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Are You Man Enough?

Are you man enough to fuck me? Maybe the question is are you fucking brave enough? I need a lover that can take whatever I choose to do to him. I need my sex to be rough, violent and a tad bloody. You may leave my bed a bit bruised, battered and stumbling; but you will never forget a session with me.   

Imagine my tight cunt wrapped around your cock, and my beautiful hands wrapped around your neck? I won’t fuck you like your wife does, way to vanilla for me. Ho Hum! What I will do is leave you begging for more. No man or woman ever forgets the smell and feel of me. What do you have to lose? Maybe your sanity and your soul.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Bitten by a Vampire

           Are you lost little boy? I can’t imagine what you’re doing out so late at night. It is beginning to rain and you look cold. Come home with me, I will take such good care of you. You wonder why I’m not afraid to be out so late, in the dark on such a terrible end of town. I laugh and tell you I am fearless.

We get to my loft and I open the door. You wonder why it isn’t locked. I tell you I am indestructible. You look around and my decor confuses you. You ask if all the coffins are my Halloween decorations. I smile and you think you see fangs. 

I fix you a snack. I am not hungry, not for what you’re eating anyway. I can smell you and I am lusting for what runs in your veins. You wander around my loft, as you are getting comfortable. You begin to feel dizzy so I help you to my bed. You make a cute joke about my antique four poster bed. I am not sure why you find it funny. You ask why I am so pale and hardly ever smile. You fall asleep.

You wake up to find me naked and in bed with you. You can’t believe your luck. I straddle you and begin to ride you. My soft but oddly strong hands are around your neck. You look into my glowing eyes and beg me to bite you. The smell of your blood is intoxicating. Young blood is the most potent. You beg me to turn you. It’s tempting but, way too much responsibility for me. Good night sweet boy. I laugh at my own kindness and toss you to the rats.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Fetishista Frankie Phone Sex

  I am called Fetishista Frankie by my friends for a reason. I am into just about any fetish you can imagine. I get bored very easily and need dark fetishes to amuse myself. There is nothing that will shock me. In fact you fuckers, I encourage it. Do something to fucking amuse me. I love it when a man calls me and immediately lists his toys. I am very much into inflicting pain on you. Hearing a man yelp in pain makes my sweet cunt incredibly wet. 

Gather your toys, read my blogs and give me a call. Let’s see if you are worthy.



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Face Sitting Fun

I have a very special man in my life that doesn’t ask very much from me. He just loves for me to smother him with my pussy and ass! I sit on his face for HOURS. The man must breathe out of his ears because he never tells me to get off. I put all of my weight on him and grind my pussy and ass around in a big circle. I can feel every bone in his face and his nose in my asshole and tongue in my pussy feels so good. He makes me so selfish. The better I feel, the more I want to stay on his face.

When I finally climb off of him, his face is bright red and covered in sweat and juices. He doesn’t even ask to cum. My body is more than enough for his needs.


Written By: Tyler
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Nightmare at The Emily Morgan

malaya maxxxI met you at a party where we danced, drank and flirted. I thought you were interesting in a sort of nerdy way. I had no idea most of the time what the fuck you were rambling about with  gaming, and superhero shit. All I really noticed was you had a pretty mouth if you only shut the fuck up I could find a use for it.

The hotel was wicked with neo gothic architecture and furnishings. Rumors were: at one time it was an orphanage where several little fuckers disappeared and housed an asylum as well. Some of us got rooms to stay for the night and at 3:33 am the doors were locked till morning.

You and your friends were staying to try and take pictures with the hotels reputation. Classic!! I had other plans. I took all my accoutrements out of my overnight bag and got prepared to raise a little hell. You were alone in the study when you saw me standing there, eyes glowing and nude. I grabbed you by your neck and tossed you on the floor. I ripped off your clothes and stomped your balls with my heels. You tried to call out for your friends but no one was coming to help you.

Hours later you woke with hand prints on your neck, claw marks down your body, and a strap-on shoved in your ass. The room smelled like sex, and your dick was sore and had dried cum on it. At least you thought it looked like dried cum. You tried to find me, knocked on my door, asked the men who opened the hotel back up. Looks like you imagined me!

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Uncontrollable Deviant Urges

 malaya maxxx

  Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up and find there is bodies in your bed and all over your loft? I know what you’re thinking but “no” they are all alive and more than likely well as I just had one of my unforgettable parties. There is one dude laying with his face buried in my snatch and another with whip marks on his ass and back. I wish I could remember a little more but C’est la Vie.

I stumble to the kitchen and see the coffee is already made. Looks like one of these bitches is a keeper. It is strong, hot and black just like I like it. The sun is already going down and it is time to clear out my loft. I walk around kicking the bodies till everyone is gone except the one I flogged. I lick the bloody marks off his back which makes me wetter than fuck. I need my cunt cleaned so I roll him over and sit on his face. He is mumbling something but who the fuck knows what.

His cock is big, thick and hard. Why not. I ride him screaming like a banshee as my hands go around his neck. I squeeze harder, and harder till we both cum. He begs and pleads for me to keep him, he will do anything for me. Maybe? Except I can’t control my sweet little hands as I finish him off.  I have these urges you see, why not join me and be my pain slut till I get sick of you.


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Scream For Me Bitch


malaya  You need it dark , violent, satanic and out right sick: and at those times, only Moi will do. I am not some sweet submissive type goth chick looking for her goth boi. I am dark, I am the night terrors you had as a child that never went away. I don’t seek love, I seek total submission and the sounds of screams echoing through my basement. My shiny collection of knives and swords aren’t just for show, they are for torture and blood splatter.

You asked to play in my world, silly boy don’t you know that is like calling for the Cenobites from their sadomasochistic underworld. “Come To Mommy” she wants to play with you. I need to show you the strange excitement of coming while expiring like sour milk. You don’t want to disappoint me now, do you?

Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Turning Tables On A Rapist

   You have been following me from club to club all night but too scared to say a word. The bartender would hand me a drink from you like clockwork and around 2am at last call you brought one over yourself and ran like a scared puppy. I tested it with my fingernail, saw what you did and smiled pretending to drink it all. Are bitches really that dumb, have you done this before? Whatever. 

I leave walking down the dark streets to an area you should be very afraid of. Don’t you think I notice you behind me you pathetic scum. Oh wait, you think I drank the drink you spiked and will soon pass out for you to rape. Not going to happen asshole. I turn around, smile and pretend to pass out. Just as you goe to rip of my dress off, you feel my hand go around your neck. Your eyes go wide as I squeeze harder and harder. 

I wonder what happens next? Do you get raped and robbed or do I fuck you and choke you while riding you? Fucker!

Training The Houseboy

My houseboy is scrubbing my floors on his hands and knees.

“Bitch, you missed a spot.” Point it out with the toe of my black high heels. “Stop apologizing. Kiss my shoe and scrub the floor.”

When you are done with the floors, it is time to assume the position. Get on all fours, with your cheeks spread and your nose and lips touching the floor. “Bitch, I bet that you are grateful that you the floors are now immaculate. Finger your ass! “

The toy door opens. I put on my big black 10-inch strapon. I spank his ass. “Start sucking.” I grab a fistful of his hair, and harshly fuck his mouth. Rough face fuck! Make him choke and gag. This is punishment, but my bitch loves it rough and nasty. Get my toy cock wet. You know where it is going next! 

Yes, I fuck my bitch’s ass! Hard and rough! I fuck his ass until he cums on my floor. “Lick it up, Bitch!”

I force him to eat his own cum.

Mistress Koko 


Tongue Out

It’s true, you have been a good little slut boy lately, but not quite good enough. You do deserve a reward. I know you’ve been begging for pussy lately, so I’m going to let you have it… not quite how you want it though. I still have no interest in your cock, at least for now. If you really want my pussy as much as you claim, get on your back and stick out your tongue. As long as it’s out and stiff, my cunt is all yours. I’m going to ease it down on your face and use it however I want. I don’t care if you can’t breathe and I really don’t care if you enjoy it. You should know by now that it’s all about me. I’m going to sit flat on your face and grind my pussy and ass all over that tongue of yours. I can’t wait to hear and feel your moans and watch your legs twitch while you struggle to breathe. It makes my aching cunt quiver just thinking about it! Are you ready for that pussy you’ve been begging for? Tongue out for your mistress.