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 My Stats

Age: 21

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'2

Weight: 110

Measurements: 34C-25-34

Pussy: Bare

Ass: Round and tight

Favorite Positions: Reverse cowgirl

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a Ferry boat going to see the Statue Of Liberty

Hobbies: Starbucks, Broadway shows, shopping in China Town and night clubs.

Specialities: Role Play, Strip Tease, Tease and Denial, GFE, Snuff, Golden Showers, Age Play, Incest, Mild Domination, Financial Domination, Anal, Adult Babies, Forced Feminization and Group Sex


I’m your charismatic, carefree, irresistible Chrissy! When you see me out somewhere and we happen to make eye contact, I will give that twinkle in my eye and a grin from ear to ear. You’ll know right away that this is a very flirtatious, playful kind of girl.

I live in NYC and meet new people each and everyday. I began my journey when I was 17 years old and fresh out of high school. I moved from a very small town in upstate NY to the “big city”. I want to become an actress/model, but so does every other girl my age. It’s been a constant struggle but I have gotten my foot in the door to a couple of agencies.

Ever since I can remember I was always wanted to be center of attention. I would dress up in my Mother’s sexy dresses, put sunglasses on. Crawled into her high heels and walked around like I was a movie star. I was a big “show off” and I’m very much the same way today. At a very young age, I knew I wanted to be famous and be recognized for my many talents and beauty.

It’s very hard to make ends meet when you really don’t have a steady income coming in. I had to do something to make my un-godly rent payment every month. I applied to a dancing position ad that was in the newspaper. Come to find out it was only 5 blocks from where I lived. I went there and low and behold it was for an exotic dancer. I was always an attention and thrill seeker but never thought I would strip for money. I desperately needed the money so I gave it a shot. It really gives me the ultimate “high” being up on stage in front of tons of men. I feel empowered, confident and extremely sexy. I’ve been striping for 11 months now, for only a couple nights a week.

I found another way to make ends meet and that is phone sex. Phone sex is great because I can share my most bizarre fantasies and nobody is judging anyone. I love exploring my body any way I possibly can. I’m very open and enjoy each and everyone of my calls. I’m very much a real person and hope you enjoy my pictures as well. Can’t wait to talk!


Call 1.866.481.6275
for Phone Sex with

5 Responses to “Chrissy”

  • Cute picture – not good for my concentration believe me. Would love to make you feel good and have you stretch my balls down as I sucked that beautiful nipple

  • May I serve YOU privately, now that YOU know me????

  • omg maybe not just me, but i kinda mess my panties just given Chrissy my credit card number. i actually cam before call. i mean i see Her pic and i think and well i think i thinked too much.. OMG but when she call (even after i mess up cc info first time) She so made me cum again. And i send Her pic (corse i had problems and had to do that again) i mean so SHE KNOW i a loser and have my own cummy panties in my mouth … OMG i hope Princess Chrissy USE ME forever. i so grateful. Like dream come true! FOR SERIOUS best thing ever happen to me EVER. omg i am just sittin here in my cum filled mess and happiest ever been ever. i so omg i kant use the rite words. OMG Best EVER that all. i shut up. Love You Princess,
    Your tiny penis loser john hill

  • i am pretty sure i’m addicted to Chrissy. She let’s me call Her Princess. i am beginning to learn sooooo much. Princess Chrissy is way smart and i just proud to know Her! omg! She let me call Her three times today & i get to call Her again tomorrow! She is kind and thoughtful and i’m not sure why She isn’t the greatest actress ever yet. i so sure She will be someday & i’ll be able to say that She actually used me and helped me accept my loserness. i send You my love forever and hope You member me as Your tiny penis loser john
    PS i shut up again

  • Loved our call Chrissy is a great actress with a great voice, she put me at ease and play our scene like a pro I look forward to talking again.

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