was even on. Their girlfriends should thank me for all I have taught them about how to pleasure a women.

I love to guide your masturbation and your stroke sessions. There is so much I can teach you about the pleasures of the body. I am a very sinful woman and nothing will shock me or turn me away from making you cum. I have heard it all baby and done even more. So bring your cock to Mommy little boy and I will make sure you leave a man.

Mrs. Robinson

Call 1.866.949.6853
for Phone Sex with
Mrs. Robinson

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  • Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson… your call was great…you are one sexy MILF…I liked your deliciously dirty mind and lovely pics to match your awesome voice…can’t wait to call again… : b…

  • This was one nasty mother! She had a sexy willing voice and no inhibitions. Even when the girls came home she proved to be the best slut on the block! If you want a girl who is willing to do it all – call this no-taboo lady and treat her like a whore. She loves to be used!
    Cum in…

  • Here’s to you again…super sexy voice with a devilish tendencies for making things oh so HOTT!! I’ll call you again soon… : b…

  • Thank you for a fantastic time today. You have a wonderfully sexy voice and a great imagination to go with it. I also really enjoyed your giggle. You really made my day today, I will be thinking of you all day. Will call again soon.

  • Super Good Call…she is sexy and has a sexy voice to match. On top of that she asked me questions that made me feel like she cared about more than just the sex. She’s someone I will have to call again

  • Mrs. Robinson read me like a book and ensured that I’ll be back for more. Sexy voice, filthy mouth, and willing to play the exact role I was seeking.

  • What an incredible call! Mrs. R, you have the sweetest, sexiest voice, and the seductive Mommy roleplay was simply mind-blowing. I can’t wait for next time!

  • Hi, this may be out of line, tried before but it said ERROR, I’ve never done a phone sex call before and didn’t even know sites like this existed but your blog entry about the mother’s best friend led me here and I might have to change, . I’m not young but could play let’s pretend, ,smile>. You probably don’t care about complements like this and as I say I hope this isn’t out of line but it only took a minute and the log entry and this site is HOT, nice job, , happy new year.

  • Mrs. Robinson was extremely sexy she is so beautiful and her voice will just captivate you I can’t wakt to talk to her again 🙂

  • Mrs. Robinson is a wonderful, sexy and talented woman. A great call from start to finish!

  • Mrs. Robinson just inducted me into phone sex. What a sexy milf.

  • Nobody does it better!

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